World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies, Species Now Doomed

The northern white rhinoceros, one of two subspecies of white rhinoceroses, is now doomed to become extinct due to the death of the last living male. The last surviving male northern white rhino, named Sudan, was put to sleep on Monday after suffering from severe complications associated with his old age. As reported by CNN, […]

Breaking The Internet & Stereotypes, Sudanese Model Nyakim Gatwech Is A Slap On Our Skin-Color Obsessed World

Dubbed the “Queen of Dark,” this exquisite beauty with a charcoal black complexion is breaking the internet with confidence and grace – world, meet Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech. In an age where people are crazy for skin-lightening, the world should be glad to have found this strong and bold woman who is all for encouraging […]

Tinder’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Swipe Right For White Rhino

Many a new love has been born on the dating app Tinder. But users may find a proposition of a different kind when they open Tinder today as they meet the world’s most eligible bachelor nervously waiting to see which way he’ll be swiped. Meet Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino. Once you […]

Poisonous Air In Sudan: Government Reportedly Using Chemical Weapons On Civilians Of Darfur Region

A 103-page report by Amnesty International accusing the Sudanese government of using chemical weapons repeatedly on its civilians in remote areas that are inaccessible and a part of Darfur has gained international recognition due to the chilling details it includes. The report shares that there have been at least 30 chemical attacks that have hit […]

Filipino Attitude Toward China Remains Friendly In Advance Of U.N. Arbitration Ruling By July 12

The Filipino attitude toward China continues to be friendly amid speculation on what will happen once the United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague hands down its decision by July 12, 2016, on the South China Sea dispute. An olive branch waved by the Philippines at its giant neighbor has called for partnering […]

George Clooney Bothered By Wife, Amal’s, Work, Admits Cost Of Fundraiser Is ‘Obscene’

Although George Clooney typically sings the praises of his gorgeous wife, Amal Clooney, there are aspects of her career as a human rights barrister that bother him. In a video for an upcoming program on Aspire, George shares that her work leaves him concerned due to the danger involved. People magazine relays George’s words about […]

Watch Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Vs. Sudan Live Stream: Africa Cup Of Nations Champs Need A Win

Defending African Cup of Nations champions Cote D’Ivoire, or Ivory Coast, face Sudan in an AFCON qualifying match that will stream live. The holders need to get back on the winning track after suffering a frustrating 0-0 draw to Sierra Leone in September of last year, when the qualifying rounds of the 2017 African Cup […]

George Clooney: Actor-Humanitarian, Wife Amal Set To Cameo In Cindy Crawford Production

George Clooney is more than just a talented actor with a handsome face. The Batman and Robin star is not just a “talk the talker,” but a “walk the walker” who has been involved in supporting a variety of causes over the years, such as the recent Save The Arctic campaign. It is no surprise […]

Last Remaining Male Northern White Rhino Under Armed Guard Against Poachers [Video]

After an aging rhino in San Diego Zoo passed away a while back, this left only one male Northern White Rhino surviving in this world. Now living in a conservancy in Kenya, it is hoped that his sperm, together with eggs from the only four remaining female Northern White Rhinos left in the world, will […]

GoFundMe Campaign To Provide Armed Guard For Sudan, World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino, Gains Traction

A GoFundMe campaign is ongoing to fund the cost of providing 24-hour armed guard for the world’s last male northern white rhino. The GoFundMe campaign launched last month has raised about $55,000, about half of the target. A group of armed rangers is guarding Sudan — the last surviving male northern white rhino — day […]

British Medical Student And Co-Accused Charged Over Islamic State Terror Plot

Tarik Hassane, the 21-year-old medical student who was arrested for allegedly planning a terror attack in London, was charged along with three other men who were reportedly involved in the plot. According to BBC News, Scotland Yard has revealed that Tarik Hassane, Suhaib Majeed, Nyall Hamlett, and Momen Motasim were jointly charged with the intention […]

Released Sudanese Christian, Meriam Ibrahim, In Italy, Receives Pope Francis Blessing

The Christian Sudanese woman who made worldwide headlines when she was jailed for not renouncing her religion a few weeks ago is now safe in Italy. On Thursday, Meriam and her family visited Pope Francis and received the Holy Father’s blessing. Ibrahim was seen arriving in Italy and smiling broadly, while she descended the stairs […]

Meriam Ibrahim’s Muslim Relatives Drop Lawsuit – May Pave Way For Her Freedom From Sudan

The latest development in Meriam Ibrahim’s story may be the one that ultimately leads to her freedom from Sudan. Her biological father’s family has dropped the lawsuit that may have been the basis for all the other charges against the young Christian mother who was sentenced to death for her Christian faith. In a dramatic […]

