5 Best One-Liners From ‘The Old Man’ Richard Harrison On ‘Pawn Stars’

It has been reported that the “Old Man” from the popular reality show Pawn Stars has passed away at the age of 77. Harrison is survived by his son, Rick Harrison, who made the announcement. The Inquisitr recently reported on Richard Harrison’s passing. The show’s successful nature is based upon the camaraderie and clashing of […]

‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Old Man’ Passed Away At 77, Says Son Rick Harrison

Reports from celeb site TMZ indicate that Richard Harrison, the “Old Man” from History Network show Pawn Stars, has passed away at the age of 77. Harrison is survived by his son, Rick Harrison, who made the announcement. ‘”‘The Old Man’ Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Gets Political: Reality Star Speaking at CPAC, Thinks Trump Is Doing ‘Great Job’

Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC, began their 2018 conference Wednesday with the promise of the usual rightwing conservative politicians speaking, such as Senator Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Brexit architect, Nigel Farage, and Chumlee‘s boss, Rick Harrison, from the hit History Channel show, Pawn Stars. Why is a reality star speaking at an […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Promises We’ll See Less Of Him Soon, And Reveals Post Show Plans

On the eve of the 500th Pawn Stars episode, Chumlee has gone to his YouTube channel to make a life-changing announcement. He also dished on the future of the History Channel show, his candy store and even what he plans to do when Pawn Stars is canceled. Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, and […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Make History: What Is Chumlee, Rick, Corey And The Old Man’s Incredible Milestone?

They are celebrating a huge milestone at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop in Las Vegas where Pawn Stars is filmed. The popular History Channel show will be broadcasting episode 500 on January 22, 2018, when Pawn Stars will air back-to-back episodes. What cool collectables will Pawn Stars Rick, Corey and Chumlee check […]

‘Pawn Stars ‘Chumlee Shown Original Bonnie And Clyde Handwritten Memoirs: Will Rick Harrison Buy Them?

On Monday, the Pawn Stars will get to see quite a historic treasure: hand-written memoirs about Bonnie and Clyde, by a member of their notorious gang. In an episode titled “Pawnie And Clyde,” the original hand-written memoirs of Blanche Barrow are presented to Chumlee and Rick Harrison. Will the Pawn Stars buy them? Bonnie Parker […]

Chumlee’s ‘Pawn Stars’ Pal Corey Harrison Explains Why He’s The ‘Villain,’ And How To Spot A Fake

Chumlee’s childhood friend Corey Harrison is one of the quartet of reality stars on the ever-popular History Channel show, Pawn Stars. The youngest, and most shy Harrison is often seen sparring with his dad, Rick Harrison, and picking on the old-time memories of his grandpa, Richard Benjamin Harrison, often known as the “Old Man.” Yet, […]

Did ‘Pawn Stars’ Buy The O.J. Simpson Bronco? What Does Expert Rick Harrison Say About O.J. Collectibles?

Was Rick Harrison willing to shell out seven figures for the white Bronco that O.J. Simpson made famous? We finally got the answer on the highly anticipated Pawn Stars episode, aptly entitled “If The Pawn Don’t Fit,” which aired Monday night on the History Channel. Fans who regularly follow Rick Harrison already guessed that the […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Fav Chumlee Sells Las Vegas Party Pad — Do You Want To Check Out Chum Chum Room?

Pawn Stars fav Chumlee is selling his five-bedroom, six-bathroom Las Vegas “estate” for $1.85 million. What is in this dream home, and does Chumlee’s bachelor pad include the infamous Chum Chum room? Built in 1981, the 6,200-square-foot property looked dated when Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, purchased the place in 2012. Since moving […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Is Renewed! What Should We Expect In Season 15 From Chumlee, Rick, And Corey?

After months of silence, fans have wondered if Pawn Stars is canceled. Rick Harrison has recently pointed out that they often don’t know what the History Channel’s plans are, and because of that, the stars of the show have been diversifying their business. They know one day the show will stop filming. Rick opened up […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Might End Up Buying OJ Simpson’s Getaway Ford Bronco

Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison might finally end up buying a piece of American crime history in an upcoming episode of the hit reality TV series. In the upcoming August 14 episode of Pawn Stars, titled “If The Pawn Don’t Fit,” Rick would be facing a dilemma when he is given a chance to purchase […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Is ‘Alive And Well’ And Has Something To Tell Fans!

Pawn Stars lovable goofball Chumlee took to the Las Vegas Review-Journal to give his fans an update on what he is doing. What did Austin Lee Russell have to say, and why was he given a column to write? Robin Leach, who usually writes a feature celebrity column for the paper, is on holiday in […]

‘Pawn Stars’ News: Chumlee’s Candy On The Boulevard Already Reducing Hours And Corey Harrison Ties The Knot!

