WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Reveals Why Becky Lynch Received Criticism From Women’s Locker Room

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Stephanie McMahon opened up about some female WWE superstars having an issue with Becky Lynch’s nickname. Lynch has been calling herself “The Man” since 2018, and the gimmick led to her becoming one of the biggest stars in the company afterward. However, some of her colleagues didn’t agree […]

WWE Rumors: Randy Savage’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Talked About His Alleged Affair With Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie Bellars — who briefly appeared in World Championship Wrestling as Gorgeous George — recently appeared on The Hannibal TV and discussed the alleged affair between “The Macho Man” Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Bellars — who was Savage’s girlfriend at the time — said that the WWE Hall of Famer […]

WWE News: Former Champion Says Superstars Believe ‘WrestleMania 36’ Is Going To Be Canceled

The novel coronavirus is causing havoc all around the world, leaving the fate of upcoming sporting events hanging in the balance. One such event, WrestleMania 36 is set to take place in Tampa in less than three weeks; but there has been much skepticism as to whether it will actually happen. As reported by Wrestle […]

WWE News: Salaries Revealed For McMahon Family And Triple H

A professional wrestling organization takes a lot of money to run, and a company like WWE also takes a good deal of time. Almost every member of the McMahon family helps in running the promotion — as does chairman Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, Paul “Triple H” Levesque — and they’re obviously going to be paid for […]

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Reveals Why WWE Chose Natalya And Lacey Evans For Historic ‘Crown Jewel’ Match

Today’s Crown Jewel show was historic for WWE as it marked the first women’s match to be held on Saudi Arabian soil. Natalya and Lacey Evans were the chosen participants for the bout, and Stephanie McMahon has told Bleacher Report why the company opted to include the pairing. “Natalya is somewhat of a legend in […]

WWE News: Becky Lynch Teases Next Feud

Becky Lynch has no shortage of feuds to occupy herself with at the moment. At the time of this writing, she’s set to face Sasha Banks in a Raw Women’s Championship defense at the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-views. On top of that, she’s just met a new nemesis in the form of Bayley, who […]

WWE News: Triple H On Taking Over WWE – Says Vince McMahon ‘Is Not Stepping Away’

As the years go by, many wrestling fans wonder when Vince McMahon is finally going to step down from his busy position as head of WWE and take a break in life. Of course, the true fans simply believe that he’s never going to give up control and will always stay in power. When it […]

WWE News: Current Announcer Actually Details Plot Holes In Brock Lesnar’s MITB Cash-In Angle

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar appeared and was set to announce when he would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Later that evening, he learned the actual rules of the briefcase and chose not to cash it in that night. Now that he’s been called out by Stephanie McMahon to […]

WWE News: Triple H Likes Fan’s Tweet Telling Vince McMahon Storylines Are ‘Confusing And Pointless’

Ratings for WWE have been going down for the past year or so, and it appears as if the company is doing whatever they can to get them back up. Many feel as if too many big-name stars have left while some believe that the company merely isn’t listening to the fans. Over the weekend, […]

WWE News: Salaries And Total Pay For Vince McMahon, Triple H, Shane McMahon, And Others In WWE

In this day and age, almost everything is public knowledge and that includes the salaries of those in numerous companies around the world. When it comes to professional wrestling, a number of the contract details and salaries for the superstars/wrestlers end up getting out there for all to see. Now, the total amount of pay […]

WWE News: Ronda Rousey Goes Seriously Off Script In Twitter War With Becky Lynch, And WWE Isn’t Happy About It

Becky Lynch is one of the hottest and most over spectacles in all of professional wrestling right now, and she just keeps gaining momentum. In her feud with Ronda Rousey, things have turned into a suspension storyline, an injury, and the addition of Charlotte Flair to the WrestleMania 35 mix. Now, Lynch and the Raw […]

WWE Rumors: Huge Match Already Being Planned For ‘SummerSlam’ – Throwback To The ‘Attitude Era’

Ever since the McMahon family announced they would be “shaking things up” in WWE, there have been a lot of changes in the promotion. Some superstars are coming, while others are going. There have been some more risque moments, and an intergender match could be happening, as Inquisitr reported. Now, a huge match is already […]

Stephanie McMahon Shares Photo From Her First Job At WWE

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s a day to take a trip down memory lane for Throwback Thursday. This week, WWE’s chief brand officer, Stephanie McMahon, is getting in on the action by sharing a photo of her first ever job within the WWE. As it turns out, long before she was one of the […]

