Roger Stone Says He Will Sue Justice Department, Robert Mueller

President Donald Trump’s longtime confidant Roger Stone said on Thursday that he will sue the Department of Justice, former special counsel Robert Mueller and several other high-profile figures. Per Newsweek, Stone posted the announcement to his Parler page. The controversial GOP strategist said that he wants to sue Mueller, former CIA Director John Brennan, former […]

Donald Trump Explodes At William Barr After Being Told Durham Report Won’t Be Ready By Election

During an appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show Friday, President Donald Trump ripped into Attorney General William Barr, The Washington Examiner reported. Limbaugh told the commander-in-chief that media reports stated that U.S. Attorney John Durham won’t complete his review of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe by November 3. Durham was appointed to investigate whether Mueller and […]

Russian Interference Had A ‘Much Worse’ Effect On US Than Pearl Harbor, Says Top Mueller Prosecutor

In an interview with Business Insider published on Saturday, former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann discussed Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. Weissmann, who worked on former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, argued that the Kremlin’s efforts to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election were more damaging to democracy than the 1941 attack on […]

GOP-Led Intelligence Committee Issues Report Confirming Russia Interfered On Donald Trump’s Behalf In 2016

The GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on Tuesday that supports the Intelligence Community’s opinion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump. Los Angeles Times White House reporter Chris Megerian linked to the Senate’s findings on Twitter, which unanimously concluded that Russia helped Trump win the White House. This is […]

Donald Trump Says He May Grant ‘Full Pardon’ To Mike Flynn, Who Pled Guilty To Lying In Russia Investigation

Even as the coronavirus pandemic continued to dominate headlines and the attention of the American public, Donald Trump turned his own attention to the Russia collusion investigation that overshadowed the first two years of his term. Specifically, Trump tweeted about his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. In December 2017, Flynn pled guilty to lying […]

William Barr’s ‘Credibility’ In Doubt, Judge Says, Orders Unredacted Copy Of Robert Mueller Report Handed Over

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Attorney General William Barr to hand over a full, unredacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report of his two-year Russia investigation’s findings. Judge Reggie Walton of the federal district court in Washington, D.C., slammed Barr for lacking “credibility” when he presented his four-page summary of the document to […]

Robert Mueller Case Against ‘Putin’s Chef’ To Hear ‘Mystery Witness’ In Trial Of Russian Trolls, Report Says

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election has produced another case that will go to trial next month. This time, the Russian internet “troll farm” that waged a massive, online “fake news” and propaganda campaign faces charges. According to a report Wednesday by Politico, prosecutors […]

Donald Trump Plans To ‘Expunge’ Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation, Wants To ‘Rewrite History,’ Report Says

After a week in which he referred to the Russian investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller as “tainted,” “dirty,” “rotten,” “illegal,” “phony,” a “disgrace,” a “shakedown,” a “scam,” “a fixed hoax” and “the biggest political crime in American History,” according to a Washington Post report, Donald Trump now plans to erase Mueller’s findings from […]

Donald Trump May Plan To Jail Robert Mueller, Journalist Warns, Has Ex-Special Counsel In His ‘Crosshairs’

President Donald Trump appeared to acknowledge in a Wednesday tweet that he had encouraged Attorney General William Barr to intervene in the sentencing of Trump’s longtime friend and political mentor Roger Stone. In the words of Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent, Trump was engaging in a “straight-up celebration” of Barr “doing the president’s political bidding.” […]

Robert Mueller ‘Furious’ With William Barr For ‘Misleading’ Report Summary, But Barr ‘Outfoxed’ Him, Book Says

Robert Mueller was “furious” with Attorney General William Barr over his “misleading” four-page summary of the special counsel’s report on his two-year investigation into the 2016 Donald Trump campaign’s alleged Russia ties, according to the authors of a new book that reveals numerous behind-the-scenes conversations and events inside the administration. But Mueller never went public […]

Salem Mayor Tells Donald Trump To ‘Learn Some History’ On Witch Trial Claims

The mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, told President Donald Trump to “learn some history” after he claimed that people accused in the Salem witch trials were given more due process than he has received in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. Democratic Mayor Kim Driscoll posted on Twitter a screenshot of a letter from Trump to House Speaker […]

Donald Trump Could Be Impeached A Second Time Based On Secret Robert Mueller Documents, Democrats Tell Court

Former special counsel Robert Mueller completed his investigation into links between the 2016 Donald Trump campaign and Russia in March. But according to a report by the legal site Law & Crime, thousands of still-secret documents from the grand jury investigation conducted by Mueller could lead to a second impeachment for the president. The Mueller […]

Russian Foreign Minister Is Asked ‘Why Not Just Read The Mueller Report?’ After Denying 2016 Election Attack

