Nashville Bombing Could Be A Domestic Terrorist Attack Aimed At Police, Commentator Claims

An explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas morning may have been an act of domestic terrorism aimed at police, a political commentator says. As ABC 7 News reported, a large explosion damaged buildings and wounded three people in the city early on Christmas morning — an act that authorities said was intentional. Video from […]

Americans Fear Violence, Even Civil War, Over The Election, According To New Polls

Americans fear that there may be violence, and possibly even a second civil war, following the 2020 presidential election, according to two new polls, USA Today reported. Braver Angels, a group whose goal is to restore civil engagement between the two sides of the political spectrum, commissioned a YouGov poll to gauge how Americans feel […]

New York Aims To Become The First State To Classify White Supremacist Killings As Acts Of Domestic Terrorism

The state of New York is aiming to become the first in the nation to classify white supremacist attacks and other hate-fueled killings as acts of domestic terrorism, a response to the growing trend of race-fueled extremist attacks. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week a proposal to make the state the first to classify what […]

Beto O’Rourke Reveals His Plan To Fight White Nationalism, The Second Democrat To Broach The Subject This Week

Beto O’Rourke revealed his plan to combat white nationalism, an emerging threat he blames at least partially on Donald Trump, Yahoo News reports. He’s the second Democrat this week to address white nationalism after Kamala Harris introduced a plan dealing with the same issue earlier this week. In a statement, the El Paso businessman wasted […]

Kamala Harris Proposes ‘Red Flag Law’ That Would Allow White Nationalists To Have Their Guns Seized

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said this week that, if elected president, she would enact so-called “red flag” legislation that would allow law enforcement to temporarily seize the weapons of white nationalists, if they’re deemed a legitimate threat. As The L.A. Times reports, “red flag” laws allow courts to temporarily seize the firearms of someone who […]

FBI Reportedly Refuses To Release Records Of Purported 90 Domestic Terror Arrests In The Last Nine Months

Since the El Paso, Texas shooting, the spotlight has shined on domestic terrorism. ProPublica reports that, last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the FBI made 90 arrests related to domestic terrorism in the previous nine months. Wray said these acts were actively being investigated while prosecuting such terrorists. Although the purported 90 arrests have […]

Government Issues Domestic Terrorism Alert For 4th Of July, Although No Specific Terrorist Threats Are Known

The federal government has issued a warning about the possibility of domestic terrorism on July 4, warning law enforcement officials and ordinary Americans to be vigilant about the possibility of terrorism on Independence Day, Yahoo News reports. However, it bears noting that no specific threats are known. “The FBI, DHS, and NCTC remain concerned that […]

It’s All His Fault: Joe Scarborough Says Trump Directly Responsible For Domestic Terror Threat

MSNBC morning show host Joe Scarborough has called out President Donald Trump for rhetoric that could incite acts of domestic terrorism, according to a piece in Huffington Post. What precipitated the broadside against the president was the arrest of a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant who is accused of plotting a domestic terror attack. Scarborough said […]

In 2017, Right-Wing Inspired Terrorism Happened 5 Times More Often Than Incidents Involving Muslims

The number of activities officially designated as “hate crimes” in 2017 was up by around 17 percent from the year before, with much of the rise in such incidents happening due to a rise of domestic right-wing terrorism. Of the 65 known incidents of domestic terrorism that happened last year, more than half — 36 […]

Andrew Cuomo Says Political Bomb Threats Reminded Him Of 9/11 Terror Attacks

Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined CNN on Wednesday night, October 24, to bring a horrifying twelve hours for the network and the nation to a close, with his recollection of what it was like to come to terms with the growing realization that authorities had a massive terror plot on their hands. In piecing it all […]

Federal Agents Conduct A Search Of Suspected Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt’s Home

After a string of five explosions killed two people and injured five others in Austin and a suburb of San Antonio, law enforcement launched a manhunt in search of the perpetrator. Police eventually cornered Mark Anthony Conditt who reportedly detonated a bomb inside his vehicle and ended his own life. While authorities hope that this […]

Tennessee Republicans Refuse To Consider Resolution Condemning Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists

Tennessee Republicans shut down a resolution condemning Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists during a House Subcommittee meeting Wednesday night. The resolution, otherwise known as House Joint Resolution 583, condemns the “totalitarian impulses, violent terrorism, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that are promoted by white nationalists and neo-Nazis.” The resolution would have classified various Alt-Right or White […]

LaVoy Finicum: Family Of Fatally Shot Rancher Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against Feds, Police

The family of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, an Arizona rancher shot and killed by police in Oregon in 2016, filed a massive $70 million federal wrongful death lawsuit on Friday. Finicum was involved in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation, which was organized and led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy in early 2016. He was shot […]

‘The Daily Show’ Blasts POTUS On Facebook, ‘Today Is The Day Trump Became President Of The Confederacy’

