Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reportedly Announcing Gubernatorial Run

A once-prominent member of former President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly set to announce their campaign to move into the governor’s mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas. Per a Twitter report from The Washington Post‘s Josh Dawsey, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will officially enter The Natural State’s 2022 gubernatorial race on Monday. Per Dawsey, the 38-year-old — […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Told Sarah Sanders To ‘Take One For The Team’ After Kim Jong Un Winked At Her

President Donald Trump reportedly told former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to “take one for the team” after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gave her a flirty wink. As The Guardian reported in a preview of Sanders’ new memoir, Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives, she claimed […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Issues Rare Apology For Mocking Joe Biden’s Stutter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked Joe Biden on Thursday, mocking the former vice president for having a stutter. The backlash was swift and intense, prompting Sanders to issue a rare apology, saying that she didn’t know Biden had struggled to overcome a speech impediment. According to CBS News, it all started when Sanders tweeted her attack […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Who Attacked Comedian Making Jokes About Her Looks, Now Mocks Joe Biden’s Stutter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appears to have done an about-face on the topic of publicly mocking others. The former White House press secretary famously shot back at Michelle Wolf after the comedian made reference to her looks at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but Sanders has now decided to try out some insult comedy of […]

Donald Trump Will Definitely Run For 3rd Term, Says Mike Huckabee, Who Claims He Will Chair 2024 Campaign

Donald Trump has repeatedly told what he says are jokes about the possibility that he will stay in office beyond the two-term limit imposed by the Consitution. Most recently, at a Tuesday rally in Pennsylvania, Trump said that he may remain in the White House for another 29 years, making him 102-years-old. But on Thursday, […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Who Told Robert Mueller She Lied To Reporters, Says ‘I Don’t Like Being Called A Liar’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted in a private interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller that she lied to reporters about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, making what she knew to be an unfounded statement that he was not supported by members of the bureau. Now removed from the White House and considering seeking her […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Donald Trump Reads ‘More Than Anybody’ She Knows

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke with Fox News’ Steve Hilton on Sunday, During the appearance, she countered the portrait of Donald Trump from the book A Warning, which paints the president as someone with a low attention span, Newsweek reports. “I’ve watched this process play out so many times, sat in […]

Sarah Sanders Reportedly Eyeing A Run For Arkansas Governor After Leaving Donald Trump White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been making appearances on cable news, has written a new book, and is making paid speeches across the country, but her next step may be running for governor in her home state of Arkansas. According to The New York Times, the former press secretary for Donald Trump has been re-acquainting herself […]

Sean Spicer Pal Sarah Sanders Reveals Her Whole Family Votes To Keep Him On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders revealed that her entire family votes for her former colleague Sean Spicer on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars as he competes for a mirrorball in Season 28. During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Sanders said that her entire family watches every week, reported Fox News. “Between my […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blasted After Complaining About Attacks From Women

Current Fox News contributor and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was blasted after she claimed in an appearance on Fox News that she was “relentlessly” attacked by women. The former White House press secretary and daughter of former Arizona Gov. Mike Huckabee recently made an appearance on Fox & Friends. According to […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Joining Fox News As A Contributor

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is joining Fox News as a contributor. The former White House press secretary, who left the Trump administration two months ago, will now appear on the network providing political commentary, according to Variety. Sanders worked for Donald Trump first during his campaign for president and later in his White House. She served […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Could End Up On Fox News, Says A Former White House Source

While Donald Trump hinted that Sarah Huckabee Sanders could be heading back to her home state of Arkansas to run for governor at some point, others in the White House think it is just a matter of time before she turns up on Fox News to defend the president. The Hollywood Reporter says that while […]

Jim Carrey Says ‘Good Riddance’ To Sarah Huckabee Sanders In Scathing New Cartoon

Actor and artist Jim Carrey, who has used many of his pieces to attack President Donald Trump, posted another piece of original artwork on Twitter Friday, this time portraying former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Newsweek reports that the cartoon drawing of Sanders shows her praying to what looks like a crucifix with […]

These 5 People Could Replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders As Press Secretary

