Rush Limbaugh Deactivates His Twitter Account After Site Bans Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh is gone from Twitter, just hours after the site moved to permanently ban President Donald Trump. The conservative radio host appeared to deactivate his own account not long after the company announced that it was banning Trump for several violations of its rules. Trump had been temporarily suspended earlier in the week after […]

Donald Trump Appears To Lose A Major Ally As Rush Limbaugh Blasts His Election Challenges

Donald Trump’s court battle to challenge the results of the 2020 election seems to have lost the support of one of the president’s strongest allies. As Fox News reported, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted the president’s legal representation for failing to deliver on the promised “bombshells” they claimed would have revealed widespread fraud in […]

Distraught Caller Tells Rush Limbaugh He Would Die For Donald Trump, Slams Republican Leaders

A distraught man called into Rush Limbaugh’s talk radio show on Friday, slamming Republican Party leaders and saying that he would be willing to die for President Donald Trump. According to a video clip (which can be viewed below) posted by John Whitehouse, news director at the watchdog group Media Matters for America, the caller […]

Rush Limbaugh Says His Cancer Is Progressing And He Prays Every Night That He’ll Wake Up The Next Day

Radio host and conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh told his listeners that his recent lung cancer scans show his disease is moving in the “wrong direction” and there has been “some progression.” As The Sun reported, he said that his constant feeling of fatigue and the knowledge of his terminal disease weighs on him every day. […]

Donald Trump Calls LeBron James ‘Nasty,’ Attacks Black Lives Matter Movement In Rush Limbaugh Interview

Donald Trump slammed LeBron James in an interview with Rush Limbaugh on Friday, calling the NBA player a “hater” and “nasty” in his latest attack on the Los Angeles Lakers star. As The Daily Mail reported, Trump had harsh words for the former NBA MVP and sharp criticism for the Black Lives Matter movement, earning […]

Donald Trump Explodes At William Barr After Being Told Durham Report Won’t Be Ready By Election

During an appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show Friday, President Donald Trump ripped into Attorney General William Barr, The Washington Examiner reported. Limbaugh told the commander-in-chief that media reports stated that U.S. Attorney John Durham won’t complete his review of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe by November 3. Durham was appointed to investigate whether Mueller and […]

Barack Obama Slams Fox News & Rush Limbaugh At Joe Biden Campaign’s Virtual Fundraiser

During a virtual fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, former President Barack Obama took aim at the “media structure” that supports Donald Trump. As reported by The Washington Examiner, Obama took particular aim at the right-wing Fox News network and conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh. “What we have seen over the last […]

Rush Limbaugh Says ‘You Have To Understand The Literal Outrage’ Of Some Minneapolis Looters

The death of George Floyd at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has sparked protests, riots, and looting across the city. As reported by Breitbart, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh used Thursday’s edition of his radio program to touch on the death of Floyd, an African American whose pleas for help during his […]

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Anthony Fauci Of Conspiring To ‘Get Rid Of Donald Trump’

Conservative radio personality and Donald Trump ally Rush Limbaugh is again accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci of being part of a conspiracy to take down the president, Media Matters for America reported. “It’s just, it’s just — you know we’ve got all of these Hillary Clinton sympathizers still in the medical expert team here,” Limbaugh said […]

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Deep State’ Democrats Pushed George W. Bush Into War, Now Plotting Coup Against Donald Trump

On Friday, controversial talk radio host Rush Limbaugh offered an evidence-free theory about an alleged cabal of Democratic Party-supporting intelligence officials and their sinister plans to destroy Republican presidents, reports The Hill. According to Limbaugh, much like President Donald Trump, former President George W. Bush was not popular among deep state operatives — who preferred […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Strikes Back At Rush Limbaugh Over ‘Homophobic’ Attacks

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded to controversial comments made by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh — comments described by CNN writer Chelsea Jane as “homophobic,” per The Washington Post — during a CNN town hall Tuesday night, asserting that neither Limbaugh nor president Trump are qualified to “lecture anybody on family values.” Limbaugh, a longtime […]

Elizabeth Warren Slams Rush Limbaugh Over ‘Hateful And Offensive’ Attack On Pete Buttigieg

Only days after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, from President Donald Trump, controversial talk radio host Rush Limbaugh launched an attack on Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. While discussing the results of the New Hampshire primary — where Buttigieg came in second — Limbaugh said that Trump would “have fun” […]

White House Press Secretary Slams Press For Leaks In A Memo That She Encourages The Press To Leak

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham sent out a memo to various media outlets both slamming them for leaking details of a conversation earlier this week with Donald Trump — while also encouraging the press to leak that very memo. Washington Post reporter Erik Wemple tweeted a copy of the memo on Thursday, revealing the […]