POTUS Donald Trump has been under heavy fire over the last few days regarding his delayed condemnation of the alt-right/white nationalists in Charlottesville after Saturday’s deadly act of domestic terrorism. The horrific vehicular attack on white nationalist counter protesters took place following the forced dispersion of the controversial “Unite the Right” rally organized by blogger […]

Ivanka Trump Does What Father Did Not: Calls Out ‘Racism,’ ‘White Supremacy,’ ‘Neo-Nazis’

Some are applauding First Daughter Ivanka Trump for acting presidential at a time when her father didn’t — or wouldn’t. Virginia’s governor did it. The public, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and other prominent Republicans condemned the “pre-meditated” violence spurred by hate groups in Charlottesville, Virginia. And while President Trump stopped short of calling out fascists, […]

US Air Force Recruiting Center Bombed In Tulsa, Oklahoma Suburb Of Bixby

A United States Air Force recruiting office near Tulsa, Oklahoma was bombed on Monday evening. This is the second time a military recruitment center in the area was attacked recently. Bomb squads were dispatched to the Tulsa suburb of Bixby around 10:30 p.m. local time on Monday night. Oklahoma police sergeant Tim Scrivner told the […]

Manhunt On For Wisconsin Fugitive Joseph Jakubowski Who Allegedly Stole Guns, Targeted Trump With Manifesto

The dragnet has been widened in the manhunt for Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski. The 32-year-old stands accused of sending an anti-government manifesto to Donald Trump after burglarizing a gun store. The alleged burglary of the Armageddon Gun Shop took place on Tuesday in Janesville, Wisconsin, and according to police, Jakubowski managed to make off with […]

FBI Releases Video Of Cheesecake Factory Bombing Suspect, Offers $20000 Reward

On February 2, 2017, at about 6 p.m. in the evening, a pyrotechnic device was detonated inside the Cheesecake Factory located at 2 West Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, California. Luckily, the improvised explosive device (IED) didn’t seriously injure anyone on the premises; customers were quick to scramble out of the way when the device went […]

Trump Latest News: Cuts White Racists For Muslims As Police ‘Infiltrated’

In Trump’s latest news, the media are exposing Trump’s side-kick, Steve Bannon, as fueling what many are calling a racist, white supremacist, or “Alt Right agenda” through his recent executive orders like the Muslim ban. On top of this, experts point out that, as the FBI continues to investigate white extremist infiltration in law enforcement, […]

Alaska’s HAARP Research Facility Targeted By Suspected Terrorists Who Believe It Controls Minds And Traps Souls [Video]

In a bizarre case out of Southern Georgia, two men were arrested after allegedly plotting a terrorist attack on Alaska’s HAARP Research Facility. HAARP, otherwise known as the High Frequency Active Aural Research Facility, was formerly owned by the U.S. Air Force but is now University of Alaska Fairbanks property. Additionally, Alaska’s HAARP Research Facility […]

Kansas Christian Extremist ‘Crusaders’ Arrested For Plotting Post-Election Muslim ‘Bloodbath’ [Video]

Three Kansas Christian extremists who labeled themselves “Crusaders” were arrested at the end of last Friday. The men, Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright, and Patrick Eugene Stein, are accused of plotting the mass murder of Muslims following November’s presidential election. According to the Justice Department, all three men have been charged with the heinous and extreme […]

NYC Bombing Suspect Ahmad Kahn Rahami In Custody After New Jersey Shootout [Breaking]

NYC bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is believed to be behind the terrifying Saturday bombings that took place in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood as well as at a New Jersey Marine Corps run event, has reportedly been arrested. The arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami in connection to the NYC bombing and the explosion in […]

New York Bombing: A Number Of Persons Of Interest Reportedly In Custody Following Saturday Explosion [Breaking]

New developments in the New York bombing incident that took place on Saturday are being reported late Sunday night. After roughly 24 hours of a multi-department investigation into the blast in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York that left 29 injured, it appears that federal authorities may have a break in the case. Fox News […]

New York Bombing Surveillance Videos: Same Man Caught On Tape Near Explosion And Pressure Cooker [Video]

On Saturday, a very serious bombing took place in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood; today investigators from multiple agencies are reviewing surveillance video and other evidence to try to piece together what happened and to discover who was responsible. Politicians were quick to call Saturday’s New York bombing “deliberate” and a “very serious incident,” but an […]

Conspiracy Theorist Bryce Cuellar: Sandy Hook ‘Truther’ Arrested In Nevada For Making Terrorist Threats [Video]

Bryce Cuellar, a self-avowed conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook “truther” from Las Vegas, has been arrested on charges of making terrorist threats. Reportedly, the charges against Cuellar stem from a disturbing YouTube video allegedly posted by the 24-year-old man through his personal YouTube account. Reportedly, the video was so disturbing that Las Vegas police were […]

