Former Royal Chef Says ‘The Crown’ Got Several Key Moments Wrong Between Princess Diana & Prince Charles

A former chef to the British royal family believes the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown got several key points wrong in the relationship between the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Us Weekly reported that Darren McGrady, who worked for the clan for 15 years, said some “artistic license” was taken when telling the […]

‘The Crown’ Star Olivia Colman Says Emma Corrin’s Portrayal Of Princess Diana Was ‘Spooky’

The Crown star Olivia Colman revealed in the caption of a new Netflix Instagram post that watching Emma Corrin portray Princess Diana was “spooky.” Emma played the former Lady Diana Spencer, who gained the title of Princess of Wales by becoming engaged to Prince Charles, in the fourth season of the Netflix series. Olivia portrays […]

‘The Crown’ Stars’ Resemblance To Princess Diana & Prince Charles During Iconic Australia Photocall Is Uncanny

The actors who portray Princess Diana and Prince Charles in the Netflix series The Crown look uncannily like their real-life counterparts in two photos shared on Instagram. The first was a snapshot of the real royals shot in Australia when Prince Charles and Princess Diana toured the country in 1983. In the photograph, they played […]

‘The Crown’ To Be Extended, Netflix Orders A Sixth & Final Season

The Crown, a popular historical drama streaming on Netflix, has officially been extended. On Thursday, the Netflix Twitter account announced that the show has been renewed for a sixth and final season. Previously, the fifth season was meant to be the last, but showrunner Peter Morgan realized they needed more time to conclude the story […]

Prince Harry Has Some Thoughts On ‘The Crown,’ Reportedly Wants It ‘Stopped’ Before It Gets To His Life

Prince Harry is reportedly not a fan of The Crown, the Netflix series about his family, and wants to “stop” it before the narrative gets to the part of the story that involves him, Cosmopolitan reports. However, that may be unlikely to happen. For those not familiar, The Crown is a drama series on Netflix […]

‘The Crown’ Releases The First Season 3 Trailer With Olivia Colman As Queen Elizabeth II

While details about The Crown Season 3 have been scarce, Netflix has just released a teaser trailer which features Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, taking over the role from actor Claire Foy. The Hollywood Reporter shared the clip, which actually features Colman and Foy as the young monarch and the middle-aged queen, as if […]

In ‘The Crown’ Season 3, Olivia Colman Will Play Queen Elizabeth With Brown Eyes

It’s a daily occurrence on the sets of television and movies that problems arise, but one issue behind the scenes of Season 3 of The Crown went through several fixes before production simply gave up. Town & Country shared the struggle that went on behind the scenes of The Crown in order to turn the […]

‘The Crown’ Star Olivia Colman Wants To Be In The New Bond Film

As soon as the new season of The Crown launches, it might seem like Olivia Colman is everywhere, and if she has her way, it just might be the case, as she’s dying to be in the next James Bond movie. Entertainment Weekly reports that Colman has been begging her friend and cast member on […]

‘The Crown’ Star Helena Bonham Carter Calls Princess Margaret ‘Scary’

Helena Bonham Carter will play Princess Margaret in the newest season of the Netflix series The Crown, but the actor says that when she met the real-life princess, things didn’t go so well, as the royal was a bit sassy with the young actor Town & Country revealed that before Princess Margaret died, Bonham Carter […]

‘The Crown’s’ New Prince Philip, Tobias Menzies, Talks About His Character

Fans of The Crown are eagerly awaiting the new season of the series which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s time on the throne, and a big part of the excitement is seeing new actors in the roles of the royal family. Entertainment Weekly caught up with the new Prince Philip, Tobias Menzies, who […]

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Release Date Announced By Netflix: New Episodes To Drop November 17

Netflix announced the release date for Season 3 of The Crown on Monday. The popular series about Britain’s royal family will drop on November 17, Buzzfeed News reports. Netflix also dropped a trailer for the new season. Don’t get too excited about the trailer, though, as it doesn’t show much. The Crown, for those not […]

‘The Crown’s’ Olivia Colman Poses With Corgis As Queen Elizabeth

Olivia Colman, who is taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth from Claire Foy for Season 3 of The Crown, is getting to know some of her co-stars, including the Pembroke Welsh Corgis who are her frequent companions on set. The Daily Mail shared Colman’s thoughts on the queen’s corgis, as she admitted that she’s […]