The foreign minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, visited Washington D.C. today. The visit was Lavrov’s second since President Donald Trump took office. In a joint press conference with United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the top Russian diplomat claimed that the U.S. had provided no evidence that Russia had interfered in the 2016 presidential […]

William Barr’s Top Investigator Finds Zero Evidence Russia Probe Was Set-Up Of Donald Trump, New Report Claims

For the past several months, Attorney General William Barr has been carrying out an inquiry into the origins of the Russia investigation. That probe looked into whether the 2016 Donald Trump campaign colluded with Kremlin officials. Republicans — and the president himself — have claimed that the Russia investigation was a “setup” designed to frame […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Who Told Robert Mueller She Lied To Reporters, Says ‘I Don’t Like Being Called A Liar’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted in a private interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller that she lied to reporters about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, making what she knew to be an unfounded statement that he was not supported by members of the bureau. Now removed from the White House and considering seeking her […]

Donald Trump Says The FBI Tried To Overthrow His Presidency

Donald Trump said on Friday night that he believes the FBI tried to overthrow his presidency. According to The Guardian, the president alleged that the FBI was “spying” on him during his 2016 campaign. His claims were in response to a report that surfaced, alleging that an FBI lawyer may have altered a document related […]

Donald Trump Has Helped Russia Beyond Wildest Expectations, Robert Mueller Memos Show, Says Jennifer Rubin

The Russian plan to install Donald Trump as president of the United States has resulted in a payoff that has “succeeded for the Russians beyond their wildest expectations,” according to conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, as quoted by AlterNet on Sunday. Speaking on the MSNBC AM Joy program, Rubin said that the Russian success […]

William Barr ‘Doing A Hatchet Job’ On U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Asked British For Help, U.K. Official Says

Attorney General William Barr recently presented British intelligence officials with a “wish list” of information requests that left the officials “astonished.” Barr is pursuing a counter-investigation into the 2016 election that, according to an analysis by Salon, is aimed at proving that Russia did not interfere in the election. Barr has been reaching out to […]

Roger Stone’s Trial Next Week May Reveal That Donald Trump Lied To Robert Mueller About WikiLeaks, Report Says

The trial of Donald Trump’s political adviser and friend, Roger Stone, is scheduled to open on Tuesday, November 5, on charges that he lied to former special counsel Robert Mueller about his contacts with WikiLeaks, according to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel. But according to a report on Thursday by Mother Jones, Stone’s trial could prove […]

James Comey Says Robert Mueller Failed In His ‘Mission’ Due To ‘Inadequate Transparency’

On Saturday, former FBI Director James Comey said that “inadequate transparency” is the reason former Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed in his “mission,” reports The Hill. According to Comey, Mueller “didn’t succeed in his mission because there was inadequate transparency to the American people on whose behalf he was investigating.” The former FBI director suggested […]

Russian Spy Boss Says United States Now ‘Cooperating’ On Cyber Security, Despite 2016 Election Hack

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, according to special counsel Robert Mueller, Russian intelligence services conducted an extensive “cyber intrusion” into Democratic National Committee computer servers, as well as Hillary Clinton’s campaign servers. Mueller’s report — posted online via The New York Times — stated that the hacking attacks were part of Russia’s “sweeping and […]

Ukraine Prosecutor Who Met With Rudy Giuliani Let Robert Mueller Witness Flee To Russia, Murray Waas Reports

Yuri Lutsenko, the former top prosecutor in Ukraine who is now at center of the scandal over Donald Trump’s pressure on that country’s government to stage a bogus “investigation” of Democrat Joe Biden, also played a key role in thwarting special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign’s cooperation with Russia in 2016. […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Pressured Australian Leader To Help William Barr Discredit Mueller Investigation

As an investigation heats up regarding Donald Trump’s reported attempts to use his office for personal gain, the president is facing yet another scandal that alleges he pushed the Australian prime minister to help discredit the Mueller investigation. According to The New York Times, Trump pressured Scott Morrison to work with Attorney General William Barr […]

Donald Trump White House May Have Concealed Crucial Evidence From Robert Mueller About Trump-Russians Meeting

In a bombshell report published Friday evening, The Washington Post revealed that in his May 10, 2017, Oval Office meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Donald Trump told the two top Russian officials that “he was unconcerned” about Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election. The Washington Post also reported […]

Donald Trump ‘Panicked,’ Acting Like ‘7-Year-Old’ As Racism Charges, Recession Fears Close In, Biographer Says

Earlier this year, special counsel Robert Mueller ended his two-year investigation into ties between Russia and the 2016 Donald Trump campaign. According to the copy of the Mueller report posted online by The New York Times, the special counsel issued no new indictments and did not find “insufficient evidence” of a conspiracy between the Trump […]

Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe Cost $32 Million, Justice Department Says

It’s official. The cost of the two-year special counsel investigation into President Donald Trump’s part in Russia’s election interference has been tallied up to a whopping $32 million. The first 16 months of the probe cost $25.2 million in total, according to CNN. The report, which was released Friday by the Department of Justice, shows […]

A Fox News Poll Just Showed That Resistance To Impeaching Donald Trump Is Fading Among Americans

The resistance to Donald Trump’s impeachment is weakening, a new Fox News poll shows. The much-awaited congressional appearance from Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally took place this week, and while it may not have caused public sentiment to swing in favor of impeachment the way Democrats may have hoped, new polling shows that the once […]

Robert Mueller Testimony Failed To Sway Public Opinion, Polling Suggests

Multiple reports suggest that special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before House Intelligence and Judiciary committees failed to sway public opinion, according to a report from Vox. Much like prior to the hearing, Americans remain split along party lines. An ABC News/Ipsos poll found that opinions remain largely unchanged when it comes to impeachment, with 47 […]

Donald Trump Attacks Mueller Investigation, Democrats, Elijah Cummings In Latest Tweet Storm

President Donald Trump appears to be spending his Saturday on Twitter, launching vicious attacks at perceived political opponents. In his latest, raging Twitter tirade, Trump attacked the Democratic Party, slammed Robert Mueller’s investigation, and renewed his attacks on Representative Elijah Cummings. The president began the first series of tweets by quoting Fox News’s Misty Marris, […]

Jeanine Pirro And Rudy Giuliani Blast Democrats, Speculate About Robert Mueller And ‘Deep State’

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared Saturday on Fox News Jeanine Pirro’s show to discuss the latest developments pertaining to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, Mediaite reports. Giuliani and Pirro attacked Mueller, alleging that he was not able to understand his own report, before laying out their own theory of what had transpired. […]

Some Democrats Reportedly Regret Having Robert Mueller Testify

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference and related matters, which consumed media attention for more than two years, officially ended in March. Mueller found no proof of a Trump-Russia conspiracy, choosing to respect longstanding Justice Department policy according to which a sitting president cannot be indicted, and therefore not charging Trump with […]

Donald Trump Slams ‘Disgusting’ Democrats And Robert Mueller In Latest Twitter Tirade

In a series of Twitter messages posted on Saturday, President Donald Trump slammed special counsel Robert Mueller and the Democratic Party. Once again, Trump cast doubt on Mueller’s credibility, describing the Russia investigation as a “hoax.” “The Democrats were trying mightily to revive the badly & irrevocably tarnished Witch Hunt Hoax until Robert Mueller put […]

Public Opinion Largely Unchanged On Impeachment Following Robert Mueller’s Wednesday Testimony

While Democrats might have hoped that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday would have shifted public opinion in favor of impeaching the president, a new poll suggests that sentiments on impeachment remain unchanged. A plurality of people surveyed did not support beginning impeachment hearings against the president, according […]

Donald Trump Goes On Puzzling Rant About ‘Russian Bloggers,’ Confused With ‘Hackers,’ Reporters Speculate

The day after former Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his historic testimony on Capitol Hill, in which he confirmed numerous details of his investigative report, as well as the fact that Donald Trump could be indicted for obstruction of justice once he leaves office, as The Inquisitr reported, Trump himself phoned into the […]

Iran Ramps Up Social Media Disinformation Efforts, Russia-Style, Ahead Of 2020 Election

Former special counsel Robert Mueller warned on Wednesday that Russia and “many more countries” were likely to spread disinformation by targeting Americans which could influence voters in the 2020 election. These mirrored the findings of a broad range of independent researchers, according to The Washington Post. “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re doing it as […]

Stunning New Senate Report Warns If Donald Trump Loses In 2020, Russians Will Try To ‘Delegitimize’ Election

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday released the first of what it plans as five separate reports on the Russian attack against the 2016 presidential election, just one day after special counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress that the Russian government was continuing its interference in the American election process “as we sit here,” and […]

Robert Mueller’s Mental Health Is Questioned By Pundits After ‘Struggling’ In Testimony

Politico is reporting that several political pundits and FBI sources are voicing their concerns about Robert Mueller’s health after he appeared to be “struggling” to answer questions during yesterday’s public testimony. “This is delicate to say, but Mueller, whom I deeply respect, has not publicly testified before Congress in at least six years. And he […]

The ‘Alarming’ Mueller Testimony May Prove Trump’s ‘Scorched-Earth Politics’ Are Working, Says John Cassidy

