Donald Trump’s Pardons Were So ‘Poorly Worded’ That His Allies May Still Be Prosecuted, Legal Experts Say

Former President Donald Trump issued more than 100 pardons before leaving the White House, most of them to personal friends and political allies, including controversial figures such as Paul Manafort and Gen. Michael Flynn. According to a Saturday report from Business Insider, some legal experts believe that Trump’s pardons were so “poorly worded” that the […]

Donald Trump Could Face Criminal Charges For His ‘Corrupt Pardons,’ Harvard Law Professor Claims

U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial use of his pardoning power could land him in some legal hot water and even lead to potential criminal charges, a legal expert claims. In an op-ed for the Financial Times, Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe noted that Trump has handed out a number of “corrupt pardons.” As he […]

Donald Trump Heard With Lev Parnas On 2018 Audio File, Extent Of Relationship Appears Greater Than Admitted

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed to be unacquainted with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, the two Rudy Giuliani associates who were charged last October with allegedly funneling hundreds of thousands in Russian cash into a pro-Trump super PAC. However, new evidence continues to emerge that his relationship with the two Ukrainian-born businessmen was far more […]

Paul Manafort Believed Sean Hannity Was Relaying Backchannel Messages From Donald Trump In 2017, Per FBI Memo

Paul Manafort reportedly believed Fox News host Sean Hannity was relaying backchannel messages from Donald Trump to him — all while the former was under investigation for federal crimes, new documents allege. The revelation was part of a trove of documents related to Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which were obtained and published by BuzzFeed News. […]

Paul Manafort’s Fraud Case In New York Has Been Dismissed, Clearing Hurdle For Presidential Pardon

A New York judge threw out mortgage fraud charges against Paul Manafort on Wednesday on double jeopardy grounds, ruling that President Donald Trump‘s former campaign chairman could not be charged again with financial crimes he’d already been tried for in federal court. This is a decision that could pave the way for a presidential pardon, […]

Former Trump Campaign Official Rick Gates Sentenced To 45 Days In Jail

Rick Gates, the former deputy campaign manager for then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election cycle and former business partner of Paul Manafort, was sentenced to 45 days in jail on December 17. “I greatly regret the mistakes I’ve made, and I have worked hard to honor my commitment to make amends,” Gates told the […]

Paul Manafort Hospitalized, Former Trump Campaign Chair Experienced Cardiac Event

Paul Manafort, former campaign chair for President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 campaign, has been hospitalized in response to a cardiac event, per ABC News. According to the ABC News report, Manafort has been recovering from the incident since Thursday, December 12. Sources close to the former campaign chair say that during his recovery, he was […]

Roger Stone Talked WikiLeaks With Donald Trump, Top Campaign Official Testifies, Contradicting Trump Testimony

In a dramatic testimony that one legal expert, via Twitter, called “real evidence of serious criminal wrongdoing” by Donald Trump, a top 2016 Trump campaign official testified that Trump knew in advance of at least one WikiLeaks dump of hacked Democratic emails. The testimony, by Trump’s 2016 deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, came on Tuesday […]

Robert Mueller Target, Called ‘Russian Spy’ By Fiona Hill, Fed Ukraine Conspiracy Theory To Trump Campaign

Donald Trump believes a conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 presidential election. That is why Trump has called Ukraine a “corrupt country” full of “terrible people” that “tried to take me down,” according to testimony by former U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker. The baseless Ukraine theory was reportedly injected into […]

Many Calling On Fox News To Fire Sean Hannity After Judge Reveals His Secret Text Messages With Paul Manafort

The revelation that Fox News host Sean Hannity had been secretly communicating with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has led to rising calls for the network to fire Hannity for not disclosing the conflict to his viewers. A court on Friday unsealed more than 50 pages of text messages from Paul Manafort, including communications […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Solitary Confinement ‘Torture’ After Believing Paul Manafort Will Be Held There

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called solitary confinement “torture” while being under the impression that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is going to be held there, Yahoo News reports. What’s more, he’s going to be held at Rikers Island, which is in the freshman Democrat representative’s home district. Manafort is currently serving a federal sentence at a […]

Jared Kushner On Finding A Trump Administration Job For Banker Who Bribed Paul Manafort: ‘On It!’

According to an indictment that was unsealed on Thursday, bank CEO Stephen Calk offered millions of dollars in loans to Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort in exchange for a senior role in the new administration, Bloomberg reports. Manhattan federal prosecutors are charging that Calk bribed Manafort with $16 million in loans in exchange for potential […]

Bank CEO Charged With Bribing Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort For Administration Position

According to an indictment, Manhattan federal prosecutors are charging banker Stephen Calk with bribing former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, CNN reports. The indictment, unsealed Thursday, alleges that Calk bribed Manafort with $16 million in loans in exchange for a high-ranking position in the administration of now-President Donald Trump. That position never materialized. Despite apparent […]

Trump Campaign Boss Paul Manafort Messaged Russia Via Secret Alfa Bank Server, Steele Dossier Author Told U.S.