Are ISIS Foreign Fighters Terrorist Time Bombs? Chilling Report Says 30 Percent Are Already Home From The Middle East

Foreign fighters for ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have begun to find their ways back to their countries of origin and as much as 30 percent may have already done so, or so claims a report from the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the United Nations Security Council. The problem — in addition to the […]

Domestic Terrorism: Texas Man Arrested After Threat To ‘Purge’ ‘Pokemon GO’ Players Online

Texas police have arrested a man who threatened online to “purge” Pokemon GO players, according to a report from CBS 4 News. The man, 29-year-old Nathan Garcia Cerda of Palmview, Texas, stated on Facebook that he and his friends were intending to “purge” any Pokemon GO players they saw the following day. Cerda was later […]

The Last Thing America Needs Is One More White Guy Telling The Black Community What To Do

There’s a Huffington Post article I keep seeing around on my Facebook news feed called “Police Misconduct, African-American Misconduct, Muslim Misconduct: Call for Action.” It’s written by an older white man named George Peknik, who in an open letter format instructs the 95 percent of “good ones” of three communities that they need to do […]

Ammon Bundy: Oregon Occupier Wants His Trial Delayed And Pretrial Release

Ammon Bundy, the incarcerated leader of the Oregon wildlife refuge occupiers, is asking, via his legal team, for a delay in his trial and to be released in the interim. Currently, Ammon Bundy is scheduled to go on trial for charges related to the armed standoff outside of Burns, Oregon on September 7. Bundy recently […]

William Keebler: Utah Militia Leader With Grouse Against U.S. Government For Imposing Cattle Grazing Restrictions Arrested In Bomb Plot

William Keebler, a Utah militia group leader with connections to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, was picked up by FBI agents Thursday for trying to blow up the U.S. Bureau of Land Management facility in Arizona, CBS News is reporting. Federal authorities say the 57-year-old man was planning an act of extreme retaliation against the U.S. […]

Muslim Arkansas Couple Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats, FBI Involved

A Muslim Arkansas couple (the pair reportedly converted to Islam) have been arrested after reportedly making terrorist threats. The pair, Alan and Daphne Crawford, were arrested in separate incidents on the same day, according to law enforcement. Both arrests took place on June 16. Alan Crawford was arrested in Sebastian County, Arkansas and Daphne was […]

Michele Fiore: Bundy-Defending GOP Assemblywoman Loses Congressional Bid

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore made a name for herself in early 2016 when she became an outspoken, Bundy-defending supporter of the Oregon “patriot” standoff. She played a role in brokering the standoff between a group of self-proclaimed “patriots” and the federal government when a group of armed militia members held a northeastern Oregon wildlife refuge […]

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson: Orlando Nightclub Terrorism ‘Good News’ [Video]

While many are blaming the Orlando terror attack on “Islamic extremism,” Christian extremists aren’t faring very positively in the aftermath – including Christian pastor Steven Anderson. The pastor, who has a history of anti-LGBT hate rants and (unfortunately) a YouTube channel, is reportedly celebrating the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting tonight. The Christian pastor recently posted […]

Seddique Mateen: Father Of Orlando Shooter Reportedly Recorded Videos Praising Taliban [Video]

The United States is still in shock following a deadly Orlando terror attack perpetuated by Omar Mateen; now reports indicate that the Orlando terrorist’s Afghan-born father,Seddique Mateen, is a known supporter of the Taliban. Seddique Mateen spoke for his son in an NBC News interview on Sunday. He swore to interviewers that the terrorist attack […]

Oregon Standoff Enters Day 30, Insiders Report That FBI Is Blocking Communication

The Oregon standoff, which began on January 2, has now entered its 30th day. Since the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was occupied by armed militia members with a grudge against the federal government, the situation has escalated from a political protest to something much more. As Mother Jones reported, one militia member who’d been involved […]

Oregon Militia Standoff: Five Reasons It Isn’t What It Seems

Whether or not you’ve been following the news about the Oregon militia standoff, it’s a story that’s bound to dominate the headlines well after it is resolved. The standoff in Burns, Oregon, which began January 2, has captivated the nation. Armed militia members occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge following what was supposed to have […]

Republicans Mum On Oregon Standoff During Latest Western Land Dispute

The Republican party – in particular its current lineup of presidential candidates – is keeping predictably quiet about the Oregon standoff involving an armed group that has taken over part of a national wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, reported the Washington Post. “Few candidates seemed willing to wade into any of these issues Sunday as […]

Accused Planned Parenthood Shooter: I Am A Warrior For The Babies

The so-called Planned Parenthood shooter appeared in court on Wednesday, and what he said has appeared to reveal his true motive behind the attack. Raw Story reports that Robert Lewis Dear has declared his guilt before a Colorado judge, in an apparent attempt to avoid going to trial. This is a brand new development in […]

