‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Star Fredrik Eklund Tells Fans That He & His Family Moved To Los Angeles

Bravo star Fredrik Eklund is now bi-coastal. Ahead of the August 1 premiere of his hit show Million Dollar Listing New York, Eklund is making the move from New York all the way across the country to Los Angeles. Earlier today, Eklund announced the news to fans in a post on Instagram. In the photo, […]

50 Cent Receives A $4 Million Offer For His Multi-Room Mansion With A Built-In Strip Club

When 50 Cent first became famous, he bought himself a sprawling and enviable mansion in a tiny Connecticut suburb. The G-Unit capo and executive producer of Power had a home that boasted more than 52 rooms, including a built-in strip club. The home was referenced — and filmed in — in the hit G-Unit song […]

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Luis D. Ortiz Details Struggle With Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Luis D. Ortiz, who starred in four seasons of Million Dollar Listing New York, took to social media to disclose his current battle with depression, which has led to thoughts of committing suicide. In July, 2016, after four seasons, Ortiz revealed he was stepping away from the hit Bravo reality series because he was no […]

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Fredrik Eklund Calls Parenthood A Rollercoaster Of Love

Fredrik Eklund became a father back in November when his twins were born via a surrogate. He has kept the story about his surrogate separate from his reality television career, but it is hard for him to contain his excitement as fans are seeing on Bethenny & Fredrik. On this new show about flipping properties […]

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Reveals He’s Single After Co-Stars Mocked Him For Rocking The Cradle

Madison Hildebrand has shared his life with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles viewers for the past 10 years on and off. Hildebrand is one of the only stars of the show who has chosen to take a break from the franchise to focus on himself. However, Madison decided to return for the previous season of […]

Fredrik Eklund Speaks Out About ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Divorce Shocker

Fredrik Eklund is currently keeping busy with his twin babies, who were born around Thanksgiving weekend. Fredrik had waited for years to become a father and when he finally became a father to twins, he was ecstatic. While he doesn’t want to slow down in real estate, it sounds like he’s taking some time off […]

Fredrik Eklund Reveals Fatherhood Is Great But Twins Are A Lot Of Work

Fredrik Eklund has dreamed about becoming a dad for years and he has shared his journey on Million Dollar Listing New York. Eklund really wanted a daughter named Mila and he was devastated when he continued to hear the news that his surrogates had miscarried. On the previous season of Million Dollar Listing New York, […]

Fredrik Eklund Opens Up About Parenthood: Is He Slowly Down With Real Estate In New York?

Fredrik Eklund announced back in November that his twins had been born. Fredrik and his husband, Derek Kaplan, had tried to have a child for years, but after suffering four miscarriages, he was ready to give up. However, in April of last year, Derek told Fredrik that they were expecting twins, and they would be […]

Fredrik Eklund Hints His Dogs Are Jealous Of The Twins, Fans Caution Him To Take His Time

Fredrik Eklund is currently enjoying life as a father in Connecticut, as his twins arrived just under a month ago. He has looked forward to becoming a father, and he absolutely loves the fact that he’s finally the father of his daughter Milla. In addition, he’s also a father to a son, Freddy Jr. When […]

Fredrik Eklund Shares Up-Close Photo Of Twins After Revealing He’s Not Taking Parental Leave

Fredrik Eklund announced that the twins had arrived last week after waiting for months to meet them. When he went to Paris, France back in April to work, he learned that their surrogate was pregnant with twins. He was beaming with joy, but now that the twins have arrived, fans are curious as to why […]

Fredrik Eklund Returns To Work: What People Are Saying About His Decision Is Surprising

Fredrik Eklund announced that his twins had arrived last week and he took a few days off to spend with them in the hospital. Based on his Instagram posts, it truly looked like he enjoyed fatherhood and he was beaming with joy and pride that his twins had finally arrived. But this week, just a […]

Fredrik Eklund Finally Gets His Twins But None Of His ‘MDLNY’ Co-Stars Issue Public Congratulations

Fredrik Eklund happily announced that he had become a father this week. He shared the news on social media, revealing that he was now a proud father. His fans were eager to share their excitement for him and he received hundreds of messages of support and congratulations. His Million Dollar Listing: New York fans were […]

Fredrik Eklund Steps Back From Social Media As Twins Could Have Been Born

Fredrik Eklund made a special announcement last week when he shared that he wouldn’t be making a social media post until his twins were born. Before the Thanksgiving weekend, Fredrik announced that he was in Connecticut with his husband, enjoying the last few days together before their welcome their twins. Eklund had previously hinted that […]

Fredrik Eklund Nursery For Twins: The Babies Have A Castle For A Room

Fredrik Eklund and his husband Derek Kaplan are counting down the days to when they will welcome their twins into their lives. Last week, Fredrik revealed that they were just weeks away from their twins’ due date and based on the baby announcement back over the summer, it sounds like the final due date is […]

Fredrik Eklund Twin Birth: Is ‘MDLNY’ Star Taking Maternity Leave With Derek Kaplan?

