iPhone 12 Price Reportedly Higher Than The 11, As Apple’s Sales Targets Decline

Apple is preparing to charge more for the iPhone 12 than it did the iPhone 11, according to sources close to the company’s supply chain. Increasing costs in the manufacturing process and concerns over sales projections are driving Cupertino’s decision, according to PhoneArena. Initially, Apple was predicted to undercut the price of the previous iPhone […]

MWC 2020: Nokia Starts Sending Out Invites For February 23 Launch Event

HMD Global, the company that owns the license to use the Nokia brand name for smartphones, has started sending out invitations for their launch event scheduled to be held later next month. According to Gadgets 360, Nokia is likely to announce a major chunk of its 2020 smartphones lineup at the February 23 event. The […]

Preregistration For The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Opens For U.S. Customers

South Korean smartphones and electronics major Samsung Electronics has opened the preregistration formalities for its upcoming flagship grade Android smartphone lineup: the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. According to Android Authority, the Samsung USA website now has a link that directs users to a sign-up page. On this page, potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S20 […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Appears In Leaked Images Weeks Before Official Launch

Popular German tech blog WinFuture has posted the first-ever images of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, weeks before its official unveiling. Apart from the detailed pictures of the phone, WinFuture also revealed key specifications of the handset. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was expected to be officially announced at the 2020 […]

Motorola razr To Go On Sale In The U.S. Starting February 6 Following Delayed Launch

Motorola announced earlier today that it would begin sales of its upcoming foldable smartphone — the Motorola razr — in the U.S. following a delayed launch. According to The Verge, the Motorola razr, which was initially scheduled for launch earlier this month, will go on sale February 6. Customers will be able to preorder the […]

Statistics Show That The Number Of Cellphone-Related Injuries Is Swiftly Increasing

These days, nearly everyone seems to have a cellphone in hand. At times, these devices can certainly be distracting. New data shows that more and more cellphone-related injuries are occurring, and some of them are quite serious. In fact, within the past two decades, these types of injuries have drastically increased to the point of […]

New Samsung Galaxy S11 Leaks Tease Exciting New Camera And Display Details

The Samsung Galaxy S11 might not be expected to arrive until early next year, but a number of reports have emerged in recent weeks, purporting to show the South Korean tech giant’s next flagship and its key features and specifications ahead of its launch. The latest such leaks suggest that the Galaxy S11 might try […]

Details On Apple’s Rumored iPhone SE Successor Revealed In New Report

Apple’s scheduled September 10 media event is expected to herald the arrival of three new iPhone models that will serve as successors to last year’s iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The iPhone SE, on the other hand, has not received a true follow-up since its release in 2016. However, that may soon change, as […]

iPhone 11 Speed Upgrade Could Reportedly Be Smallest Improvement In Recent History

With Apple one week away from launching the “iPhone 11” series, the leaks are still coming in regarding the Cupertino, California, tech giant’s 2019 smartphone line. These include new benchmark results that supposedly show CPU performance statistics for one of the three models expected to be unveiled in the coming week. According to a report […]

Apple Reportedly Drops Planned ‘Walkie-Talkie’ Feature For Upcoming iPhones

A new report suggests that Apple has stopped development on a so-called “walkie-talkie” feature that might have served as a key selling point for future iPhones due to its ability to allow people to text each other in areas that don’t have cellular coverage. Citing a report from subscriber-only publication The Information, MacRumors wrote that […]

‘iPhone 11 Pro’ Could Reportedly Feature ‘Shatter Resistance’ Technology

Apple’s 2019 iPhones are generally expected to be very similar in appearance to their predecessors from last year, with few features of note that could convince consumers to upgrade to the newer device. However, recent rumors have suggested that the so-called “iPhone 11” could come with more selling points than expected. According to a new […]

Apple’s ‘iPhone 11’ Launch Date May Have Been Revealed By Latest iOS 13 Beta

It appears that Apple may have included some information on the launch date of its 2019 iPhones on the latest version of its iOS beta. As reported by The Verge, Brazilian tech site iHelp BR was the first to discover a reference to the possible “iPhone 11” launch date, shortly after Apple released iOS 13 […]

Apple Might Use This Naming Scheme For Its 2019 iPhones, Leaker Claims

This year’s upcoming iPhone release is not expected to come with a lot of changes in terms of design or technical specifications and features. However, a recent social media post from a mobile leaker suggests that Apple might make one key change to the naming convention for the 2019 iPhones. On Saturday, the leaker known […]

