Marge Simpson Fires Back At Donald Trump’s Senior Adviser Jenna Ellis After She Disses Kamala Harris

Iconic cartoon character Marge Simpson had a few words to say to Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jenna Ellis after she made a dig at Kamala Harris on Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly reported. Harris, who was recently officially selected as Joe Biden’s vice president, was giving a speech earlier this week when Jenna tweeted that she “sounds […]

‘The Simpsons’ Will No Longer Have White Actors Voice Characters Of Color

Fox’s long-running animated series The Simpsons will be recasting several characters of color currently being voiced by white actors, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Moving forward, ‘The Simpsons’ will no longer have White actors voice non-White characters,” said a statement released by the series. Earlier this year, Hank Azaria stopped voicing the character of Apu […]

Hank Azaria Confirms He Will No Longer Voice Apu On ‘The Simpsons’

It appears that Apu Nahasapeemapetilon may be sounding a bit different next year on The Simpsons. Actor Hank Azaria confirmed this week that he will no longer voice the convenience store owner on The Simpsons after a documentary highlighted the effects that the stereotypical character has had on people of Indian heritage. The long-running animated […]

Rumored Cancellation Of ‘The Simpsons’ Debunked As ‘Not True’ By Showrunner Al Jean

Rumors of The Simpsons cancellation left fans shocked this holiday weekend. However, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief, or dismay, depending on their feelings about the show’s recent history, when showrunner Al Jean spoke out about the beloved, long-running animated series. It all started when Danny Elfman, the long-time composer for the Fox show, […]

Sunday’s ‘The Simpsons’ Episode Is The Late Russi Taylor’s Final Performance As Martin Prince

This week’s new episode of The Simpsons is significant to fans as it is not only a holiday episode, but it will be the final new episode featuring voice actor Russi Taylor as Martin Prince. “This Sunday’s episode of @TheSimpsons features the last vocal appearance of the wonderful, hilarious Russi Taylor as Martin Prince. It […]

‘The Simpsons’ Fans Claim That The Hit Sitcom Predicted The Rise Of Activist Greta Thunberg

Fans of the hit sitcom The Simpsons claim that the show predicted the rise of 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg with the character of Lisa Simpson, reported The Daily Mail. Fictional and animated character Lisa Simpson is notoriously known on the show for being a climate activist. Over the course of the show’s […]

‘The Simpsons’ Releases ‘Stranger Things’ Parody In ‘Treehouse Of Horrors’ Sneak Peek To Celebrate Episode 666

The town of Springfield is going upside down. We are still many months away from Halloween, but the creators of The Simpsons are already gearing up for the spooky holiday. For its upcoming “Treehouse of Horror” special, which happens to mark episode 666, the show will parody Netflix’s binge-worthy Stranger Things and Guillermo Del Toro’s […]

Charli XCX Is Sick Of People Spelling Her Name Wrong

British singer-songwriter Charli XCX is sick of people spelling her name wrong and that’s pretty fair enough. The “After The Afterparty” hitmaker has shared a meme photo of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons writing “There’s no e in Charli XCX” repeatedly on a chalkboard to let those who are unaware of how to spell her […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8: ‘The Simpsons’ Accurately Predicted What Would Happen In Episode 5

Fans thought it was hilarious when they realized that episode of The Simpsons which had accurately predicted Donald Trump would one day be president of the United States. Now, the cartoon series has done it again by predicting what would happen in Episode 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode […]

‘The Simpsons’ Set To Stream Exclusively On Disney+

The acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney, among other things, means that various brands long associated with Fox are now part of Disney. And one of those is The Simpsons, which has aired on the Fox Network since 1989. Per Variety, The Simpsons will have Disney+ as its exclusive streaming home when it launches […]

Bart Simpson Grows A Mustache, Becomes A Pro Gamer In Upcoming Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’

Bart Simpson may have been a symbol of rebellious, incalcitrant youth for many Gen-Xers and older millennials during their own childhood years, but now the prank-loving boy is set to become an esports legend. According to reporting from Kotaku, the mischievous and lovable Bart Simpson is hanging up his slingshot and skateboard in favor of […]

Michael Jackson Episode Pulled From ‘The Simpsons’

The Simpsons episode “Stark Raving Dad” was a critically lauded, memorable fan-favorite of the series. In light of recent events, future evaluation of the episode will produce quite a different viewpoint. Michael Jackson originally voiced a character for the episode, which aired on September 19, 1991. His role was uncredited, with his actual involvement was […]

