Preregistration For The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Opens For U.S. Customers

South Korean smartphones and electronics major Samsung Electronics has opened the preregistration formalities for its upcoming flagship grade Android smartphone lineup: the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. According to Android Authority, the Samsung USA website now has a link that directs users to a sign-up page. On this page, potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S20 […]

Samsung Launches The Galaxy Tab S6 5G, The World’s First 5G Tablet, In South Korea

Earlier today, South Korean smartphones and electronics giant Samsung launched a 5G variant of its flagship Android tablet in its home country. The launch of the new device — called the Galaxy Tab S6 5G — was made public through a Korean-language press release in which Samsung outlined its detailed specifications and features. The company […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Appears In Leaked Images Weeks Before Official Launch

Popular German tech blog WinFuture has posted the first-ever images of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, weeks before its official unveiling. Apart from the detailed pictures of the phone, WinFuture also revealed key specifications of the handset. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was expected to be officially announced at the 2020 […]

New Samsung Galaxy S11 Leaks Tease Exciting New Camera And Display Details

The Samsung Galaxy S11 might not be expected to arrive until early next year, but a number of reports have emerged in recent weeks, purporting to show the South Korean tech giant’s next flagship and its key features and specifications ahead of its launch. The latest such leaks suggest that the Galaxy S11 might try […]

Most U.S. Variants Of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Might Reportedly Come With Exynos Processor

For several years, all Samsung Galaxy variants sold in the U.S. have shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors under the hood, as opposed to most international versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, which have been powered by the company’s own Exynos chips. However, a new rumor hints that Samsung might be changing things […]

Leaked Pictures From Galaxy Note 10 Release Could Show The End Of The Headphone Jack Era Forever

The end of the headphone jack era is nigh, a new leak from the Galaxy Note 10 release shows. As c|net reported, details that are coming out ahead of Samsung’s big release show that the company is finally joining the rest of the pack by ditching the headphone jack. “In new leaked images shared by […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specifications Could Reportedly Include Better Water Resistance, Lower-End Display

New details have emerged on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ahead of its scheduled August 7 launch date, and while some of these details hint at some improved specifications for the company’s long-running phablet, there’s also a possibility that the upcoming Note 10 will come with a substantially downgraded display. According to a report from […]

Samsung Announces New Galaxy Fold Launch Date

Samsung has officially announced it will be releasing its highly anticipated foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, in September, according to a report from CNET. The Galaxy Fold was initially unveiled earlier this year and later made available for pre-orders. The company also sent out a number of review models to popular tech YouTubers and journalists […]

Samsung Reportedly Working On Galaxy Fold Successor With Vertical Folding Design

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has yet to be seen in stores after the company indefinitely postponed its originally scheduled April release date due to various issues with the phone’s display. However, a new report from Samsung’s home country of South Korea suggests that the tech giant is working on at least two upcoming foldable phones, […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is ‘Ready To Hit The Market’ With Most Display Issues ‘Ironed Out,’ Company Exec Says

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was expected to be ready for release in April, but a slew of online reviews complaining about multiple issues with the foldable phone’s display had pushed its release date back indefinitely. Although Samsung has yet to officially announce a new release schedule for the Galaxy Fold, one of the company’s executives […]

Huawei Delays Its Foldable Smartphone After Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Issues

In February, Huawei unveiled its first foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X, during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The Mate X is expected to feature an 8-inch wraparound OLED display, a 4,500mAh battery, Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor, and a host of other impressive specs, including 5G. After the initial announcement, the company mentioned […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Reportedly Ditch Headphone Jack And Physical Buttons

Samsung has traditionally eschewed a number of trends in the smartphone industry, such as the removal of the once-ubiquitous headphone jack that started with Apple’s iPhone 7 in 2016. However, a new report suggests that the South Korean tech giant will finally be doing away with the feature, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Leaked In New Color Option

Samsung’s two flagship phones, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, could soon be available in a fifth color scheme, as a recent leak has revealed the new Cardinal Red option for both devices. As reported by The Verge, the leaks came from Roland Quandt of German tech blog, and suggest that the red […]