Fredrik Eklund was thrilled when he could finally announce the news that he had wanted to share for years. Fredrik and his husband, Derek Kaplan, were finally going to be parents. For years, Eklund and his husband had been trying to become parents through various surrogates and doctors, but nothing ever worked. Then, last year, […]

Fredrik Eklund Gives Update On His Twins: Have They Arrived Yet?

Fredrik Eklund announced that he was going to be a father this past summer. He had learned the news while in Paris, France, back in April. He was working on launching a building for a contractor, when his husband, Derek Kaplan, flew to Paris to celebrate Fredrik’s 40th birthday — and to announce the news […]

Fredrik Eklund Reveals Due Date For Twin Babies: When Will He Meet His Children?

Fredrik Eklund announced that he was going to be a father to twins during the Million Dollar Listing: New York season finale this summer. Fredrik was very excited about this news, especially since this wasn’t their first try. Fredrik and his husband, Derek Kaplan, had tried to get pregnant with a surrogate for years, but […]

Fredrik Eklund Earning Millions Prior To Twins’ Arrival

Fredrik Eklund is getting excited as his twins are set to arrive within a few weeks. He announced his pregnancy through a surrogate when Million Dollar Listing New York wrapped just a few months ago, but he had actually learned about the pregnancy back in the spring when he was celebrating his birthday in Paris, […]

Fredrik Eklund Babies: When Are ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star’s Twins Due?

Fredrik Eklund is currently preparing to become a father, as his twins are growing bigger every day. The Million Dollar Listing New York star revealed that he was expecting twins through a surrogate in early August, as the news of the pregnancy was featured on Million Dollar Listing New York. Fans watched as he learned […]

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Los Angeles Star Josh Flagg Opens Up About His Upcoming Marriage To Bobby Boyd

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg is getting married, and he couldn’t be more excited about it. He gushes about the upcoming event in an exclusive interview with ET Online. On September 9, Flagg will tie the knot with his beau Bobby Boyd, and as far as Flagg is concerned, he’s only getting […]

Fredrik Eklund Baby: Will ‘MDLNY’ Star Finally Announce He’s Going To Be A Father?

Fredrik Eklund has been putting his baby plans on hold for a while after suffering three miscarriages over the past year. Fans followed him on his journey to become a father on Million Dollar Listing: New York, but he was sad that he kept experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak. Eklund revealed that he didn’t want to […]

Fredrik Eklund Baby: Why His Miscarriages Are Important Stories To Share

Fredrik Eklund was very open a few years ago when he and his husband, Derek Kaplan, decided to start a family. Fredrik was very excited when he was looking for an egg donor and a surrogate, but things were much tougher than he anticipated. After trying to get pregnant with a surrogate, they quickly realized […]

Ryan Serhant Inspired By Dad’s Advice: ‘MDLNY’ Star Explains Success

Ryan Serhant has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York for years, and he has experienced tremendous success thanks to the reality show. In fact, he has been such an interesting character to follow that Bravo is now granting him his own show. He will film Sell It Like Serhant with other business owners who […]

Fredrik Eklund Reveals Why He Hasn’t Talked Baby On ‘MDLNY’

Fredrik Eklund used to be very open and honest about his desire to have a baby girl named Mila. He revealed on Million Dollar Listing: New York that he wanted a brown-haired, blue-eyed baby, and he was excited about trying to have one. He shared his plans on the show and even announced he was […]

Ryan Serhant Terrified About His Spin-Off Show: ‘MDLNY’ Star Taking Massive Chance?

Ryan Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York since the show began, and he has grown his empire quite a bit since he started filming the show. Ryan has grown his team and opened up several offices in various parts of the country, something he has been very proud of. Serhant has gotten […]

Fredrik Eklund Makes Shocking Career Decision: ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Has Reached The Top?

