Georgia Man Sues Juul After Vaping Habit Lands Him In The Hospital

Jay Patel of Duluth, Georgia is suing e-cigarette company Juul after his vaping habit nearly cost him his life. He first started vaping in 2015, believing it to be safe. However, he would later end up in the hospital on a ventilator, according to GPB News. Patel, who is 38 years old, was previously healthy […]

Juul Will Be Off The Shelves In Five European Countries By The End Of The Year

The once popular vaping company Juul has been struggling from low sales and tight legal regulations within the past year. As a result, it is expected that these products will be off the shelves entirely in five European companies by the end of the year. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France, and Spain, according […]

Altria’s Stock Takes A Hit As Juul Faces Further Scrutiny

Altria, one of the nation’s largest tobacco producers, is taking a hit in stocks since Juul Labs came under intense scrutiny. Altria infamously invested $12.8 billion in the controversial vaping company Juul Labs in 2018. Since then, their investment has become far less than its original value, according to Barron’s. Altria documented their Juul Lab’s […]

House Passes New Restrictions On Vaping Products, Earning Backlash

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a new bill that will further restrict the purchases of flavored vaping and tobacco products. This comes in an effort to cut back on the vaping crisis across the nation that has been described as a pandemic. The bill will ban all flavored tobacco products, not just for […]

Texas Joins The Fight Against Juul

Texas just became the latest state to join the growing fight against vape giant Juul by conducting an investigation into the company and their marketing. The inquiry comes after an increased number of illnesses were purportedly linked to vaping in the past year and a reported increase in underage vaping. The state’s investigation will help […]

Juul Accused Of Advertising On Children’s Websites

Massachusetts has just joined the long list of cities and states to file a lawsuit against the vape giant Juul and its parent company Pax Labs. The lawsuit accuses Juul of specifically targeting teens through their marketing, encouraging an unhealthy addiction and trying to make vaping look cool and appealing. It goes on to make […]

Morale At An ‘All Time Low’ For Juul Employees, Some Expect Company To Soon Be Irrelevant

Things are looking pretty bleak for the vape giant Juul at the start of 2020. This is partially due the fact that the company ended 2019 in a sour note, having laid off 650 of its employees. Those that remain could soon be out of a job as well in the coming year, thus leading […]

New Report Says 55 People Died As A Result Of Vaping In 2019, 2,500 Became Ill

A report by the CDC is revealing staggering new statistics regarding vaping, showing just how much of an epidemic this issue has become not only in the United States but all around the world. The data showed that in 2019 alone, 55 people died as a result of vaping. In addition, 2,500 became ill from […]

The City Of Denver Is Suing Juul, Accuses The Vaping Giant Of Marketing To Teens

The city of Denver, Colorado is suing the vape giant Juul, accusing the company of marketing their products to teens. Juul is in some major legal trouble right now, and Denver is not the only city that has filed a lawsuit against them. In the lawsuit against Juul, the city alleges that the controversial vaping […]

Juul Will No Longer Sell Its Popular Flavored Pods In Canada Due To Increasing Backlash

It’s only been weeks since President Donald Trump announced his plan to ban flavored vaping products in the United States. Now, Canadians won’t be able to purchase flavored vaping products either, at least the ones produced by the controversial vaping giant Juul. Juul has decided to cease its sales of pod flavors like fruit medley, […]

Indiana Schools Are Investing In Vaping Detectors In A Desperate Attempt To Protect Students’ Health

It’s no secret that youth vaping has become a major issue in the U.S., placing a threat upon public health. Even though vaping devices like Juul are only for those of legal smoking age, they’ve made their way into schools across the nation. Now some Indiana schools are fighting back by investing in vaping detectors […]

Donald Trump Attacks His Health Chief Over Polling: ‘I Should Never Have Done That F*cking Vaping Thing’

Donald Trump lashed out at Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Thursday because he believes he hasn’t done enough to help him win over voters. According to The Washington Post, the president was recently presented with polling information during a meeting that shows that voters trust Republicans less with health care and drug […]

San Diego Schools Are Suing Juul, Claims Their Product ‘Disrupts The Learning Environment’

Controversial vaping company Juul Labs is in the midst of legal troubles, as they face many lawsuits against them after their products have led to teen addiction and major health problems. Now Juul Labs is embroiled in a new lawsuit after the San Diego Unified School District in California sued them. The school system claims […]

Researchers Find Concerning Similarities Between The Nicotine Formulas Used In Juul And Marlboro