Here’s How Samsung Is Reportedly Fixing Galaxy Fold Ahead Of New Release Date

Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s expected late April release date, numerous reports emerged claiming that the much-hyped device’s screen would break after just a few days of use. These included a report from The Verge’s Dieter Bohn, who claimed last month that his review unit had a “small bulge” that was big enough to […]

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Fold Cancellation

Samsung has officially confirmed the cancellation of its folding smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, according to a report from Forbes. The device was previously put up for pre-orders and the company sent out several review models to popular tech YouTubers and journalists. Unfortunately, just days after receiving the devices, many test users reported experiencing major […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Reportedly Might Come With Impressive 64-Megapixel Rear Camera

Following the announcement and release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 earlier this year, the South Korean tech giant’s next big reveal will be the Galaxy Note 10, the company’s next flagship phablet. With Samsung recently introducing two new camera sensors, including an unprecedented 64-megapixel unit, new reports suggest that the Note 10 — or next […]

AT&T Lists, Then Removes Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Supposed New Release Date

Following numerous advance reviews claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s foldable display broke after just a few days of use, the South Korean tech giant announced earlier this week that the device’s official release would be delayed indefinitely. In a statement published on the Samsung website, the company acknowledged that the Galaxy Fold “needs further […]

Samsung Issues Statement On Galaxy Fold Screen Damage Issues

Earlier this week, multiple reports suggested that Samsung’s new foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, was prone to breaking after just a few days of usage. As noted by CNBC, prominent tech journalists such as The Verge’s Dieter Bohn and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman separately complained about issues with their review units, with the former reporting a […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Release Date Revealed In New ‘Korea Herald’ Report

Together with the rest of the Galaxy S10 line and the much-hyped Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was announced at the company’s Unpacked event in San Francisco on February 20. But with this particular variant coming with a form of connectivity that is still far away from taking off, it wasn’t too surprising […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Be Followed By Two More Foldable Phones, ‘Bloomberg’ Reports

The Samsung Galaxy Fold won’t be out in stores until late next month, but rumors are already suggesting that the South Korean tech giant has not just one, but another two foldable devices due for release in the near future. In a report published Wednesday, Bloomberg wrote that Samsung’s upcoming foldable phones include a “clamshell-like” […]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Unveiled: Wireless Charging, Better Battery Life, And Cheaper Than Apple AirPods

If you’re even remotely invested in Apple’s ever-growing ecosystem of connected devices, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of AirPods. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds first released in December of 2016, and soon became the de facto solution for those looking for wireless audio with iOS integration. While the AirPods have been generally well received […]

Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone, Galaxy Fold Will Retail For $1,980

After plenty of speculation and anticipation, Samsung has finally lifted the curtain on their foldable phone. The company had teased the product back in November of 2018, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The South Korean multinational conglomerate unveiled their first foldable phone at the Galaxy Unpacked event earlier today, reports the Verge. The foldable […]

Samsung Might Have Confirmed Galaxy S10’s Release Date On US Pre-Order Site

Samsung has launched a U.S. pre-order site for the Galaxy S10 ahead of the device’s expected announcement next Wednesday, and it appears that the company has included a release date for what the company is referring to as “your next Galaxy device.” In a report published Thursday, TechRadar noted that pre-order customers can expect to […]

Samsung Teases Foldable Phone With New Video Posted Ahead Of ‘Unpacked’ Event

From the time Samsung announced that it would be holding a new “Unpacked” media event on February 20, it was presumed by most tech publications that the company would be using this as a launching pad for the Galaxy S10. Likewise, there have been whispers suggesting that Samsung’s rumored foldable phone, alternately referred to by […]

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Rumored Battery Capacity Specs Revealed By ‘Forbes’

Since news broke that Samsung will be holding a media event on February 20 — and presumably launching the Galaxy S10 on that day — a number of leaks and rumors have emerged, either corroborating previous reports or offering new details on the device’s features and specifications. If the latest such rumors are to be […]

Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Hints At Potential Selling Feature For Cryptocurrency Investors

With the Samsung Galaxy S10’s expected February 20 launch date growing closer, more and more details regarding the flagship phone appear to be emerging ahead of its arrival. While last week’s leaks mostly focused on a number of familiar features hinted at in past reports, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest leaks seem […]

