Wisconsin Man Splits Powerball Winnings With His Friend After Making A Pact More Than 20 Years Ago

When Tom Cook of Wisconsin checked his Powerball ticket last month, he discovered that he had won the $22 million jackpot. Without hesitating, he made the decision to split the winnings with his longtime friend Joe Feeney. Around 22 years ago, the friends made a pact that if either one of them ever won the […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs To $475 Million, Powerball Jackpot Not Far Behind At $350 Million

The Mega Millions jackpot has climbed to just shy of half a billion dollars, hitting the $475 million mark after no winners matched all five numbers plus the Mega Ball required to win the staggering jackpot, Yahoo News reports. Meanwhile, another multi-state lottery game with boffo jackpots, the Powerball game, is not far behind, with […]

Powerball Winner Is A Millennial Who Quit His Job After Snatching $768 Million Prize

The winner of last month’s Powerball Jackpot has finally been revealed. The person who took home the coveted prize worth $768.4 million has been identified as 24-year-old Manuel Franco from West Allis, Wisconsin. The millennial has officially become the third largest jackpot winner in U.S. history after buying the winning Quick Pick ticket at a […]

Powerball Jackpot Grows To $750 Million, But If You Win, How Much Money Will You Actually Get?

There was no winner in Saturday’s $625 million Powerball drawing, which means that the estimated jackpot sits at $750 million. But if you win that kind of money, how much are you actually going to get? As CNN reports, no one matched the winning numbers, which are 24, 25, 52, 60, and 66 and Powerball […]

Saturday’s Powerball Is $625 Million: How To Take The Money If You Win

After no winners were announced in Wednesday’s Powerball drawing, Saturday’s winnings grew to an estimated $625 million. Winning the lottery is always a slim possibility, but in case it happens to one lucky person, the next question they must consider is how to cash in. It is worth noting that how a winner chooses to […]

Google Reveals 2018’s Most Searched Questions

It appears that in 2018, people were hoping to get rich quick, learn how to perform the Fortnite victory dances, and register then vote in an election. As part of its annual “Year in Search” series, Google has released its list of 2018’s most trending search topics that begin with the phrase “How to…” It’s […]

The $1.5 Billion Mega Millions Winner Still Hasn’t Claimed Their Prize

The whopping $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot that sent almost all eligible purchasers to their local gas stations and 7-Elevens to buy a lottery ticket is still unclaimed, as the owner of the winning ticket has yet to come forward, ABC News reported. After several drawings resulting in no winners, the largest jackpot in U.S. […]

Mega Millions, Powerball Jackpots Return To Normal After Big Winners Named

After offering two of the largest lottery jackpots in history within a week of each other, the nationwide Mega Millions and Powerball games returned to “normal” this week. On Saturday, two tickets, one in Iowa and one in New York, shared the Powerball winning jackpot of $687.8 million with a cash payout of $396.2 million. […]

Did Anyone Win The $750 Million Powerball Jackpot? There Could Be Another $1 Billion Drawing On The Way

Did anyone win Saturday’s $750 million Powerball drawing? If not, then America could have another billionaire sometime next week. The October 27 Powerball drawing rose to $750 million thanks to a months-long streak with no jackpot winners. The prize was among the five largest in lottery history, though it was eclipsed by the consecutive billion-dollar […]

Powerball October 27 Winning Numbers: See If You Won The $750 Million Prize

The Powerball winning numbers for October 27 are in, and everyone who lost out on the chance to become a billionaire with the Mega Millions jackpot earlier in the week will have a second chance to join the ultra-wealthy. The jackpot for Saturday’s drawing rose to $750 million thanks to a losing streak that stretches […]

People Buying Lottery Tickets Will Typically Fall Into One Of These Ten Categories

This week’s Mega Millions $1.5 billion jackpot, the second-largest lottery prize in the history of the world, brought the lottery into the national consciousness with levels of hysteria rarely seen. The lottery is a psychological game just as much as a probabilistic one, and nearly half of American adults will play the lottery each year, […]

Here’s How People Convince Themselves That They’re Going To Win The Lottery, Like Mega Millions Or Powerball

With the Powerball jackpot already estimated to be three quarters of a billion dollars, and with a $1.6 billion Mega Millions ticket just having been sold in South Carolina a few days ago, Americans are in the midst of lottery fever. And while we all know, at least in our heart of hearts, that we’re […]

Here’s How You Should Treat Your Lottery Winnings, According To An Economist

The bad news is that the Mega Millions jackpot of over $1.5 billion has already been won. The good news is that the Powerball windfall of $750 and growing, is still up for grabs. Somebody is going to win it. So it might as well be you. That said, according to an economist writing for […]

