SwipenSnap ‘Shark Tank’ Update: Find Out How The Diaper Cream Applicator Is Doing Today

SwipenSnap already found a big audience online for its diaper cream applicator, and now the company is looking for some Shark Tank cash to go along with it. The outfit, which makes a product that dishes out diaper cream for parents trying to keep a hand on their little ones, is one of four featured […]

Brumachen Update: See How The Portable Coffee Brewing Company Has Done After ‘Shark Tank’

Brumachen has already earned some national attention for its portable coffee and tea brewing cup, and now Shark Tank fans will get to see if the outfit scores a big investment to grow even more. The company is featured on the January 22 episode of the ABC reality series, with founders Kweku Larbi and Ross […]

Quevos Update: See How The Company Has Grown After ‘Shark Tank’

Quevos was already on the rise by the time founders made their way to Shark Tank, and the Chicago-based food startup seems to be headed to even more expansion. The company, founded by Nick Hamburger and Zack Schreier, makes snack chips made out of egg whites as a more nutritious alternative to potato chips or […]

Aura Bora Update: See What The Sparkling Beverage Company Is Doing After ‘Shark Tank’

Aura Bora came to Shark Tank looking for an infusion of cash to help grow the company, but regardless of the result, the sparkling beverage maker appears to have already found some major growth in the last year. The company is featured on the January 22 episode of the ABC reality series, hoping to win […]

K9 Mask Sees Major Boost From ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance, Company Now Looks To Expand

K9 Mask left Shark Tank with more than just a new infusion of cash. The company was featured on the November 20 episode of the ABC reality series, showing off the product that helps dogs stay covered and safe in dangerous climates and amid pollution. The Cinemaholic reported that founder Kirby Holmes first got the […]

Robert Herjavec Gets Makeup Applied In ‘Shark Tank’ Photo & Praises Co-Stars On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Robert Herjavec took to Instagram this Thursday to share a throwback pic which has quickly captured the attention of his loyal audience. The update was added on November 19 and featured most of the Shark Tank crew together. In the image, Robert was posed on the Shark Tank set with Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Barbara […]

‘Shark Tank’ Will Air Two Hours Later On November 6 As ABC Continues Election Coverage

Shark Tank fans hoping to take a break from election coverage and see small businesses pitch for investment money will have to wait a bit longer on Friday, November 6. ABC announced that the reality television competition would be pushed back as the network devotes the 8 p.m. hour to ongoing coverage of the 2020 […]

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Eyeing A Return To Reality TV With Show Similar To ‘Shark Tank’

Ivanka Trump is reportedly getting a lot of offers to return to television, and she might even be considering a show that is similar to Shark Tank. As OK! Magazine reported, the Trump family became famous thanks to reality television, so it may not be much of a shock that some members want to go […]

P-Nuff Crunch Update: See What The Company Is Doing After ‘Shark Tank’

P-Nuff Crunch is bringing a popular concept to Shark Tank, and hoping to leave with a new infusion of cash. The healthy snack food company, founded in 2015 by Juan Salinas, is headed to the ABC reality show on the October 23 episode with the hope of scoring an investment from one of the sharks. […]

BootayBag Takes Unique Underwear Subscription Model To ‘Shark Tank’ For National Exposure

Ellyette Gheno had a brilliant idea in 2015, and now the seed that has turned into BootayBag is headed to Shark Tank for some national exposure. The company, which offers women a subscription service delivering a monthly installment of new underwear, was formed close to five years ago when the founder was about to cancel […]

Pooch Paper Looks To Score Big By Taking Dog Poop Sustainability To ‘Shark Tank’

Dog poop can be a big environmental problem, and Pooch Paper is hoping to bring a solution to Shark Tank. The business is being featured on the October 23 episode of the ABC reality show, promoting a type of paper that aims to introduce a measure of sustainability to the dog poop bag industry. As […]

GoOats Looks To Build On Attention Of ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance, Expand Product Offerings

GoOats is looking to grow after appearing on Shark Tank. The company, which makes a number of oatmeal-based snacks meant to be eaten on the go, was featured on the October 23 episode of the ABC reality show. While it wasn’t clear ahead of the episode’s airing if they were able to secure the investment […]

Rumpl Announces New Product Launch Ahead Of ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Even before appearing on Shark Tank, blanket-making company Rumpl had some big news to share. Just ahead of the company’s appearance on the ABC reality television show on Friday, it announced the launch of a new product meant to make camping a safer and more comfortable experience. As Magnetic Magazine noted, Rumpl announced a collaboration […]

