Donald Trump Agrees To Walmart & Oracle’s TikTok Deal, Announces $5B Fund For ‘Real’ U.S. History Education

On Saturday, U.S. President Donald Trump gave his blessing to a deal that would see Walmart and Oracle buy shares in TikTok Global — as long as the agreement comes with $5 billion in funding for education programs on “the real history of our country,” The Daily Mail reported. Under the proposed arrangement, Oracle would […]

Florida Man Vincent Scavetta Charged With Pulling Gun At Walmart Over Face Mask Dispute

A Florida man is facing felony charges for allegedly pulling a gun on a fellow shopper over a dispute about face masks, ABC News reported. It’s the latest in a growing list of incidents in which arguments over face coverings have turned violent. On Thursday, Vincent Scavetta, 28, was charged with aggravated assault with a […]

Walmart Will Be Closed Thanksgiving 2020 To Give Employees A Day To Spend With Loved Ones, CEO Announces

Walmart will close all of its U.S. stores nationwide on Thanksgiving Day to give its employees a day to spend with their families, USA Today reported. In a statement to employees, President and CEO John Furner didn’t mention specifics, but did note that 2020 has been a difficult year. “We know it’s been a trying […]

CVS, Walmart Will No Longer Keep Beauty Products For Ethnic Groups Behind Locked Cabinet Doors

Pharmacy chain CVS has joined Walmart in discontinuing the practice of keeping beauty products for certain ethnic groups behind locked cabinet doors, Reuters reported. In the wake of the George Floyd protests, attention has been given to racist practices not just in policing, but in other areas of daily life, such as in certain businesses. […]

Texas Man Arrested After Making Online Threat With A Photo Of A Weapon, Referenced Local Walmart

On Friday night, 29-year-old Alex Barron was arrested after allegedly making a threat on social media alluding to a possible attack at a Walmart in Horizon City, Texas, says Associated Press. According to the article, Barron shared a photograph of a weapon on a social media page and used the hashtags “watchoutwalmartimcoming” and “droplikeflys.” The […]

Guillermo ‘Memo’ Garcia Dead, El Paso Walmart Shooting Victim Was Last Remaining Casualty Alive

Guillermo “Memo” Garcia has died. Garcia was the last victim of the El Paso, Texas Walmart shooting still alive, having been hospitalized for nearly nine months. Garcia, 36, died Sunday evening, according to Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso. He had been in the hospital’s care since August 3, when a gunman opened fire […]

Las Vegas Walmart Evacuated After Person Wearing Hazmat Suit Sprays Unidentified Liquid On People And Produce

Las Vegas police have arrested a Walmart shopper who allegedly wore a hazmat suit and sprayed people and produce with an unidentified clear liquid, causing a panic in the store and leading to an evacuation. As KLAS reported, police were called to the Walmart store on the west side of the city for reports of […]

Lazaro Ponce Identified As Mystery Man Responsible For Saving Baby During 2019 Walmart Mass Shooting

Five months after the deadly shooting at an El Paso Walmart that left 22 people dead and 24 others injured, El Paso police officials revealed the name of the mystery man who was hailed for saving the life of a baby. According to USA Today, the man, whose image was flashed across TV screens in […]

Florida Woman Emily Stallard Accused Of Building A Bomb In A Mason Jar At Walmart

A Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly making a bomb out of a mason jar at Walmart, Tampa’s WFLA-TV reports. Police were called to a Walmart in Tampa on Monday after a security guard took notice of a woman acting “suspiciously.” The guard says that he noticed the woman wandering “aimlessly” around the store […]

Pennsylvania Authorities Are Looking For The Person Who Released Bedbugs Inside A Walmart

Authorities in Pennsylvania are trying to figure out who released, or attempted to release, an unknown number of bedbugs inside of an Edinboro Walmart, The Associated Press reports. Key details of this crime remain in dispute, however. Police were called to the Northwestern Pennsylvania Walmart location on Saturday after a manager reported that on the […]

The Best New Year’s Day Deals From Walmart

Walmart is rolling out its New Year’s Day deals, just like most businesses do this time of year in order to clear out their inventory and make room for next year’s hot goodies. Here are some of the best New Year’s Day deals from Walmart. Christmas Decorations Sure, it’s 350-some-odd days until Christmas 2020, but […]

Is Walmart Open On Christmas Day 2019?