Father Claims Kingdom So His Daughter Can Be A Real Princess

A father from Virginia has gone to extreme lengths for his daughter, flying to Africa and claiming a “kingdom” between Egypt and Sudan so that she can be an actual princess. Jermiah Heaton, a father of three from Abingdon, Virginia, was playing with his daughter, Emily, when she asked him if she would ever be […]

Reese Witherspoon Believes In ‘A Good Lie’ (Trailer)

After a rather dry spell at the Academy Awards, Reese Witherspoon just may have a shot at taking home Mr. Oscar for her new movie, The Good Lie. This drama is based on the true story of the “Lost Boys of Sudan” when tens of thousands of boys fled the refugee camps during the Second […]

Meriam Ibrahim: Sudanese Christian Woman Released From Death Row

Meriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Christian woman who was sentenced to death while pregnant for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity, is being released from death row, according to reports from Sudan’s official news agency. Meriam, the daughter of a Christian woman and a Muslim man, was sentenced to die for apostasy under Sudan’s Islamic Sharia […]

Sudanese Apostasy Case Draws Criticism And Petitions

The case of Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman sentenced to death for the crime of apostasy, has been gaining traction this week as critics from around the world comment on the situation. (See Inquisitr’s previous coverage of the apostasy charges here.) Petitions condemning the apostasy charge and calling for justice for the Ms. Ibrahim […]

Sudanese Woman To Be Hanged For Converting To Christianity Gives Birth In Jail

A woman facing a death sentence in Sudan for apostasy, after she converted from Islam to Christianity when marrying her American boyfriend, gave birth to a baby while still in jail, reports ABC News. The 27-year-old woman, identified as Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, was recently sentenced to death by hanging after she refused to obey a […]

United Nations Base In Sudan Attacked, 58 Killed, 100 Injured

A United Nations base in South Sudan was attacked, leaving 58 people killed and another 100 people injured during the attack. According to the Washington Post, an angry mob of youths attacked the United Nations peacekeeping mission’s camp in Bor in Jonglei state on Thursday. Ethnic Nuers, about 5,000 of them, fled there after fighting […]

Thomas DiNapoli To Obama: Make All States Accept N.Y. Gay Marriage

Thomas DiNapoli, State comptroller of New York, Is trying to use $160 Billion pension fund money to pressurize President Obama to get all states to accept N.Y. gay marriages, according to the Associated Press. DiNapoli wants the federal government to agree to, what he calls, a “place of celebration” standard. He is seeking agreement that […]

Seven UN Peacekeepers Killed By Ambush In Sudan

Seven UN peacekeepers were killed in Sudan on Saturday when they were ambushed by gunmen in the western region of Darfur. Another 17 peacekeepers were wounded in the incident. The gunmen used machine guns and possible rocket-propelled grenades in the attack about 15 miles west of the town of Khor Abeche. Reinforcements arrived later and […]

Sudan Detains And Publicly Denounces Israeli ‘Spy Vulture’

Sudan’s media is reporting the capture of an “Israeli spy vulture,” who was successfully apprehended in the Darfur region of Sudan on Thursday. The vulture was identified as Israeli by its inconspicuous “Israel Nature Authority” and “Hebrew University, Jerusalem” Hebrew language leg bands and GPS chip. Sudanese media have announced the bird to be an […]

US Orders ‘Non-Emergency’ Personnel To Flee Tunisia, Sudan

As Muslim protests continue to rage in the Middle East, the United States government has issued an order asking all “non-emergency” personnel the countries of Tunisia and Sudan. American citizens abroad in the area are also asked to “keep a low profile” to avoid potentially violent backlash amid demonstrations in the region. Though Newser reports […]

Guor Marial Can Compete In Olympics As Individual Athlete

This year, there will be a first…an independant athlete with no country competing under the Olympic flag. Guor Marial, a 28 year old marathon runner, will be competing at the London Olympics as an individual athlete. According to Newser, Marial was born in South, Sudan but when he was a teenager, he fled to the […]

George Clooney and Congressman Arrested [Video]

Actor George Clooney and several congressmen were arrested outside the Sudanese Embassy today. The arrests were planned and Clooney and the Congressmen were attempting to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan. Clooney and his father were arrested, handcuffed and placed inside of a squad car. Clooney was protesting the country’s blockade of […]

George Clooney Arrested During Protest At Sudanese Embassy [Video]

Earlier this week, George Clooney testified before congress about the “campaign of murder” in Sudan. Clooney said that he wanted to draw attention to the issue. Well, the academy award winning actor, his father, and several other protesters did just that today when they were arrested outside of the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C. The […]

29 Chinese Workers Captured By South Sudan Militants

29 Chinese workers have been attacked and taken hostage by Sudanese militants at a remote work site in the volatile Sudan region. Following the attack Sudanese forces immediately mounted a rescue mission in coordination with the Chinese embassy in Khartoum. China and Sudan share close economic and political relations, especially in the energy sector. At […]