Conan O’Brien Returns To Late-Night TV: Find Out Who His First Guests Will Be

While it may seem like late-night television is flooded with talk shows, one amusing program has been missing since early October, Conan. The series, hosted by Conan O’Brien, took a little hiatus to readjust its format, but will be back on TBS starting Tuesday, January 22, with brand-new episodes. As the Inquisitr reported in mid-December, […]

Penny Marshall Remembered As The Very First Guest Star On ‘The Simpsons’

Penny Marshall was the first woman to direct a movie that grossed over $100 million at the box office (with the 1988 Tom Hanks hit, Big), but she also marked another important entertainment milestone: The actress, producer, and film director was the very first guest star on The Simpsons. The long-running Fox animated series has […]

George HW Bush And ‘The Simpsons’: Former President Remembered For ‘Role’ In Iconic Cartoon

When reports of George H.W. Bush’s death on Friday first hit the press, scores of social media users took to their favorite platforms to eulogize the former president and remember his contributions to the United States. However, others took a more lighthearted approach and looked back at the time he was parodied on The Simpsons […]

Irate ‘Simpsons’ Fans Petition Netflix To Remove Hari Kondabolu’s Comedy Special

If you have yet to watch Hari Kondabolu’s comedy special on Netflix and you are a fan of The Simpsons, it may not be for you. In fact, a new petition has popped up on requesting that Netflix removes Kondabolu’s original stand-up comedy special from their streaming library. This petition to remove the comedy […]

‘The Simpsons’ Reportedly Ditching Apu Character

After much controversy surrounding the Apu Nahasapeemapetilon character on popular Fox animated series, The Simpsons, the show’s creators have reportedly decided to completely remove the character from the series. Apu, an Indian immigrant who runs the town’s Kwik-E-Mart, made his first appearance on the long-running series in Episode 8, and has been a reoccurring Springfield […]

Despite Growing Pressure, ‘Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening Said He Has No Plans To Retire Apu’s Character

Simpsons fans who still love Apu can rest easy — the character isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite a growing outcry from a number of Indian-Americans for what they see as an offensive stereotype, the long-running animated sitcom has not shown any indication it will remove convenience store owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from the show. The […]

First Trailer For Matt Groening’s ‘Disenchantment’ Includes References To ‘The Simpsons’ And ‘Futurama’

The first trailer for Matt Groening’s magical new Netflix series Disenchantment has dropped, and it aims to enchant fans of the animator’s most popular cartoon creations. For decades, Matt Groening has delighted television viewers with his comedic take on the life of the modern family, and his vision of the future earned his second hit […]

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Follows Star Wars Day

May 4 has long been embraced by Star Wars fans due to some simple wordplay involving one of the franchise’s most beloved quotes: May the 4th be with you! Friday will revolve around Star Wars movies, cosplay, parties, and even baseball games. The latter is due to MLB’s inclusion of annual Star Wars Day events […]

Stephen Hawking: Late Physicist Left Memorable Impact On Pop Culture Through TV Guest Roles And More

The announcement of Stephen Hawking’s death at the age of 76 came as a shock to many people, from those who were awed by, and familiar with his many theories, to those who casually recognized him as a mainstay of the scientific community. While he was, for several decades, best known as one of the […]

Walt Disney Now Owns Marvel, Avatar, And The Simpsons

Walt Disney has finally struck a deal to buy 21st Century Fox entertainment at roughly $52.4 billion. The company now has access to some of its high-grossing films such as Avatar, the Marvel superhero movies, as well as the hit TV series The Simpsons. Disney chief executive Bob Iger said that Disney is especially excited […]

Will Longtime ‘The Simpsons’ Character Be Killed Off Over Racism Concerns Raised By Documentary?

For the past 29 seasons, the character of Indian immigrant Apu Nahasapeemapetilon has been a constant supporting character on The Simpsons, running the Kwik-e-Mart convenience store as one of the more prominent businessmen in the fictional town of Springfield. But there might be a chance he will be the next Simpsons character to get killed […]

Longtime Composer Of ‘The Simpsons’ Alf Clausen Has Been Fired

An exclusive report by Variety’s Jon Burlingame revealed that the longtime composer of The Simpsons, Alf Clausen, has been fired. Clausen told Variety that he received a phone call from the one of the show’s producers, Richard Sakai, to inform him that he would no longer score the music for the long-running animated hit. Clausen […]

‘Simpsons’ Star Nancy Cartwright Brings ‘In Search Of Fellini’ To 2017 Long Beach International Film Festival

As the voice of Bart Simpson for nearly 30 years, few actresses have experienced success as Nancy Cartwright has. However, her work with The Simpsons is only one of Cartwright’s major accomplishments. A prolific voice actress, Cartwright has also done voiceovers for Animaniacs, Rugrats, Kim Possible, Family Guy, and The Critics. She has also done […]

Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter Following His ‘GoT’ Cameo Criticisms, Singer Heading To ‘The Simpsons’ Next

Ed Sheeran appeared in the Game of Thrones Season 7 pilot episode as a singing soldier, but his HBO stint was met with mixed reactions –some vile – which prompted him to quit Twitter. Some remarks even suggested that it would be pleasing for White Walkers to devour Ed’s character. Earlier this month, the “Shape […]

Who Will Be The Next FBI Director? Odds Set After Trump Announces Comey Firing, Early Candidates Revealed

Who will be the next FBI Director? That’s what millions of folks in the United States want to know! With tons of speculation and the never ending rumor list of candidates already growing on who will take over for the recently fired James Comey, one can only wonder what is real and what is speculation […]

‘The Simpsons’ Mocks Trump’s First 100 Days In Office With A Deeply Dark Video [Watch]

Trump’s 100 days in office will be completed this Saturday, and everybody seems to be talking about it, even The Simpsons. Amid the flurry of both positive and negative comments, show’s writers have released a video mocking the Trump presidency. In a short animated video, the writer’s of the show have tried to show the […]

‘The Simpsons’ Did Not Predict Lady Gaga Super Bowl Performance [Debunked]

After Lady Gaga’s spectacular performance, a show notorious for predicting events entered the scene, and this time, reports are saying that it was once again way ahead of its time. But did The Simpsons predict Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance? The answer is – not really. The rumor made rounds in the internet when […]

‘Simpsons’ Renewed Through Season 30: Everyone’s Favorite Fox Family Continues For An Unprecedented 29th And 30th Seasons

Hearing “Simpsons renewed for another season” would start to get monotonous after all these years if we didn’t still love the show so much. Not only is the Simpsons the longest-running animated show on television, it is the longest running television show of any kind in United States history – surpassing Gunsmoke some time ago. […]

‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency 16 Years Ago, And They’re Finally Acknowledging It

Sixteen years ago, The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump becoming president, and back then, nobody would have guessed that having “The Donald” in the Oval Office would one day become a reality. But with the results of last week’s presidential elections, Trump is now the U.S. president-elect, and that future-themed episode from way back has proven […]

‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Two More Years, As Producer Says Show Will Never End

When The Simpsons debuted in 1989 on Fox, adapted from skits on The Tracey Ullman Show, it offered a fresh look at our evolving society, oftentimes shocking viewers into laughter through its use of brutal honesty in doing what most of us only fantasized about doing in real life. Through the years, The Simpsons has […]

‘Friends,’ ‘Seinfeld,’ And ‘The Simpsons’ Lead List Of Best 1990s Sitcoms

The 1990s was perhaps the best decade for sitcoms. Not only did some top sitcoms help influence social change (gay rights, etc), but they would influence television for the next 20 years. Let’s take a look at the five best sitcoms of the 1990s. 5. Roseanne Roseanne aired from 1988 to 1997. This sitcom’s highest […]

‘The Simpsons’ Celebrate 600 Episodes And The 27th ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Halloween Episode [Video]

Over 26 years in the making, and tonight, The Simpsons will celebrate 600 episodes as well as their 27th “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special. On the air since 1989, The Simpsons have become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. A preview clip posted to the official Fox Television Animation YouTube channel showcases what looks like a Hunger […]

Matt Groening Blamed For ‘The Simpsons’ Worst Ever Ratings

Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, has drawn flak from fans and the media at large for making the popular animated sitcom go downhill. The criticism comes amidst the news that Frank Grimes, Homer Simpson’s sworn enemy, will be resurrected in the 600th episode of the sitcom that made its debut in 1989 and […]

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Laundry Sign And Other Sitcom Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Anyone who’s tuned in at least occasionally over the nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory might wonder who else lives in that building in Pasadena. There are precious few faces going up and down the stairs, save the occasional neighbor who comments on Leonard’s amorous noises after a raucous night with Penny, such as […]

‘The Simpsons’ Trumps Trump, Portrays GOP Candidate With Book Of Nazi Speeches [Video]

The Simpsons has spoken out about the current U.S. presidential race by taking on Republican candidate Donald Trump. The long-running Fox animated series satirized Donald Trump by asking its viewers a striking question. Namely, The Simpsons asked viewers who they wanted answering an emergency call in the White House at 3 a.m. “It’s 3 a.m. […]

‘The Simpsons’ Clinton, Trump 3 A.M. Call Political Announcement ‘Not Now, I’m On Twitter’

Animation on FOX on YouTube has published a new The Simpsons Clinton Trump short parodying the 2016 presidential race. The clip features a political announcement “paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama” that asks citizens who they would be more comfortable taking a call in the White House at 3 a.m. […]