For those who are holding off on purchasing gifts for family and friends, or who might have a last-minute guest show up for Christmas unannounced, it might be worthwhile to know if Walmart will be open on Christmas Day. Although unexpected emergencies can arise on Christmas — necessitating a trip to the superstore — planning […]

5 Cyber Monday Deals At Walmart You Won’t Want To Miss

As most shoppers know, Black Friday isn’t the end of things as far as post-Thanksgiving holiday deals are concerned. That’s because many retailers have a lot of great stuff to offer on the cheap on Cyber Monday, allowing shoppers to get good discounts they may have missed out on in the days prior. And if […]

Check Out These 5 Cyber Monday TV Deals At Walmart

Brick-and-mortar stores have wrapped up another successful Black Friday weekend, and their online counterparts are offering deals just as good for Cyber Monday, especially on televisions. With holiday movie marathons and major sporting events, such as the College Football Playoffs and Super Bowl LIV, coming up, now is a great time to snag the perfect […]

5 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals At Walmart

It is time for Black Friday 2019, and laptops will be a hot commodity this year. Numerous outlets have been touting their sales heading into the huge shopping day. Those consumers anxious for laptop deals may want to take a look at Walmart before they make any firm purchasing decisions. While Walmart is typically a […]

Check Out These 5 Black Friday TV Deals At Walmart

The Walmart Black Friday TV deals this year are surprisingly good, with several robust options available for consumers who are looking to get a great TV with plenty of must-have options. Additionally, there are some inexpensive options for those who just need a basic television set. It seems that this year’s sales feature larger TVs […]

5 Black Friday Deals At Walmart You Won’t Want To Miss

Black Friday is here, and perhaps no brick-and-mortar retailer in the country is busier on this unofficial shopping holiday than Walmart. Expect thick crowds and the usual Black Friday mayhem. Also expect enormous deals. At 37 pages long, Walmart’s Black Friday Ad can be difficult to wade through, especially if you’re looking for the steepest […]

Walmart Black Friday Deals & Doorbusters 2019

Walmart has a lot excellent of Black Friday deals and doorbusters for 2019. Whether you are looking for a new TV or toys for the little ones in your life, Walmart is sure to have something for everyone this year. If you are a movie fan, Walmart will also be offering plenty of special buy […]

Is Walmart Open On Thanksgiving 2019?

With several stores closing for Thanksgiving this year, many people want to know if Walmart will be open on November 28, Thanksgiving Day. Business Insider reports that Walmart will start its Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day this year, as it has in the past. Across the United States, Walmart stores will launch the Black […]

Walmart Under Fire For Offering Thanksgiving Workers Store Discount Instead Of Holiday Pay

Walmart is facing significant backlash after a report that the retail giant will not be giving holiday pay to its workers who are scheduled this holiday weekend, instead offering what is described as a “paltry” store discount that only applies for a small time window. Ahead of what is one of the busiest shopping weekends […]

A Louisiana Man Allegedly Drove A Walmart Motorized Shopping Cart Because He Didn’t Want To Get A DWI

A Louisiana man, keen to avoid getting a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge, allegedly stole a Walmart motorized shopping cart to drive himself from bar to bar, NBC News reports. Brice Kendall Williams, 32, now faces felony charges related to pilfering the cart instead of the much less serious DWI charge. The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s […]

Walgreens, CVS Join Walmart, Other Retailers, In Asking Customers Not To Open Carry In Their Stores

The drugstore chains CVS and Walgreens announced on Thursday that they are asking customers not to openly carry weapons inside of their stores, CNN reports. The two pharmacies join Walmart, Kroger, and Wegmans in enacting similar policies. In a statement, CVS said that the move comes amid concerns about the safety of its customers inside […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slammed Dan Crenshaw Over ‘Lending’ Guns Tweet

Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez feuded with Texas Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw on Wednesday in a series of tweets where the two debated gun control. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas, sent a tweet on Tuesday in response to a story that a woman in Houston, Texas defended herself by shooting a gun at five […]

Walmart Will No Longer Sell Certain Guns, Ammunition, Asks Shoppers Not To Open Carry Inside Stores

Walmart will no longer sell certain kinds of guns and ammunition in the wake of a renewed debate about gun control following several incidents of gun violence, including two that happened at Walmart locations, according to a letter CEO Doug McMillon wrote to associates. McMillon admitted that the move will inconvenience some customers and reduce […]

Is Walmart Open On Labor Day? Here Are The Hours

Those looking to celebrate Labor Day by doing a bit of end-of-summer shopping at Walmart will find that the doors are open, but hours in some departments may be a bit restricted. The nationwide retail chain will be open for the Labor Day holiday, with Walmart offering some big sales to entice shoppers one last […]