Apple Reportedly Cracks Down On Third-Party iPhone Battery Replacement With Software Lock

Battery life has commonly been mentioned as one of the iPhone’s top drawbacks, and many users have taken to visiting third-party repair companies to replace their devices’ batteries. However, a new report suggests that Apple has taken action against this common practice by activating a software feature that essentially discourages users from replacing their original […]

Most U.S. Variants Of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Might Reportedly Come With Exynos Processor

For several years, all Samsung Galaxy variants sold in the U.S. have shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors under the hood, as opposed to most international versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, which have been powered by the company’s own Exynos chips. However, a new rumor hints that Samsung might be changing things […]

Google Pixel Will Soon Allow Users To Call Emergency Services With Just One Tap

On Thursday, Google announced a new feature that makes it easy for users to get in touch with emergency services without having to actually call 911 and speak to an operator. This functionality will reportedly work on a number of Android devices, starting with the tech giant’s Pixel phones, and won’t require users to have […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specifications Could Reportedly Include Better Water Resistance, Lower-End Display

New details have emerged on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ahead of its scheduled August 7 launch date, and while some of these details hint at some improved specifications for the company’s long-running phablet, there’s also a possibility that the upcoming Note 10 will come with a substantially downgraded display. According to a report from […]

Apple’s 2020 iPhones Could Reportedly Feature Faster Screen Refresh Rates

With Apple’s next batch of iPhones widely rumored to be mere incremental upgrades over the models launched last fall, reports focusing on the Cupertino, California company’s 2020 iPhones have become more prominent as of late. The latest such report suggests that next year’s iPhones could come with a display feature that will, in a way, […]

Apple Could Release Four iPhone Models In 2020, Including Budget Option, Analysts Predict

Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup may still be more than a year away, but recent predictions from J.P. Morgan Chase suggest that the Cupertino, California tech giant could have a successful product release next year with four separate iPhone models, including a lower-end version with less impressive specifications but a more budget-friendly price tag. Citing a […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Reportedly Ditch Headphone Jack And Physical Buttons

Samsung has traditionally eschewed a number of trends in the smartphone industry, such as the removal of the once-ubiquitous headphone jack that started with Apple’s iPhone 7 in 2016. However, a new report suggests that the South Korean tech giant will finally be doing away with the feature, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 […]

Apple Could Release ‘iPhone SE 2’ In Early 2020, New Report Claims

A new research note suggests that Apple could have several things planned for its 2019 and 2020 iPhone releases, including the potential arrival of a new version of the lower-priced iPhone SE. As explained by MacRumors, the research note came from Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, who, together with his colleagues, based their information on a […]

Qualcomm ‘Strangled Competition’ And Violated Antitrust Laws, U.S. Judge Rules

Judge Lucy Koh of Federal District Court in San Jose, California, just ruled that Qualcomm — the industry leader in wireless modem chips — violated antitrust laws to dominate the market. The ruling could shake up the smartphone industry as companies race to create 5G wireless networks. The New York Times reports that the ruling […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Leaked In New Color Option

Samsung’s two flagship phones, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, could soon be available in a fifth color scheme, as a recent leak has revealed the new Cardinal Red option for both devices. As reported by The Verge, the leaks came from Roland Quandt of German tech blog WinFuture.de, and suggest that the red […]

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Fold Cancellation

Samsung has officially confirmed the cancellation of its folding smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, according to a report from Forbes. The device was previously put up for pre-orders and the company sent out several review models to popular tech YouTubers and journalists. Unfortunately, just days after receiving the devices, many test users reported experiencing major […]

Apple’s 2019 ‘iPhone 11R’ Design Gets Leaked, Hints At Major Feature Upgrade

Following several leaks that featured renders of Apple’s next flagship iPhones — the so-called “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 11 Max” — and backed up previous rumors hinting at what people can expect from Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup, a new report suggests that the device informally referred to as the “iPhone 11R” has been leaked in […]

Apple’s ‘iPhone 11’ Could Reportedly Be Bigger Than iPhone XS

For the past two release cycles, Apple has stuck with the same screen size for its main flagship phones, with 2017’s iPhone X and 2018’s iPhone XS both coming with 5.8-inch displays. However, that might not be the case with Apple’s 2019 iPhone, which may or may not be called the “iPhone 11,” as a […]

