Trump Ally Pat Robertson Turns On The President, Says He’s Stuck In ‘Alternate Reality’ With Election Claims

Pat Robertson appears to have turned on Donald Trump, with the televangelist saying this week that the president is stuck living in an “alternate reality” with his unfounded claims of election fraud. As IJR reported, Robertson addressed Trump’s continued claims of election fraud during Monday’s episode of The 700 Club, urging him to move on […]

Pat Robertson Says That If Donald Trump Pulls Out Of Syria, He’ll ‘Lose His Mandate Of Heaven’

On Monday, evangelist Pat Robertson said that Donald Trump is in danger of losing his “mandate of Heaven” if he proceeds with his plans to remove U.S. troops from northern Syria, perhaps allowing Turkey to make a military incursion into Kurd-held territory, Mediaite reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Monday, President Trump announced […]

Christian Evangelical Leader Pat Robertson Calls For ‘Hellfire Missile’ Strike On Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro

As Donald Trump has escalated his rhetoric condemning Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, as well as calming economic sanctions on the country and recognizing Maduro’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s president, as NBC News reported, a top right-wing American Christian evangelical leader called on the United States to assassinate Maduro with a drone strike. […]

Pat Robertson Prays For God To ‘Throw Confusion’ Into Kavanaugh Accusers

Conservative media mogul and televangelist Pat Roberton prayed for “the Holy Spirit of God” to “throw confusion into the counsel” of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, reports Right Wing Watch. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation has been delayed by a week after his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, gave her testimony on Thursday, which led many to call for […]

Pat Robertson, Anti-LGBT Televangelist, Suffers A Stroke And People Are Making Jokes About It On Twitter

Pat Robertson, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) founder has suffered a stroke. Fox News reported that Robertson’s network put out a statement saying that the host of The 700 Club is “expected to make a full recovery.” The longtime televangelist was rushed to a medical facility on Friday when he showed signs of experiencing an […]

Evangelicals Who Denounced Bill Clinton Affair, Silent On Donald Trump And Stormy Daniels

Many prominent Evangelicals were quick to criticize Bill Clinton when he cheated with Monica Lewinsky in 1998. Yet those same leaders have remained oddly silent in the wake of Donald Trump’s alleged affair with former porn star Stormy Daniels. Why isn’t the Christian right speaking out against Trump’s infidelity? Evangelicals Ignore Trump’s Affair According to […]

President Trump Talks To Pat Robertson About Obamacare, Russia, And Hillary Clinton — Watch ‘700 Club’ Video

President Trump sat for an exclusive interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) founder Pat Robertson. Clips from the interview were released on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, with the full interview set to air on Thursday. Portions of the interview were published on the official CBN website and President Trump discussed issues such as Obamacare, Hillary […]

Pat Robertson: Trump Is God’s Anointed, People Opposing Him Are Opposing God

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson announced on the February 15 episode of The 700 Club that Democrats, “left wingers” or “progressives” who oppose President Trump are opposing God and his plan for America because Trump is “God’s anointed.” The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) founder declared Trump as “God’s anointed” and pronounced all opposition to Trump’s administration […]

Christian Leaders Split On Donald Trump Lewd Remarks

Republican Christians are not usually so divided when it comes to presidential election years, but then again, this has proven to not be a typical presidential election year. The most recent (and divisive) as of late is the recent Washington Post report about Trump’s vulgar conversation with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that was caught […]

Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Pat Robertson Says Let Liberals ‘Kill Themselves’ Over Muslims, Gays

The Orlando nightclub shooting motivated Pat Robertson to make some remarks on his 700 Club television show, says the Washington Times. On his Tuesday show, just days after an American Muslim massacred dozens at a gay nightclub, Robertson gave conservatives a bit of political advice. He pointed out the left is faced with a dilemma […]

Pat Robertson Heads New ABC Family-Freeform Lineup, And Disney Doesn’t Sound Happy

Pat Robertson, the outspoken father of controversial Christian talk show The 700 Club, isn’t going anywhere, according to a new article from Vulture. In 2001, Disney acquired Robertson’s network, which began as Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and later morphed into The Family Channel. When Disney purchased it from Pat Robertson and Family, the sellers made […]

Pat Robertson Just Ripped Parents For Letting Their Kids Celebrate Halloween

Pat Robertson, America’s foremost expert on all things Satanic, has a warning for parents who allow their children to celebrate Halloween. They are “celebrating Satan.” It should come to no surprise that the outspoken Christian televangelist is an opponent of the pagan holiday, but the bluntness with which he talks about it in the video […]

Watch Pat Robertson Comfort Mom of 3-Yr-Old Who Died: God ‘Terminated’ Your Baby So He Won’t Grow Up To Be Hitler