GarmaGuard Update: Find Out What The Company Is Doing After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

GarmaGuard was created in a lab, gained popularity on the internet, and now the company is hoping to find fame — and cash — on Shark Tank. Pete Badawy and his wife, Bianca, brought the company to the ABC reality show on Friday with the hope of getting an investment from the sharks that would […]

SparkCharge’s ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance Seen As Major Breakthrough For Electric Cars

SparkCharge is heading to Shark Tank with the hope of getting some national attention and possibly some cash to help the business grow. The founders, Josh Aviv and Chris Ellis, along with chief engineer Richard Whitney, told WSYR-TV that it was a dream come true to pitch their product on the ABC reality show. The […]

Teen Inventor’s Touch Up Cup Gets Big Sales, Viral Interest Thanks To ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

The Touch Up Cup was already a huge hit before heading to Shark Tank, and it was all thanks to the innovative mind of one entrepreneurial teenager. The company, which was the brainchild of 15-year-old Carson Grill of Liberty Township, Ohio, was one of the companies featured on the ABC reality show’s Season 12 premiere […]

Wanna Date? Riding Wave Of Growth For Plant-Based Food Industry Following ‘Shark Tank’ Success

The plant-based food industry is poised for significant growth in the coming decades, and Wanna Date? may be getting a bit of a head start thanks to its success on Shark Tank. The company was featured in a January, 2020, episode of the reality show that is being revisited in August. The outfit was able […]

LoveSync Still Kicking After Earning Viral Mockery, Striking Out On ‘Shark Tank’

LoveSync didn’t get good signals from the Shark Tank investors, but the company with an unusual product to help couples in the love department appears to still be kicking after the defeat. The company was featured on a January episode of the ABC reality show, seeking an investment to grow a product that allowed partners […]

Kreyòl Essence Continues To Push For Social Change After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Many small businesses leave Shark Tank with a revenue infusion that helps them grow, but Kreyòl Essence has been expanding more than just its operations after a successful January appearance on the ABC reality show. The Miami-based company was featured in a January 2020 episode that is being re-aired in August. In the months since […]

WisePocket Turned 11-Year-Old’s Brilliant Idea Into A ‘Shark Tank’ Success

WisePocket started as a brilliant idea from an 11-year-old named Sofia Overton, and thanks to a big boost from a Shark Tank investor, it has attracted some viral interest and what appears to be significant growth. As the founder explained on the company’s website, the idea for the product struck her as a pre-teen when […]

Little Elf Turned A High School Senior’s Brilliant Idea And Bidding War Into ‘Shark Tank’ Success

The idea for Little Elf came to Bryan Perla — a student who struggled with reading due to his dyslexia but had a knack for coming up with big ideas — when he was a high school senior. Perla was able to ride the idea to Shark Tank success, allowing his company, which takes the […]

Here’s Why Kit Lender Saw A Boost In Business After Faltering On ‘Shark Tank’

Kit Lender failed to earn the support of the Shark Tank investors during its appearance late last year, but it still managed to find a boost in its holiday business for its efforts. The company was featured in a December 2019 episode of the ABC reality show that was revisited again this month. While the […]

Beardaments Continues To Grow Viral Buzz After Successful ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Many companies come to Shark Tank hoping not only to score some funding to fuel their growth but also to generate some viral buzz that will help them better connect with potential customers. Beardaments already had the second part down long before it appeared on the ABC reality show. The unusual business, which sells lights […]

Easy Treezy Continues To Win Over Customers, Earn Good Reviews Despite ‘Shark Tank’ Disappointment

Easy Treezy came out of its Shark Tank appearance last year with almost everything that a small company could want — some good reviews, customer support, and viral buzz. Everything, that is, but an investment from one of the sharks. The company, which sells pre-lit and easy-to-assemble Christmas trees, was featured in a 2019 episode […]

Peanut Butter Pump Is A Viral Sensation, Even With No ‘Shark Tank’ Deal

The Peanut Butter Pump was looking to score some cash on its Shark Tank appearance, but the viral buzz that the unique product has generated online appears to be a good consolation prize. As USA Today noted, the company that was originally featured in a November, 2019, episode, and revisited again in August, 2020, was […]