Juul has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately as more and more research is being done on the vaping giant’s products. One of the most recent studies done on the company’s pods found concerning similarities to the infamous cigarette brand Marlboro. It was determined that the nicotine formula used in traditional Marlboro […]

Oregon Student Sues Juul, Says They Failed To Properly Inform Customers About Health Risks

The vape giant Juul is in the middle of plenty of backlash at the moment as more and more reports continue to emerge of people suffering from health issues after excessively using their products. Now, a student from the University of Oregon named Kewmarse Imani has filed a lawsuit against the company. He claims that […]

Donald Trump Reveals Plan To Ban Most Flavored Vaping Products

President Donald Trump clearly means business when it comes to cutting down on underage vaping. On Thursday, he revealed his administration’s plan to ban flavored vaping products. These refer to the cartridges or e-juice liquid that is used to operate an electronic cigarette like Juul’s eponymous product. The ban will cover fruit, candy, mint, and […]

Juul Employees Continue To Vape At Work, Despite The Threat Of Losing Their Jobs

After months of horror stories detailing the dangerous side effects of using vaping products such as Juul, restrictions are being placed on the devices and where they can be used. Despite all that is now known about the potential health threats of these products, there are some that just can’t quit using them. These include […]

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Signs Bill To Ban Flavored Tobacco & Vape Products

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday signed into law a bill passed by the state legislature to ban all flavored tobacco and vaping products, including the sale of menthol cigarettes, in their state, Axios reported. The new law, which partially goes into effect immediately, puts Massachusetts as the latest state to regulate such products, though […]

Regulations On Vaping Leads To Worries That Many Will Turn Back To Traditional Cigarettes

There have been more and more regulations put forth recently in regard to the sale of e-cigarettes like Juul and other vaping products. The regulations come after dozens of vaping-related deaths have been reported, along with many, many more vaping related illnesses. While health officials are relieved that something is finally being done to help […]

Donald Trump Will Lose In 2020 If He Follows Through On Vaping Ban, Allies Reportedly Worry

The Trump administration is cracking down on flavored e-cigarettes. As Fast Company reported, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently working on a plan meant to eliminate all non-tobacco e-juice flavors from the market. The administration’s sudden decision came following an “outbreak” of a mysterious lung illness thought to be related to vaping. The […]

As Donald Trump Plans E-Cigarette Ban, Former GOP Leader Points Out More Kids Died In ICE Custody Than Vaping

As Donald Trump’s administration plans to put a ban on flavored e-cigarettes after it led to a handful of deaths from lung disease, one former Republican leader is seeing a big of hypocrisy from the White House. Al Cardenas, the former chairman of the Florida Republican Party, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on […]

Twitter Loses Its Mind After Donald Trump Seemingly Forgets He Has A Son

Donald Trump was speaking to reporters on Wednesday about banning flavored e-cigarettes when he referenced his son with his wife Melania, Barron Trump. The president told reporters that Melania was passionate about the topic because “she’s got a son,” and Twitter is having a field day with his comments, which seem to suggest that Trump […]

The CEO Of Juul Warns Against Using The Product

When the popular vaping device Juul first came out, there was a lot of confusion about what was actually in it and how safe it was. The product completely took off and before long, kids started using it. Due largely in part by the fun, fruity flavors of the pods themselves, a popular misconception was […]

Juul Under Fire For Using Marketing That Draws In Minors

Vaping occurs just about everywhere now. There are people doing it while driving, in restaurants, and at sports games. Unfortunately, they’re even doing it in schools. The sleek and easily concealed vaping device called Juul came out in 2017 and quickly rose in popularity. It became the hot new thing to do, with kids trading […]

E-Cigarettes Might Not Cause Heart Attacks, Says Tobacco Researcher Brad Rodu

Reason reports that a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association that linked e-cigarettes to subsequent heart attacks is misleading. Brad Rodu, a tobacco researcher at the University of Louisville, claims that the e-cigarette users that reported heart attacks — also known as myocardial infarctions (MI) — had them before they began […]

Man Sues Juul After Vaping Two Pods A Day Causes Him To Have A Massive Stroke

These days it’s pretty common to see people vaping in public places, whether it be in parking lots, restaurants, bars, or even high school bathrooms. Vaping has been on the rise in recent years, with young people consuming the products more than anyone else. The FDA has been after vape giants such as Juul for […]

Scott Gottlieb, FDA Head, Calls Teenage Vaping An Epidemic, Threatens Flavored Vape Ban

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb described teenage vaping as an epidemic as part of an announcement of action against retailers selling vapes to minors, the Washington Post reports. On Wednesday, the FDA announced that it had taken action against over 1,300 retailers for selling the products to minors, the largest enforcement […]

