Extremist Groups Are Joining Forces In The Wake Of Capitol Riots, Report Says

Extremist paramilitary groups are joining forces in the wake of the attack on the United States Capitol, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. According to the publication, Justin Thayer, head of the Georgia III percent Martyrs — the group that provided security for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — said the groups are advocating for Georgia’s secession from […]

Proud Boys Informant Revelation ‘Raises Obvious Questions’ About Capitol Riot, Journalist Says

Journalist Mark Ames believes that the Reuters article claiming that Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is a prolific informant for law enforcement could have implications for the storming of the United States Capitol earlier this month, which led to the arrest of at least five of the group’s members. “Gotta assume about half Proud Boys […]

Capitol Riots Were A Cover For Assassination Plots, Journalist Says

Journalist Xeni Jardin believes that the riots at the United States Capitol last week were a cover for assassination plots. “It’s now clear that the noise and chaos of the ‘riot’ and demonstration were strategic cover for one or more meticulously planned assassination plots. And they got in. What or who stopped them? Why didn’t […]

Russia Could Disrupt US Food & Water Supply In Next Cyberattack, Mitt Romney Warns

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has warned that the United States must take serious measures to avoid being vulnerable to a second cyberattack from the Russian Federation, especially as the Putin-led nation could potentially have the ability to cut American food and water supply lines next time. According to New York Daily News, the senator made […]

The US Will Close Last 2 Consulates In Russia As Tensions Rise After Moscow’s ‘Pearl Harbor’ Cyber Attack

The United States has announced that it will close its last two consulates in Russia as relations remain tense after the Russian Federation’s massive cyberattack on numerous American government agencies and businesses. Though the two consulates will close, the official embassy in Moscow will remain. According to Radio Free Europe, the two locations that will […]

A ‘Galactic Federation’ Of Aliens Has Made Contact With The United States, Former Israeli General Claims

A former Israeli general is claiming that both the United States and Israel have been in contact with aliens for years. Haim Eshed, who served as the head of the Israeli space security program for 30 years and is currently a professor, made the comments in an interview with the Tel Aviv-based newspaper Yediot Aharonot. […]

China Is Helping North Korea Launder Money Through US Banks In ‘Concerted Attack,’ Leaked Documents Reveal

Recently leaked documents have revealed that North Korea has been benefiting from an elaborate money laundering scheme for years. The enterprise, which often relied on Chinese firms to move money through banks in New York, has been called a “concerted attack” on the U.S. by a former official at the Treasury Department. According to NBC […]

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Is Reportedly ‘Desperate’ For Donald Trump To Lose The Election

Though many had believed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom and U.S. President Donald Trump had a relatively congenial relationship, reports are suggesting that Johnson’s administration is privately hoping that the New York businessman will lose his bid for reelection come November. “It would make things much easier if [he] doesn’t win […]

Russia Is Accused Of Conducting A Weapons Test In Orbit By The US Space Force

The newly created United States Space Force has just accused Moscow of conducting space-based weapons tests in a stinging new rebuke. The move comes as foreign policy experts have expressed their fear that outer space could become yet another theater for war in the future. “Space Command has evidence that Russia conducted a non-destructive test […]

The Chinese Consulate In Houston Is Allegedly Burning Documents Amid Accusations Of Espionage Against The US

Papers are reportedly being burned in open containers outside of the Chinese consulate in Houston, as tensions between China and the United States continue to rise. According to Bloomberg, the consulate had recently been ordered to close by the U.S. government after there had been reports that officials from the Middle Kingdom were using the […]

Former Head Of Secret US Agency Says It Is ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ That UFOs Exist

Though unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have captured the imagination of science fiction fans and conspiracy theorists for decades, a former Pentagon official is claiming that it’s time that the general population starts believing that the flying devices have become more fact than fiction. “I think we’re at the point now where we’re beyond reasonable doubt […]

Washington, D.C., Could Become 51st State After House Approves Proposal

The House of Representatives passed a measure on Friday to make Washington, D.C., the country’s 51st state, CBS News reported. The proposal, H.R. 51, passed by a vote of 232 to 180, and all but one congressperson that voted against the measure was Republican. According to CNBC, the Republican-led Senate is not likely to pass […]

China Allegedly Ordered Deadly Border Attack To ‘Teach India A Lesson’