Kentucky Mom Abandoned Six Kids At Walmart, Made Them Go Back Inside When They Tried To Follow Her, Police Say

Amanda Jardinez brought her six kids into a Nashville, Tennessee, Walmart store and left them there, even instructing the kids to go back inside when they tried to follow her out, police say. The incident took place this week, with authorities saying the 24-year-old Kentucky mom intentionally left her six kids inside the store. As […]

Walmart Shoppers Called The Police On ‘Suspicious’ Metal Band In The Parking Lot In The Wake Of Mass Shootings

In the wake of back-to-back mass shootings in the United States earlier this month, tensions are high. The El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius, carried out his attack in a Walmart, and the Dayton, Ohio shooter, Connor Betts, chose a traditional Western-themed bar. Following the attack, the media focused on the fact that Betts was reportedly […]

Dmitriy Andreychenko Arrested At Springfield, Missouri Walmart Wearing Body Armor, Carrying Assault Rifle

A man wearing body armor and carrying an assault rifle caused a panic at a Springfield, Missouri Walmart Thursday afternoon, Springfield’s KY3 reports. No shots were fired, and he was detained by an off-duty firefighter until police arrived and arrested him without incident. According to police reports, a “young, white male” wearing body armor and […]

Walmart CEO Breaks Silence On El Paso Massacre, Vows ‘Thoughtful And Deliberate’ Response

In the aftermath of a deadly mass shooting incident at an El Paso, Texas Walmart store that left 22 dead and many more injured, the company’s CEO shared his thoughts and how the mega-retailer would respond. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon thanked his employees and first responders for saving the lives of shoppers during the El […]

Grace Brown, Accused Of Urinating On Potatoes At Pennsylvania Walmart, Turns Herself In

A woman accused of urinating on potatoes at a Pennsylvania Walmart has turned herself in, Fox News reports. Back on July 24, an employee at a Walmart location in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, noticed the disgusting act. Whether or not the employee attempted to intervene remains unclear. According to Pittsburgh’s WPXI-TV, on the morning of July […]

Twitter Outraged After Walmart Customer Gargles Listerine Before Spitting Into Container

It was on July 3 that a Twitter user by the name of Bameron Nicole Smith shared a short video clip containing NSFW language that sent users on the social media platform into a frenzy. The video clip, which has since gone viral, features the Twitter user wandering down the oral care aisle of a […]

Texas Police Identify Woman Who Licked Carton Of Ice Cream In Viral Video, Say She Could Face Years In Prison

Police in Texas say they have identified the woman seen in a viral video licking a carton of ice cream, and are now planning to file charges against her. The act was caught in a video that has gained viral attention on social media, showing the still-unnamed woman laughing, as she removed the lid of […]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ex, Kelly Rohrbach, Marries Walmart Heir

Model Kelly Rohrbach and Walmart heir Steuart Walton had a secret wedding ceremony a few weeks ago, reports Page Six. A rep for the newlyweds would not provide any further details on the matter. The couple got hitched after two years of dating. Rohrbach, a model and actress, starred in the movie Baywatch. However, she […]

Walmart To Deliver Groceries Directly To Your Home Starting This Fall

Very soon, Walmart shoppers will be able to buy fresh groceries without ever stepping foot on the store’s campus. The retail giant is rolling out a delivery service this fall in the U.S., which will allow customers to have their groceries brought directly from Walmart’s food aisle to their home’s refrigerator. Perhaps the most interesting […]

Walmart CEO Urges Congress To Raise ‘Lagging’ Federal Minimum Wage

At an annual shareholders meeting held on Wednesday — which was attended by Sen. Bernie Sanders — Walmart CEO Doug McMillion put out a call for congress to raise the federal minimum wage. He said that the current federal wage of $7.25 was “lagging behind.” In fact, the big box CEO began the meeting for […]

Walmart Could Raise Prices Because Of Donald Trump’s Tariffs

Walmart said this week that it may be forced to raise prices in its stores as a result of Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods. The world’s largest retailer relies on Chinese products to help keep its prices low, according to USA Today. But the lack of progress in the trade war with China could […]

YouTube Star Lauren Love Under Fire For Walmart Prank Gone Wrong

YouTube star Lauren Love dressed up in professional attire and toted around a clipboard during a visit to a Walmart in Richmond, Texas while recording what was intended to be a harmless prank. What multiple media outlets are now referring to as a prank gone wrong features Love walking around the Walmart as she approaches […]

New Food Stamp Program Allows Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery With SNAP Benefits