Dog Threads Continues To Generate Buzz, Expand After ‘Shark Tank’ Investment

Dog Threads came to Shark Tank with a unique business model and a tempting proposition, and left with an infusion of cash and some viral interest. The Minnesota-based company makes matching outfits for family dogs and their people, ultimately scoring a $250,000 investment from billionaire Mark Cuban. As SWNewsmedia reported, Long Lake couple Gina and […]

Baubles & Soles Looks To Make Good On Big ‘Shark Tank’ Gamble

The owners of Baubles & Soles made a big gamble on Shark Tank last year, offering a unique deal to the skittish investors to buy back the original investment after a few years. The unlikely pitch was a success, ultimately leading to an infusion of funds for the growing shoe company, but also put some […]

The Yard Milkshake Bar Continues To Expand, Open New Locations After ‘Shark Tank’ Success

The Yard Milkshake Bar found success, and a bit of controversy, during its time on Shark Tank. Now the maker of specialty milkshakes has found a way to continue expanding despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The Alabama-based eatery has ridden the wave of momentum from the successful appearance and the viral buzz generated […]

Plop Star Continues To Chug Along After Not-So-Hot ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Plop Star didn’t initially have the greatest go-round on Shark Tank, with light sales leading to a lack of investments in the stink-covering outfit. But the bad reviews and the lack of cash apparently hasn’t slowed down the company, which has continued to build up its online presence after its initial appearance last year. The […]

Snacklins Takes Major Leap After ‘Shark Tank,’ Now Selling On Amazon And Other Major Stores

The founders of Snacklins joked after starting the company in 2016 that he should appear on Shark Tank. When the business finally got its chance last year, the appearance helped bring an explosion in attention and sales that now has the product on the shelves of some major food sellers. Snacklins was originally featured in […]

After ‘Shark Tank’ Fame, Bug Bite Thing Is Now The Best-Selling Bite Treatment On Amazon

Bug Bite Thing did more than just score some investment cash from its Shark Tank appearance last year, they are now a top-selling insect bite treatment. The company, which was originally featured in an October 2019 episode of the ABC reality show that is being revisited in July 2020, has a unique approach to annoying […]

Knife Aid Continues To Generate Viral Buzz Since ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Knife Aid made quite the impression on the investors on Shark Tank, and the mail-in blade-sharpening business has continued to generate some viral buzz in the months that followed the memorable appearance. The company was featured on a Season 11 episode of the ABC reality show, airing in October 2019. As Inc. reported at the […]

Squid Socks Had Explosion In Sales After ‘Shark Tank,’ Overwhelming Company’s Living Room Headquarters

Sometimes, a huge investment on Shark Tank can be a double-edged sword for the tiniest of companies that appear on the show. Squid Socks found that out firsthand last year. The Washington-based company scored some viral attention after appearing on an October 2019 episode of the ABC reality show, not only generating some significant social […]

Aira Launched New Product To ‘Evolve’ The Wireless Charging Industry Months After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Aira scored a big investment on Shark Tank last year, and continued to build on the momentum and viral interest that the appearance generated. The Arizona-based outfit appeared on the ABC reality show in October 2019 to pitch its free-position wireless charging surface, earning some significant interest. They ultimately were able to get three of […]

After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance Ends Without A Deal, Baobab Finds A Way To Expand During Coronavirus Crisis

Baobab may have left Shark Tank without a deal, but the polo shirt-making company has found another business opportunity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As TV Insider noted, the company appeared on the ABC reality show back in October 2019, seeking $100,000 for a 10 percent share from one of the investors; ultimately […]

Eterneva Called Out As A ‘Scam’ After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance, But Experts Disagree

Eterneva scored a big deal on Shark Tank last year — then got hit with an equally big controversy. The unique company was featured back in October 2019, capturing some viral attention for an unusual product that turned the cremated remains of deceased loved ones into artificial diamonds that the customer could display in the […]

TaDah Foods See ‘Off-The Charts’ Success After ‘Shark Tank’ Episode, Founder Says

It took TaDah Foods nine years since its founding to gain a national presence, and now its successful Shark Tank episode has helped the company go international. The company that makes a range of high-quality East Mediterranean products was featured on the season premiere of the show’s Season 11, leading to a $500,000 investment from […]

The Baby Toon Has Scored Another Big Deal Since Last Year’s ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