Televangelist Pat Robertson comforts grieving parents who have lost a baby, a toddler, or a young child with the jaw-dropping suggestion that God could have “terminated” the lives of the young children because he wanted to stop them from growing up to became mass murderers like Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, or maybe President Richard […]

Seven Crazy Things Predicted If SCOTUS Rules For Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court has heard arguments for, and against, marriage equality and a decision is expected this summer. It’s still not certain which way the courts will go, but there is a better-than-even chance that in coming months, marriage equality will be the law of the land, across the United States. If that happens, religious […]

Pat Robertson Tells Mom To Beat iPod-Listening 11-Year-Old ‘Twerp’ Son — ‘Big Daddy’s Home! Wham!’

Pat Robertson dispensed some advice for a viewer who emailed in to his 700 Club broadcast Thursday asking the 84-year-old televangelist what to do about her 11-year-old son who had taken to listening to music on his iPod that didn’t meet his parents approval. And Robertson, as he always does, had an answer. That answer […]

Pat Robertson Implores Followers Not To Smoke Pot Because It Makes You ‘Slave To A Vegetable’

Pat Robertson, the 84-year-old conservative televangelist and businessman, was as recently as three years ago an advocate of marijuana legalization. But now Robertson has changed his tune when it comes to pot and, as he told viewers of his regular 700 Club broadcast on Monday, now believes that smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana turns a […]

Pat Robertson Says That Yoga Tricks You Into ‘Speaking Hindu’

On an almost daily basis now, it seems, televangelist and ultra-conservative Pat Robertson says something ridiculous or insulting on The 700 Club, and Tuesday’s broadcast was no exception. The 84-year-old preacher told a viewer that yoga “tricks” people into “speaking Hindu,” Right Wing Watch is reporting. A 700 Club viewer wrote to Mr. Robertson to […]

Pat Robertson Tells Pregnant Women, Witches Will Curse Your Baby If You Do This One Thing

Pat Robertson, the 84-year-old televangelist and businessman who still appears regularly on broadcasts of his 700 Club TV show, has become known for his controversial, often insensitive, and sometimes just downright bizarre pieces of advice that he dispenses to his faithful followers who write in asking for help with problems in their lives. Recently, for […]

Pat Robertson: Advice For Dues-Paying 700 Clubber Who Can’t Afford To Retire — Reverse Mortgage!

Pat Robertson, the 84-year-old television evangelist, is the ruler of a broadcasting and business empire worth by some estimates as much as $1 billion. Lat Tuesday, he dispensed some sage advice to one of his dues-paying members who wrote in to the popular preacher asking for guidance because at age 67, she could not afford […]

Latest Pat Robertson Bizarre Claim: Gay Population Will ‘Die Out Because They Don’t Reproduce’

Pat Robertson, the Christian fundamentalist preacher who commands the $300 million Christian Broadcasting Network empire and, at the age of 84, still appears on his daily CBN broadcast The 700 Club, made another claim in his ongoing series of remarkable statements about the gay population on his program Wednesday. Though Robertson has made numerous bizarre […]

Pat Robertson Calls Single Mother ‘Rebellious’ For Refusing To Re-Marry

Pat Robertson is no stranger to controversy, from his conviction on contracting HIV from towels to bullying an elderly woman into working in order to continue tiding, the veteran televangelist has never been shy voice his opinions. On Tuesday, Pat Robertson promptly warned a single mother that she was “tempting God” by refusing to get […]

Pat Robertson On AIDS: You Can Get HIV From Towels! [Video]

Pat Robertson’s comments on AIDS, Ebola and even natural disasters have upset quite a few people over the years. Despite that, Pat has carved out a niche audience of America’s conservative Christians that have kept him going strong since the 1960s — even if statements Robertson makes on AIDS and hurricanes ignite a pundit-bashing war […]

Pat Robertson Tells 80-Year-Old Broke Woman To Get A Job, But Don’t Stop Sending Cash To Church

Televangelist Pat Robertson has a well-earned reputation for outrageous, offensive and sometimes downright insane public statements, usually uttered on his long-running television program, The 700 Club, which airs on Robertson’s own Christian Broadcasting Network. But his advice to an 80-year-old woman who gives generously to her church, but has no money left over for basic […]

Pat Robertson: Young Earth Creationists Are ‘Deaf, Dumb, And Blind’

According to Pat Robertson, young Earth creationists are dead wrong about the Earth being roughly about 6,000 years old. But why is it so surprising to hear a popular Christian evangelist say this? In a related report by The Inquisitr, Pat Robertson has managed to surprise and upset many people over the years with his […]