After three and a half years on the job, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is stepping down from her post as press secretary at the end of the month, according to The New York Times. President Donald Trump made the announcement through his Twitter account. The mother-of-three reportedly hopes to move back to Arkansas amid whispers that […]

Trump Thanks Sarah Sanders For Three-And-A-Half Years Of Service — A Year Longer Than He’s Been In Office

Donald Trump is so grateful for Sarah Huckabee Sanders that he’s apparently lost all sense of time. On Thursday, the president took to Twitter to announce that the embattled press secretary would be leaving the White House, and thanked her for her three-and-a-half years of service in the White House. As the internet quickly pointed […]

Trump Tweets Sarah Sanders Is Leaving The White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has been serving as White House press secretary for Donald Trump since Sean Spicer left the position, is preparing to leave that post by the end of June to return to her home state of Arkansas, according to a tweet from Trump’s official account. The Hill says that Trump announced Thursday […]

Michelle Wolf Blasts Trump For Skipping Correspondents’ Dinner Again: ‘He Doesn’t Have Big Enough Spine’

Michelle Wolf, who knows a thing or two about getting under the president’s skin, blasted Donald Trump for deciding to skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner for the third time. On Friday during a press conference, Trump announced that he would skip the event and instead hold a rally. He blasted the Correspondents’ Dinner for […]

Trump Accused Of Gaslighting Americans After Claiming Mueller Report Exonerates Him, When In Fact It Does Not

Attorney General William Barr wrote to the Congress summarizing the contents of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Sunday evening, concluding that the special counsel did not find any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. As for the charges relating to obstruction of justice, Mueller reportedly did not exercise his prosecutorial judgment. […]

White House Refuses To Rule Out Pardon For Manafort

In a Monday press conference, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that President Donald Trump has not yet ruled out the possibility of granting a pardon to his convicted former campaign manager Paul Manafort. According to Politico, Sanders tried to shut down speculation that the president was about to issue a pardon any day […]

Sarah Sanders Interviewed By Robert Mueller’s Office

FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller has slowly but surely been interviewing everyone close to President Donald Trump since his investigation started 18 months ago. Plenty of those people have been arrested and indicted on criminal charges as well, with the count of guilty pleas standing at 34 so far. On Friday, White House Press Secretary […]

Sarah Sanders Mocked For Suggesting That Border Wall Could Have Stopped ‘El Chapo’

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders celebrated the conviction of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman on 10 federal counts, but her tweet invited scorn from a number of Twitter users. Sanders, whose job is to defend the president’s policies in front of the media, insinuated that Guzman’s conviction was tied to Donald Trump’s campaign promise […]

Facts Prove Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Claim Of 4,000 Terrorists Detained At Southern Border False

Last week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that 4,000 possible terrorists were detained in the previous year at the U.S.-Mexico border, and that claim has proven false. According to a Huffington Post report, the U.S. stopped a mere six migrants as potential terrorists at the southern border of the United States. The […]

Amid Shutdown Crisis, Trump Plans Visit To U.S. Southern Border, White House Says

Amid the impasse to fund the federal government, it was announced on Monday that President Donald Trump was planning a visit to the U.S. southern border sometime next week. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted the announcement on her Twitter account. “President @realDonaldTrump will travel to the Southern border on Thursday to meet with those […]

Fox News Calls Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Pushing False Claim That Terrorists Are Sneaking Past Border

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is claiming that thousands of terrorists are crossing the Mexico border into the United States, but Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace challenged the claim in a contentious interview on Sunday. Speaking to Wallace in an interview, Sanders defended a claim from Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that thousands of “special interest […]

The Government Shutdown Could Last Months Or Even Years, According To Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The recent partial government shutdown set in place by President Trump is currently breaking records as the third longest shutdown in history. Trump threatened a government shutdown if Democrats did not come to an agreement in regards to funding for the border wall. He followed through on his threat by initiating the shutdown at the […]

Trump Claims Support For Border Wall At Short Press Appearance In White House

Joined by members of the National Border Patrol Council on Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump spoke briefly at the Press Briefing Room in the White House on his belief that there’s a strong need for a wall at the nation’s southern border. During his remarks on border security, Trump claimed his proposal for a border […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wants To Leave Trump Administration But No One Else Will Hire Her, Report Claims