With No Powerball Winner In Wednesday’s Drawing, Prize Creeps Up To $750 Million And Could Hit $1 Billion

With no Powerball winners in Wednesday’s drawing, it could soon be deja vu for lottery hopefuls. Just days after the Mega Millions topped $1 billion in two consecutive drawings, the other multi-state lottery is approaching that mark after Wednesday’s $602.5 million prize went unawarded as no one matched the Powerball winning numbers. As the Courier-Journal […]

Why Winning The Lottery Isn’t Such A Lucky Thing

Someone in South Carolina, whose identity remains unknown, won $1.6 billion dollars in Tuesday’s Powerball lottery. It’s the biggest lottery prize ever awarded…and that’s not necessarily such a good thing. Marvin and Mae Acosta also won $327.8 million in January, and wanted to establish a charity. This made them a target for scammers. One group […]

Mega Millions Drawing For $1.6 Billion — Date And Time Of Next Drawing, Odds Of Winning, Payout Amount

Mega Millions mania has taken over the country — and it’s not had to see why. On Tuesday night, the historically large jackpot of $1.6 billion could very well be yours, if you have your tickets in hand and match all five winning numbers — along with the Mega Ball. While it’s possible to check […]

National Lottery Jackpots Top $2.2 Billion In Mega Millions And Powerball Combined For Upcoming Drawings

Despite incredible ticket sales of more than 370 million for both national lottery games, not a single ticket matched the winning number combination for either Mega Millions or Powerball this weekend, according to Lotto Report, As a result, more than $2.2 billion is up for grabs in the two drawings coming up on October 23 […]

Powerball Jackpot Soars To $620 Million After Saturday’s Drawing

The hits just keep getting bigger in the America’s two lottery games with the Powerball jackpot soaring to $620 million after no winner emerged from its drawing Saturday night. The numbers 16, 54, 57, 62, 69 with the Powerball number 23 proved unlucky for the millions who awaited the weekend drawing, leaving them to play […]

Did Anyone Win Saturday’s Powerball $470 Million Jackpot? Find Out If There’s A Lucky Winner

Did anyone win the big Powerball $470 million jackpot on Saturday? We’re just a few hours away from getting an answer. The October 20 drawing was just shy of half a billion dollars. That is the result of a losing streak in the multi-state lottery dating back to August, when a Staten Island man took […]

Powerball October 20 Winning Numbers: See If You’re The Winner Of The $470 Million Jackpot

The Powerball winning numbers for October 20 are here, and one lucky winner may be holding a piece of paper worth nearly half-a-billion dollars. The jackpot for the multi-state lottery soared to $470 million after the last drawing came and went with no winner. Saturday’s jackpot is now growing to be among the largest in […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Soars To Record $1.6 Billion After Friday’s Drawing

The Mega Millions jackpot is boldly going where no other lottery jackpot has gone before after no winning tickets emerged from Friday’s night’s drawing. Game officials announced the new jackpot of $1.6 billion – an all-time lottery record – which has a cash option of $905 million. Since the next Mega Millions drawing is not […]

Mega Millions, Powerball Jackpots Jump To More Than $800 Million Combined

The Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots have soared to more than $800 million after no winners were crowned in the recent drawings, putting eye-popping totals up for grabs, according to Newsweek magazine. The magazine called the combined total of the two nationwide lottery games one of the largest amounts ever offered. Those who want to […]

Powerball Winning Numbers: $106 Million Jackpot Drawing Reveals April 14 Powerball Results

Did anyone win the $106 million Powerball jackpot on Saturday night? The odds of winning the popular lottery game is roughly 1-in-292 million, but the return on the $2 investment will be life-changing if your ticket matches all six numbers drawn on April 14. It’s been almost a month since one lucky lottery player won […]

Powerball Jackpot Soars To $89 Million, No Grand Winners In Latest Drawing

There were no jackpot winners in the April 7 Powerball drawing, jacking the grand prize in the April 11 drawing to at least $89 million. According to MLive.com, a single-game winner will have the option of walking away with a lump sum payment of $53.5 million. The winning numbers in Saturday night’s drawing were (white) […]

Powerball Jackpot Climbs To $74 Million, No Jackpot Winners In Latest Drawing

There were no jackpot game winners in the Wednesday night Powerball game, increasing the jackpot for the next drawing to at least $74 million. The winning numbers in April 5 game were 24-42-54-64, Powerball 24, and Power Play 4x. A single game-winner in Saturday night’s drawing will have the option of walking away with a […]