Although the new season of Pawn Stars is currently on the air, some of the stars of the show have been making experiencing some big life milestones. Chumlee has made some changes in his business venture, and Corey Harrison has recently tied the knot! What are the details? Two weeks ago, Chumlee’s Candy on the […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Finally Opens Pawn Plaza Candy On The Boulevard! What Was The Long Delay?

Finally! Chumlee has finally opened his Las Vegas candy store. Why was there such a long delay? And What does Chum’s boss, and Pawn Stars co-star, Rick Harrison, say about the affable reality star’s new business venture? Austin Lee Russell, better known to Pawn Stars fans as Chumlee, and his 21-year-old brother Sage were all […]

‘Pawn Stars’ News: Chumlee’s Candy On The Boulevard At Pawn Plaza Still Not Open — What Has Chum Been Doing?

For several months, Chumlee — the lovable goof on Pawn Stars — has been promoting his new business, Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard. Located at the Rick Harrison-owned Pawn Plaza, Chumlee announced he was opening the store with his younger brother, Sage. Despite numerous interviews on local Las Vegas news stations, as well as with […]

Rich Americans Delay Paying Taxes Waiting For Trump Tax Cut, While Average Americans Get Debt Collection Bills

Rich Americans and business owners have delayed paying their taxes because they are waiting for the promised Trump tax cuts. Bloomberg asks if this could this force the Republican-majority Congress to raise the debt ceiling? Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is expected to ask Congress to raise the debt ceiling before they recess in August. If […]

Is ‘Pawn Stars’ Canceled? Chumlee, Rick, And Corey Are Now ‘Seeking Ventures Outside The TV Show’

Is Pawn Stars canceled? The most recent revelation is that although the 14th season began airing a month ago, the History Channel has yet to inform the favorites from the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop on whether the show has been renewed or not. The end may be near for Chumlee and rest […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Season 14: Now You Can You Buy What Is Featured On The Show

Pawn Stars Season 14 is finally on the air! The most recent episodes of the popular History Channel show began broadcasting on April 10. Pawn Stars may have been around for over 400 episodes now, but it doesn’t mean that they are not introducing some fresh ideas to one of the most successful shows in […]

Who Are The Reality Stars That Publicly Support President Donald Trump?

Former Celebrity Apprentice host, Arnold Schwarzenegger, may have recently distanced himself from President Donald Trump, but The Donald has nothing to worry about as many members of his reality show brethren still has his back, unlike Hollywood. Who are some of the reality stars that continue to support Donald Trump? When it looked as though […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Returns Soon! Is Chumlee Back? Who Will Only Return In ‘Cameos’?

Pawn Stars Season 14 stars on April 10! After nearly a year of wondering if there are going to be any major changes, we now know that Chumlee is back full time, as are Rick Harrison and Chum’s best pal Corey. Meanwhile, the “old man” Richard Harrison is only returning in a “reduced role.” The […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Expert Rebecca Romney On ‘Sinner’s Bible’ And ‘Printer’s Error’

There is no doubt that whenever Pawn Stars book expert Rebecca Romney has appeared on the popular History Channel show, she has brought her special sort of expertise that book geeks like Rick Harrison can greatly appreciate. Her brand new book Printer’s Error is about the stories behind those little mistakes and secrets that can […]

Chumlee BFF And ‘Pawn Stars’ Costar Corey Harrison Home Robbed! What Was Stolen?

Three thieves broke into the home that Chumlee’s BFF and Pawn Stars co-star Corey Harrison resides. Although the incident occurred over a week ago, this is the first publicized news of whose home was robbed as the suspects are still at large, according to KSNV NEWS 3 in Las Vegas. What happened at the scene […]

Chumlee’s Boss Rick Harrison Reveals The Price Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Fame And Customers’ Dirty Little Secrets

Pawn Stars Season 14 is filming right now at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop near downtown Las Vegas. Even with all the hubbub of filming, Chumlee’s boss Rick Harrison is happy to talk about the continual popularity of the show and how the pawn shop has become a top Vegas attraction. Yet, […]

Could Chumlee Be The New Face Of ‘Pawn Stars’? Fav Reveals How He Got On The Show

Pawn Stars fan favorite Chumlee has ended a turbulent 2016 with a heartfelt interview and a special message to his fans. The affable Pawn Stars goofball survived a major drug and weapons arrest that nearly found him behind bars. Because of this arrest, Chumlee’s reputation has been through the ringer. He was even forced to […]

‘Pawn Stars’ One Of The Top Trending Reality Shows Of 2016 #YearInSearch

According to their website, Pawn Stars has been one of the most searched shows on Google in 2016. The stars of Pawn Stars include Rick Harrison, the owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, his father Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Rick’s son Corey and Corey’s childhood friend Chumlee make up the quartet […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Invited To Trump Inauguration Celebration