Pat Robertson Prediction: An Asteroid Will Destroy The Earth

Pat Robertson has a grave prediction for his followers. The renowned televangelist believes the Earth will be destroyed by an asteroid — as early as next week. Robertson made the dire prediction on Monday’s episode of The 700 Club. During the discussion, Robertson explained that no other theory “fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ… […]

Pat Robertson Claims To Have Healing Powers, Neglects To Heal Caller’s Son [Video]

Little-known fact: Televangelist Pat Robertson has cured deafness, and if you can’t, you’re doing something wrong. During the Q&A segment of Wednesday’s The 700 Club, Robertson said that he has actually healed deafness, and told a mother of a deaf child that she might be “doing something wrong” if she continually fails to reverse her […]

Pat Robertson: Atheists, Liberals Are A Lot Like Nazis [Video]

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson believes that Europe is a hop, skip and a goosestep away from a full-on Nazi blow-out, complete with guillotines, thanks to their tolerance of atheism. Robertson said Monday that he believes Europe is headed for a grand scale Nazi return because humanists, atheists, and other liberals who reject God, reports Raw […]

Pat Robertson Tells GOP To Quit It, Wave ‘White Flag’ On Obamacare [Video]

Pat Robertson is so immensely unpredictable lately, whether he’s warning of the dangers of haunted sweaters, advocating for transgender acceptance, decrying the secretly evil nature of low-carb diets, slamming creationism and backing up evolution, or arguing marijuana laws be made more reasonable. Yes, it’s often said that Pat Robertson is like a box of chocolates, […]

Pat Robertson: The Atkins Diet Violates God’s Principles [Video]

No low-carb diets for you, believer! Pat Robertson says protein-heavy fad diets like the Atkins Diet are a total slap in God’s face. The controversial 700 Club host admitted just earlier today that he doesn’t understand what “transgender” means (more on that here) but Pat has actually been at his usual tricks all week. Monday’s […]

Pat Robertson Doesn’t Know What ‘Transgender’ Means, Insults Them Anyway [Video]

Pat Robertson doesn’t technically know what a “transgender” is, but what the heck, he says they’re all gross. The controversial (if not outright laughable) 700 Club host has struck yet again, admitting on today’s program that he doesn’t know what transgender is, but he’s pretty sure Jesus would not approve. His comments came during a […]

Pat Robertson’s Shadowy Operation Blessing Organization The Subject Of New Doc

A new documentary premiering Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival re-opens an old case against controversial televangelist Pat Robertson. Robertson, of the infamous 700 Club, is mostly known to the general public for the bizarre, laughable and theologically questionable claims he makes on his show, but he might be hiding a far more sinister […]

Pat Robertson Says AIDS Is Transmitted By Gay Men With Special Rings

Pat Robertson has been no major ally to the gay community, but a bizarre and wholly unsupported claim he made on his popular 700 Club program regarding gay men, AIDS infection, and secret decoder rings to spread HIV takes the cake in terms of hateful rhetoric. The precipitate for Pat Robertson’s AIDS and gay mens’ […]

Video Game Violence Is Not Real: That’s The Point [Op-Ed]

Video game violence is not real. I have yet to encounter an instance where someone actually committed true murder in a video game. Gamers who participate in violence in a video game are usually doing what they know would be illegal in the real world. Some religious figures and politicians have been notorious for their […]

Pat Robertson: Video Game Murder And Real-Life Murder Are The Same Thing [Video]

Pat Robertson is obviously the best source to talk about video games. After all, what 83-year-old doesn’t understand the ins and outs of video game playing. Recently, the often controversial preacher spoke on The 700 Club about video games and violence. A show viewer asked the following question: “What do you think the Bible has […]

Pat Robertson: Video Games Murder Same As Real Murder [Video]

For Pat Robertson, video games murder is the same as real murder. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Pat Robertson’s advice for haunted houses is to “burn down the house” and move away. Pat Robertson also claims Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is to blame for the shooting by George Zimmerman. Pat Robertson’s video games murder comments […]

Pat Robertson Tells Troll How To Exorcise Haunted House [Video]

Pat Robertson gave out some exorcism tips after he got trolled by someone supposedly wanting advice on what to do about their haunted house. The incident from a recent appearance on The 700 Club was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, and you can see it by hitting that button up top. As YouTube commentator Pointless […]

Pat Robertson Transgender Comments Are … Does He Have A Fever?