An ‘Outlander’ Star Accidentally Shares ‘The Crown’ Season 3 Release Date

Many fans of the Netflix series The Crown were disappointed when 2018 came and went with no new episodes of the popular series about the rule of Queen Elizabeth, but now an original star of Outlander let slip when we can expect to see The Crown Season 3. Netflix has kept the release date for […]

Josh O’Connor Says He Got His Prince Charles Role In ‘The Crown’ Because Of His Ears

Actor Josh O’Connor is feeling grateful that he never got his ears surgically pinned back because he thinks it seriously helped him score the role of Prince Charles in the hit Netflix series The Crown. According to The Daily Mail, O’Connor was embarrassed by his large ears as a child, but now he’s happy that […]

Olivia Colman Confirms ‘The Crown’ Season 3 Has Wrapped

Fans are eager for a new season of The Crown, especially because it will be their first glimpse of the new cast in all of the lead roles. Radio Times says that Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) will be taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth and Tobias Menzies (Outlander) will play the new Prince Philip. Filming […]

‘The Crown’ Star Olivia Colman’s Real Name Is Revealed As She Received CBE

Fans of The Crown star Olivia Colman were thrilled and surprised when the actor’s real name appeared on the list of those to be honored on the Queen’s Birthday Honour’s list, because most thought that “Olivia Colman” was her real name. The Daily Mail says that when Colman was made a CBE for services to […]

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Won’t Air Until July At The Earliest

Fans of the Netflix series The Crown had hoped to see Season 3 of the series before the end of 2018 but learned that because the cast was being completely turned over, the premiere of the third season would be delayed. Now the streaming network is saying that fans shouldn’t expect the newest season before […]

‘The Crown’ Casts Emma Corrin As Princess Diana

The popular Netflix series The Crown has finally cast its Princess Diana for Season 4. Relative newcomer Emma Corrin will be playing the young Lady Diana Spencer when she first meets Prince Charles (played by Josh O’Connor beginning in Season 3). E! Online says that Corrin, who won’t start shooting until later this year for […]

Prince Charles’ Investiture 50th Anniversary Is Celebrated As ‘The Crown’ Shoots The Original Event

Queen Elizabeth hosted a party for her son, Prince Charles, on the 50th anniversary of his formal investiture, the day he received his title, the Prince of Wales. But while Prince Charles and his family are celebrating the heir to the throne’s half-century with the Welsh title, the Netflix series The Crown is shooting scenes […]

‘The Crown’ Star Olivia Colman Shares Her Love For Queen Elizabeth On David Tennant’s Podcast

The actors on the popular Netflix series, The Crown, are usually very tight-lipped, but this week, the new Queen Elizabeth, Olivia Colman, did a guest spot on David Tennant’s podcast to talk about her new role and the monarchy in general. Town & Country says that Colman dropped in on her friend and former Broadchurch […]

‘X-Files’ Star Gillian Anderson Joins ‘The Crown’ As PM Margaret Thatcher For Season 4

The latest star added to the cast of the Netflix series, The Crown, is Gillian Anderson, the lead in The X-Files and The Fall. Anderson will be seen by fans on Season 4 of the hit series as Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister in the United Kingdom. Slate says that Anderson will be […]

Olivia Colman Opens Up About The Pressures Of Portraying Queen Elizabeth

Forty-four-year-old actress Olivia Colman secured the coveted role of Queen Elizabeth in the third series of the hit show The Crown. She replaced Claire Foy who took on the part for the prior two seasons. Although Colman is honored and grateful to receive the prestigious part, she admits that it’s harder than she thought it […]

‘GOT’ Star Charles Dance Is Added To Cast Of ‘The Crown’ Season 3 As Louis Mountbatten

Though we still don’t have a date for the premiere of Season 3 of the hit Netflix series The Crown, we have gotten early glimpses of the new cast for the series, which has been entirely turned over since Season 2. While the series will, of course, get a new Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, […]

‘Outlander’ Fans Get A Glimpse Of Tobias Menzies As Prince Philip In ‘The Crown’

Because Season 3 of The Crown will be delayed and not start streaming until 2019, Netflix has been sharing more stills than usual, including some familiar faces from other current costume dramas. Fans of Outlander will be thrilled to see Tobias Menzies, aka Jonathan Randall (and Frank Randall), again as Prince Philip in Seasons 3 […]