Vape Pen Explosion Kills Florida Man, Marking The First Reported Vaping-Related Death

A Florida man has died from what is believed to be the first deadly explosion of a vape pen. The body of 38-year-old Tallmadge Wakeman D’Elia, known to his friends as “Wake,” was discovered by firefighters on May 5 in the top floor of his St. Petersburg home after a fire in his bedroom. An […]

Electronic Cigarette Explodes And Kills Vaping Florida Man, Tallmadge D’Elia Died From A Vape Pen To The Brain

The argument over whether or not electronic cigarettes are dangerous just took a weird turn. An autopsy has confirmed that Florida man Tallmadge D’Elia may have been the very first death caused by an exploding vape pen. According to TMJ4, authorities began investigating the circumstances surrounding the Florida man’s death after he was found dead […]

FDA Vaping Regulations: New Rules Could Cripple The Industry

The vaping industry may be in real trouble due to the most recent FDA vaping regulations that go into effect today. It has been almost a decade since electronic cigarettes hit the market. In the last five years, vaping has become a rapidly trending culture in several regions of the world. With such a widespread […]

E-Cigarettes: FDA To Regulate All Tobacco Products, Including Electronic Cigarettes

The U.S. FDA made a long-anticipated announcement Thursday regarding e-cigarette regulation. In a nutshell, the FDA will now regulate all tobacco products sold in the United States, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, which the FDA already regulated, as well as e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and hookah tobacco, reports CNN. In the past several years, the […]

Feds To Regulate, Nearly Ban The Vaping Industry: Can It Survive?

In a landmark move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration passed the first federal measure regulating e-cigarettes and the vaping industry on Thursday. The new ruling will go into effect in 90 days. On the surface, the ruling, which was finalized today, bans the sale of e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and hookah tobacco to people […]

Smoking Now Illegal For Those Under 21 In California — Which States Will Be Next?

Smoking was front and center in a bundle of bills that Governor Jerry Brown signed yesterday in California. Among the new bills that the governor signed was one that will raise the smoking in age in California from 18 to 21. Additionally, the smoking bills signed by Governor Brown will limit the use of electronic, […]

‘Dora The Explorer’ Voice Actress Suspended In School For Vaping, Got Her Friend Expelled

Fatima Ptacek, the 15-year-old actress who voices Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer, reportedly got suspended from school after being caught vaping inside one of the institution’s bathrooms. Fatima, who attends Avenues: The World School in Manhattan, allegedly got caught vaping in the school’s bathroom with two of her fellow students last December, the New York Daily […]

Arizer Air Review: A ‘Must-Have’ Vaporizer For Beginners And Pros Alike

With all the vaporizers out there on the market today, it sometimes seems impossible to know which one to choose. Do you go for a desktop option, a portable one? Or do you opt for the most expensive just because it has been branded well and looks pretty? I might not be able to answer […]

Response: ‘4 Reasons This Article About E-Cigarettes Is Bad’

Last week, I wrote a list called “7 Reasons E-Cigarettes Are Bad,” which brought me a ton of backlash. Often, we hear that e-cigarettes are safe in comparison to smoking, so I set out to present a counter-narrative which scrutinized the health effects of e-cigarettes. Hours after I posted the list, my Twitter account blew […]

Vaporizer Review: Five Of The Best From Vapornation

When it comes to the world of vaping, it’s often hard to know exactly which product is best for you, as there are so many vaporizers on the market these days. That being said, it is important to be informed before you purchase your hardware, so that you can ensure you make the right choice […]

Do Marijuana Vaporizers Offer A ‘Healthier’ High?

With marijuana being legalized in more states, it was only a matter of time before vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, began to be used to smoke pot. In a review of marijuana vaporizers, the Wall Street Cheat Sheet noted that the rise in e-cigarettes and vaporizers used for smoking nicotine — or “vaping” — in the past […]

E-Cigarettes Tragedy: ‘Vaping’ Claims Life Of Toddler

E-cigarettes are widely accepted as a positive alternative to traditional cigarette smoke, but recent pushback has started to call this reputation into question, and a story reported this week isn’t going to help. According to WABC-TV, a toddler has died after getting into the nicotine liquid used for what e-cigarette users refer to as “vaping.” […]

‘Vaping’ Is Oxford Dictionary’s Word Of The Year

2013 was the year of the “Selfie,” with the word being forever immortalized as not only an official entry in the Oxford English Dictionary but also as their 2013 Word of the Year. While selfies are in no shortage a year after being added to the official lexicon, 2014 welcomes a new word to the […]