Newly Leaked Photos Of Samsung Galaxy S10 With Cases Could Confirm Long-Rumored Features For Three Variants

The latest Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks have gone live, and with one month remaining before the South Korean company’s 10th-anniversary flagships arrive, the leaked photos could offer confirmation for a number of features and specifications that have been rumored for the past several months. As recapped by TechRadar, the photos were first shared on Twitter […]

New Report Reveals Foldable Samsung Galaxy F’s Rumored Specifications

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung might be unveiling its foldable phone, the unofficially named Galaxy F, together with the new Galaxy S10 flagship line at a press event next month. Prior to this, details on the upcoming device apart from its possible screen size were mostly scant, but a new […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus To Come With 1TB Variant, ‘Gizmodo UK’ Claims

A recent report offered several details about Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, including the possibility that its larger Galaxy S10 Plus variant might come with a 1TB model. Citing a source at an unnamed “major tech retailer,” Gizmodo U.K. wrote that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled at a Samsung Unpacked event that […]

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Possible Screen Sizes, Front Camera Setups Teased In Newly Leaked Renders

A new leak lends credence to rumors that Samsung will be releasing at least three Galaxy S10 variants with different screen sizes while utilizing a front camera setup that eliminates the need to include a notch, similar to the one found on Apple’s recent iPhones. According to GSM Arena, the new leaks come courtesy of […]

Samsung Reportedly Uses Twitter For iPhone To Hype Galaxy Note 9 Display

New reports suggest that Samsung was using a competitor’s product — Twitter for iPhone — to promote a feature on its latest flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 9. According to 9to5Mac, the post in question was shared on November 25 by the Samsung Nigeria Twitter account and first spotted over the weekend by tech blogger […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Have Nearly Nonexistent Bezels, New Leak Suggests

A new video posted by a regular mobile device leaker suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10 might come with extremely slim, barely existent bezels. A report from TechRadar cited a post from the Ice Universe Twitter account, which provided on Thursday a sneak peek at a screen protector purportedly designed for next year’s Galaxy S10 […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Get Giant-Sized Screen, Six Cameras, And 5G, ‘Wall Street Journal’ Reports

The latest rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, suggest that the device’s highest-end variant will come with an unprecedented number of cameras, as well as a display that’s even larger than that of this year’s Galaxy Note 9 phablet. Citing a report from the Wall Street Journal’s Timothy W. Martin, ZDNet wrote […]

New Pixel 3 Bug Renders Best Feature Useless

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL from Google have been hailed by many as the most innovated smartphones of the year. It is an amazing achievement to get such public support given that they are competing in the same category as the iPhone and Galaxy S line of phones. Unfortunately, the launch of the […]

iPhone XR Vs Galaxy Note 9 Vs Pixel 3 XL Vs OnePlus 6T: The Results Might Surprise You

There are a few things about smartphones that will come as a surprise to no one. First, smartphones are a highly competitive market. Second, 2018 was one of the best years for smartphones. There has been a bumper crop for both iPhones and Android phones. Third, every major smartphone company has raised prices on their […]

Apple Watch Could Be Getting FaceTime Camera Via Watch Band Based On Newly Granted Patent

For some reason, the tech industry keeps trying to recreate the Dick Tracy watch. No one really knows all of the properties of a Dick Tracy watch. It now refers to any wrist-worn device that can make audio and video phone calls, and perhaps launch a missile in a pinch. AppleInsider reports that a new […]

Samsung W2019 Flip Phone Announced In China With Flagship-Quality Specs, Ultra-Premium Pricing

Samsung recently followed up last year’s W2018 flip phone with a new device that offers a similar mix of throwback design qualities and present-day, high-end specifications. The South Korean company announced the W2019 at a media event in China earlier this week. This comes days after Samsung held its yearly developer’s conference in San Francisco […]

Samsung’s Foldable Phone To Arrive In First Half Of 2019, Per ‘Yonhap News’

A new report from South Korea has offered new details on the release of Samsung’s foldable phone, which was given a sneak peek at the company’s annual developer expo in San Francisco earlier this week. Citing a statement from Samsung mobile chief D.J. Koh, Yonhap News reported on Sunday that Samsung’s foldable phone, which is […]