Powerball Jackpot Climbs To $60 Million, No Jackpot Winner In Latest Drawing

There were no jackpot game winners in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing, increasing the next game’s jackpot to at least $60 million. The winning numbers in the March 31 drawing were 8, 24, 52, 55, 61, Powerball 21, and Power Play 3x. According to the Magnolia Reporter, a single game winner in that drawing would have […]

Mega Millions Winning Ticket Of $521 Million Sold In New Jersey

A single player bagged the $521 million Mega Million jackpot in Friday night’s drawing, one of the largest in the game’s history. News of the lucky player was posted on the Mega Millions website. The winning numbers were 11, 28, 31, 46 and 59, with a Mega Ball of 1, with the winner having the […]

Powerball Winning Ticket Of $55.9 Million Sold In Latest Drawing

A single player walked away with Saturday’s Powerball jackpot winnings, earning a grand prize of $55.9 million. According to MLive.com, lottery game officials have not yet publicly identified the winner or where the winning ticket was sold at. The winning numbers were 10-33-45-53-56 (white), and the red Powerball number was 24, with a Power Play […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $458 Million, No Grand Winner In Latest Drawing

The Mega Millions jackpot in next Tuesday’s game has climbed to at least $458 million after there were no jackpot winners on Friday night’s drawing. A single-game winner in Tuesday’s game will have the option of walking away with a $274 million cash prize. The drawing will be the fourth largest in the history of […]

Mega Millions Winning Numbers March 23: Watch $421 Million Jackpot Drawing Live Online, Mobile

Did anyone win the $421 million Mega Millions jackpot on March 23? Almost one week after one extremely lucky person won the $456 million Powerball jackpot, all eyes are now on the results from Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing. The winning Mega Millions numbers will be drawn at 11 p.m. ET. Scroll down to find […]

Powerball Winning Ticket Of $457 Million Sold In Pennsylvania

A single-game winner bagged all the numbers in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, walking away with a grand prize jackpot of $456.7 million. Powerball officials said the winning ticket was sold in Pennsylvania, with the winning numbers being 22-57-59-60-66 and Powerball 7, Power Play 2X. The massive jackpot represented the eighth largest game drawing in history and […]

Powerball Winning Numbers March 17: Watch $455 Mil Jackpot Drawing Live Online, Mobile, TV

Did anyone win the $455 million Powerball jackpot on Saturday, March 17? You’ll have the luck of the Irish, and then some, if you match all six numbers drawn on St. Patrick’s Day. According to Reuters, there hasn’t been a jackpot winner since January 6 when a single ticket holder in New Hampshire won $559.7 […]

Powerball Winning Numbers March 10: $385 Million Up For Grabs

Did anyone win the $385 million Powerball jackpot on Saturday night? If the numbers on your ticket match all six numbers drawn on March 10, consider yourself extremely lucky. The odds of winning the popular lottery game are 1 in roughly 292 million. Lines were long on Saturday at lottery retailers in 44 states; Washington, […]

$560 Million Powerball Winner’s Huge Mistake — Jackpot Still Unclaimed As Judge Hears Wish Of Anonymity

For the sake of her wish to remain anonymous the $560 million Powerball winner is known as only Jane Doe. This Nashua, New Hampshire, woman’s Powerball fortune sits unclaimed while she holds the winning ticket and it is all because she made one simple mistake — she signed the ticket. The lottery laws in New […]

Powerball Winning Numbers: $570 Mil Jackpot Live Drawing Reveals January 6 Powerball Results

Dreaming about what you will do if you win the $570 million Powerball jackpot? Grab your ticket and find out if you are the lottery’s newest millionaire. If you match all six numbers drawn on Saturday, January 6, consider yourself extremely lucky — the odds of winning the top prize in the popular lottery game […]

Powerball Jackpot Exceeds Half A Billion, Becomes Eighth-Largest Lottery Jackpot In U.S. History

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s drawing (January 6, 2018) is estimated to be $550 million (that’s over half a billion dollars), and may yet climb, making it the eighth-richest lottery jackpot in U.S. history. As ABC News reports, Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing came and went without a jackpot winner, rolling over the $460 million prize […]

Oksana Zaharov: Wrong Lottery Ticket Purchase Results In $5 Million Win For New Jersey Woman

Oksana Zaharov’s wrong lottery ticket is topping headlines this week because she is now a millionaire thanks to her accidental purchase. The New Jersey mom still can not believe her incredible good fortune. Speaking with local news outlets, the 46-year-old woman says that she has never “won anything” in her life, but now it appears […]

Winning Powerball Numbers December 27: Watch $337 Mil Jackpot Drawing Live Online

What are the winning Powerball numbers for December 27, and how can you watch the drawing for the $337 million jackpot online? If your ticket matches the numbers drawn on Wednesday night, you will be able to ring in the New Year as a multi-millionaire. (Update – find tonight’s winning number below) Grab your ticket […]