For many, Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday was a disappointment. Republicans were disappointed that Mueller refused to answer questions about the Steele dossier, and Democrats were frustrated that he wouldn’t address Attorney General William Barr or actions of Congress. Politico reports that some are even concerned for Mueller’s health given his lack of sharpness at the […]

Here’s The Shocking Collusion Evidence Revealed In Robert Mueller’s Testimony That No One Is Talking About

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony was so low-key, with Mueller frequently refusing to answer questions and sometimes appearing to forget or be unaware of key details of his investigation, leading some supporters of Mueller’s investigation to describe him as seeming tired. Politico even called his testimony a ” lackluster… less-than-blockbuster performance.” The outlet noted that […]

Michael Moore Rips Robert Mueller, Draws Praise From Donald Trump

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has long been associated with the political left. He was a primary figure of hatred from the right during the presidency of George W. Bush, and he directed an anti-Bush film, Fahrenheit 9/11, in 2004 that remains, to this day, the highest-grossest documentary in history. Moore has receded somewhat over the […]

#ImpeachNow Trends On Twitter As Trump Claims Victory Following Mueller Testimony

People who want to see President Donald Trump impeached took to Twitter Wednesday to demand that Congress begin to take impeachment actions against the president. On the other hand, the commander-in-chief was celebrating former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Wednesday testimony before Congress as a victory. #ImpeachNow trended Wednesday following Mueller’s testimony. The former special counsel […]

Robert Mueller Exposed Donald Trump As ‘Corrupt Fruit Of Russia’s Ongoing Attack,’ Harvard Law Professor Says

Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe, who is known as one of the country’s top constitutional scholars, took to his Twitter account following special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress on Wednesday. He wrote that Mueller has exposed Trump as the “corrupt fruit” of the Russian 2016 election interference operation — an operation that Mueller […]

Robert Mueller Declined Or Deflected Questions Nearly 200 Times During His Testimony

Former special counsel Robert Mueller finally made his long-awaited appearance before Congress on Wednesday, testifying for several hours — first before the House Judiciary Committee, and later, the House Intelligence Committee. Mueller had been openly reluctant to testify, and once he was subpoenaed, he was clear that he did not want his testimony to go […]

Andrew Yang Addresses Robert Mueller Testimony, Says United States Needs ‘A New Narrative’

Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday was disappointing for both Republicans that wanted to hear about the Steele dossier and Democrats that wanted Mueller to address the actions of Attorney General William Barr and Congress. Per The Inquistr, CNN‘s Chris Cillizza said Mueller’s demeanor was “shaky,” and he also highlighted the contradictions between Mueller’s […]

Robert Mueller Testifies Donald Trump Gave ‘Boost’ To ‘Illegal Activity’ By Gushing Over Wikileaks In 2016

In his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, former special counsel Robert Mueller issued his clearest public condemnation yet of Donald Trump’s conduct during the 2016 presidential campaign by testifying that Trump’s repeated praise of the document-dumping site Wikileaks gave “a boost” to what Mueller called “illegal activity,” according to an account by Politico reporter […]

Mueller Testimony Likely Disappointing To Both Democrats & Republicans, CNN’s Chris Cillizza Says

CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza said Wednesday that he believed former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee would be disappointing to both Democrats and Republicans. From the onset, Cillizza wrote that Mueller’s testimony was a disappointment to Republicans. Mueller said he would not answer questions about the Steele dossier, a document […]

Donald Trump Could Be Indicted After Leaving Office, Robert Mueller Confirms In Congressional Testimony

Donald Trump may not be out of the woods when it comes to facing obstruction of justice charges, according to testimony by former special counsel Robert Mueller to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, according to a CNN account. Under questioning from Colorado Republican Ken Buck, Mueller confirmed with a simple “yes” answer that, in […]

Robert Mueller Declines To Respond After Being Accused Of Having ‘Perpetuated Injustice’ By Louie Gohmert

In his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not answer a charge that he “perpetuated injustice” when conducting his investigation into the president, per Fox News. Defending President Trump against claims he obstructed justice in Mueller’s investigation, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert took aim at Mueller, who is […]

Robert Mueller Testifies That Donald Trump Ducked Interview By Special Counsel For More Than A Year

As former special counsel Robert Mueller was at the height of his investigation into possible coordination between the 2016 Donald Trump campaign and Russia, and Trump’s attempts to obstruct that investigation, Trump claimed he was willing to sit with Mueller’s team for an interview. In fact, in April of last year, Trump claimed that “Nobody […]

Mueller Testimony Puts President Trump On The Offensive

Robert Mueller will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday in a long-anticipated day of hearings. Some Trump adversaries hope this will provide a “vivid narrative,” as The New York Times describes it, of the former special counsel’s investigation into possible collusion with Russian agents. Donald Trump, for his part, has gone on […]