Julie Andrews Admits She Was Too ‘Stoned’ To Take On Role In ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

Julie Andrews boasts a film career full of iconic roles, including the titular character in Disney’s Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp in the movie musical The Sound of Music. As it turns out, the 84-year-old was almost able to add another award-winning film to her resume that she ultimately had to turn down, and […]

Klay Thompson Posts ‘I’m Not Leaving’ Speech From ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ To Announce Free Agency Decision

When NBA free agency got underway Sunday, one of the first shoes to drop was guard Klay Thompson announcing that he was remaining with the Golden State Warriors. On Monday, Thompson made it official with a social media post making the message clear. “I’m not leaving!” Thompson, in a message to his 6.6 million Instagram […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Pranks Jonah Hill By Pretending To Be A Crazy Fan Paparazzi

It is not every day that you see a high-profile celebrity prank. Fortunately for us, we have the Wolf of Wall Street actor Leonardo DiCaprio to show us how it’s done. The Titanic protagonist was just walking down the street when he noticed a fellow actor, Jonah Hill. The two of them have already worked […]

Leonardo Dicaprio Ordered To Testify In $15 Million ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Lawsuit Despite Claiming He’s ‘Too Busy’

Leonardo DiCaprio has once again proved that he has a certain type when it comes to women, according to Vogue. The Oscar-winning actor has reportedly started dating a Danish woman who looks almost exactly like his previous girlfriends. Leonardo DiCaprio and Danish model Nina Agdal are reportedly dating, according to numerous reports. The two were […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In New Startup Company With Interesting Name, Summoned To Court

As it turns out Leonardo is not just an award-winning actor or an activist vehemently set on seeing the effects of climate change curbed. The Hollywood heartthrob is reportedly also a savvy businessman, but keeps this part of his persona on the DL. As Time shares, Leo has invested in a number of different businesses, […]

DiCaprio To Testify In Court Involving ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Lawsuit

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is expected to testify in a lawsuit involving the 2013 comedy The Wolf of Wall Street. Andrew Greene, a former associate of Jordan Belfort — the character played by DiCaprio in the movie — has filed the lawsuit against the producers for defamation over the character Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff, played by […]

Margot Robbie Says Harley Quinn Is The Best Character In ‘Suicide Squad’

Margot Robbie, the actress best known for her breakthrough performance in the Oscar-winning Wolf of Wall Street, recently appeared on the big screen once again in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. According to the New Daily, Margot Robbie was one of the best things in the “lackluster and unfunny” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. She's nailing the hard questions! […]

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Financed By Wolf Of Malaysia?

The Wolf of Wall Street is a story rife with corruption. The story is based on real-life Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort, who made millions of dollars by bilking wealthy investors. The Wolf of Wall Street is about stolen money and international scandal, but in a strange, layered twist, authorities say the film may have […]

Margot Robbie In Hot Contention For ‘Banjo And Matilda’ Role

Margot Robbie could land a yet another job for 2016 in what is already turning out to be an incredibly busy year for the rising star. This year, the world will see three movies starring the Australian actress: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, The Legend of Tarzan, and, of course, the highly-anticipated Suicide Squad. According to the […]

Fraud, Prostitutes, And Drugs: Has ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Truly Changed His Ways?

Jordan Belfort, the man that films such as Boiler Room and The Wolf of Wall Street depict as a drug-binging, investor-fleecing felon who was complicit with armies of prostitutes servicing brokers on the Stratton Oakmont sales floor and who fleeced investors to the tune of $200 million, claims that he has turned over a new […]

Improvised Movie Scenes That Changed Movies, Created Characters And Stole The Show

Improvised movie scenes are not as well publicized as they ought to be. Sometimes the real magic in a movie happens when the actors go off script and improvise based on their own understanding of their characters. Some of the most iconic lines and scenes in film history have been unscripted. Take for instance the […]

Jordan Belfort Style: Investors, Not Just Leonardo DiCaprio, Party Like The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ For Real, Claims Author

“Jordan Belfort style” was how Leonardo DiCaprio was described when it came to his recent bout of partying that seems to mimic the high-flying financial broker lifestyle depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street, where parties get crazy and the women are acting crazy over the men. But do the rich in the financial industry […]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Workload Is Burning Him Out

Leonardo DiCaprio has no plans to slow his Hollywood roll at the moment. Now friends are a little concerned that the busy actor is beginning to burn himself out. The Wolf of Wall Street star has cranked out one movie after another over the past four years. DiCaprio released at least one motion picture a […]