One of the enduring mysteries that has gone unsolved by special counsel Robert Mueller surrounded mysterious online communications during the 2016 campaign between a computer server located in Manhattan’s Trump Tower — which was then Donald Trump’s main place of residence — and a server registered to Alfa Bank, one of Russia’s largest financial institutions, […]

Robert Mueller Asks Judge To Postpone Rick Gates Sentencing Due To His Cooperation In Other Cases

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is asking the judge to postpone the sentencing of former Donald Trump campaign senior adviser Rick Gates, as the former associate of Paul Manafort continues to cooperate with various Department of Justice investigations. Time magazine says that Mueller is asking the judge in this case to hold off on sentencing Gates […]

Paul Manafort’s Lawyer Heckled After Falsely Claiming Judge Cleared Him Of Russian Collusion: ‘You’re A Liar’

Paul Manafort’s lawyer got a fact check in real time during a press conference Wednesday outside a courtroom where the former Trump campaign manager received another prison sentence. Just minutes after Judge Amy Berman Jackson handed Manafort an additional 3.5 years in prison on top of the four-year sentence he received last week, lead attorney […]

Paul Manafort Sentenced To A Total Of 7.5 Years In Prison

On Wednesday, Paul Manafort was sentenced to an additional 43 months in prison, bringing his total sentence to 7 years behind bars. According to The New York Times, Judge Amy Berman Jackson gave Manafort 60 months running concurrently to 30 months in the 47-month sentence that Trump’s former campaign consultant was sentenced to last week. […]

Robert Mueller Could Release A Second Report

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress on the Russia investigation is likely to arrive sometime soon, according to various media reports in recent weeks. Said report is expected to lay out which crimes, if any, were committed in relation to allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. According to a new report […]

White House Refuses To Rule Out Pardon For Manafort

In a Monday press conference, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that President Donald Trump has not yet ruled out the possibility of granting a pardon to his convicted former campaign manager Paul Manafort. According to Politico, Sanders tried to shut down speculation that the president was about to issue a pardon any day […]

Donald Trump Is Privately Praising Paul Manafort For Not Being A ‘Rat’ Like Michael Cohen

Donald Trump has privately been praising his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, whom he once believed expendable, because of Manafort’s apparent allegiance to him, according to The Daily Beast. In private conversations with friends and aides, Trump has praised Manafort for standing his ground, unlike “coward” and “rat” Michael Cohen, whom the president now loathes […]

Donald Trump Says Paul Manafort’s Light Sentence Is Proof That There Was ‘No Collusion’

For the first time since the unexpectedly light sentence was announced for Paul Manafort on Thursday, Donald Trump is weighing in on the news. On Friday, the president tweeted that the light sentence is proof that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia. “Both the Judge and the lawyer in the Paul Manafort […]

No Locks On Cell Doors At ‘Club Fed’ Prison For Paul Manafort: ‘More Of A College Setting’

As the outrage over the sentencing for President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort continues to unfold, a new wrinkle has emerged regarding the facility where he is sentenced to spend 47 months for fraud and hiding millions of dollars overseas to avoid taxes. According to The Daily Mail, the Maryland Federal Correctional Facility […]

After 47-Month Sentence From Judge TS Ellis, Paul Manafort May Still Get Decades From Judge Amy Berman Jackson

Paul Manafort was handed a 47-month sentence from Judge TS Ellis on Thursday for his federal fraud conviction, but amid outrage over what many saw as a light sentence, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump could still face decades in his other upcoming sentencing for a separate conviction. Manafort was handed the nearly four-year […]

Stunned Twitter Users React To Paul Manafort’s Light Sentence: ‘Stuff In My Fridge Has Been There 47 Months’

Paul Manafort once served as Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign chair, and before that, he served as the top political consultant to pro-Russian Ukrainian strongman Viktor Yanukovich, as The Washington Post has chronicled. He faced bank and tax fraud charges brought by Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller that could have added up to a […]

Jake Tapper Roasts Donald Trump Jr. Over His Claims That Mueller Found ‘No Actual Crimes’

CNN host Jake Tapper took presidential son and White House adviser Donald Trump Jr. to task on Monday over his claims that special prosecutor Robert Mueller has yet to uncover any “actual crimes” committed in connection with President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. According to a HuffPost piece, Trump Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends to […]