‘The Crown’s’ Original Queen, Claire Foy, To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

All Hail The Queen! Claire Foy, the original Queen Elizabeth from Seasons 1 and 2 of the hit Netflix show, The Crown, will host Saturday Night Live on December 1 with musical guest and fellow first-timer Anderson.Paak. Page Six says that Claire Foy has graduated from her time as the young Queen Elizabeth and moved […]

‘The Crown’ Casts The Role Of Camilla Parker Bowles With ‘Call The Midwife’ Star Emerald Fennell

Little by little, fans of the Netflix hit The Crown are learning about the closely guarded secrets behind the new casting of the show. The series, based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, is now shooting Season 3. Josh O’Connor from the ITV series, The Durrells of Corfu, will play the younger Prince Charles, […]

‘The Crown’ Star Helena Bonham Carter Says Standing Up To Harvey Weinstein Was Difficult

One of the stars of the upcoming season of the popular Netflix series The Crown, Helena Bonham Carter is speaking out about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and his behavior over the years. Bonham Carter said she was very familiar with his bullying, and knew that anyone who challenged him was taking a chance with their […]

Claire Foy Couldn’t Get Into Emmys After-Party Despite Being A Winner

Claire Foy has had an insanely successful year, so can you imagine her being rejected from a party? Well, that happened, and even worse, it was the after-party for the Emmys, in which Foy was literally a winner! Foy recounted the awkward encounter to Jimmy Fallon during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy […]

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Will Cover The Aberfan Disaster In Wales

The Crown Season 3 will appear a little later than usual in the season, but it’s said to be worth the wait as the main cast has been entirely replaced with new actors due to the age progression. And the new season will include what Queen Elizabeth has spoken about as her greatest regret, which […]

‘The Crown’ Provides Many Challenges For Costume & Wardrobe Staff

Some people think that costuming is like its own character on the Netflix series The Crown. This is because the clothing and accessories are such a big part of what makes the audience believe that an actor in 2018 could be Queen Elizabeth in the ’60s. But those dressing the cast of The Crown are […]

Olivia Colman Named Best Actress At Venice Film Festival

Olivia Colman is having quite the year, and the Venice Film Festival was definitely a bright spot among many bright spots in her career. Colman was named Best Actress at the festival, for her performance in The Favourite, reports The Guardian. The comedy of manners was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, and its quirky nature and […]

The ‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Will Include ‘The Crown’ Star Matthew Goode

Many Downton Abbey fans were looking forward to the upcoming Downton Abbey movie to see how Lady Mary’s second marriage to Henry Talbot works out, and how Henry and brother in law Tom Branson get on in their new business. But while Matthew Goode (Henry Talbot) says he will be returning for the project, it […]

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Star Tobias Menzies Gives Fans A First Look At An Older Prince Philip

One character at a time, Netflix is sharing stills of the new cast members of The Crown playing the established roles created by the actors of Seasons 1 and 2. Now, Netflix has finally unveiled the first photos of Tobias Menzies playing Prince Philip in his middle years. Page Six says that the third season’s […]

Prince Philip Snaps At Dinner Party Guest When Asked If He Watches Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Award-winning, critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II. So far, it has 20 episodes, with more currently in production. Those 20 episodes cover the first portion of the Queen’s life as she ascends to the throne, as she deals with the death of her father, and the difficulties that […]

‘The Crown’ Star Matt Smith Has Advice For The New Prince Philip

It’s the passing of the torch for the role of Prince Philip in the Netflix series The Crown, and Matt Smith has some words of wisdom for Tobias Menzies, who will play the Duke of Edinburgh in his middle years. Smith’s co-star, Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth opposite him, is also passing on the […]

James Corden & ‘The Crown’s Matt Smith Share Spoof Trailer About Royal Cop Series [Video]

Now that he is no longer playing Prince Philip in The Crown, Matt Smith took advantage of one last opportunity to don his royal togs and play the role opposite pal James Corden as Queen Elizabeth in a funny spoof trailer for something called Lizzie & The Duke. Corden helmed the clip for the fake […]

‘The Crown’ Producer Says It’s Sad To See The Original Cast Go

There are big changes coming for fans of the Netflix series The Crown, but that doesn’t mean that the creator and executive producer of the show aren’t upset about the massive cast turnover. As the royal family gets older with the passing of time, it is necessary to recast most roles, but it seems like […]