Fredrik Eklund is one of the most successful real-estate agents in New York City. He has shared updates on social media for months about how well he and his team are doing. He is often the number one seller and sales listing agent in the city, even though he is competing with his co-stars on […]

Fredrik Eklund Shares Incredible News: Jaw-Dropping Photo Captures Stunning New York Penthouse Views

Fredrik Eklund is one of the biggest real-estate agents in New York and he is often showcasing his success on Million Dollar Listing: New York and his social media accounts. It’s no secret that people overseas reach out to Fredrik because he is so successful and has some amazing contacts. Contractors trust him to sell […]

Fredrik Eklund’s Husband Issues Strict New Rules For ‘MDLNY’ Star

Fredrik Eklund loves sharing his life on social media and fans love it when he opens up his world. This Million Dollar Listing New York star is all about celebrating life, and he’s often sharing videos of him dancing around New York. There’s nothing more refreshing than a dancing real-estate agent, high-kicking around the streets […]

Meet ‘Million Dollar Listing: New York’s’ Latest Cutthroat Realtor, Steve Gold

Million Dollar Listing: New York newcomer Steve Gold is not afraid to brush shoulders with celebrities. Gold is the newest face on Bravo’s hit series, but he comes with over 10 years of experience in the world of luxury real estate. What else does Gold bring to the table? According to People, Gold has worked […]

Ryan Serhant Just Proved That Hard Work And ‘MDLNY’ Can Make You Super Successful

Ryan Serhant joined Million Dollar Listing: New York six seasons ago as a sole real-estate agent with big dreams and big listings. However, these days, Ryan is living the life of a successful agent with huge listings and even more success. While the numbers and the sales continue to stack up, Serhant also had tremendous […]

Fredrik Eklund Launches First Song As He Plans To Become A Father Again

Fredrik Eklund may be one of the biggest real-estate agents in New York with an impressive million-dollar portfolio, but he is also a reality star. Fredrik knows how to make a sale and he has even written a book about making the big sale. However, Eklund also knows how to utilize a huge platform, such […]

Fredrik Eklund’s New Wine Sells Out: ‘MDLNY’ Star Focusing On Family Next?

Fredrik Eklund is one of the most successful real estate agents in New York City, and when people want million-dollar properties, they go to Fredrik. However, Eklund knows that being on Million Dollar Listing: New York is a great selling tool, as he can showcase the properties he’s selling and sell more products to his […]

Fredrik Eklund Surprised By Former Co-Star Luis D. Ortiz: Luis Returning To ‘MDLNY’?

Fredrik Eklund is currently reliving everything he has been through over the past couple of months. He has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York over the past couple of months and the new episodes are airing every Thursday night on Bravo. This season is a bit different from previous ones, as Luis D. Ortiz […]

Fredrik Eklund Announces Big News For ‘Million Dollar Listing’

Fredrik Eklund is excited because the hit show, Million Dollar Listing: New York, is back on Bravo. Despite being a best-selling author, a record-breaking real estate agent, and a loving husband, Fredrik is very proud to be one of the three sellers on the show. The New York franchise, which Fredrik Eklund has been a […]

Ryan Serhant Finds Inspiration In Man Mowing His Lawn In Tornado Weather: ‘He Got His Work Done’

Ryan Serhant knows how to sell real estate and one can imagine that he’s raking in millions of dollars every year. Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York and he often brags about his huge multi-million-dollar portfolio. It’s no secret that he is very successful and he is constantly growing his company. While […]

Steve Gold Opens Up About His High-Kill Shelter Rescue: ‘MDLNY’ Star Has A Huge Heart

Steve Gold is the newest real-estate agent on Million Dollar Listing: New York, replacing the much-loved Luis D. Ortiz. Luis wanted to try something else with his life, so he quit the industry and packed his bags. On March 1 of this year, he moved to Paris to start over. While he will be making […]

Fredrik Eklund Hints Luis D. Ortiz Misses The ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Fame

Fredrik Eklund has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York since the show premiered on Bravo six seasons ago, and fans immediately fell in love with him. He was a tall guy from Sweden, who had an odd dinosaur-looking kick. He had no problem being emotional on screen, and he frequently wanted to help others […]

Fredrik Eklund May Be Having His Biggest Year Ever: Why Africa Trip Is So Important

Fredrik Eklund may be having his biggest year to date if you read through his Instagram posts and pick up on the small signals he’s sending out. It’s no secret that Fredrik is living a great life in New York. He’s one of the top sellers in New York when it comes to luxurious real […]

Ryan Serhant Reveals ‘MDLNY’ Episode Made Franchise History: Beats Out ‘MDLLA’?