Donald Trump To Award Rush Limbaugh The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

In the wake of conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh‘s revelation of his advanced lung cancer diagnosis, CNN reports that Donald Trump is planning to award him with the Medal of Freedom in the coming months. The president reportedly made the revelation to network anchors during a private lunch at the White House ahead of […]

Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed With ‘Advanced Lung Cancer,’ Says He Will Miss Shows During Treatment

Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh told his listeners on Monday that he has “advanced lung cancer,” Fox News reports. He also told his audience that he would miss some shows in the coming months as he undergoes treatment. During Monday’s program, Limbaugh revealed the news. With his characteristic sometimes-self-deprecating humor, joking that he doesn’t […]

Donald Trump & Rush Limbaugh Golf Photo Roasted On Twitter: ‘Six Wives Between Them’

The White House released a picture of Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh golfing together during the president’s long weekend vacation at his Florida resort, and Twitter is having a field day with it. Trump hit the links with the conservative radio host this weekend, just days after the release of a redacted version of the […]

‘Fox News’ Viewers Slam Chris Wallace For Standing Up To Limbaugh And Miller

Two interviews from Fox News host Chris Wallace are occupying the headlines of U.S. media on Sunday night: one with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and the other with White House Adviser Stephen Miller. Although the conservative network is not exactly famous for standing up to President Donald Trump’s agenda — as previously reported by […]

‘Fox News’ Host Chris Wallace Blasts Rush Limbaugh As A Hypocrite For Supporting Trump’s National Emergency

Fox News host Chris Wallace called out conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh as a hypocrite for supporting Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration after condemning Barack Obama for using his presidential powers to push through initiatives that couldn’t get through Congress. Wallace pointed out on Fox News Sunday that the talk show host had attacked former President […]

Rush Limbaugh Calls George HW Bush Media Tributes ‘Phony’

Once again, Rush Limbaugh is speaking his mind on a hot topic. As family members prepared to lay the late President George H.W. Bush to rest, tributes from fans, celebrities, and family members came pouring in. The elder Bush passed away on Friday, November 30. But not everyone thinks that the tributes are genuine. During […]

Rush Limbaugh Says ‘Doom And Gloom’ Forecasts Of Hurricane Florence Are Just A Ploy To Push Global Warming

Millions of Americans are preparing for the landfall of Hurricane Florence, predicted to be one of the strongest storms ever to hit the Carolinas, but Rush Limbaugh believes all the fuss is just a ploy to push the idea of global warming. This week, the conservative radio show host said he believes that the hurricane […]

‘He Was A Democrat’: Rush Limbaugh ‘Defends’ Roy Moore As GOP Faces Implosion

Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh recently offered up some unusual reasoning in defense of embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore is at the center of ever-widening charges of past sexual misconduct with young girls, but Limbaugh appeared to be throwing Moore a lifeline by pointing out his previous party membership. According to Limbaugh, Moore was a […]

Rush Limbaugh Said Irma Was A ‘Liberal Conspiracy,’ Now Evacuating His Palm Beach Mansion Ahead Of Hurricane

Rush Limbaugh told listeners this week that Hurricane Irma was a “liberal conspiracy” meant to draw attention to global warming, but now the conservative radio host has changed his tune and left his mansion in Florida ahead of the storm. Limbaugh generated controversy this week after he claimed that the media was manufacturing panic about […]

There Is A ‘Coup To Oust Donald Trump’: Rush Limbaugh

“There’s no evidence whatsoever” against Donald Trump in the many investigations that presently surround him, according to Rush Limbaugh. Breitbart reports that Limbaugh claims there is a coup to oust President Donald Trump. “There’s no evidence whatsoever. And yet there’s no end in sight to this.” “We’re wasting our time,” Limbaugh declared on air, confident […]

Rush Limbaugh: Hurricanes Are A Liberal Plot To Perpetuate Global Warming Myth

As millions of East Coast residents fled their homes this week, Rush Limbaugh went on the air to declare hurricanes a liberal plot designed to perpetuate the myth of global warming. On The Rush Limbaugh Show, the conservative talk show host suggested the National Hurricane Center was “playing games” with hurricane forecasting so the liberal […]

Rush Limbaugh Just Cracked Up Making Fun Of Gold Star Family

Rush Limbaugh knows how to win friends and influence people. His decades-long career in talk radio is proof of that. But usually he only wins one type of friend and influences one type of person — far-right conservatives. And on a recent episode of his program, he attempted to do just that by setting his […]

Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Bigot’ Who Tried To Stop a Black Guy And A Jewish Guy From Becoming President: Rush Limbaugh

Commenting on the WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks controversy, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh today joked that Hillary Clinton is or was a bigot because of the political campaigns that she waged against Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. Today is the first day of the Democratic nominating convention in Philadelphia, an event that has become engulfed in […]

‘Forbes’ Reveals Top 10 Highest-Earning Celebrities Of 2016

Forbes has released their annual “Highest-Paid Celebrity” list for 2016, and the numbers for the top 100 are absolutely mind-blowing. Just note that numbers 99 and 100 on the list, Gisele Bundchen and Britney Spears, each made $30.5 million and you can see where this list is heading. In total, the top 100 celebrities on […]

Donald Trump: Rush Limbaugh Won’t Endorse — ‘What Difference Does It Make Now?’

Even though Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee (now that all of his challengers have suspended their campaigns), he is still lacking one endorsement that would likely garner him support from erstwhile conservative voters: Rush Limbaugh. In a conversation captured by the Hill, Limbaugh was contacted by a Trump supporter who wanted to […]

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Cruz Is Winning, Not Cheating’

Rush Limbaugh, ever a controversial figure in politics, weighed in on Ted Cruz’s recent gain of delegates, saying that Cruz isn’t cheating, he’s merely winning. In fact, Rush says there’s no dishonesty whatsoever on the part of Cruz or the Republican establishment, according to Western Journalism, but that Donald Trump’s campaign just wasn’t familiar with […]

Rush Limbaugh: Responsible For Donald Trump?

Rush Limbaugh bears responsibility for Donald Trump’s rise in the polls and the subsequent disaster that has befallen the Republican Party, says a prominent conservative. Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and now a columnist for the Washington Post, laid the blame for Trump’s ascent at Limbaugh’s feet in his March […]

Rush Limbaugh Claims GOP Insiders And ‘Establishment Types’ Are Backing Donald Trump Because They Hate Ted Cruz And Conservatism

For the 2016 presidential run, the Republican Party has plenty of nominees for conservatives to choose from for the candidacy. Some of the big names on the list include Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. However, the biggest name on the list, the one touching the hearts of many aggressive conservatives (especially the ones […]

Millennials Are Smarter And Wealthier Than You, But Much Worse Off

Millennials are often criticized by people on both sides of the political aisle for being too easily offended, too whiny, too lazy, and too entitled. Everyone from the liberal author Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) to Rush Limbaugh have taken their shots. One Millennial even recently penned a viral blog post criticizing her generation. The […]

Rush Limbaugh Says It’s Time To Disband The Republican Party, Elect Democrats

Rush Limbaugh, titan of conservative talk radio, has just done the unthinkable. No, this is not a satire piece. He actually called for the disbanding of the Republican Party, and perhaps even more surprising, he said that it’s time to elect all Democrats. This being Rush Limbaugh, however, you might have already realized there is […]

Darth Vader, ‘Star Wars’ Racist? Melissa Harris-Perry Takes A Galaxy-Wide Reach

Star Wars fans will likely think that MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has joined the dark side of the Force with her recent claims that Darth Vader is a representation of how racist Star Wars really is. The MSNBC host made the Darth Vader claims during her eponymous talk show, and it was enough to get […]

Rush Limbaugh Says Donald Trump Is Playing The Media Like A Stradivarius And ‘Reuters’ Lied In Failed Attempt To Bring Trump Down

Many are baffled by Donald Trump’s continued success, despite his constantly being tangled in one politically incorrect statement or another, but Rush Limbaugh is not among them. Since announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has been a lightning rod for controversy. An equal opportunity offender of both liberals and conservatives including women, Mexicans, John […]

NASA Mars Discovery A Hoax, Rush Limbaugh Claims — Part Of ‘Leftist’ Climate Change ‘Agenda’

NASA made what it touted as a discovery that could change the way we look at Mars, the nearest planet to Earth in our solar system. But at least one well-known radio personality, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh — isn’t buying it. NASA on Monday said that researchers found evidence of actual, flowing streams […]

Donald Trump Intentionally Tanking The GOP? Analyst Believes So

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been fraught with blunders – to say the least – from its inception a few weeks ago. In his announcement that he was running for president, Donald Trump went out of his way to insult Mexicans, calling them “drug dealers” and “rapists.” The backlash was almost immediate, with Univision cutting […]

American Flag A ‘Symbol Of Hate’? Rush Limbaugh Says It ‘Won’t Be Long’

The American Flag is quickly on its way to becoming a “symbol of hate,” and liberals are pretty much to blame. That’s at least the sentiment of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. Amid the fallout of the Charleston, South Carolina, shootings, which left nine black Christians dead at the hands of white supremacist shooter […]

Rush Limbaugh Rating Woes Continue: No Audience For Hate-Filled Radio Troll? [Opinion]

Rush Limbaugh and his rating-related woes are a source of amusement for those who can’t stand the hate monger. It’s hard NOT to be amused watching the downward spiral of a loudmouth whose primary claim to fame is divisiveness and ignorance. Rush Limbaugh’s advertiser exodus forces his show to irrelevant, ratings-challenged station: — […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Ratings Woes Continue, Is His Career About To Be Over?