Comic-Con 2016: ‘Pokémon GO,’ ‘Adventure Time’ Get ‘Simpsons’ Treatment

It’s confirmed: The Simpsons will indeed be coming out with an episode featuring Pokémon GO and an Adventure Time crossover episode. Pokémon GO is taking the nation by storm, luring in millions of players and billions of playing time as it requires immense effort, time, and patience for a person to catch ’em all. While […]

Hank Azaria Channels ‘The Simpsons’ Characters In Commencement Speech, Debuts New Comedy Show ‘Brockmire’

Hank Azaria plays a famous Major League Baseball announcer in an upcoming series on the IFC Channel, according to the Examiner. The comedy titled Brockmire will be debuted on the IFC Channel later this summer. IFC Orders Pair of Scripted Comedies Including Hank Azaria’s ‘Brockmire’ (Exclusive) — Live Feed (@TheLiveFeed) February 22, 2016 […]

How Old Would ‘The Simpsons’ Characters Be In Real Life? And How A ‘Simpsons’ Fan Trolled Director Mark Kirkland And Got Away With It

The Simpsons, one of TVs most timeless animated sitcoms, has been running for quite a long time now. When the show made its initial start back in December of 1987, nobody knew that the show would run for 27 seasons and counting. While the show may be timeless, The Simpsons tries very hard to hide […]

Kelsey Grammer Opens Up About His Inspiration For Sideshow Bob On ‘The Simpsons’

During an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Kelsey Grammer opened up about his inspiration for The Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob and how he ended up with the role in the first place. According to Kelsey Grammer, Sideshow Bob was already a character on The Simpsons. Sideshow Bob was just a character that had yet to […]

How The Creators Of ‘The Simpsons’ Brought Homer To Life For The Live Episode

The Simpsons, the longest-running animated comedy sitcom, has remained one of the most well-known series of all time. The show has been on the air for decades and has become a pop-culture fixture. The show started airing in 1989, and it has successfully completed 27 seasons without a hitch. One of the wonders of the […]

Once Again, ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The Future – This Time, It Was Harambe The Gorilla

The tragic and controversial situation out of the Cincinnati Zoo last week has left many people torn and confused as to what should have been done. Harambe the gorilla had to be shot and killed after a young child made his way into the animal’s enclosure and found himself in a rather dangerous situation. In […]

‘The Simpsons’ Fans Will Be Able To Speak To Homer Over The Phone

The Simpsons fans will soon be able to call Homer Simpson on the phone and speak to him personally, according to Time. Such an exclusive opportunity is provided to the animated sitcom’s fans as part of its upcoming live episode. The Simpsons‘ first-ever exclusive live episode airs on May 15, and the Fox animated sitcom’s […]

‘The Simpsons’ Live Episode Details Revealed By Executive Producer Al Jean

The Simpsons is jumping on the live TV bandwagon. The long-running Fox animated comedy will feature a partially live episode that will have fans interacting with Simpsons patriarch, Homer. The live interaction will come in the final minutes of the episode “Simprovised” when viewers will be given a 1-888 number and a few lucky fans […]

‘The Simpsons’ Conspiracy Theory: Trump’s Presidency, Ebola, And 9/11

The Simpsons have made a number of uncannily accurate predictions during the show’s nearly three decades on air, according to the Daily Star. But it was the recently-discovered prediction of GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s presidency in one of the episodes of the animated sitcom that made fans re-watch it from Season 1 to find more […]

‘The Simpsons’ Creator Al Jean Looks Back At 1993 Episode Rejected By Prince

The Simpsons almost had a Prince-themed episode, but the story was rejected by the late singer more than 20 years ago. According to TV Guide, the Simpsons episode about Prince had been planned for the animated sitcom’s fifth season as a sequel to the famous Season 3 “Stark Raving Dad” episode, which featured Michael Jackson […]

‘The Simpsons’ Finally Outs Waylon Smithers, With A Wonderful Cameo By George Takei

The Simpsons have often centered their episodes around gay, lesbian, and transgender issues. But last Sunday, the animated sitcom took its support of the LGBTQ community to a whole new level, as a major male character came out as gay, according to USA Today. Such a move had been anticipated for a long time, as […]

‘The Simpsons’ Smithers Comes Out As Gay, How Will Mr. Burns React To The News? [Video]

The Simpsons character Smithers is finally coming out. In what has been the worst kept secret in television, Waylon Smithers Jr. (voiced by Harry Shearer) will finally come out to viewers and reveal that he is gay, according to Rolling Stone. The new episode, premiering Sunday, is titled “The Burns Cage,” and it is inspired […]