Paul Manafort Could Still Serve Time If Donald Trump Pardons Him, Thanks To New York Lawsuit

The New York District Attorney Cy Vance is preparing criminal charges against Donald Trump’s former 2016 campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, to ensure that he will serve time if the president pardons him for his federal crimes. The move is, according to Bloomberg, a sort of “insurance policy” that could see Manafort punished even if the […]

Donald Trump Tweets That Robert Mueller And His Team Of Investigators ‘Ought To Be In Jail’

Donald Trump made one of his most direct attacks on Robert Mueller on Sunday, tweeting a quote from Rush Limbaugh saying that the special counsel and the team of investigators working with him should be thrown in jail. Trump copied the remarks of the right-wing radio host, calling the Russia investigation a hoax and claiming […]

Trump Biographer Makes Connection Between President And Russian Mafia: ‘People Have Been Dying Over This’

In an MSNBC interview broadcast Saturday, Donald Trump’s biographer, Craig Unger, detailed the alleged links between the president and the Russian mafia, Raw Story reports. The author of House of Trump, House of Putin detailed on MSNBC’s AM Joy how the Russian mob functions. According to the author, unlike the Italian mob and other similar […]

Mueller’s Team Recommends Suprisingly Substantial Sentence For Paul Manafort

The office of Special Counsel recommended an unexpectedly harsh prison sentence for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, suggesting a term of between 19.5 and 24.5 years for eight crimes, CNN reports. Manafort was convicted by a jury last year for a number of financial crimes, including bank and tax fraud. “In the end, Manafort […]

Judge Rules That Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Repeatedly Lied To Prosecutors

In another stunning turn in the investigation to determine if Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections, a federal judge ruled that Paul Manafort “intentionally” lied to investigators, according to CNN. Judge Amy Berman Jackson said that Trump’s former campaign manager violated the terms of his plea deal by lying to Robert Mueller’s federal investigators […]

Trump Jr Should Be Concerned After Giuliani’s Pivot On Campaign Collusion, Analyst Says

A political analyst speaking on MSNBC suggested on Thursday morning that new revelations disseminated by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer — claims made the night before — may spell trouble for the commander-in-chief’s eldest son. MSNBC political analyst Mike Barnicle, speaking on that network’s program Morning Joe, seemed to think that Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy […]

Mueller Questioned Trump’s Top Pollster Months Before Manafort Polling Leaks To Russian Spy

Special counsel Robert Mueller met with Donald Trump’s top pollster back in February 2018, CNN has revealed. Tony Fabrizio was the top pollster during Trump’s presidential campaign. He is also a former business associate of Trump’s former campaign chief Paul Manafort and is believed to have worked with Manafort on his previous projects in Ukraine. […]

Paul Manafort Reportedly Suffering From Anxiety, Depression, And Severe Gout While In Prison

Paul Manafort is having a very rough time in prison, his lawyer claims. The former chair of Donald Trump’s campaign, in prison after being convicted on a number of tax fraud charges, is suffering from depression and anxiety as well as a severe and painful case of gout, Manafort’s lawyers said in new court filings. […]

Mueller Believes Manafort Shared 2016 Poll Data With Russian Intelligence Operative, According To Filings

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been going on for more than 18 months already, and has resulted in numerous indictments and guilty pleas from a number of top aides in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Paul Manafort is one of those on the list, and on Tuesday, badly redacted court documents showed that Trump’s […]

Natalia Veselnitskaya, Russian Lawyer From Trump Tower Meeting Charged With Obstruction

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who was party to the notorious Trump Tower meeting during the 2016 campaign — one that’s seen as important to the question of Russian collusion in that election — was charged Tuesday with obstruction in a different case. According to the New York Times, Veselnitskaya has been charged by federal […]

Paul Manafort Was Being Pressured By Russians To Pay Back Millions, ‘Time’ Reports

Paul Manafort is sitting in prison after a jury found him guilty on multiple counts of tax and bank fraud charges, but the worst may be yet to come. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election continues to roll on, and as Inquisitr notes, Manafort is now being accused of […]

Louie Gohmert Compares Paul Manafort’s Family To Separated Children At Border In Defense Of Homeland Security

Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican from Texas, is known for frequently making controversial comments. He was criticized earlier this month for an odd reference to the Jewishness of philanthropist George Soros, and he also once alleged a conspiracy by women to birth “terror babies” inside the United States. Gohmert continued the theme of shocking comments […]

Robert Mueller Investigation Turns Profit For US, Nails Tax Frauds For Nearly $50 Million, Costs Only $25M

In addition to bringing indictments against nearly 40 individuals linked to the 2016 Donald Trump campaign or the Russian government as part of his investigation, as compiled, Robert Mueller has also turned a financial profit for United States taxpayers from his ongoing probe. In fact, Mueller’s probe has at least potentially recovered almost twice […]

Comparatively Speaking, Just How Expensive Has Mueller’s Investigation Really Been?