Pawn Stars patriarch, Rick Harrison has just been invited to President-elect Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C. in January in return for stumping for the Republican candidate. Why did Harrison stump for Trump and will Chumlee run the pawn shop when Rick is gone partying with Washington insiders? For more than a year, Rick Harrison has […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Tour: Go Backstage, Possibly Meet Chumlee And Tour Other Realty Show Businesses

Fans of television shows like Pawn Stars, Counting Cars, Restoration Garage and Tanked are in for a treat. Next time they visit Las Vegas, they can go on an exclusive guided tour of all four shops where the shows were filmed, as well as The Toy Shack and Ultimate Sports Cards & Memorabilia, where two […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Season 14 Update: Chumlee Will Frequently Be Starring ‘Solo’

When Pawn Stars fans think of the most popular show on the History Channel, they instantly think of fun-loving, affable Chumlee. The self-described “goofball” is one of the many reasons millions of fans have been watching Pawn Stars for 13 seasons. Yet, because he got himself into some legal trouble, there has been more than […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Expert And ‘Counting Cars’ Star Danny Koker Stumps For Trump

Despite more and more Republicans shunning their presidential candidate Donald Trump, there are some who are going to support Trump no matter what accusations are thrown at him. As one of the celebrities supporting Donald Trump, fellow reality star Danny Koker was not afraid of speaking out in support of the Republican candidate before the […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Sell Pumped Up ‘Wayne’s World’ Car For Record Amount

Pawn Stars has already begun filming Season 14. Chumlee is back full time, as are Corey and Rick Harrison, while the “old man” Richard Harrison is only returning in occasional cameos. The History Channel show is now back in the headlines, this time for selling the iconic Wayne’s World robin’s egg blue, 1976 AMC Pacer, […]

Pawn Plaza Marks First Anniversary, Will Rick Harrison And Chumlee Participate In Month Long Celebration?

Pawn Plaza, owned by Rick Harrison and located just south of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, just marked its first anniversary. The celebration is slated to continue throughout the rest of October. According to Access Vegas, Harrison was a big part of yesterday’s celebration. Throughout the day, he was joined by Chumlee, Corey, and […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Has Begun Filming: Where Is Chumlee? Who Is Returning In ‘Reduced’ Role? Is This The Final Season?

Lights, Camera Action! Pawn Stars has just begun filming Season 14 at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Along with the revelation that the show has started production again, is the shocking news that one of the four Pawn Stars favorites is now going to be on the History Channel […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Chumlee Gets A New Family Member, Rick Rides For Charity, But Where Is The ‘Old Man’?

Finally, Pawn Stars has begun filming their 14th season at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. But, before the cameras got rolling, what have our favorite History Channel stars been up to during their off time? Thanks to social media, we know Chumlee has added a new family member to […]

Is ‘Pawn Stars’ Real? What’s It Really Like To Be On The Popular History Channel Show?

What is it really like to be on Pawn Stars? Abraham Lincoln enthusiast and collector, Jerry Beverland and his wife Wanda, had the memorable experience of going to the pawn shop, as well as meeting and bartering with the History Channel star and owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Rick Harrison. […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Filming Is Starting Soon, Will Chumlee Be On The Show? How Can You Get On The Show?

It’s time for Pawn Stars to begin filming in Las Vegas soon. How can you get on the popular History Channel show? Will Chumlee be back on the show? How can you see the stars of the show in person? Get the scoop before you travel to las Vegas. pic.twitter.com/G6VpACVgyi — Rick Harrison (@GoldSilverPawn) December […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Update: How Well Do You Know Chumlee? History Channel Fav Tells All!

Now that there are over 400 episodes of Pawn Stars with the entertaining Harrison family: Rick, the patriarch, Richard, the “Old Man” and son, Corey “Big Hoss.” Yet, it is Chumlee, Corey’s childhood friend, that is the overwhelming fan favorite. Giving his first interview in months, Chumlee recently sat with Big D at 93.1 The […]

Pawn Plaza: Is Rick Harrison’s Las Vegas Retail Center Going Under? Tenants Speak Up

Is Rick Harrison’s Pawn Plaza on the verge of going under? Probably not. But, even so, tenants are speaking up. Seemingly, some are frustrated to the point of packing up and relocating their businesses elsewhere. According to Eater Vegas, there’s definitely bad feelings between Harrison and some of the business owners who rent space at […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Chumlee’s Boss Rick Harrison Sets The Record Straight