This New Charger Can Charge A Smartphone’s Battery In Less Than 20 Minutes

While the amount and complexity of technology that is being packed into smartphones have reached an all-time high, the batteries that power these devices haven’t seen much of a change over the past decade. Although some companies are investing a lot of time, money, and resources into improving battery technology — Tesla comes to mind […]

Here’s How Apple’s Next iPhone Could Outdo Samsung And Improve Sales Figures, Per ‘Forbes’

Although Apple’s slower-than-expected sales figures for the recently released iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR have been well documented over the past few months, the Cupertino, California, tech giant’s struggles aren’t unusual in the present-day smartphone space. As pointed out by Forbes, more consumers are now trying to stick with the same handset for longer […]

iPhone SE Returns To Apple Store Ahead Of Company’s Latest Event

As reported by CNBC, Apple’s media event at its Cupertino, California, campus revealed a number of new products and services on Monday, including its Apple Arcade video game bundle, the Apple TV+ streaming service, and the company’s very own credit card. The tech giant, however, brought back one of its older, yet still-popular smartphones just […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Release Date Revealed In New ‘Korea Herald’ Report

Together with the rest of the Galaxy S10 line and the much-hyped Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was announced at the company’s Unpacked event in San Francisco on February 20. But with this particular variant coming with a form of connectivity that is still far away from taking off, it wasn’t too surprising […]

Pricing For 2019 iPhone Models Gets Teased As Reports Also Hint At Longer Upgrade Cycles

The past few months have seen numerous reports suggest that Apple’s 2018 iPhones — the XS, XS Max, and XR — have not sold as many units as the tech giant had expected, despite how the numbers appear solid at first glance. As noted by BGR, Apple has been doing what it can to spark […]

Food Companies Are Inventing Ways To Keep Your Disgusting Greasy Fingers Off Your Nice Clean Phone

A Japanese snack company has come up with a solution for greasy, snack-time phone screens with pre-smashed chips that you can knock back without touching anything except the bag, The Guardian reports. “One Hand Chips,” as they’re called, are designed to be tipped directly into your mouth, keeping hands clean and dry for no-smudge, streak-free […]

Top 5 Black Friday Gifts For The Smartphone Lover In Your Life

It’s that time of year again — Black Friday season. Amazon has declared Black Friday week, so just go with it. You have probably already mapped out your game plan. You know what time you are getting up — and where you are going. Be sure to map out alternates, in case one of the […]

Surface Phone: Microsoft’s Foldable Device Remains Alive And Under Development

Microsoft’s highly-anticipated portable PC, the Surface phone — codenamed Andromeda — has remained elusive for the past few years. Rumors about the device have been proliferate, but whenever it seemed like Microsoft was at the cusp of unveiling the device, the Redmond-based tech giant has abruptly decided to delay its release. Thus, the Surface phone […]

iPhone XS Beauty-Gate Explained: It’s Just A Matter Of HDR And Noise Cancellation

When Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, the company’s execs made it a point to assert that the capabilities of the device’s cameras are above and beyond its predecessors. Recently, however, some users of the iPhone XS started noticing that their new smartphones seemed to be applying a filter on their selfies, making their skin appear […]

iPhone XR: Apple Might Have Struck Gold With Its ‘Entry-Level’ iPhone

Apple has unveiled its iPhone line for 2018, and all models are quite impressive. While sales of the two more expensive handsets — the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max — are reportedly encouraging, the iPhone XR, Apple’s “entry-level” iPhone, could very well prove to be the device that pushes Apple’s revenue forward in […]

Galaxy S10: Recent Leaks Suggest Samsung’s 2019 Flagship Will Look Radically Different

Samsung might have developed a reputation for copying Apple’s design in the past, but in recent years, the South Korean tech giant has started adopting its own, distinct design that arguably rivals — and even exceeds — that of the Apple’s iPhone. This trend began with the Galaxy S6 and its curved edges, and was […]

Galaxy S10: Samsung’s 2019 Flagship’s Display Sizes, Model Numbers Have Been Leaked

This year is proving to be a year of iterative upgrades in the smartphone industry. Samsung’s Galaxy S9, inasmuch as the device was decent, proved to be underwhelming, and it is now looking to be one of the company’s worst-performing devices in years. Even the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, which dominated headlines in […]