In June, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her deputy press secretary Raj Shah were reportedly looking to leave the White House by 2019. Now, even as her role has diminished within the West Wing, Sanders doesn’t appear to be preparing to leave, and reportedly, that’s because she’s having a hard time finding anywhere else […]

Trump ‘Willing To Negotiate’ On Border Wall But Democrats ‘Left The Table Altogether,’ Sarah Sanders Says

As the government enters day seven of a partial shutdown, blame is being passed back and forth between President Donald Trump and the Democrats, who have both cited each other as the reason why a solution cannot be found. For White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, CBS News reported, the problem isn’t a willingness to […]

CNN Slammed By Sanders, Others For ‘Attack’ On Trump Signing ‘MAGA’ Hats For Troops During Visit

CNN is under fire by White House officials after publishing a story speculating a violation of Department of Defense rules during President Donald Trump’s surprise trip to visit U.S. military troops in Iraq, the Hill reported. As previously noted by the Inquisitr, an article published by the news network on Wednesday, December 26, cited a […]

Trump Tweets USMCA Will Pay For Border Wall, But Experts Are Skeptical

The United States Mexico Canada Agreement, a trade deal which replaced NAFTA earlier this year, is already paying for a proposed border wall on the southern border due to the immense savings the deal has created, according to President Donald Trump. The president tweeted as much on Wednesday morning, although some experts are skeptical about […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Heckled By Reporters After Ending Press Briefing Early: ‘Do Your Job, Sarah!’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders earned the ire of the White House press corps this week after she ended the only press briefing in the entire month of December early, prompting one reporter to yell, “Do your job, Sarah!” The incident took place on Tuesday as the White House Press Secretary left the podium after only a […]

Anderson Cooper Blasts Sarah Huckabee Sanders And Her ‘Honest’ Hypocrisy

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed yesterday she hopes to be remembered as “transparent and honest.” Anderson Cooper had some pointed words to say on that subject later in the day. According to the Huffington Post, the CNN host of Anderson Cooper 360 played the footage of Sanders’ comments during his show. Many […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Trump’s Insults Toward Female Journalists A Sign Of Equality

U.S. President Donald Trump is well known for his abuses of the media and individual journalists in his attempts to delegitimize the free press. While male journalists face plenty of vitriol from the commander in chief, his attacks on female journalists seem to be far more personal in nature. Many are furious with his comments […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Often Accused Of Lying, Hopes She Is Remembered For Being ‘Transparent And Honest’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary criticized for bending the truth and pushing stances from Donald Trump later revealed to be untrue, said she hopes that she leaves a legacy for being “transparent and honest.” Sanders is expected to be leaving her post at the end of the year, and this week opened […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claps Back At Mike Huckabee, Tells Him ‘Leave The False Statements’ To Your Daughter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has turned Twitter burns into an art form. The newly elected congresswoman from New York has used the social media platform to push what she calls the Green New Deal, an ambitious plan aimed at curbing carbon emissions and addressing economic growth. But this plan also put her in the crosshairs of former […]

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Says Mueller Probe ‘Undermines Our Relationship With Russia’

President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a critical tone on Friday, suggesting that the continuation of an investigation into Russia’s meddling in our nation’s elections in 2016 is hurting our relationship with that country. Using rhetoric that is similar to how the president labels the investigation, Sanders blasted the investigation as a […]

CNN Debuts ‘Facts First’ Real-Time Fact-Checking During White House Press Briefing

CNN on Monday launched a new front in the seemingly never-ending fake news wars. The White House Monday afternoon held its first press briefing in nearly a month. When it began, CNN ran the briefing live, but added a new feature called “CNN Facts First,” as pointed out on Twitter by Lis Power of Media […]

White House Issues New ‘Decorum’ Rules, And Journalists Aren’t Happy With Them

Following the restoration of CNN’s Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials, the White House has released new rules related to decorum for journalists to follow. But many journalists on social media are pointing out how the new rules would allow the president or other White House staff to easily revoke privileges in the […]