WWE News: The Shock Was Real For Roman Reigns’ Leukemia Announcement, As Only These Few Knew About It

On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, things started off with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns walking out to the ring to the usual chorus of boos. Shortly after that, he revealed that he was relinquishing the title due to his leukemia battle returning — and the mood in the arena immediately changed to […]

WWE ‘Raw’ Preview: Roman Reigns To Confront Braun Strowman, Ronda Rousey May Face Repercussions

WWE Raw comes to us this week from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. While there are no advertised matches, WWE.com did provide a preview of Monday’s Raw. At the end of last week’s Raw, Braun Strowman was about to cash-in his WWE championship contract against Roman Reigns, but The Shield reunited, and Seth Rollins […]

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Discusses ‘Evolution’ And If The Women’s Tag Titles Will Debut

Ever since Stephanie McMahon’s recent announcement on Raw, the WWE universe has been anxious for the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view, Evolution. Stephanie McMahon recently spoke to Sky Sports about the all-women’s WWE pay-per-view, how Evolution came about, and the status of a women’s tag team division and championship. Sky Sports asked McMahon how Evolution came about, […]

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Talks ‘Evolution,’ Triple H Squashes Rumors That It Relates To ‘GRR’ Controversy

On last week’s Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced that the WWE will hold the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view, Evolution. On October 28, 2018, Evolution will air live on the WWE Network and on pay-per-view worldwide from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. The WWE announced that every member of the women’s roster will be […]

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon To Make Historic Announcement on ‘Raw,’ Paige Announces Tournament On ‘SmackDown’

The WWE revealed that Stephanie McMahon will make a historic announcement on Monday’s Raw. Both fans and industry professionals alike are speculating on what Stephanie McMahon’s historic WWE announcement could be. Given the number of female superstars on the roster, some think that the company will finally feature a women’s tag team division. A WWE […]

WWE News: WWE Announces ‘Raw’ Staying On USA Network With New Deal, Details ‘SmackDown Live’ On Fox Sports

When it was announced that Fox had come through with a major deal with WWE to bring in SmackDown Live, many fans wondered about the future of Monday Night Raw. Despite the fact that Vince McMahon is taking Team Blue and moving them to Fox Sports, it doesn’t seem as if its flagship show is […]

Check Out Stephanie McMahon Rocking Blonde Hair For ‘Undercover Boss,’ And WWE Set For ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Between handling business constituents, putting over Ronda Rousey, building relationships with media platforms, and serving as lead ambassador, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon certainly has a busy schedule. But the WWE executive, and sometimes in-ring performer, has still found time to squeeze in some appearances for two upcoming shows: Celebrity Undercover Boss and Apple’s […]

WWE ‘Raw’ Preview: Ronda Rousey Returns, But Stephanie McMahon May Have Retribution In Store For Her

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is quickly becoming a name associated with the WWE and the Raw brand. While Ronda Rousey has yet to wrestle on Raw, solid angles have been put in place that will likely change that in the near future. When Rousey made her WWE in-ring wrestling debut at April’s WrestleMania, she wowed both […]

WWE News: Betting Odds For ‘WrestleMania 34’ Give 99 Percent Chance Of The Rock Returning And Wrestling

There are less than two weeks until WrestleMania 34 and the card is still being worked out, but could one of the greatest of all time return and wrestle? Many thought that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would return to WWE to team with Ronda Rousey and take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, but that […]

WWE Universe Not Satisfied With Fabulous Moolah Name Change, Wants To Name It After This Person Instead

On the previous episode of Raw, WWE made the announcement that the women’s battle royal at WrestleMania will be named after WWE Hall of Famer, The Fabulous Moolah. However, that immediately did not bode well with the WWE Universe, and an outrage occurred. Along with flooding the comment portion on Twitter when the announcement was […]

WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Ronda Rousey Gets Her Official ‘WrestleMania 34’ Tag Team Match

During the latest WWE Raw results, fans finally learned of the official match that former mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey will participate in for WrestleMania 34. That match will take place in just over a month from now and it will be a tag team bout. As many fans and wrestling journalists expected, it […]

Future Plans For Ronda Rousey-Stephanie McMahon Rivalry Revealed

Ronda Rousey has already made a big impact in the WWE ever since becoming a superstar. Rousey has resumed her feud with Stephanie McMahon and she appears to be heading to WrestleMania 34. With all the signs pointing to a Mixed Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 34, the WWE already has future plans for the […]

