Donald Trump’s Campaign Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Election Results In Pennsylvania

Donald Trump’s campaign is asking the Supreme Court to overturn election results in Pennsylvania, the latest attempt to overturn the will of voters and open the door for the president to remain in office. As The Associated Press reported, the campaign filed a new petition that seeks to reverse a trio of decisions from the […]

Trump-Appointed Judge Rejects Effort To Challenge Results: ‘Calling An Election Unfair Does Not Make It So’

On Friday, a federal appeals court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rejected President Donald Trump’s latest effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, The Associated Press reported. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal said that the Trump legal team’s allegations “have no merit,” suggesting that the commander-in-chief and his allies do not have […]

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey Says Donald Trump ‘Has Exhausted All Plausible Legal Options,’ Congratulates Joe Biden

On Saturday, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said that the time has come for President Donald Trump to accept the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and begin the transition process. In a statement, which is available in full on, Toomey noted that Trump has lost yet another lawsuit. “With today’s decision by […]

White Republican Dean Browning Accused Of Tweeting As Fake ‘Black Gay Guy’ Dan Purdy To Praise Donald Trump

Dean Browning, a white Republican former congressional candidate from Pennsylvania, drew some viral attention when he tweeted that he is a “Black gay guy” who did not believe that Barack Obama was a good president. He came under even more scrutiny after being connected to what appeared to be a sock puppet account claiming to […]

Joe Biden’s Team Reportedly Prepares Allies For Big News In Pennsylvania: ‘Get Ready To Celebrate’

Joe Biden’s campaign team is reportedly planning for some big news out of Pennsylvania, a state that could put him over the top in the 2020 presidential race. As the vote counting stretches beyond the second day with the race for the White House still in the balance, the vice president’s team is reportedly telling […]

Pennsylvania Absentee & Mail-In Ballots Total Nearly 1.5 Million Votes Remaining To Be Counted

As the 2020 presidential election comes into focus, the state of Pennsylvania has captured the attention of American citizens. The Keystone State is a key battleground between incumbent President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, the nominee for the Democratic Party. While Trump currently leads Pennsylvania by more than 600,000 votes, according to the Pennsylvania […]

Sebastian Machado Not A Poll Worker In Erie County, PA, Did Not Trash Trump Ballots, Board Of Elections Says

An image circulating on social media on Tuesday, November 3, caused voters plenty of concern over whether or not votes for President Donald Trump were being counted in Erie County, Pennsylvania. The image, which appeared to be a screenshot from an Instagram user named Sebastian Machado, made the rounds on social media amidst the tension […]

Poll Shows Joe Biden Leading Donald Trump In Key Swing State Of Pennsylvania

Joe Biden is currently leading Donald Trump in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, which could be the battleground that decides the 2020 presidential election, according to a new report from Newsweek. A new Muhlenberg College/Morning Call survey showed Biden holding a 7-point advantage over the president, getting the support of 51 percent of voters […]

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, Pennsylvania Second Lady, Verbally Assaulted By Woman Who Called Her N-Word

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, the second lady of Pennsylvania, was verbally assaulted by a woman who called her the N-word and told the wife of Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman that “no one wants you here,” The Washington Post reported. On Sunday, Fetterman went to the grocery store to pick up some supplies, and as she […]

Joe Biden Makes Good On Promise Made Eight Years Ago To Deliver Beer To Shanksville Firefighters

Eight years ago, Joe Biden made a promise to firefighters in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, that he would deliver them some beer the next time he saw them. On Friday, Biden made good on that promise. As The Associated Press reported, the Democratic candidate paid a visit to the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Co. Station 627, speaking with […]

Jake Tapper Accused Of ‘Meddling’ In Congressional Races

Jake Tapper came under fire on Sunday night after the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) raised concerns about the CNN anchor getting involved in ongoing congressional races, according to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News. Breitbart first raised the issue of Tapper trying to steer races when it came to Pennsylvania’s 17th district. The publication said […]

President Trump’s Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Delayed By Federal Judge

A federal judge on Sunday delayed a Trump administration lawsuit against mail-in voting in Pennsylvania, Bloomberg reported. Pennsylvania, like multiple other states, is attempting to limit how much exposure voters have to one another in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Traditional, in-person voting brings people together in tight proximity to one […]

Donald Trump Tells Pennsylvania Voters Joe Biden Is ‘Your Worst Nightmare’

On Thursday, during a campaign event in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump attacked his general election opponent Joe Biden, The Hill reported. “Slow Joe will speak at the Democrat convention, and I’m sure that he’ll just knock ’em dead. And he’ll remind us that he was born in Scranton. But you know, he left,” Trump told […]