United States intelligence reports have suggested that China authorized a strike on Indian troops located in the disputed Himalayan border region between their two nations. However, Chinese officials are disputing these reports. According to The Hindustan Times, U.S. intelligence has claimed that General Zhao Zongqi, head of the Western Theater Command, purportedly approved the strike […]

Majority Of Americans Oppose Defunding Or Abolishing Police, Poll Says

A new poll released by YouGov claims that the majority of Americans are opposed to defunding or abolishing the police⁠ — a call that has arisen in the wake of George Floyd’s death. As reported by Breitbart, 53 percent of registered American voters surveyed said they are against defunding the police, while 24 percent supported […]

Just 63 Percent Of Americans Are Proud Of Their Country, According To New Poll, The Lowest Level In Decades

Only 63 percent of Americans are proud of their country, the lowest level of national pride since such numbers have been tracked, according to a new Gallup survey. An ongoing public health crisis that has claimed more than 100,000 lives, a deepening racial divide made evident by massive protests, and an intractable economic crisis have […]

FedEx Driver Cries During Emotional Video In Which He Says He Was Spit At And Called A Racial Slur

A 23-year-old FedEx driver from Lisbon, Ohio named Brandon Brackins recently opened up about a disturbing experience he had while trying to do his job. Brackins filmed an emotional video of himself following the encounter, in which he explained that someone driving by him spit at him and called him a racial slur while he […]

Donald Trump Reportedly ‘Blindsided’ Senior US Officials With German Troop Cut Announcement

President Donald Trump reportedly “blindsided” senior U.S. officials with his decision to pull a large number of American troops from Germany. The U.S. troops had been stationed in the European nation as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ordinances. According to Reuters, five senior officials all confirmed that they had not been previously […]

United States Entered A Recession In February, Report Says

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), an association of economic researchers, has found that the United States officially entered a recession in February. As reported by The New York Times, the downturn came after a record 128-month long expansion that was followed by various coronavirus-related shutdowns. Although a recession is typically defined as two […]

George Floyd Protests Extend To Small Towns

As protests have erupted in cities across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the media attention has largely focused on the ones in bigger cities: Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington. But as CNN reports, smaller communities have also seen groups gather to advocate for justice and equality. About 75 miles south of St […]

Donald Trump Is Putting America On ‘The Trail Toward A Dictatorship,’ Ex-Defense Secretary Says

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen appeared on CNN Friday morning and took aim at President Donald Trump following his use of the military against anti-police brutality protesters, Raw Story reported. The appearance began with CNN host Jim Sciutto pressing Cohen about Trump’s dismissal of the peaceful protesters and liberal use of the “terrorist” label. “It […]

Pentagon War Game Included Scenario Of Uprising By ‘Psychologically Scarred’ Generation Z, Report Says

A Friday piece for The Intercept alleged that the Pentagon conducted a war game called the 2018 Joint Land, Air, and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS) that speculated about a scenario in which a “psychologically scarred” Generation Z rebels against America in the mid-2020s. According to documents obtained by the publication using the Freedom of […]

Kansas Senate Seat Reportedly Feared To Be Up For Grabs By GOP

A United States Senate seat in Kansas that has been safely in Republican control for decades is feared to be up for grabs by some in the GOP, according to a recent report by NPR‘s Jim McLean. The party has had a lock on both senate seats from that state since the Great Depression, but […]

SpaceX Successfully Launches NASA Astronauts Into Orbit In Historic Mission

Elon Musk made history on Saturday, May 30, after SpaceX successfully launched two NASA astronauts into orbit from Kennedy Space Center at 3:22 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The significant mission marked the first human liftoff from U.S. soil in nearly a decade, reigniting the country’s ambitions in space exploration after NASA announced its final space […]

Open Skies Treaty ‘No Longer In America’s Interests,’ US Will Reportedly Withdraw, Citing Russian Violations

The United States will withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty because of repeated violations from Russia, Reuters reported on Thursday. The pact consists of 35 nations and permits countries that participate in it to conduct unarmed surveillance flights over participating nations in an effort to boost confidence among participating nations. Because of the treaty’s terms, […]

Pentagon Officially Releases Three UFO Videos Taken By US Navy Pilots

The Pentagon has officially released three videos captured by U.S. Navy infrared cameras that show what appears to be unidentified flying objects (UFOs), CNN reports. The videos were first released in December 2017 and March 2018 by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a company co-founded by former Blink-182 member Tom Delonge to […]