WWE News: Ronda Rousey Road To ‘WrestleMania’ Kicks Off At ‘Elimination Chamber’

There was almost no doubt in anyone’s mind that the road to WrestleMania for Ronda Rousey would start when she made her WWE debut at Elimination Chamber on Sunday night. The only questions were whether or not the fans would accept her and who she would end up facing off with during her contract signing […]

Ronda Rousey Slams Triple H During WWE ‘Elimination Chamber’

Ronda Rousey made her third appearance in the WWE on Sunday night at Elimination Chamber in Las Vegas to sign a contract with the WWE. The accomplished MMA fighter officially signed a deal with the WWE, making her a RAW superstar. Rousey had earlier shared her excitement on Twitter about the deal before the events […]

Triple H Gaining More Control Backstage & Preparing To Take Over WWE, Reports ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter’

Anyone who is a wrestling fan can see that WWE is heading for a “changing of the guard,” and it doesn’t appear as if one of the actual McMahon children will be taking over. A lot of signs have been pointing to Vince McMahon moving away from his company due to getting older and focusing […]

WWE Rumors: ‘Rowdy’ Rousey To Team With The Rock At ‘WrestleMania 34’ According To The ‘Daily Star’

The WWE rumor mill suggests that former UFC champion Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey is set to make her competitive WWE debut at this year’s WrestleMania in New Orleans. Rousey surprised no one when she entered the squared circle after the historic women’s Royal Rumble match last month, as rumors had suggested that Rousey would be a […]

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Considering Selling The WWE

While a lot of the online wrestling community has remained critical of the WWE in recent years, and the television ratings have dropped significantly since the Monday Night Wars, revenue is up. This is based on a report by business publication Bloomberg, who spoke to Stephanie McMahon about the current direction of the company. According […]

WWE Rumors: WWE Reportedly Has Four Huge Names In Mind For Ronda Rousey’s Tag Team Partner, According To ‘SI’

At the Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey finally made her official WWE debut, and she is expected to have her first match very soon, but who else will be in it? There have been lots of rumors floating around as to who she will ultimately face in her first big match, but nothing has been made […]

Real Reason Why Ronda Rousey Signed With WWE Revealed

After months of rumors, Ronda Rousey made her official WWE debut at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV and created a huge buzz for the company overnight. Rousey brings a great amount of mainstream exposure to WWE programming, especially heading into WrestleMania 34. WWE officials were aware of that when they signed her to […]

Backstage News On Triple H Having More Power Within The WWE

Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon are the de-facto heirs to the throne of the WWE kingdom currently held by Vince McMahon. However, Vince is slowly giving the keys of the company to his daughter and son-in-law due to a new business venture, with Triple H reportedly holding more power backstage. According to Dave […]

WWE Rumors: Ronda Rousey’s Full Time WWE Contract May Not Be What You Think

Former UFC star Ronda Rousey shook up the WWE women’s roster when she crashed Asuka’s victory celebrations at last weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, former UFC champion Rousey didn’t make her long-anticipated WWE debut by competing in the Royal Rumble. Instead, Rousey entered the ring after the match to face […]

Filming Of Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ Begins In May, Adds Emily Blunt, Could Keep The Rock Out Of ‘WrestleMania’

About a year ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced he was working on a film based on the popular Disney attraction Jungle Cruise, and it may hinder his return to the ring. There have been rumors going around that The Rock could be in a match at WrestleMania 34 in April, but Jungle Cruise is […]

Possible ‘WrestleMania 34’ Plans For Ronda Rousey After Her WWE Debut Revealed

Ronda Rousey is officially a WWE superstar after making her debut at the Royal Rumble. Rousey showed up and shocked the Philadelphia crowd to confront Asuka, who won the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match, and the two women’s champions, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss. The former UFC champion pointed at the WrestleMania sign to hint […]

WWE Rumors: ‘Royal Rumble 2018’ Special Odds Feature Ronda Rousey & Stephanie McMahon Situations

There are WWE rumors floating around the women’s Royal Rumble 2018 match as fans are speculating Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey will participate. As of this report, neither of the two superstars are confirmed as participants in the big match. However, that hasn’t stopped WWE fans and oddsmakers from putting together some interesting scenarios involving […]

WWE Rumors: Huge Angle Planned For Stephanie McMahon At ‘Royal Rumble’