U.S. Postal Service Warned Pennsylvania That Mail-In Ballots May Not Arrive In Time For Election

The U.S. Postal Service has warned Pennsylvania officials that there may not be enough time for mail-in ballots to arrive in time to be counted for the November presidential election. As NBC News reported, the service said in a letter to Pennsylvania State Secretary Kathy Boockvar that there was “a risk that ballots requested near […]

Monmouth University Poll: Joe Biden Opens Up 13-Point Lead Over Donald Trump In Pennsylvania

According to a poll from Monmouth University released on Wednesday, Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden has opened up a 13-point lead over President Donald Trump in the state of Pennsylvania. Fifty-three percent of registered voters said they would vote for Biden if the election were held today, while 40 percent said they would back […]

Philadelphia Mayor Announces The Center City Sector Will Go On Lockdown Because Of Protests

After another night of destructive protests in Philadephia, Mayor Jim Kenney announced on Sunday that he would be extending Philadephia’s curfew to include Sunday night and locking down the Center City sector of the city, NBC10 Philadelphia reported. The mayor said that the lockdown was being implemented to prevent further damage to public property and […]

Donald Trump Is Leading Joe Biden In Battleground State Of Pennsylvania, Poll Says

Although Joe Biden jumped into a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in a national Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, a Thursday Restoration PAC poll from Pennsylvania bodes better for the president. As reported by Breitbart, the poll, which surveyed 600 likely Pennsylvania voters, shows Trump with 50.2 percent support compared to Biden’s 45.5 percent. The […]

U.S. Coronavirus Patient Cleared To Go Home Coughs During News Interview, Shares Water Bottle With Daughter

A Pennsylvania man, recently cleared along with his family to leave quarantine after having a suspected exposure to the coronavirus, coughed during an interview and shared a water bottle with his young daughter. Frank Wucinski and his 3-year-old daughter appeared on the Fox News program America’s Newsroom on Friday to talk about their experiences in […]

Bernie Sanders Dominates Three Key Battleground States In New Poll

After winning the popular vote in Iowa, winning the New Hampshire primary, and coasting to a commanding victory in Nevada, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has emerged as the clear front-runner in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. According to a new poll from University of Wisconsin-Madison Elections Research Center, Sanders is dominant in three […]

Man Watching Trump Impeachment Trial Assaults Girlfriend After She Asks Him To Change TV Channel

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly choked and punched his girlfriend when she told him she wanted to watch something else on TV. According to USA Today, the man — identified as Lonnie D.Clark — was watching the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump when his girlfriend expressed her interest in changing […]

Viral Video Shows Teenage Babysitters Laughing While A Toddler Tries Vaping

A viral video has been circulating on social media and seemingly enraging many who have seen it. In the footage, two teenage girls are apparently laughing while recording a small child attempting to vape. The child, who appears to still be a toddler, is seen putting the device into his mouth, inhaling, and then starts […]

Pennsylvania Authorities Are Looking For The Person Who Released Bedbugs Inside A Walmart

Authorities in Pennsylvania are trying to figure out who released, or attempted to release, an unknown number of bedbugs inside of an Edinboro Walmart, The Associated Press reports. Key details of this crime remain in dispute, however. Police were called to the Northwestern Pennsylvania Walmart location on Saturday after a manager reported that on the […]

‘Get Her Out!’ President Trump’s Security Team Removed A Protester From Pennsylvania Rally

Donald Trump ordered security to eject a protester from a Pennsylvania rally, then criticized the security guard for being “politically correct” as he was careful not to touch the protester when escorting her out. As HuffPost reports, a woman made it into Trump’s campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, wearing a hat emblazoned with the hashtag […]

Donald Trump Says He May Refuse To Leave Office Until Age Of 102, ‘Should We Give It A Shot? Maybe We Will’

For the second time in three days, Donald Trump held a campaign rally at which he told a crowd of supporters that he may not leave office even after two terms, as required by the United States Constitution. Trump has repeatedly made what he calls jokes about refusing to leave office after eight years, or […]

President Trump Announces Rally In Battleground State Of Pennsylvania To Shore Up Support

Even though President Donald Trump has endured two weeks of televised live testimony with regard to the House Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into his dealings with Ukraine, the president continues to hold and announce new campaign rallies, including one set to take place in Pennsylvania next month. According to The Hill, the Keystone State is in […]

Nursing Home Employee Allegedly Took Photos Of Dead Patients Because Her Boyfriend ‘Liked That Kind Of Thing’

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of taking photos of dead patients and sharing them with her boyfriend who “liked that sort of thing,” NBC News reports. Stephanie Thomas, 28, had, until recently, been employed at the Berks Heim Home in Reading, Pa., where she’d worked as a nursing assistant. However, she was suspended from her […]

