Donald Trump Slammed For Rally In Virginia That Broke State’s Coronavirus Restrictions

Donald Trump is coming under fire for a campaign rally in Virginia that was held against the recommendations of public health experts and against the state’s order set in place to slow the spread of coronavirus. The Richmond rally kicked off on Friday night with crowds of supporters greeting the president, many of them packed […]

Charlottesville, Virginia, Removes Confederate Statue As Crowd Cheers

Work crews removed a century-old statue of a Confederate soldier from in front of the courthouse in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday morning as crowds cheered and danced, WTOP-TV reported. Ever since the death of George Floyd on May 25, communities across the country have reckoned with what to do about statues honoring men who fought […]

‘Remember The Titans’ School T.C. Williams High Reckons With Racism Of Its Namesake

T.C. Williams High School, the Virginia institution featured in the 2000 film Remember The Titans, is facing calls to change its name in light of its namesake’s racist views, The Washington Post reported. The film, for those not familiar, tells the true-life story of the 1971 football season at the Alexandria school. Though the film […]

Virginia Cop Charles Hewitt, Who Told Black Driver ‘You’re Going To Get Your A** Whooped,’ Faces Investigation

Virginia State Trooper Charles Hewitt, who was seen in a viral video recorded last year threatening a Black driver and telling the man “You’re going to get your a** whooped,” before forcefully removing the man from his car, is now facing an investigation. Though the incident seen in the footage took place in April 2019, […]

Richmond, Virginia, Mayor Orders Immediate Removal Of All Confederate Monuments In The City

Richmond, Virginia, Mayor Levar Stoney ordered the immediate removal of all Confederate statues in the city, in part because of concerns about protesters being injured in trying to forcibly topple them, The Spokesman reported. The Virginia city was, for a period of time, the capitol city of the Confederate States of America, and monuments to […]

Richmond, Virginia Police Declare ‘Unlawful Assembly,’ Move Protesters Keen On Tearing Down Confederate Statue

Police in Richmond, Virginia declared an “unlawful assembly” on Sunday night and cleared away a crowd of protesters who appeared to be planning to tear down a statue of a Confederate general in the city, ABC News reported. Protesters had converged on the city’s monument to James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart, who served as a […]

During Tulsa Rally, Donald Trump Slams ‘The Unhinged Left-Wing Mob’ For Tearing Down Confederate Monuments

During his “Keep America Great” rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday night, U.S. President Donald Trump slammed people he called “the unhinged left-wing mob” for tearing down Confederate monuments around the country, CNN reported. He told supporters that the people who sought to remove these monuments were “trying to vandalize our history, desecrate our monuments, […]

Virginia Sheriff Apologizes To Black Pastor Who Called 911 After He Was Assaulted, Got Arrested Instead

A Virginia sheriff has issued an apology to a black pastor who called police for help after he was allegedly assaulted by members of a white family — only to have police arrest him instead and let the attackers go free. As NBC News reported, the incident happened on June 1 when pastor Leon McCray […]

Protester Seriously Hurt In Portsmouth, Virginia, As Confederate Statue Is Torn Down Into Crowd Of People

A protester in Portsmouth, Virginia, was seriously injured after a Confederate statue was torn down into a crowd of people, a report claims. The incident happened on Wednesday night as demonstrators gathered around a Confederate monument in the city and aimed to tear it down. Video from the scene showed protesters tying ropes around the […]

Protesters In Richmond Tear Down Statue Of Former Confederate Army General, Urinate On It

A group of protesters in Richmond, Virginia, toppled a statue of a Confederate general, reportedly splashing it with red paint and urinating on it after it had been torn to the ground. As The Associated Press reported, the small group of protesters targeted the statue of Gen. Williams Carter Wickham in the city that once […]

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Announces Confederate Statue In Richmond Will Be Removed

During a press conference on Thursday, Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam announced that a famous Confederate statue in Richmond, Virginia, would be taken down, ABC News reported. The statue is of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and it stands as a monument to the Confederacy in the town that was its capital during the Civil War. […]

Virginia Teen Gets Stuck In Washing Machine During A Game Of Hide-And-Seek

Virginia teenager Amari Dancy got stuck inside of a washing machine during a family game of hide-and-seek on Sunday, April 19. The 18-year-old had to be rescued by the fire department, reports NBC News. Amari was playing hide-and-seek with some of her younger relatives. She told reporters she had already hidden in some of the […]

A 95-Year-Old Man Has Been Paid With Coffee Instead Of Money At 7-Eleven For 30 Years