Rush Limbaugh’s ratings woes are continuing, and left-wing sources are reporting the news with something approaching glee, National Ledger is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest blow to Limbaugh and his talk-radio empire came from Boston, where he was dropped from flagship radio station WRKO. A new Boston station, WKOX, picked up […]

Rush Limbaugh Taunts Caitlyn Jenner On Having Male Parts Removed Or Not

Rush Limbaugh has said some truly harsh things in the past, but his rants over Caitlyn Jenner have been beyond brutal. It’s hard to keep Rush Limbaugh’s jabs at the Olympian straight from one talk show to the next, but one rant may have gone too far. This week, Rush Limbaugh held nothing back when […]

Rush Limbaugh Wants GOP To Reject Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner may consider herself a Republican, but that doesn’t mean that Rush Limbaugh will accept her new lifestyle and the fact that she and he may have a lot of the same viewpoints. Now, Limbaugh wants every other Republican to not be accepting of Jenner. During his radio show on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh explained […]

Rush Limbaugh Dropped From WRKO Boston

Rush Limbaugh dropped from WRKO radio network in Boston. The conservative talk radio host is syndicated via the Premiere Networks company. The network stated simply that WRKO could not reportedly reach a syndication renewal agreement with Limbaugh. “We were unable to reach agreeable terms for The Rush Limbaugh Show to continue on WRKO,” Premiere Networks […]

Rush Limbaugh WRKO: Boston Station Biggest Yet To Drop Talk Show Host

Controversial conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is being dropped by the Boston-based radio station, WRKO AM. According to RadioInsight, Limbaugh’s three-year agreement with the network is coming to an end, and it appears a renewal agreement has not been reached. Premiere Radio Networks, Rush Limbaugh’s syndicator, released a statement regarding the contract not being […]

Michelle Obama Shares Experiences Of Racism, Offers Messages Of Hope To Graduates

First Lady Michelle Obama addressed graduates of Tuskegee University in Alabama on Saturday, and while her message was positive, it carried the weight of many negative personal experiences. Obama talked about her experience as the then-potential first lady and how so many of her actions were closely scrutinized due to what she said were the […]

Rush Limbaugh: Indiana Religious Freedom Law Distorted By Critics

Rush Limbaugh says critics in the mainstream media and on the left are distorting and even outright lying about the religious freedom law signed by Governor Mike Pence in Indiana. Limbaugh said, on his syndicated radio show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, today that critics of the Indiana law are lying in claiming that businesses routinely […]

Rush Limbaugh Suggests Kanye Rap Of Ousted Fraternity Chant Would Be No. 1 Hit

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to controversy, and his latest comments regarding the racism scandal involving now-ousted University of Oklahoma fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon suggest he has no intention of changing his ways. Limbaugh took to the airwaves with his highly opinionated syndicated radio show Wednesday afternoon, discussing everything from […]

John Boehner Poison Attempt: Rush Limbaugh Says Democrats Influenced Bartender’s Plot

What did a bartender’s plot to poison House Speaker John Boehner have to do with the Democrats? According to Rush Limbaugh, quite a bit. The conservative talk show host claimed that Democrats’ criticism of the Republican party’s stance on Ebola funding was an important factor in leading the bartender to nearly assassinate the Congressional leader. […]

Idris Elba Bites Back On Black James Bond Drama

Idris Elba has become such a star in England that even Kate Middleton looked rather smitten when she had the chance to meet him. That kind of widespread recognition, however, hasn’t been enough for conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh. Even though Rush isn’t a Brit himself, he did feel the need to weigh on on […]

Rush Limbaugh Controversy: Conservative Talk Show Host Stirs Trouble By Saying Black Actor Shouldn’t Play James Bond

Rush Limbaugh is attracting controversy with remarks that a black actor shouldn’t be playing James Bond, who he said should always be “white and Scottish.” Limbaugh made the remarks earlier this week in addressing rumors that black actor Idris Elba could be the secret agent in a future installation of the 007 series. The idea […]