Ryan Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York since the show began. Back then, he was a sole broker who was single. He was working constantly and he was often alone at the end of the day. Six seasons later, he has a massive team and he’s now a married man. While Serhant […]

Fredrik Eklund ‘MDLNY’: What He Told Luis D. Ortiz After He Quit The Hit Show

Fredrik Eklund has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York since the very beginning, and he has seen a few real-estate agent leave the show. During the first season, he filmed alongside Ryan Serhant and Michael Lorber, but Lorber quit the show after the first season. He has now seen Luis D. Ortiz leave the […]

Ryan Serhant ‘Million Dollar Listing’: Luis D. Ortiz To Make A Return To Hit Show This Season

Ryan Serhant is back for another season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, and he’s excited to welcome a new real estate agent. Last year, Luis D. Ortiz revealed that he would no longer be on the show because he wanted to leave real estate behind completely. Fans were shocked and surprised, but he didn’t […]

Bethenny Frankel And Fredrik Eklund’s New Show: Why This Duo Will Inspire A New Generation

Bethenny Frankel is one person who is guaranteed to bring in viewers for Bravo. Whether she’s building her business on Bethenny Ever After or fighting with other women on The Real Housewives of New York, people tune in to watch her. Bethenny’s fans are usually split in two between people who absolutely love her and […]

Ryan Serhant Real-Estate: How Bravo Is Changing Lives – And Bringing In The Money

Ryan Serhant has been on the twice-nominated Emmy show Million Dollar Listing: New York for a few years now and he has used to the show to really grow his real-estate portfolio. Thanks to the show, Ryan has landed some large clients, and he has managed to open up several other offices around the country. […]

Fredrik Eklund Launches Wine: ‘MDLNY’ Star Focusing On Business Instead Of Babies?

Fredrik Eklund has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York for the past couple of years and he has used the platform to grow his personal brand. This Swedish real-estate agent has made quite a name for himself, as he is currently writing his second book and been on the show for several seasons. Million […]

Josh Altman Baby: ‘MDLLA’ Couple Introduces Daughter Alexis Kerry Altman Via Instagram

Josh Altman may be one of the top real-estate agents in Los Angeles with millions of dollars in his portfolio, but he just added a new title to his resume; father. Altman is a hard-working man, who doesn’t put a lot before his business. Throughout the years on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, fans have […]

Fredrik Eklund Facing Questions About Luis D. Ortiz: Will ‘MDLNY’ Ever Be The Same?

Fredrik Eklund has been filming the newest season of Million Dollar Listing: New York and it sounds like he’s excited to return to the show. Last season, Luis D. Ortiz announced that he would be leaving the show behind because he was no longer passionate about real estate. Luis really wanted to find happiness elsewhere, […]

Luis D. Ortiz Moves To Paris: ‘MDLNY’ Star Stays Close With Fredrik Eklund?

Luis D. Ortiz isn’t scared of trying something new. When he joined Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis was brand new to real estate. He didn’t have the same experience as Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund, and the two veteran sellers saw him as a newbie in the field. However, Ortiz was quick to pick […]

Ryan Serhant Valentine’s Day: How His Gift To His Wife May Have Backfired

Ryan Serhant is the master of surprises. The Million Dollar Listing: New York star did the unthinkable when he managed to shut down Times Square in New York so he could pull off a proposal to his girlfriend, Emilia Bechrakis. This was captured on Million Dollar Listing: New York and his proposal made headlines around […]

Luis D. Ortiz At The Super Bowl And In Cuba Before Big Move To Paris, France?

Luis D. Ortiz announced that he was moving to Paris, France about a month ago. Last summer, Ortiz revealed that he was quitting real estate in New York and he was leaving Million Dollar Listing: New York. Many people did not understand why Ortiz would leave such a successful show and a growing career, but […]

Ryan Serhant Super Bowl 51: How This ‘MDLNY’ Star May Have Predicted Huge Win

Ryan Serhant is currently filming the newest season of Million Dollar Listing: New York even though Luis D. Ortiz decided to leave the show behind last year. Ryan had been filming the show since the beginning with Fredrik Eklund, so it wasn’t surprising that Serhant wanted to return to the show. Fredrik and Ryan have […]