Pat Robertson’s transgender comments, recently uttered on his normally somewhat controversial 700 Club, represent a totally Opposite Day style break from what we’ve come to expect from the sweater demons preaching religious figure. In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, Pat Robertson’s transgender comments deserve recognition amidst what is generally widespread opposition […]

Pat Robertson: God Will Smite Us If US Backs Pakistan [Video]

Pat Robertson is spewing his own personal brand of religion once again. On his newest 700 Club appearance, Robertson warns that US Secretary of State John Kerry must not be successful in pushing for a Mideast peace plan that includes land sacrifices. Robertson issued the warning while demanding that Israel not pull out of territories […]

Pat Robertson Says Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie To Blame

Pat Robertson is the latest to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin case and George Zimmerman’s acquittal, saying the teen’s hoodie absolves the latter of any wrongdoing in Martin’s shooting death last year. Before Pat Robertson began to attack Trayvon Martin in earnest, he took some time out to repeat pervasive lies about the teen. […]

Pat Robertson Calls For Egyptian-Style Revolution Over Obamacare

Pat Robertson thinks the implementation of Obamacare is good reason for Americans to take to the streets in a bloody revolution, comparing the impending health care changes to the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. On a broadcast of The 700 Club on Wednesday, the outspoken televangelist said he believes the Affordable Care Act is […]

Pat Robertson Suggests ‘Vomit’ Button For Gay Facebook Posts

Pat Robertson has suggested a “vomit” button for Facebook. He states that he is tired of seeing photos of gay couples kissing, and would appreciate an easy way to express his feelings on Facebook. The conservative Christian televangelist has been historically harsh in his criticism of homosexual relationships. However, his latest statement underlines his disapproval. […]

Pat Robertson’s Cheating Advice Sparks Outrage

Pat Robertson’s cheating advice didn’t go over as well as he may have hoped. The evangelist, who appeared on Thursday’s 700 Club, responded to a woman pleading for advice on how to forgive her husband’s cheating by saying, “well, he’s a man.” That comment, along with several other snippets from Robertson’s response, have served to […]

ACLU Creationism Protest Leveled At Kansas School

The American Civil Liberties Union has leveled an ACLU creationism protest at a Kansas school for allowing an Oklahoma group to speak on dinosaurs. According to The Kansas City Star, the event, conducted by the Creation Truth Foundation, will occur next week outside of school hours on a campus in the 1,100-student Hugoton district. School […]

Pat Robertson Says ‘Demonic’ Dungeons & Dragons Has ‘Literally Destroyed Lives’ [Video]

If you’re about to play a friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons with a group of virgins friends, stay thy hand! According to 700 Club host Pat Robertson, the game is demonic, and has literally destroyed people’s lives. Though I remember people believing that Dungeons & Dragons was a role-playing game hand-tailored by Satan himself […]

Pat Robertson ‘Doubling Down’ On Support For Marijuana Legalization

As weird as he can be, you might be surprised to find that you actually agree with controversial evangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson on a few things. Things like marijuana legalization. Robertson has hinted in the past that he supports the legalization of marijuana, but came out as a full-on and unambiguous advocate […]

Pat Robertson: Miracles Less Likely To Happen For Those Who Believe In Evolution [Video]

Pat Robertson says miracles are less likely to happen to those who believe in evolution, and that “simple” foreigners are more likely to benefit from miraculous events. Appearing on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club, the controversial televangelist was asked by one viewer to explain why miracles such as “people raised from the dead, blind […]

Pat Robertson Weighs In On Demonic, Possessed Sweaters [Video]

Pat Robertson has some important ideas about possessed sweaters, and this is why he makes the big evangelical bucks. Televangelist Pat Robertson is no stranger to controversy, and the 700 Club host has found himself on the receiving end of unpleasant attention for statements that have been construed as sexist more than once — though […]

Pat Robertson Gives Questionable And Misogynistic Marriage Advice [Video]

Today in “WTF did Pat Robertson say?” the controversial televangelist says that the best way to save a flagging marriage is for women to make sure they’re looking their best at all times. MSN reports that on a recent episode of The 700 Club, Robertson answered a viewer query from a well-intentioned 17-year-old who is […]

Pat Robertson: Obama A Socialist Out To Destroy United States

Pat Robertson says that President Obama is a socialist who is out to destroy the United States. Speaking on his show 700 Club on the Christian Broadcast Network, Pat Roberts accused the president of willfully tearing the nation apart. Robertson’s comments, via The Huffington Post, were: “[Obama] wouldn’t admit to being a socialist but that’s […]

Pat Robertson Slams Creationism, Tells Faithful Not To Fight Science

Pat Robertson made a surprising statement about creationism, science denial, and faith yesterday on his 700 Club in response to a viewer’s question about how to explain away science to her inquisitive children. And while Pat Robertson often embraces a conservatively Christian view of certain politicized issues, Young Earth creationism isn’t one of them. Robertson […]