The Baby Toon has been on a roll since first appearing on Shark Tank last year. Young founder Cassidy Crowley invented a baby spoon made out of a soft, flexible FDA-grade silicone so it can be easier on the often-sore gums of babies who are teething — even doubling as a teething toy. Her pitch […]

MinusCal’s Online Presence Disappears, Product Listings Gone After Being Ripped On ‘Shark Tank’ Episode

MinusCal’s founders went on Shark Tank with the hope of scoring a major sponsorship deal to take the weight-loss snack bar company to the next level. Instead, the disastrous appearance appears to have led an an abrupt end for the product’s presence online. The company was featured on the premiere episode of Season 11, airing […]

Blueland Has Used Its ‘Shark Tank’ Fame To Push For A Much Bigger Goal — Environmental Justice

Blueland did more than just score a major sponsorship deal after appearing on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. The personal care and household cleaning product company was featured on the season premiere of the reality television show’s 11th season, premiering last September and leading to a major investment from “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary. As […]

Colin Jost Pokes Fun At His Own Appearance In New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Photo

Saturday Night Live head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost took to Instagram to poke fun at his own appearance in an updated cast photo featuring the current comedians and stars of the show’s 45th season. In the accompanying caption to the three-part photo upload, which features all 17 current cast members, Colin stated […]

Kim Kardashian Reveals Love For ‘Shark Tank’ Products & Fans Clap Back On Twitter

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to reveal her love for a product featured on the ABC series Shark Tank, asking her followers if anyone had tried the ones specifically formulated for cleaning. She likely did not expect the response she received from users who clapped back at her social media query. It appears that Kim […]

Selena Gomez Poses With ‘Shark Tank’ Crew In Adorable Dream Come True As She Visits Set Of Her Favorite Show

Selena Gomez celebrated her birthday in July, but she just got her best gift. In honor of her 27th birthday, the “Come and Get It” singer was treated to a surprise visit to the set of the ABC reality show Shark Tank. The set visit was arranged for Gomez courtesy of her thoughtful besties — […]

Selena Gomez Shows Off Long, Lean Legs While Roller Skating

Selena Gomez showed off her roller skating abilities in her latest Instagram post. In the series of photos, the 27-year-old poses in a roller rink. In the first image, Selena poses gracefully as she sits in the middle of the rink with her arm outstretched. The former Disney Channel star wore a tied up, floral […]

Selena Gomez Gets The Surprise Of Her Life With ‘Shark Tank’ 27th Birthday Gift

Selena Gomez had a very happy birthday, and her best friends gave her the gift that keeps on giving — until September, at least. The “Come and Get It” singer, who turned 27 years old on July 22, posted an adorable video to Instagram one week after she celebrated her special day, revealing that her […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star’s Brother Found Dead In Dominican Republic

The brother of Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran was found dead in a hotel room in the Dominican Republic. Jonathan Corcoran’s death occurred in April, reported Fox News. “John Corcoran passed away at the end of April in the DR from what is believed to be natural causes. He loved and frequently visited the Dominican […]

‘Shark Tank’ Mogul Barbara Corcoran Jumps Out Of Coffin At Funeral-Themed 70th Birthday Bash

Barbara Corcoran celebrated her 70th birthday in an unusual way. In honor of her milestone day, the Shark Tank mogul hosted a belated birthday bash in New York City in which she staged her own “funeral,” complete with a creepy coffin. Corcoran’s guests arrived at a Fifth Avenue penthouse to find the ABC star lying […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Says Robert Kraft Should Take Deal In Prostitution Case

Daymond John, one of the stars of Shark Tank and a pretty savvy businessman, recently offered some advice to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Kraft was offered a deal after police discovered he was part of a prostitution sting they conducted at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, located in Jupiter, Florida. Police investigating […]

Morninghead On ‘Shark Tank’: Where Are They Now?

When Max Valverde tried to turn his bad hair days into a great business idea, he decided to swim with the Sharks. Valverde appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 to pitch Morninghead, his solution for messy morning hair, and it remains one of the most memorable products ever seen on the ABC reality show. To […]

Chapul Cricket Bars On ‘Shark Tank’: Where Are They Now?

In 2014, ABC’s Shark Tank moguls — Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec — were approached by Salt Lake City entrepreneur Pat Crowley with a health food product, unlike anything they’d seen before. Crowley’s pitch? Energy bars made with sustainable, protein-rich cricket flour. Corcoran wasn’t sure she wanted to try […]