Jason Muzzicato Accused Of Dropping Explosives On His Ex-Girlfriend’s House From A Drone

A Pennsylvania man is accused of using a drone to drop explosives and nails onto his ex-girlfriend’s property, Parkersburg, West Virginia’s WTAP-TV reports. Jason Muzzicato has only been charged with an aviation-related crime, however, and not with actually detonating the explosives. Back in the spring and summer of this year, neighbors in Washington Township, Pennsylvania, […]

After A Bank Mistakenly Deposited $120,000 Into Couple’s Account, They Allegedly Blew It All On Shopping Spree

A Pennsylvania couple is accused of blowing through $120,000 on a lavish spending spree after their bank mistakenly deposited the money, intended for another account, into theirs, The Williamsport Sun Gazette reports. In the game Monopoly, when there’s a bank error in your favor, you collect $200. In the real world, there’s no such thing […]

A Pennsylvania Court Ruled It’s A Crime To Point Fingers Like A Gun

Be careful if you’re pointing your fingers in the shape of a gun in Pennsylvania because a court just ruled that the hand gesture is a crime. According to The Washington Post, Stephen Kirchner pointed gun fingers at his neighbor and an appeals court has found that the misdemeanor offense could have provoked “a dangerous […]

Grace Brown, Accused Of Urinating On Potatoes At Pennsylvania Walmart, Turns Herself In

A woman accused of urinating on potatoes at a Pennsylvania Walmart has turned herself in, Fox News reports. Back on July 24, an employee at a Walmart location in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, noticed the disgusting act. Whether or not the employee attempted to intervene remains unclear. According to Pittsburgh’s WPXI-TV, on the morning of July […]

Pennsylvania School District Threatens Foster Care Placement Over Unpaid Lunch Debt

Wyoming Valley West School District is making waves after sending letters to roughly 40 parents last week threatening to remove their children and place them in foster care unless lunch debts were taken care of. The school district reported being owed over $22,000 in unpaid lunch debt. The Pennsylvania school district is now facing heavy […]

Internet Reacts After Father Kills Car Thief For Stealing Vehicle With Kids Inside

A car thief was beaten to death after stealing a vehicle with three young children inside on Thursday night. According to Philadelphia police, the car thief was beaten by the children’s father as well as several bystanders. NBC Philadelphia reports the frightening situation took place just after 9 p.m. on Thursday night. An unnamed 25-year-old […]

Pennsylvania High School Blurs Out ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats In Yearbook

Two teenagers in Pennsylvania wore their “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hats to school earlier in the school year, only to find out that they’d been pixelated when the yearbook came out, Harrisburg’s WMPT-TV reports. One of the teenagers involved says his First Amendment rights were violated by the school’s apparent censorship. Back in October, […]

Joe Biden Claps Back At Donald Trump For Accusing Him Of ‘Abandoning’ Pennsylvania: ‘I Was 10’

Joe Biden blasted Donald Trump on Tuesday after Trump claimed that the former vice president “abandoned” Pennsylvania. Biden was a 10-year-old boy when his family moved out of the state. As Yahoo News reports, earlier this week Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania, and he told the crowd that the Democratic front-runner “abandoned” the state. […]

Chloe Jones, At One Time On A ‘Most Wanted’ List, Taunts Police On Facebook, Accidentally Reveals Her Location

A Pennsylvania woman on the run from the law taunted cops on Facebook, then made the mistake of revealing her location, and is now behind bars for her efforts, NBC News is reporting. Chloe Jones was on the lam, in a manner of speaking, from the police in Waynesburg, after failing to show up in […]

This Pennsylvania Special Election Victory May Offer A Preview Of 2020 Presidential Election

A hotly contested state Senate special election in Pennsylvania may shed some light into what lies ahead for the upcoming presidential election, Salon reports. Democrat Pam Iovino managed to flip a previously-Republican seat by defeating her opponent D. Raja, who openly professed his support for President Donald Trump throughout the election. Pennsylvania, a perennial “swing […]

Three Mile Island Still Active 40 Years After Nuclear Meltdown, But May Not Be For Long

Forty years after what was known to be the most significant U.S. nuclear power plant accident in history, Three Mile Island may soon be shutting down for good. Exelon, the nuclear electric power generation company that oversees the power plant in south-central Pennsylvania, announced two years ago that Three Mile Island would come to an […]

Pennsylvania Republican Prays For Trump, Sermonizes About ‘Overcoming Evil’ Before First Muslim Woman Sworn In