A 95-year-old man from Fisherville, Virginia, named Orin Gilbert Jr. has been paid with nothing but coffee and bananas while working at 7-Eleven for the past 30 years, reports USA Today. Over the past few decades, Gilbert has arrived almost every day to the 7-Eleven in Fisherville to help out the employees. According to the […]

Caitlin Poytress, Former Virginia School Aide, Gets 5 Years For Stealing Kids’ Adderall

A former Virginia school aide has been sentenced to five years in prison for stealing children’s prescription medication and replacing the drugs with over-the-counter medicines, possibly in order to feed her drug habit, Roanoke’s WSET-TV reports. Until May of 2019, Caitlin Poytress had been a teacher’s aide at Clover Hill Elementary School in Chesterfield County. […]

Teen Goes Viral After Baking Cookies To Apologize For Hitting A Stranger’s Mailbox

A teenage driver from Lincoln, Nebraska is receiving praise for a heartwarming good deed. The 16-year-old new driver, Owen Sullivan, was driving on ice and snow when he accidentally struck a stranger’s mailbox. Instead of just driving away as he could have easily done, he took the time to go up to the house, own […]

Joe Biden Only Democrat Leading Donald Trump In 2 Key Southern States, Bernie Sanders Trails Badly, Poll Shows

As nationwide polls continue to show Democrat Joe Biden holding a significant lead over Donald Trump in a one-on-one 2020 presidential election matchup, a new poll also shows that Biden may be the only Democrat who can defeat Trump in two Southern states that carry a combined 42 Electoral College votes. According to a new […]

Virginia School District To Allow Students One Day Off Per Year To Attend Protests, Other ‘Civic Activities’

A Virginia school district has instituted a plan that will give students one excused absence per year in order to participate in protests or other “civic activities,” ABC News reports. Since conservative kids are more likely to stay in school and less likely to attend protests, critics say the plan unfairly benefits liberal kids. Ryan […]

Robert E. Lee Statue In Charlottesville Tagged With ‘Impeach Trump’ And ‘This Is Racist’ On Thanksgiving Night

A notorious statue honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, was tagged with graffiti on Thanksgiving night that took aim at President Donald Trump. As WTVR reported, at some point in the evening hours on Thursday, someone spray-painted the words “Impeach Trump” and “This is Racist” onto the Confederate statue. The graffiti was […]

Juli Briskman, Woman Who Flipped Off Donald Trump’s Motorcade, Wins Election In Virginia

Juli Briskman, the Virginia woman who famously flipped off Donald Trump’s motorcade as it rolled through her town, and lost her job for it, has won a seat on her county’s board, Patch reports. Briskman ran as a Democrat and narrowly defeated her opponent, incumbent Republican Suzanne Volpe, by a few hundred votes out of […]

Virginia 2019 Election Live Results: Where To Find Up-To-Date Totals On Critical Statewide Races

Virginia voters will take to the polls on Tuesday for elections that have captured some national attention, setting up a battle between the current and former presidents and potentially giving a preview of next year’s presidential election. Though there may be no major federal races on the ballot, Virginia voters will be determining control of […]

A Bystander Shot And Killed A Would-Be Robber At A Virginia Beach Convenience Store

An armed bystander shot and killed a would-be robber at a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven and wounded another, The Virginian-Pilot reports. None of the innocent bystanders were harmed in the foiled armed robbery. Barrie Engel says that she made a late-night run to the convenience store thinking she’d be in and out quickly. However, her trip […]

‘Misty Of Chincoteague’ Beebe Ranch Burns On Virginia Island

Tuesday night, the farm where the childhood favorite book, Misty of Chincoteague, was set burned to the ground in Chincoteague, Virginia. Delmarva Now reports that the Beebe Ranch, which is home to the old Misty Barn from Misty of Chincoteague, the Newberry Honor-winning book by Marguerite Henry, caught fire just after 10 p.m. Tuesday when […]

Charlottesville Confederate Statues Are War Memorials Protected By State Law, Virginia Judge Rules

Amid the battle over the Charlottesville statues of the Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, Virginia Judge Richard E. Moore of Charlottesville Circuit Court ruled that they are war memorials protected by state law. The decision comes almost two years after the deadly Unite the Right rally, which was initially organized to protest […]

Charlottesville Schools Closed For A Second Day As Police Investigate Threat Made Against Minority Students

The students of Charlottesville, Virginia, will remain home from school for the second day in a row following a racist threat made against African-Americans and minority students. In an effort to protect the safety of students and staff, all public schools in the area were closed Thursday and Friday as law enforcement investigates the threat. […]