‘The Crown’ Has Found Its Queen Mother And Prince Charles For Season 3

While fans are awaiting the next season of The Crown on Netflix, their anticipation is coming with a much higher cause of concern as virtually everything and everyone is changing. As the hit series is a look at the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her journey through the years, that means she will need […]

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Shares First Photos Of New Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon

This has been a good week for fans of the hit Netflix series The Crown who desperately want just a little peek at the new actors in the starring roles for Season 3. All of the lead roles have been recast for the third installment of The Crown, and this recasting has pushed the next […]

Netflix ‘The Crown’ Shares First Photos Of Olivia Colman As Queen Elizabeth II

Just when fans started to picture Queen Elizabeth as Claire Foy, the Netflix hit The Crown changed things up and cast Olivia Colman in the role for seasons three and four. Now Netflix has finally shared a photo of Colman on set as the monarch, drinking her tea. For those not familiar with the work […]

Matt Smith, ‘The Crown’s Original Prince Philip, Will Next Play Artist Robert Mapplethorpe

Matt Smith is a long way from playing partner to the most powerful woman in Great Britain on the hit Netflix series The Crown for his next role as artist Robert Mapplethorpe in a new biopic this fall. Smith, who previously played Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, for the first two seasons of The Crown […]

Vanessa Kirby Denies Tom Cruise Romance Rumors After On-Set Kiss, ‘None Of It Is Real’

Rumors were rampant after photographers caught The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby kissing Tom Cruise on the set of their new movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout last spring. The tabloids went wild that the two were in a relationship, reports Page Six, which came as a shock to Kirby and her boyfriend, War & Peace actor […]

‘Fast & Furious’ Spinoff To Star The Rock & ‘The Crown’s’ Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby reluctantly gave up her Princess Margaret gloves and hat from The Crown and moved on to a project with a little more action. Kirby lamented that she had to say goodbye to the sister of Queen Elizabeth before season three of The Crown when the real temper tantrums complete with plate throwing happen. […]

How ‘The Crown’ Season 3 Will Tell Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon’s Story

The hit Netflix series The Crown Season 3 will pick up in 1964, four years after the marriage of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, who was given the title of Lord Snowdon upon marriage. The upcoming season will cover the time period through the mid-seventies, which will be just enough time to see the marriage […]

‘Downton Abbey’ Creator Julian Fellowes Objects To ‘The Crown’ Portrayal Of Prince Philip

There are probably fans who enjoyed both Downton Abbey and The Crown, but now the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes is calling out the depiction of Prince Philip in Peter Morgan’s creation, The Crown. Town & Country says that in her podcast, Katie Couric interviewed Fellowes about his own show, the royals, Brexit, and […]

‘The Crown’ Casts Ben Daniels As Princess Margaret’s Husband Antony Armstrong-Jones

Little by little, the powers that be behind The Crown are announcing the new cast which will take over from those who appeared in the Netflix series in the first two seasons. Most of the stars of the series going forward had been named, all except who would play Lord Snowdon, Antony Armstrong-Jones, the husband […]

‘The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby Has Tips For Helena Bonham Carter, The New Princess Margaret

Vanessa Kirby played the role of Princess Margaret on the Netflix series The Crown for two seasons, but the time has come to pass the baton to Helena Bonham Carter for Season 3 of the hit series about Queen Elizabeth. Kirby says that she can’t imagine passing the role onto anyone better suited. Town & […]

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Cast Is Announced For Netflix in Early 2019

Netflix’s top drama The Crown Season 3 starts shooting in July which will push the air date into early 2019. But at last, The Crown is able to announce its full cast including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, and even Prince Charles 10 years later. Claire Foy and Matt Smith could only be aged […]

‘The Crown’s Claire Foy Is Getting $275K In Back Pay From Left Bank Pictures

Left Bank Pictures, the production company behind The Crown, is paying its star Claire Foy $275k in back pay after it was made public that Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip, was paid more than Foy. The Crown is the story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and there were complaints about equal pay after […]

Tobias Menzies Might Not Appear In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8, Joins ‘The Crown’ Season 3 As Prince Philip

From an epic fantasy series to a historical drama, Tobias Menzies now joined The Crown Season 3 as Prince Philip – taking the role from Matt Smith. It looks like the 44-year-old star has a lot of time to do the Netflix’s original show as he might not appear as Edmure Tully in Game of […]