Just three months after the Inquisitr reported that Chumlee accepted a plea deal for his March drugs and weapons arrest, his best friend’s dad and longtime Pawn Stars boss Rick Harrison has now found himself on the hot seat. Four of the businesses at the Pawn Plaza adjacent to the World Famous Gold and Silver […]

Chumlee From ‘Pawn Stars’ Reveals What He’s Been Doing With His Time Off From The Show

Chumlee has been keeping fans updated on what he’s been doing with his time off from Pawn Stars. The 33-year-old beloved Pawn Stars cast member has been on a summer hiatus from filming the History Channel reality TV series due to some legal trouble that started last March. But Chumlee has been faithfully posting to […]

Chumlee ‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Rick Harrison’s First Interview Since Chum’s Legal Troubles

Whew! This year has been a roller coaster ride for Pawn Stars fans. In March, Chumlee was arrested for drugs and weapons charges and there was some question about the reality star’s status on the show. As of now, there is still no word from the History Channel on the status of Chumlee on Pawn […]

Chumlee’s ‘Pawn Stars’ BFF, Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison, Selling Las Vegas Home For $2.3 Million Along With Some Very Special Bonuses For Buyer

Corey Harrison is selling his dream home, and he is talking about why is he selling it now and his thoughts on how much longer Pawn Stars will continue. For the past 12 seasons of Pawn Stars, fans of the show have watched Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison transform. Despite starring on the most popular reality […]

Chumlee Update: Is ‘Pawn Stars’ Fav Returning To Television? Why The Popular Show Could Soon End

Chumlee is back in action at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop! Online, the Pawn Stars fav has been tweeting with fans. At the pawn shop, Chum has been involved in meet and greets, taking photos, signing autographs, and having lunch with Pawn Stars fans for a variety of selected charities. Now fans […]

‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Raising Money At Gold And Silver Pawn Shop To Benefit Several Charities

The millions of Chumlee and Pawn Stars fans worldwide will be happy to know that Chumlee is not only doing well, but every Thursday from now through August 4, fans will have a chance to meet Chum in person and have the opportunity to donate to one of six worthy charities! Now, not only is […]

Chumlee Update: ‘Pawn Stars’ Fav Promises To DJ For Free For Raiders ‘Especially Charity’

Looks like reality star Chumlee is back to his old hysterical self! Just two weeks after the Pawn Stars favorite went to court and struck a plea deal, avoiding some serious jail time, he has been very active on social media and interacting with fans. Now Chumlee plans on DJing at upcoming Raiders events if […]

Chumlee Arrest Update: ‘Pawn Stars’ Fav Posts ‘I Love All Of You’ To Fans On Social Media

Wow. What a roller coaster three months for Pawn Stars fav Chumlee. He was arrested and booked on 19 counts, facing serious jail time. Thankfully, he is able to avoid jail due to a plea bargain. After this recent turmoil, an obviously relieved Chum is giving the love back to his loyal fans on social […]

Chumlee Arrest Update: Why Is ‘Pawn Stars’ Fav Going to Counselor Specializing in Sex Offenders Per Plea Deal?

Earlier this week, fans of the popular show Pawn Stars breathed a sigh of relief as it was announced Chumlee will not face jail time. The affable reality star went before a Clark County judge and accepted a plea deal. Best of all, it looks like Austin Lee Russell, Chumlee’s real name, will return to […]

Chumlee Arrest Update: ‘Pawn Stars’ Favorite Avoids Jail Time, Plea Deal Struck

Sounds like a plea deal has been struck for Pawn Stars favorite Chumlee, stemming from his March 9 arrest. TMZ says that the plea has been agreed upon and is just awaiting the judge’s signature to make it official. Austin Lee Russell, better known to the fans of popular History Channel TV show Pawn Stars, […]

Chumlee Arrest Update: Could He Be Back On ‘Pawn Stars’ Soon?

For over two months now, the millions of fans of the most popular History Channel television show want to know the status of their favorite reality star. Will Chumlee return to Pawn Stars? Since his March 9 arrest, there have been rumors circulating around Chum’s status on the show and conflicting reports that he was […]

Chumlee Arrest Update: Did The ‘Pawn Stars’ Fav Post Clues On Social Media A Week Before Court Date?

After nearly two months of complete social media silence, the affable Pawn Stars favorite, Chumlee, has suddenly become very active on social media. Did he leave clues on social media about his status on Pawn Stars, and what really happened when he was arrested? Most of all, everyone wants to know if Chumlee got fired? […]

Chumlee Arrest Update: All The Latest Facts On this ‘Pawn Stars’ Favorite

The latest news with Chumlee is silence. Fans of the show want to know what his status: Is Chumlee is still on the show? Has Chumlee really been fired? What is the real story behind his arrest? The popular reality star was arrested on March 9, 2016. Police had found weapons, most that were not […]