Powerball Winning Numbers December 20: $269 Mil Jackpot Is Early Christmas Gift If You Have The Winning Ticket

What are the winning Powerball numbers for Wednesday, December 20, and did anyone win the $269 million jackpot? Grab your ticket and find out if you will be celebrating the holidays as lottery’s newest multimillionaire. There hasn’t been a Powerball jackpot winner in almost two months, with the Philadelphia Inquirer reporting that the last time […]

Mavis Fever: $758.7M Powerball Winner Tops Beyonce’s Wealth, Cops To Patrol House 24/7

The winner of the $758.7 Million Powerball jackpot is going to “relax,” which is one of the first things Mavis Wanczyk said yesterday as she stood in the Boston headquarters of the Massachusetts State Lottery. Mavis hails from Chicopee, where she purchased that winning Powerball jackpot. She’s 53-years-old and Mavis is best described as just […]

$758.7M Powerball Winner Mavis Wanczyk’s Husband, William, Was Killed Last Year In A Hit-And-Run Crash

Powerball winner Mavis Wanczyk’s husband, William, was killed late last year in a tragic hit-and-run crash. William died after he was crushed to death by a speeding pickup truck. His grieving wife, Mavis Wanczyk, just won $758.7 million, the second-largest Powerball jackpot ever, nine months after her husband was killed. Although millions across the country […]

Powerball Winning Numbers For August 23: Here Is The Winning Combination For The $700M Drawing

The Powerball winning numbers have been drawn, and it’s likely someone is now holding a ticket worth nearly three quarters of a billion dollars. The jackpot for the August 23 drawing climbed steadily throughout the week, starting at $650 million and soaring to $700 million by Wednesday. By the time the Powerball winning numbers were […]

Did Anyone Win Powerball August 23? $700M Jackpot Drawing Creates Lottery Frenzy

Did anyone win the $700 million Powerball jackpot? What are the winning numbers for the August 23 drawing? Those are two of the many questions lottery players are asking as they dream about winning the second largest jackpot in the history of the lottery game. With no jackpot winner since June, all eyes are on […]

Man Programmed Lottery Computers With His Winning Numbers, Won Millions — Now Jailed

An Iowa computer programmer had the “keys to the kingdom,” when it came to having complete access to the lottery computers that would spit out the winning jackpot numbers, according to a lottery official. Eddie Tipton’s job was to program computers used for picking the winning lottery numbers for several states. The 54-year-old helped write […]

How To Buy Powerball Tickets Online: Where To Find Tickets For The $650 Million Jackpot

Can you buy Powerball tickets online? With the $650 million jackpot quickly approaching, many people have turned to the internet to see if they can buy tickets without having to leave their home. Others who live in the handful of states not offering the lottery are also looking to see if they can get in […]

Powerball August 19 Winning Numbers: Find The Winning Combination For Saturday’s $535 Million Jackpot

The Powerball winning numbers are almost in, and someone in the United States could be holding a ticket for the $535 million jackpot. Saturday’s Powerball drawing is the fifth-largest in the game’s history, good for more than half a billion dollars. It has been six months since someone matched all six balls, with the jackpot […]

Watch Powerball Drawing Live Online: Where And When To Find Streaming Video Of August 19 Drawing

Those who want to watch the Powerball drawing live online will be in luck, with streaming video of the August 19 drawing worth a whopping $535 million. The drawing will take place at 10:59 p.m ET (7:59 p.m. PT) and will be covered by local television stations across the country, but those unable to make […]

Powerball Strategy: Can You Really Increase Your Chances To Win $700 Million Jackpot On Wednesday

After no single ticket matched all six numbers in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, the jackpot in the nationwide lottery skyrocketed by an incredible $165 million — landing at a whopping $700 million for Saturday’s drawing. The Powerball jackpot will be the second-largest lottery jackpot in United States history. Nearly 114 million Powerball tickets, priced at two […]

Powerball And Mega Millions Both Top $300 Million: What Are Your Odds Of Winning?

There are now two jackpots that top $300 million. Following another failed weekend of drawings, the Mega Millions is sitting at a hefty $346 million, while Powerball is at $307 million. What are the odds of winning one of these historic top prizes? According to CNBC, the Mega Millions jackpot is the game’s seventh largest. […]

Powerball And Mega Millions Shutdown Cost Illinois $4 Million In Lost Revenue

Powerball and Mega Millions can finally resume their ticket sales after Illinois state lawmakers finally passed a state budget. The week-long shutdown of the two multi-state lotteries cost the state millions in lost revenue, money that could have been used to fund projects in the state. The Democrat-controlled House voted to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s […]