San Bernardino Mass Shooting: Let’s Focus On Domestic Terrorism Rather Than ‘Syrian Refugees’ And ‘ISIS’

Today, in a San Bernardino medical center dedicated to helping those with disabilities, the U.S. encountered domestic acts of terrorism. Here’s the problem at the moment. Not ISIS. From reports, allegedly, three gunmen entered the facility and opened fire on those within the building. Totally unexpected, on what appeared to be an ordinary Wednesday, at […]

Ted Cruz Called Out By ‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah —

On the heels of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, Republican presidential candidate hopeful Ted Cruz commented that the shooter was “registered as an Independent and as a woman, and a transgendered, leftist activist.” Attempting to disassociate the shooter with the heavily Republican pro-life movement, the source from which Senator Cruz claimed this information […]

Planned Parenthood Attack: Who’s Applauding The Murders? Who Continues To Incite Violence?

The vicious and senseless attack on the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood left many of us shocked and reeling last week. The attack, which took three lives on November 27, seemed to be completely unprovoked and to come virtually without warning. While many authorities have hesitated to term it a “terrorist attack,” there are many (including […]

Ted Cruz Condemns ‘Vicious Rhetoric On The Left’ In The Wake Of Planned Parenthood Attack

Despite mounting circumstantial evidence suggesting that last week’s attack on a Colorado Springs, Colorado, Planned Parenthood was at least partially motivated by political sentiments, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is pushing back on assertions that the shooter was influenced by a rising tide of anti-abortion rhetoric. The Huffington Post reports that Texas senator spoke with […]

Do You Really Have More To Fear From White Men Than Middle Eastern Terrorists? Probably, Depending On Your Definitions

By now you’ve no doubt heard that last week, at least two public figures have suggested that white men represent more of a danger than Middle Eastern terrorists. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings last week told MSN that he is “more fearful” of white men than Syrian refugees. Similarly, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown told an Ohio […]

Sarah Beebe: Former Navy Service Member Who Tweeted Words Of Violence Towards American Muslims In Dearborn Investigated By FBI

Sarah Beebe, a Fort Gratiot woman, tweeted words encouraging violence towards the city of Dearborn, Michigan, citing its dense Muslim population. Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Beebe used her Twitter account with the handle @Irish_Beebs to tweet, “Dearborn, MI, has the highest Muslim population in the United States. Let’s [expletive] that place up and send a message to […]

I10 Shooting Phoenix: Police Confirm 11th Vehicle Struck, Residents ‘On Edge’

The number of vehicles hit in the I10 shootings in Phoenix now stands at 11, after a truck driver reported Thursday morning that the cargo area of his truck appeared to have been struck by a bullet or other projectile, The Arizona Republic is reporting. INVESTIGATION: Troopers and Detectives on scene conduction investigation into projectile […]

Phoenix Highway Shootings: String Of I-10 Shootings Focus Of ‘Domestic Terrorist Crimes’ Investigation

A succession of Phoenix highway shootings over the past 10 days has made driving even more dangerous for motorists traveling on Interstate 10. Within the last week-and-a-half, there have been 10 suspicious shootings — with the latest report being on Wednesday. As Inquisitr just reported, investigators are looking into the possibility that this may be […]

Louisiana Shootings — Right-Wing Terrorism? Shooter ‘Hated Liberals,’ Called America ‘Filth Farm’

Though the Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater shootings Thursday sparked speculation by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that the attack was the work of Islamic extremists and possibly ISIS, by late Friday afternoon the reality of what may have motivated 59-year-old gunman John Russell “Rusty” Houser — who killed himself at the scene after slaying two […]

Six Church Burnings In Seven Days — #WhosBurningBlackChurches?

Church burnings have happened in the United States in years past. It seems that the heinous acts have returned, amid recent news. Six churches were burned in the last seven days in different states. Via Twitter, a recent hashtag has sparked debate after six black churches were burned over the past week. Though the burnings […]

Canadian Retailers Destroying Confederate Flag Merchandise As American Manufacturers Stop Production: General Lee Debates Rage On

New sanctions against profiting on the display of the Confederate flag have been announced in Canada. Retailer Carl Neary of Windco Flags on Portugal Cove Road, St. John’s, Newfoundland, said the store had been selling the flags as novelty items only. Neary explained to the CBC that sales at his store have been stopped, and […]

NAACP Bombing: Ku Klux Klan Recalled As The FBI Considers Domestic Terrorism And Hate Crimes

With the recent NAACP bombing, the Ku Klux Klan has been thrust into the spotlight again as many remember the violent actions taken in the past. Although no one is blaming the KKK for the NAACP bombing in Colorado, the FBI is considering the possibility of either domestic terrorism or a hate crime. In a […]