Samsung Galaxy X Faces Competition From Huawei’s New 5G Foldable Smartphone

In July, Digital Trends reported that Huawei is expecting to launch its first foldable smartphone sometime in 2019. The technology company, which trails behind leading manufacturer Samsung, is reportedly trying to beat its competition to the market by introducing the first smartphone with a foldable casing. Then, to top it off, on Friday Huawei also […]

5G Will Bring Back Carrier Locked Phones According To AT&T

Many people eagerly anticipate the debut of a new 5G network for mobile phones next year, but AT&T warns that in the short term, the move may not be great for consumers. In fact, according to a PC Magazine report, AT&T believes the move will bring back something that mobile phone buyers seriously dislike — […]

OnePlus 6T: OnePlus Is Giving Up On A Beloved Feature

For years, OnePlus has prided itself as a smartphone maker that makes the best bang-for-your-buck devices with all the bells and whistles a user expects from a flagship smartphone almost twice its price. OnePlus devices have always been incredibly strong despite being marketed as mid-range handsets, and they have kept useful features like the 3.5 […]

Google Pixel 3: Upcoming Flagship Smartphone’s Official Color Options Leaked

Ahead of its 2018 flagship smartphone’s release, Google appears to have revealed the color options of the Pixel 3 series. Other design elements of the upcoming smartphone also appear to have been revealed. The latest teaser for Google’s 2018 flagship smartphones come in the form of a Japanese website that contains images of three smartphone-looking […]

Galaxy X: Samsung Walks Back On Foldable Phone’s November Release Date

Not long after showing signs that it is ready to reveal what could very well be its most important smartphone since the first Galaxy Note, Samsung appears to have walked back on its intentions to release the Galaxy X this coming November. With this in mind, it appears that for all intents and purposes, the […]

Galaxy S10: Samsung Might Be Going A Bit Overboard With The S10’s Cameras

With Apple laying the challenge to the smartphone industry with the souped-up, albeit slightly underwhelming iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the other key players in the mobile market are now in the process of readying their own flagships to compete with the iOS-powered device. Samsung, for one, is set to release the Galaxy S10 […]

Galaxy X: Samsung Finally Announces Foldable Smartphone’s Release Date

After years of seemingly getting delayed, Samsung finally appears ready to unveil its highly-anticipated, foldable Galaxy X smartphone, with the company’s mobile division CEO DJ Koh revealing that the company might be ready to reveal the revolutionary device as early as November. The Samsung CEO did not specifically mention the Galaxy X, though he did […]

Galaxy S10: Samsung’s 2019 Flagship Could Feature A 5G Modem

It is difficult to deny that Samsung kind of missed its mark with the Galaxy S9. Even the Galaxy Note 9, with all its bells and whistles, is currently at risk of being overshadowed by Apple’s upcoming 2018 iPhone trio. This leaves Samsung with the Galaxy S10, its first flagship for 2019 and a device […]

iPhone XS Price: Apple’s ‘Budget’ iPhone Might Not Be As Budget-Friendly As Initially Thought

Apple’s grand reveal of its 2018 iPhone line is coming in a few days, and things are starting to get really interesting. On the heels of leaks about the devices’ features and specs, some Wall Street analysts have opted to adjust their forecast on the costs of Apple’s smartphone line, particularly the 6.1-inch “budget” LCD […]

Google Pixel 3 Allegedly Left At The Back Of A Lyft

Google will likely release its 2018 flagship smartphones, the Pixel 3 series, sometime this coming October. While the devices’ release is still more than a month away, Google appears to be having a serious problem preventing its Pixel 3 prototypes from falling into the hands of leakers or the general public. Just last week, images […]

Galaxy X: Samsung Is Spurring The Foldable Phone Revolution By Sharing Tech With Oppo, Xiaomi

Samsung’s Galaxy X foldable smartphone has been delayed for a very long time, but recent reports suggest that the South Korean tech giant is finally ready to unveil the device sometime next year. With the Galaxy X, Samsung has the chance to create a whole new market for smartphones in the same way that it […]

Galaxy Note 9: Samsung Seems To Be Shipping Some Note 9 Units With 2 S-Pens

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might very well be the last of its kind, particularly since the South Korean tech giant is reportedly looking to combine the S and Note series into a single flagship line this coming 2019. With this in mind, the company seems to be ensuring that the final device under the […]