Since Robert Mueller assumed the role of special counsel of the Russia investigation, he has spent upwards of $25 million to conduct his inquiry. The numbers are as of September 30 of this year, and are likely higher as of this date. Over the last six months of the most recent expenditure report, around $8.5 […]

It Would Be A ‘Huge Mistake’ If Donald Trump Pardoned Paul Manafort, Marco Rubio Says

It would be a “huge mistake” for Donald Trump to pardon former campaign manager Paul Manafort, Republican Senator Marco Rubio says. Though Rubio has frequently supported his onetime Republican primary opponent, he split sharply with the president after Trump had floated the idea of issuing a pardon for Manafort. Trump’s former campaign manager was convicted […]

Donald Trump ‘Makes Benedict Arnold Look Like A Patriot,’ Columnist Claims

President Donald Trump has been called a lot of unflattering things by his critics. This time around, one such critic went as far as comparing him to American Revolutionary War general Benedict Arnold and suggesting that Arnold, whose name has become synonymous through the years with treason, “[looks] like a patriot” compared to the president. […]

Mueller Filing Shows That Russia And Trump Campaign Communicated As Early As 2015

In his Friday court filing, Robert Mueller revealed that Russia and the Trump campaign communicated as early as 2015, according to KATC. Michael Cohen, then still serving as Donald Trump’s personal attorney, was speaking to Russians who wanted to contact the Trump campaign as early as 2015. Prosecutors have recommended a “significant” prison term for […]

Mueller’s Manafort Filings Heavily Redacted And Sealed, But Offer Some Insight Into His Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted a court filing detailing former Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort’s breach of the plea agreement made between the two parties, as detailed in Mueller’s filing this afternoon. In the filing, which is heavily redacted and partly under seal, Mueller discloses five key lies that the special counsel alleges Manafort told […]

In Blistering Attack, John Brennan Says ‘Increasingly Desperate’ Trump Is Feeling ‘Walls Closing In’

In a blistering attack on President Donald Trump on Friday morning, former CIA director John Brennan said that Trump is getting “increasingly desperate” in the face of increased Mueller disclosures — and is likely feeling the “walls closing in” around him, according to Newsweek. As reported by the Inquisitr earlier today, Trump is expecting some […]

Ahead Of Big Friday For Mueller, A Seemingly Rattled President Donald Trump Goes On A Twitter Frenzy

Ahead of what is expected to be a big Friday, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller set to file new disclosures about two of Trump’s former associates, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, a seemingly rattled Donald Trump went on a tweet-frenzy, once again questioning the integrity of the Mueller investigation. Last week, Mueller filed a highly-redacted […]

Friday Court Filing Could Provide Lots Of Details About Mueller Investigation

Robert Mueller and his investigative team have a Friday deadline to explain why Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, was accused of lying to investigators and breaking his cooperation deal. In another filing, Mueller’s office and New York state federal prosecutors must provide memos to recommend a sentence for Michael Cohen. These filings are […]

Donald Trump ‘Rattled’ As Robert Mueller Will Expose ‘Crimes And Lies’ Of Ex-Campaign Boss On Friday: NBC News

Donald Trump “seems rattled” by the latest moves by Robert Mueller in the Russia collusion investigation, according to a report by NBC News on Monday, and Trump’s mood is likely to get worse this week as Mueller prepares to unleash a series of potentially devastating revelations — including a court filing scheduled for Friday that […]

Giuliani Accuses Mueller Team Of Intimidating, Pressuring Witnesses: ‘They Think They Are God’

In an interview aired Sunday, President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of intimidating and pressuring witnesses, the Hill reports. According to Giuliani, Mueller is pressuring two key witnesses in the probe, former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, and the president’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. Notably, echoing […]

Michael Cohen Expected Trump Pardon, Went To Mueller Camp By Default, ‘CNN’ Says

Citing two sources, CNN says that Michael Cohen expected that he would be pardoned by Donald Trump should things with the Mueller investigation begin to go south. That was after Cohen visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago in March, 2018. And then Cohen’s confidence began to waver. In April, the FBI raided Cohen’s home and office. Still, […]

Former CIA Officer Suggests ‘Guardian’ Was Duped By Russia

On November 27, The Guardian published a blockbuster report detailing an alleged meeting between Julian Assange and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Reporter Luke Harding’s story went viral almost instantly, but many journalists have expressed doubt, citing Harding’s long-standing personal feud with Assange’s WikiLeaks. Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Glenn Greenwald asserted in an op-ed penned […]