White House Responds To Acosta Ruling: There Is ‘No Absolute Right’ For Press To ‘Access The White House’

CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who had his press credentials suspended by the administration of President Donald Trump earlier this month after a testy exchange between the reporter and the chief executive, won temporary relief to continue covering events at the White House on Friday. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to the […]

White House Fires Back At CNN-Jim Acosta Lawsuit, Calling It ‘Grandstanding,’ Promising A ‘Vigorous Defense’

The White House has responded to CNN’s lawsuit over the credentials of its reporter Jim Acosta, calling it “grandstanding” and promising a “vigorous defense,” MSN is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on Monday, CNN filed suit against the Trump White House over its handling of an altercation between reporter Jim Acosta and a […]

J.K. Rowling Sues Ex-Assistant For $31,000 For Allegedly Stealing Money To Go On A Shopping Spree And Buy Cats

Author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, is suing her former assistant for using her business credit card to go on a shopping spree, also charging that the former assistant had stolen expensive Harry Potter toys and cash, reports E! News. The ex-assistant in question, Amanda Donaldson, worked for the author from February 2014 […]

White House Revokes CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta’s Media Pass After Heated Press Conference

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed on Wednesday evening that the media credentials for CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta had been revoked “until further notice.” Acosta announced on his Twitter account that he had been barred from entering the White House for an event there on Wednesday, just before 8 p.m. Eastern Time, reported […]

CNN Blasts White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders For Claiming They Said Trump Was Responsible For Bombings

CNN is striking back against White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders after she claimed that the network “blamed responsibility” for pipe bombings on Donald Trump — which CNN says is a lie. In a contentious session with reporters on Monday, CNN’s Jim Acosta pressed Sanders to specify which news organizations and journalists were the “enemy […]

President Trump, First Lady Plan Tuesday Visit To Tree Of Life Synagogue

President Donald Trump, along with first lady Melania Trump, will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday to show their support for the Jewish community after a horrific mass shooting at a synagogue that occurred over the weekend that resulted in 11 individuals being killed. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced on Monday that Trump and […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Violated Ethics Rules With Kanye West Tweet

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, used her official White House Twitter account to post a picture of herself with Kanye West. This action constitutes a violation of ethics rules. The reason for the ethics issue, according to a Huffington Post report, is that in the photo, West has on a red “Make America […]

Alyssa Milano Rips Trump For Mocking Christine Blasey Ford, Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders Out For Defending Him

Actress and #MeToo movement activist Alyssa Milano appeared on MSNBC to condemn President Trump for taunting Christine Blasey Ford during a Mississippi rally the evening prior — and to blast the Republican Party for what she sees as a failure to collectively denounce sexual abuse on an institutional level, on Wednesday, October 3. Since her […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends Dwindling Number Of White House Press Briefings

The White House seems to be holding fewer and fewer press conferences these days, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended the practice, The Hill reports. Sanders appeared on Fox News Sunday and argued that the press briefings are not really needed these days. She said that since President Trump is willing and open to questions during […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Every Supreme Court Nominee Deserves A Vote, Forgetting About Merrick Garland

Sarah Huckabee Sanders rose to the defense of Brett Kavanaugh this week, saying that every Supreme Court nominee deserves a hearing and a vote. Merrick Garland may want a word with her. The White House press secretary spoke on Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning, saying that Kavanaugh should get an up or down vote […]

Trump Says Sarah Huckabee Sanders Had A ‘Nervous Breakdown’ Because Of His Behavior

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a “nervous breakdown” because of how Donald Trump behaved following the death of Senator John McCain, the president himself claimed in an interview with Bloomberg. Trump and McCain shared a sour relationship, with the former often mocking the Vietnam war veteran and feuding with him publicly over […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders May Attend John McCain’s Funeral Even Though Trump Was Not Invited

While the American flag flies at half-staff at the White House as funeral plans are made for Senator John McCain, America is wondering if their president will attend the funeral of the former war hero. McCain, who died of brain cancer at the age of 81 on Saturday, “will be laid to rest at the […]