China May Have Conducted Nuclear Test Blasts, Says US State Department

The State Department of the United States released a report on Wednesday that suggested China may have secretly conducted a series of low-level nuclear test explosions. If true, the tests would be in direct violation of an international pact that prohibits the practice. It would also likely add to the increasing tension between China and […]

U.S. Space Force Launches First Satellite Into Space

At 4:18 p.m. on March 26, Space Force launched its first satellite from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, according to Popular Mechanics. Though the mission launch was first slated for 2:57 p.m., a poor amplifier card on a ground system pump controller caused the delay. The new military satellite designed by Lockheed Martin […]

U.S. And Canadian Aircraft Intercept Russian Military Jets Flying Near Alaskan Coast

Aircraft from the United States and Canadian military intercepted two Russian jets flying near the coast of Alaska for several hours, military officials announced this week. As CBS News reported, a Russian Tu-142 reconnaissance aircraft flew over the Beaufort Sea near the coast of Alaska on Monday, prompting responses from both the American and Canadian […]

Erik Prince Is Reportedly Under FBI Investigation For Trying To Weaponize Crop Duster Aircraft

Erik Prince, the former CEO of mercenary contractor Blackwater and a close ally of Donald Trump, is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for trying to weaponize two crop duster aircraft, The Intercept reported. According to the report, Prince may have violated arms trafficking regulations in 2015 with his attempts to transform two American-made agricultural […]

U.S. Army Band Covers Rush’s ‘Time Stand Still’ To Honor Neil Peart

The music world lost a true legend with the passing of Neil Peart last month. The drummer for Canadian rockers Rush had touched many people with his skills of perfection behind the kit, including Sgt. 1st Class Tim Whalen of the United States Army Band, also known as Pershing’s Own. The group is the major […]

Trump Impeachment Results: See How Each Senator Voted In President’s Acquittal

The impeachment of President Donald Trump has come to a conclusion, ending in a seemingly inevitable acquittal, mostly along party lines, as reported by The Inquisitr. The 100-member upper house of the United States legislature voted for acquittal on the two articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — by a […]

Mitt Romney Voted To Convict Donald Trump, Becoming The Only Senator To Break With The GOP

Editor’s Note: Senator Mitt Romney did vote guilty on abuse of power, but voted to acquit on the second charge, obstruction of Congress. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah said Wednesday that he is planning to vote to remove President Donald Trump from office, on the charge of abuse of power, according to The New York […]

Shakira Age & Height: How Old And How Tall Is The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ Singer?

Latin pop star Shakira is 43 years old and is 5 feet, two inches tall. The Colombian diva has sung on many stages around the world and will perform alongside Jennifer Lopez for the Super Bowl halftime show tonight in Miami, Florida, at the Hard Rock Stadium. In an interview, Lopez stated that they are […]

The Environmental Protection Agency Rescinds Clean Water Act Protections For Streams & Wetlands

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it would be rolling back some federal water protections. The changes will affect environmental protections of various streams, wetlands, and ground waterways. The Trump administration has repealed former President Barack Obama’s Waters of the United States rule, which tightened regulations of water resource management under a provision […]

Defense Secretary Refuses To Say How Many Americans Suffered Brain Injuries In Iran Attack: ‘I’m Not A Doctor’

In the immediate aftermath of missile attacks by Iran on two military bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq on January 8, the Pentagon, as well as Donald Trump, claimed that Americans stationed there suffered no casualties. But eight days later, reports out of the Pentagon put the number of injured U.S. soldiers at 11. The […]

Chuck Schumer Says The Senate ‘Took On An Entirely Different Dimension’ During Impeachment Opening Arguments

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) spoke to the media Thursday morning on Capitol Hill, saying he felt a shift in the Senate chambers during Wednesday’s opening arguments in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. “Yesterday, the managers got to lay out their case uninterrupted. As manager after manager stepped up to lay out the evidence […]

U.S. To Begin Denying Entry To Pregnant Women With New Visa Rules To Fight ‘Birth Tourism’

The Trump administration is planning on implementing new rules that would make it more difficult for pregnant women to visit the United States, as reported by PBS. The restrictions are aimed to hit back at “birth tourism,” a form of immigration in which foreign women give birth in the United States so that their children […]

U.S. Accuses Russia Of Causing South American Unrest, As Riots Sweep Through The Continent

The U.S. is accusing the Russian Federation for the increase of riots that have been sweeping through South America. According to The New York Times, the State Department found that a high number of tweets inciting protests came from Twitter accounts based in Moscow. The findings come after Russia has been accused of trying to […]