Pennsylvania state congresswoman, Stephanie Borowicz, faces intense backlash after she prayed for Donald Trump and sermonized about “overcoming evil” right before the swearing-in of the state’s first Muslim congresswoman, according to The Independent. Borowicz started the day’s session on Monday with an emotional invocation thanking Jesus for helping Trump stand “beside Israel unequivocally.” With a […]

Pennsylvania School Bus Driver Allegedly Tells Kids To ‘Go F**k’ Themselves, Abandons Bus At Gas Station

A group of Pennsylvania school kids got more than they bargained for in their bus ride home last week, as their driver, Lori Ann Mankos, allegedly drove drunk, told the kids to “go f**k” themselves, and abandoned the bus full of kids at a gas station, Global News is reporting. Authorities say that Mankos was […]

Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino Resigns To Take Job In Private Sector

T0m Marino, the Pennsylvania Republican congressman who was nominated by President Trump as “drug czar” in late 2017 but withdrew the nomination once it was reported that he had pushed for a policy to protect the pharmaceutical industry from enforcement related to the opioid epidemic, has announced that he is resigning from his congressional seat. […]

At Least Eight Killed As Gunman Shouting ‘All Jews Must Die’ Open Fires At Pittsburgh Synagogue

[This article has been updated.] At least eight people are reported to have been killed in a deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, according to various emerging reports. KDKA-2 (a CBS affiliate station) reported that law enforcement officials rushed to The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after receiving reports that […]

US Justice Department Launches Further Investigation Into Clergy Sex Abuse In Pennsylvania

The U.S. Justice Department has opened up an investigation into the reported child abuse scandal currently rocking the Catholic Church by serving subpoenas to churches across the state of Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press. The deep dive into Pennsylvania churches comes after an August state grand jury report that revealed rampant sex abuse from […]

Republican Scott Wagner Now Says Threat To Stomp Opponent’s Face With Golf Spikes Was Just A Metaphor

In a Facebook Live video posted this past Friday, Republican Scott Wagner of Pennsylvania told incumbent Governor Tom Wolf that he was “going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes.” Wagner is currently behind Wolf in multiple polls in the campaign for governor of Pennsylvania. His spokesman Andrew Romeo has since clarified that […]

Republican Candidate Scott Wagner Threatens To ‘Stomp’ on PA Governor Tom Wolf’s Face During Facebook Live

As the 2018 midterms inch closer and closer, candidates on both sides are doing anything that they can to get an edge on their opponents. Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner might have taken things a bit too far during a recent Facebook Live rant, however. “Governor Wolf, let me tell you, between now and […]

Donald Trump’s 5 Most Outrageous Moments From Pennsylvania Rally As Hurricane Pounds Florida Panhandle [Video]

As Hurricane Michael tore through the Florida panhandle region on Wednesday with what experts said could be “catastrophic consequences,” according to the Washington Post, about 1,000 miles to the north Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania — a rally that contained what has become Trump’s expected litany of outrageous moments and false […]

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Moderated An Unusual Kind Of Debate Between Pennsylvanian Candidates For Governor

The debate between Pennsylvania incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger, Scott Wagner, was meant to showcase the candidates. Unfortunately, it was the moderator who stole the show — at least in many audience member’s minds. That’s because the debate — put on by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry — […]

Car Explosion In Pennsylvania Kills Three Men

Three men died in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania, after a car exploded on Saturday night. Authorities said on Sunday during a press conference that one among the three dead is likely to be the perpetrator, and names of all the deceased persons will be revealed on Monday after the scheduled autopsy. An investigation is currently underway […]

How Bill Cosby Will Live In His New Pennsylvania Prison

Bill Cosby has been issued his standard prison blues. He’s been welcomed into his single-person cell. And he’s made it through his first night in the SCI Phoenix prison in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. It’s one of many nights that the convicted rapist will face in the coming days, weeks and months. What will his life be […]

Pennsylvania Man Nathan Matthias Sent To Prison For Getting Drunk And Shooting At Imaginary Clowns

Reading, Pennsylvania man Nathan Matthias had a rather unusual reason for drunkenly firing a shotgun while inside his apartment — he allegedly thought that he saw two clowns invading his apartment and causing a ruckus by running around the house. According to the Reading Eagle, the 35-year-old Matthias was given a sentence of 22 months […]

Pennsylvania School Plans Live Shooter Drill Using Blanks So Students Are Exposed To Sound Of Real Gunfire

One Pennsylvania school is taking their active shooter drill to a whole new level. With the start of the school year just kicking off, schools across the country are conducting active shooter drills to ensure that both students and staff are prepared for any worst-scenario events that may happen at their school. Bethel Park High […]