Deborah Brown, A Virginia Woman, Won The Lottery 30 Times In One Day

A Virginia woman won the lottery 30 times in one day, taking home $150,000 for her efforts. As WTVR-TV in Richmond reports, Deborah Brown said she just had a “special feeling” when she bought $20 worth of Virginia Lottery tickets back on February 11. She later bought another $10 worth because she was feeling so […]

One Of Justin Fairfax’s Accusers Also Accused Former NBA Player Corey Maggette

One of the two women who have come forward to accuse Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of rape had told friends that she was also raped by another famous man — former Duke University and NBA player Corey Maggette, the New York Times reported Monday night. The woman, Meredith Watson, who came forward earlier this […]

Zion Williamson Had One Of The Best Blocked Shots You’ll Ever See

Duke’s Zion Williamson, the 6-foot-8-inch forward who has led the Blue Devils this season, is widely expected to be chosen with the top overall pick in the NBA Draft this summer. And Williamson added to his legend Saturday with one of the most memorable plays of the college basketball season. Duke, who entered the game […]

Rocked By Scandal, Virginia’s Next Governor Could Be Decided By A Ceramic Bowl

With a governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general all mired in potentially career-ending political scandals, the next leader of Virginia may have been picked by a ceramic bowl in January, 2018, Fox News reports. Here’s how that could happen, theoretically. First, Governor Ralph Northam leaves the governorship one way or another in response to a […]

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring Admits That He Wore Blackface During A College Party

Another top Democratic elected official has admitted that he wore blackface while he was in college. Mark Herring, Virginia’s attorney general, admitted in a statement Wednesday that he wore makeup and a wig in order to imitate a rapper while attending a college party when he was a University of Virginia undergraduate in 1980. Per […]

Who Is Justin Fairfax? The Man Who Could Be Virginia’s Next Governor Is A 39-Year-Old Progressive

Justin Fairfax could soon be a household name, with the scandal enveloping Virginia Governor Ralph Northam potentially having Fairfax in line to become the nation’s youngest governor — and one of its most progressive. Northam was caught in a scandal on Friday after the release of his medical school yearbook page showing a picture of […]

Virginia Pregnancy Center Vandalized Amid Heated Debate Over Late-Term Abortion

Virginia sparked a massive uproar during the week when Democratic Governor Ralph Northam made a comment about a hypothetical scenario in which doctors and parents can decide to leave a severely deformed or sick newborn baby to die. The remark came amid a debate in the state about following the example of New York, which […]

Archaeologists In Jamestown Have Discovered The 400-Year-Old Wall Of The First General Assembly Meeting Site

Archaeologists in Jamestown have just discovered an enormous piece of American history after they unearthed the 400-year-old western wall of a very special church that was once the site of the first General Assembly meeting in the United States, which took place in 1619. The Virginia Company of London, who were the official sponsors of […]

Virginia May Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment — Could It Become Law?

The Virginia State Senate has passed the Equal Rights Amendment, passing the measure to the state’s House of Delegates to consider, which could pose a serious Constitutional question of legality for the long-desired law. The measure passed the state Senate with bipartisan support. Every Democratic lawmaker in the Republican-led chamber voted for the measure, and […]

Cafeteria Worker Is Penning Encouraging Messages On Bananas

Stacey Truman is working hard at sending children motivating messages in what some may find a rather unusual but inventive way. ABC News reports that Stacey is an elementary school cafeteria worker on a mission to encourage kids any way possible. An elementary school in Virginia has something quite unique going on with its cafeteria […]

Virginia Teacher Fired After Refusing To Use Transgender Student’s Preferred Pronouns

A teacher in West Point, Virginia, just 40 miles to the east of the state’s capital city, was fired by the school district he teaches in this week because he refused to acknowledge the preferred pronouns of a transgender student in his class. Peter Vlaming, who taught French at West Point High School up until […]

Dead Women Found Duct-Taped Together In NYC Identified As Missing Sisters From Virginia

The two women whose dead bodies were found duct-taped together on the shores of the Hudson River have been identified as Rotana Farea, 22, and her younger sister, 16-year-old Tala Farea, two missing sisters from Virginia. As The New York Post reports, the two women had been last seen in Virginia on August 24, according […]

Virginia Man Patricio Salazar Killed Trying To Stop Sexual Assault

A Northern Virginia man was beaten to death last week while trying to stop a woman from being sexually assaulted, ABC7 reported. On Thursday, October 18, at 9:21 p.m., Arlington County Police were called to 13th Street South at South George Mason Drive. There, officers say that 27-year-old Michael Nash was walking in the area […]

A Virginia Meat Processing Worker Peed On The Production Line, Destroying 50,000 Pounds Of Pork