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Defamation Suit Might Be Dismissed

The Wolf of Wall Street’s lawsuit may not happen after all. Early in February former Stratton Oakmont broker Andrew Greene took issue with how he was portrayed in the film. Because of his unhappiness with how he was represented, Greene decided to draw up a lawsuit against the producers of Wolf of Wall Street. The […]

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’: Siberian Theaters Fined For Showing Movie

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street was recently released to Blu-ray in the US, but the movie is still causing controversy in theaters overseas. A court in Novosibirsk is howling over The Wolf of Wall Street, claiming that it “reflected a subculture of drug abusers” and glorified the use of narcotics. Now, five chains […]

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Trumped By ‘Frozen’ In Home Video Sales

Wolf of Wall Street was a popular choice with people who still buy movies on home video. However, the R-rated flick couldn’t compete with a family-friendly box office favorite. Although director Martin Scorsese’s tale of excess and corruption sold an impressive number of copies during its first week on DVD and Blu-ray, Disney’s hit flick […]

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Now On The Lam From Debt Collectors

The real “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, still owes much of the $110 million in restitution he was ordered to pay to his victims, but now he has another problem. A New York debt-collecting firm is hot on his trail for money he still owes on various purchases he made back in the era […]

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill Set To Team Up Again

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are going to let the “good times roll.” Fresh from their Oscar nominated performances in The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio and Hill are teaming up again in a bio pic about Richard Jewell. The story was written by Hunger Games screenwriter, Billy Ray. The film will be based on […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Favored To Win The Oscar For Best Actor

It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio just can’t catch a break. He has been in some amazing movies over the last decade, gathering four Academy Award nominations. Sadly despite the nominations he never won for any role he had, despite how legendary some have grown to be. That all could change this year however, as Leonardo […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Fields More Questions About His Love Life

Leonardo DiCaprio can’t go anywhere without someone asking him about his love life. The Wolf of Wall Street star’s personal affairs are frequently the topic of internet gossip, a fact that must drive the poor guy bonkers. Proving once again that DiCaprio can’t talk to anyone without the word “marriage” popping up, the actor found […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Claims He Has Never Taken Drugs, Despite Partying Past

Though he may have mellowed at age 39, Leonardo DiCaprio once had a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most hardcore partyers. But though his taste for alcohol, at least earlier in his career as one of the film industry’s top movie stars, has been well-documented, DiCaprio claims that he has never taken drugs. Leonardo Dicaprio, […]

And The 2014 Oscar Nominations Are: No Surprise

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards on Thursday. In case you missed the live announcement, with Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and actor Chris Hemsworth, not to worry; we’ve got your Oscar nominees right here. American Hustle is at the head of the 2014 pack […]

Margot Robbie Was Happy To Strip For ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

Margot Robbie has been discussing her starring role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, and she’s admitted that she was more than willing to strip for the part. The 23-year-old actress, who plays Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in the enthralling drama about extravagant Wall Street bankers, was told by the legendary filmmaker that she […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Orgy Scene: Model Spills Secrets Of Shoot

Leonardo DiCaprio has a tough job, but someone has to do it. In his new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio plays high-living financial swindler Jordan Belfort. The movie presents a pretty-much faithful depiction of how Belfort himself, quoted in The Independent newspaper, once described his outlaw stock-fraud company: “Hookers in the basement, drug […]

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Drops Second Trailer With New Release Date [Video]

Wolf of Wall Street is hot on the Oscar trail once again. After it was rumored that Paramount’s most anticipated film would be pushed back to 2014, it looks like Scorcese wrapped up on whatever it was he was laboring over in time for a new release date. Paramount studios announced that Wolf of Wall […]

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Trailer Maybe Not All That [Video]

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer has dropped, and the reaction is starting to trickle in for yet another Leonardo DiCaprio role as one of the outrageously, obnoxiously rich. If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to watch. My fellow The Inquisitr writer Page Mackinley calls it “vintage Scorsese” and “good news for everyone.” […]

Raging Bull: Martin Scorsese Calls Lawsuit Against Him ‘Absurd’

Martin Scorsese finally responded to a lawsuit filed against him earlier in the week, calling the claims against him “absurd” and saying that the lawsuit “has all the earmarks of a media stunt.” And we should listen to him. Because he’s Martin Scorsese. The legendary director responded Friday to a lawsuit filed against him by […]