One of the biggest challenges for some low-income families receiving food stamp benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is finding reliable transportation to and from the grocery store. According to CNN, a new pilot program being launched in the state of New York may make that problem a thing of the past. The […]

Walmart Bringing Robot ‘Assistants’ To Stores

Walmart is bringing thousands of robots to its stores across America. The retail giant will add almost 4,000 “smart assistants” to stores so its employees do not have to spend time “on the more mundane and repetitive tasks” like cleaning floors and checking inventory on shelves. In turn, Walmart staff will have more time to […]

Walmart Taps Into The High-End Customer Market That Amazon Overlooks

Walmart and Amazon are constantly at war to dominate the e-commerce market. Unfortunately for Walmart, the Amazon Prime membership program for just $119 a year is a force to be reckoned with. As those with a Prime membership know, signing up gives you access to video streaming, Whole Food discounts, two-day shipping, and a wealth […]

Amazon Reportedly Plans To Open Grocery Stores In The U.S. Within A Few Months

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, plans to open brick-and-mortar grocery stores in select cities in the United States, likely by the end of the year, The Guardian is reporting. Reports emerged this week that the company, which already owns upscale grocer Whole Foods, is “in talks” with owners of shopping centers to open dozens […]

Walmart To Do Away With Greeters Causing Many Employees With Disabilities To Be Out Of Work

Anyone who’s been inside a Walmart during their lifetime has likely been greeted by a friendly “Welcome to Walmart!” by a store employee as soon as they stepped foot in the door. Greeters have been a staple to the stores for years, becoming so common that busy shoppers might not even notice them. It may […]

Walmart In The Firing Line For Selling ‘Nazi Pillow’ Adorned With Swastika And Hitler’s Face

When shopping for a colorful little pillow to add a little sparkle to a room’s decor, the last thing on most people’s wish list is a design featuring a Nazi swastika and the unmistakable face of Adolf Hitler. So just imagine the shock and distress of Fresno priest Ryan Newman when he discovered the pillow […]

Millennial Makes Millions Reselling Walmart Merchandise On Amazon

At just 30-years-old, Ryan Grant was able to quit his accounting job that banked an annual salary of $50,000 and embark on an entrepreneurial venture of his own design. During an appearance on Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM, the millennial revealed his business plan involved buying merchandise from Walmart and reselling it on Amazon. According to […]

Police Called To Texas Walmart For Woman Riding Electric Cart In Parking Lot, Drinking Wine From Pringles Can

A Texas woman was banned for life from a local Walmart. Her crime? Police said she was riding around the store’s parking lot in a motorized cart for hours while drinking wine out of a Pringles can. The bizarre incident took place this week in the town of Wichita Falls, where police got a call […]

Walmart Brings Aboard Startup Udelv To Deliver Groceries Via Autonomous Vehicles

While most tend to associate autonomous vehicles with hassle-free driving — or for some, with a healthy dose of skepticism — it seems Walmart has some different plans in mind. While autonomous, that is to say, driverless, vehicles are already shuttling passengers and cargo around parts of the United States, Walmart is targeting home deliveries, […]

Why Amazon Is Moving To Brick And Mortar Stores

It’s hard for many to understand why Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce and cloud computing platform — according to sources such as Axiomg — is choosing to open physical stores for its customer base. One book in particular, Amazon: How The World’s Most Relentless Retailer Will Continue To Revolutionize Commerce, lists five reasons for this […]

Cindy Crawford Shocks Shoppers This Christmas Season With Alleged Act Of Kindness, According To ‘Page Six’

Cindy Crawford isn’t just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, too. This model and actress became an international celebrity, landing roles on television and film. So it was quite the surprise to shoppers at a Compton, California, Walmart when they learned what Cindy, 52, and her husband Rande Gerber, 56, had done for […]

Walmart, Target, Toy Maker Sued Over Kids’ Craft Kits Having Hazardously High Lead Levels

Children are particularly vulnerable to the dangerous effects of lead. Because the Cra-Z-Jewelz children’s jewelry-making kits sold by Walmart and Target tested positive for incredibly high lead levels, the stores claimed they pulled them off their shelves and removed them from their websites. But the New York attorney general now is suing the big box […]

Kid Rock Pays Off All Of The Christmas Layaways – $81,000 Worth – At A Nashville Walmart

Kid Rock has become an ersatz Santa Claus for about 350 Nashville families after paying off all of the Christmas layaway balances at a Nashville Walmart, WBIR-TV is reporting. According to Tom Meyer, the general manager of the store on Dickerson Pike, Kid Rock (real name: Robert James Ritchie) went to the layaway desk and […]