Samsung Will Embrace The Notch In Upcoming Smartphones

Samsung is about to be the next notch in the iPhone’s belt. When iPhone X was first realized, the usual suspects on the Android side mocked, then stared in shocked disbelief at the sales numbers, then started cloning in record speed. It started with Chinese companies that no one ever heard of. Then it quickly […]

Samsung Shows Off Foldable Display For Mass Production Next Year

Samsung demonstrated earlier today that when it comes to smartphones, they know when to fold ’em. At their developer conference, they showed off their first folding display that is actually likely to hit the market. It should be in phones as early as next year. In a piece called, “Samsung’s ‘Infinity Flex Display’ demo shows […]

Samsung Teases Foldable Phones On Social Media, Possible Preview This Year

A few years ago, YouTubers looking to make a name for themselves were walking into Apple Stores and filming themselves bending plus-sized iPhones in the name of page views. Some people who were fond of keeping their phones in their back pockets and sitting on them were upset by the fact that large, thin phones […]

Galaxy S10: Samsung Might Remove Signature Feature From Next Year’s Flagship, Per ‘SamMobile’

Since the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, Samsung has included iris scanning as a key feature on all high-end Galaxy phones. However, a new report suggests that the technology might not be included on the Galaxy S10, as the South Korean company continues aiming for a nearly all-screen setup in front. According […]

New Details On Samsung Galaxy F Emerge Ahead Of Expected Preview

Regardless of whether you call it the Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy F, as it’s been referred to in various rumors from previous months, the South Korean company is working on a foldable phone, which might be partially unveiled at next week’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco. With days remaining before the upcoming […]

Apple Sells 46.9 Million iPhones And Makes $62.9 Billion In Revenue For September Quarter.

Apple can’t seem to stop printing money. Over the past couple of years, Apple has eliminated the headphone jack from new phones, removed Touch ID and the home button, and significantly raised the prices on new models. Despite these moves, Apple just posted another record quarter. Appleinsider breaks down the important numbers. “The average selling […]

Next Generation Apple Pencil Uncovered, Here Are The Expected Features

By now, everyone is expecting tomorrow’s Apple event to feature the unveiling of the next generation iPad Pro, consumer-level MacBook, and a new take on the Mac mini. But those are just the headliners. It is among all things possible that the smaller, supporting products will steal the show. Among those supporting actors is the […]

Samsung Preparing To Break Your Heart With The Galaxy S10 [Rumor]

Samsung has won a lot of people over with the Galaxy series of phones. Those fans were hard-won and cost billions in court fees and losses, not to mention goodwill. They seemingly started out by copying every detail of the iPhone from hardware to software to packing. Several court cases and embarrassing revelations later, they […]

iPhone XR Is 25 Percent Faster And 25 Percent Less Expensive Than Android’s Finest

Aren’t the mobile platform wars over? Are we not past the petty one-upmanship of synthetic benchmarking to see who smoked who in a meaningless drag race of electrons across a 5.5″ display? Absolutely not! And in the finest tradition of meaningless races, the hours-old iPhone XR from Apple is already soundly beating the pants off […]

LG Loses $13 On Every Smartphone Sale

Despite design changes and favorable coverage, LG is having a hard time making a profit on smartphone sales. Engadget applies numbers to this harsh reality. “If its mobile division didn’t exist at all, LG would certainly be having a better year. It managed to rack up a $748.8 billion KRW ($667.7 million) operating profit and […]

Brand Ambassador For Samsung Sued For Being Caught Using iPhone X

Samsung just gave Apple some of its best PR of the year — and it just so happens to have come during iPhone season. The problem arose when one of Samsung’s Russian brand ambassadors was caught in public using an iPhone instead of a Samsung phone. Appleinsider offers details. “Ksenia Sobchak was hired by Samsung […]

Italy Fines Apple And Samsung Over Software Updates That Slowed Phones

Italy’s anti-trust watchdog revealed on Wednesday that it will fine Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. 5 million euros, or about $5.7 million, each over complaints that the two mobile phone makers used software updates to slow down their devices, Reuters reported. Cupertino-based Apple was also hit with an additional fine of 5 million […]