A worker at a Virginia pork processing plant urinated on the production line, causing 50,000 pounds of meat to be destroyed, WIS-TV (Columbia, South Carolina) is reporting. Last week, security cameras caught a line worker removing his gloves, unzipping his pants, doing the deed underneath the equipment, then putting his gloves back on and returning […]

Alexandria City Council Approves Stadium Lights For Local High School

The Alexandria City Council has approved a plan for the rehabilitation and modernization of T.C. Williams High School stadium, which will include lights for night games. The vote, which was 6-1 for the project, will provide lighting for the only stadium in the D.C.-Northern Virginia area, which lacks lights for evening games. The Washington Post […]

Hurricane Michael: Bodies Found On Florida Beach

The Florida panhandle is devastated. This part of the country will never again look the same as it did before Hurricane Michael swept through earlier this week. The official death toll in the U.S. has now reached 16, topping the 13 deaths reported in Central America. Three people have died in North Carolina, seven in […]

President Trump Declares State Of Emergency As Virginia Readies For Hurricane Florence

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in the Commonwealth of Virginia today, pledging FEMA support and saying the safety of the American people is his “absolute highest priority” as Hurricane Florence rages towards the southern East Coast. The declaration allows the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to work together on relief efforts, […]

Former Gov. McAuliffe Says Trump ‘Failed’ To Show Moral Leadership After Charlottesville

According to CNN, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) claimed that President Trump failed to demonstrate moral leadership after the divisive and fatal Unite the Right rally last year in Charlottesville, Virginia. Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper Sunday morning, McAuliffe said, “There’s a time in your presidency when you need […]

Bigfoot Erotica Is Now An Issue In Virginia’s Election, Thanks To A Tweet From Denver Riggleman’s Opponent

Bigfoot erotica – yes, that’s apparently a thing – is on the minds of Virginia’s voters now, thanks to a tweet from a candidate that accuses her opponent of being a fan of the, er, specific form of porn. It’s the oldest trick in the politicians’ book: accuse your opponent of something salacious, ridiculous, and […]

Missing Bristol Teen Has Been Found Safely, Suspect In Custody

Thursday morning, an AMBER Alert was issued for 17-year-old Grace Galliher. Investigators determined that Grace disappeared after leaving her home. The teenage girl was abducted by 52-year-old Richard Tester. People were told to keep an eye out for the pair and report any sightings to the police. Grace is a 5-foot-4 white female with black […]

Kim Kardashian Rushes Kanye West To Emergency Room Directly After Pusha T’s Wedding

Amidst a health scare this weekend, reality superstar Kim Kardashian, 37, reportedly accompanied her husband, Kanye West, 41, to the emergency room in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday, July 22, after the rapper unexpectedly fell ill. Just Jared reports that the “All Mine” artist suffered from a quickly developing case of the flu, which […]

Flesh Eating Disease Kills Virginia Resident

It is reported by Patch that 23 people in the state of Virginia have contracted a flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio so far this year. All but one of them have survived. The Washington Post has cited that Virginia Department of Health officials are withholding details about the person’s name or where exactly the incident happened, […]

Man Dies From Accidental Stab Wound To The Groin While Carrying A Sword Down The Stairs

Today, in a freak accident with an unsheathed sword, a young man died due to a stab wound to his groin. Emergency personnel were unable, despite valiant efforts, to stop the bleeding from the self-inflicted wound. This Virginia man impaled himself, reports the New York Post. The 28-year-old victim’s name has not been released to […]

Red Hen Restaurant That Kicked Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders Re-Opens, With Protesters

The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, is set to reopen, two weeks after a kerfuffle over the owner’s refusal to serve a Trump official, WHAM-TV is reporting. Until a couple of weeks ago, few outside of the the Virginia town had heard about the small, farm-to-table eatery. However, on June 22, the chef at […]

Charlottesville Judge Awards $5 To White Supremacist Who Filed Suit Against Activist Who Cursed At Him

A white supremacist who filed a lawsuit against a woman who cussed him out has been awarded $5, the Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting. Jason Kessler, who organized the Unite the Right rally last summer in Charlottesville, found himself on the receiving end of a profanity-laden rant about six months later. It happened at the assault […]

Trump Supporter Arrested For Throwing Chicken Poop At Red Hen Restaurant That Tossed Sarah Huckabee Sanders

In the most recent controversy, symptomatic of a historic divide between liberals and conservatives in the United States, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was apparently the target of a Virginia restaurant owner’s scorn. Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary for Donald Trump, claims she politely left the restaurant called Red Hen after owner Stephanie Wilkinson asked her […]