‘History Will Find You,’ Top Senate Democrat Warns Republicans Ahead Of Donald Trump Impeachment Trial Tuesday

With about 48 hours to go before the Senate raises the curtain on only the third presidential impeachment trial in United States history, the second-ranking senator in the Democratic Party said that Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has yet to share his proposed rules for the trial with Democrats and that McConnell has not allowed […]

The U.S. Ranks 15th On The List Of Best Countries For Women, Switzerland Ranks 1st

The United States of America ranks 15th on the list of the best countries in the world for women. This is behind some European countries, which almost exclusively occupy the top spots on the list released by U.S. News & World Report. The gender-pay gap and lack of government-mandated, paid family leave help to put […]

Iran Proxy Vows Revenge For Qassem Soleimani’s Assassination: ‘We’ll Make America Pay’

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) have vowed revenge against the United States for the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani last week, The Daily Beast reports. The news comes after Iranian ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi said to CNN that Iran could not be held responsible for the actions […]

‘Death To Liars’ Chant Iranian Protestors As Outrage Grows Over Ukrainian Airlines Crash Coverup

Though protestors in Iran might have exhibited demonstrations of solidarity after the killing of Major General Qassem Soleimani earlier this month, the mood has changed after receiving news that the Iranian government lied about the crash of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 (via The New York Times). Though the government previously claimed that the cause of […]

U.S. Launched Second Strike On Night Qassem Soleimani Was Killed Against Iranian Financier Abdul Reza Shahlai

The United States launched a second strike the night that Major General Qassem Soleimani was killed, reports The Washington Post. The target was Iranian financier Abdul Reza Shahlai and the strike took place in Yemen. The attack was unsuccessful, unlike the assault against Soleimani. Shahlai, like Soleimani, was a key commander in the Quds Force […]

U.S. Officials Had Advance Warning Of Iran’s Missile Attack, Report Claims

The United States military knew in advance that Iran was launching a missile attack against military bases in Iraq, a new report claims. This week, Iran launched a series of missiles that struck bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq, causing damage but leaving no casualties among either American or allied forces. As USA Today reported, […]

Iran Says It Has Concluded Its Response To United States’ Soleimani Strike

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif previously warned that the country would retaliate against the U.S. for the killing of its top military general, Qassem Soleimani. Following the Tuesday evening missile strikes on Iraqi bases holding U.S. troops, Zarif tweeted that Iran’s revenge has concluded, Newsweek reports. “Iran took & concluded proportionate measures in self-defense […]

Donald Trump Tweets ‘All Is Well,’ And ‘So Far So Good’ As Iran Claims 30 U.S. Deaths In Attack, Pentagon Zero

Donald Trump posted a message to his Twitter account Tuesday, declaring that “All is well!” after Iran launched a reported 15 ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq that house American troops. The president also said, “So far so good!” and added he would make a statement about the attack on Wednesday morning. Iranian […]

Mike Pompeo Changes Reason For Killing Of Qassem Soleimani, No Longer Claims ‘Imminent’ Attack In The Works

Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States drone strike that killed top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was necessary because the military leader had an “imminent” attack against Americans in the works. But subsequent reporting cast doubt on Pompeo’s words and showed that evidence for such a move was, at best, […]

As Donald Trump Threatens To Destroy 52 Iranian Cultural Sites, Military Official Says There Is No Such List

In what one United States senator writing on Twitter called “a war crime” and “what terrorists do,” Donald Trump on Saturday threatened that the United States would attack “52 Iranian sites” — many of them “important to Iran & the Iranian culture.” But a senior U.S. military official speaking on condition of anonymity said that […]

Iraqi Parliament Votes For Withdrawal Of All U.S. Troops From The Country After Iran Attack

The Iraqi parliament voted on Sunday to expel all U.S. troops from the country and filed a complaint with the United Nations against the United States for violating the country. This is the latest of the ever-expanding fallout from an attack that killed a top Iranian military leader at the Baghdad airport. As CNBC reported, […]

Attack Against Iran Will Lead To ‘Dead Civilian Americans,’ Former Acting CIA Director Says

An American attack that killed one of Iran’s top military leaders will lead to “dead civilian Americans,” the former acting director of the CIA is warning. Michael Morrell said in an interview with CBS This Morning that the American attack at the Baghdad airport that left Qassem Soleimani dead will lead to a deadly response […]