Stephanie McMahon made the groundbreaking announcement that WWE would feature the first Women’s Royal Rumble match at the upcoming PPV this Sunday. It will be remembered as a significant moment in wrestling history, and WWE officials are planning to bring back some legends and give the fans something truly special. Unfortunately, not everything has been […]

WWE News: Triple H Confirms Vince McMahon Will Listen To Offers For WWE, Huge Announcement Coming Today

Triple H was probably of the belief that WWE might end up being his company one day, but it seems as if Vince McMahon is already listening to offers to sell it. It was recently rumored that Vinnie Mac had listened to what Fox had to say about airing WWE programming or even buying the […]

Triple H Shocks Everyone During Lip Sync Battle With The New Day On Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has made plenty of media appearances to promote the 25th Anniversary of Raw, which is scheduled to air on Monday, January 22. Recently, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were on an episode of the Tonight Show to compete in a lip sync battle against host Jimmy Fallon and […]

WWE Rumors: Stephanie McMahon Returning To The Ring For Huge Match At ‘WrestleMania 34’

Stephanie McMahon was written off WWE television at WrestleMania 33 and made very few appearances over the year. She made her return to SmackDown Live in October and then on Raw a few weeks later. She also announced the first Women’s Royal Rumble Match that will take place at the end of January. Despite a […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon May Actually Sell WWE, And He Already Has A Potential Buyer

Throughout its existence, the WWE (by any name) has been owned by one McMahon or another, and everyone thought it always would be, but things could change. As Vince McMahon gets older, more and more control of the operations have gone over to Stephanie and Triple H, but will it always be that way? Rumors […]

Four Horsewomen WWE Vs. MMA Match Scheduled For ‘WrestleMania’ Is No Longer Happening [Rumor]

Following a devastating loss at UFC 207 to Amanda Nunes, and a loss the prior year at UFC 193 to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey made the decision to step away from the Octagon, potentially for good. Almost immediately, the WWE Universe and various media outlets suspected that a WWE in-ring debut was in sight. What […]

Here’s The Frontrunner To Win First Women’s ‘Royal Rumble’ Match

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon made the historic announcement that WWE would have the first Women’s Royal Rumble Match at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV in January. There have been rumors about the match for weeks now, but last night it became official. With the announcement, there are a ton of new […]

Alexa Bliss Would Lose A WWE Bra & Panties Match Today: She’d Be Dragged By The Hair Out Of The Ring By Mom

WWE champion Alexa Bliss pictures herself in one of the infamous WWE Bra & Panties matches that were going strong up until a decade ago, but she doesn’t talk about winning or losing this match. The next thought that comes to mind is her mother dragging her out of the WWE ring by her hair. […]

WWE Rumors: Triple H Making Major Changes To Upcoming Creative Plans

As a result of the viral illness that has plagued Roman Reigns and others in the WWE locker room, Triple H has been wrestling some events during WWE’s tour of South American and Europe. He’s had the chance to become an honorary member of The Shield and more during these shows. With WWE’s tour of […]

Reason Why Stepahanie McMahon Returned On ‘Monday Night Raw’ Revealed

Stephanie McMahon, the commissioner of Monday Night Raw, made her triumphant return to the red brand this week to confront Kurt Angle. It was McMahon’s first appearance on Monday Night Raw since WrestleMania 33. The latest backstage news has revealed the real reason why Stephanie returned last Monday. As recapped by WWE.com, Stephanie McMahon surprised […]

WWE News: Stephane McMahon Returns To ‘Raw’ & Gives Kurt Angle Huge Job Stipulation

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Authority figure Stephanie McMahon was back in the building and had major news for the General Manager Kurt Angle. The latest episode of WWE’s Monday night program took place in Baltimore, Maryland at the Royal Farms Arena with plenty of build towards the WWE’s Survivor Series 2017 pay-per-view. […]

Stephanie McMahon Says WWE Fans Have The Ability To Change The Direction Of Storylines

Stephanie McMahon spoke at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in the nation’s capital yesterday, and she revealed details about just how much the WWE Universe has the ability to decide which direction WWE storylines will go. Stephanie, who is the Chief Brand Officer for the WWE, described how audience feedback can cause the company […]

WWE Bringing Back Top Authority Figure If Ratings For ‘Monday Night Raw’ Continue To Decline

The ratings for Monday Night Raw are slowly declining again with the NFL season taking charge every second day of the week. The WWE has always struggled during the football season but they always have something on their sleeve to keep the ratings from totally plummeting. According to TV By The Numbers, the NFL regular […]