Anti-Trump #MaraLardAss Hashtag Draws Backlash For Implication Of Fat Shaming

Over the weekend, a photograph went viral of President Trump approaching the omelette station at the Trump International Golf Club, near his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The photo, taken on Saturday, soon went viral (per the Inquisitr,) due largely to the juxtaposition of the president declaring a state of emergency on Friday, and then casually […]

A 434-Pound U.S. Passenger Forces Traumatized Flight Attendants To Wipe His Backside

Flight attendants on board a long-haul flight were left traumatized and humiliated after a 434-pound man demanded they strip him in the plane’s toilet and wiped his backside. To add insult to injury, the obese passenger allegedly “moaned with pleasure” and cried “deeper, deeper” as they reluctantly cleaned his orifice. The sordid incident is said […]

Pakistan Airline Warns Staff: Lose Weight Or Lose Your Jobs

Pakistan International Airlines, the national carrier for Pakistan, has issued a memo to all cabin crew warning them that if they are overweight, they will be grounded unless they start to shed the pounds. A memo has been sent out by managers at the airline to their 1,800-strong cabin crew team informing them that they […]

British Couple Who Have Eaten At McDonald’s Every Day For 23 Years Say Their Daily Visits Keep Them Thin

Contrary to the popular belief that junk food can wreak havoc to a person’s health, a British couple shocked everyone when they revealed that they have been eating at McDonald’s for 23 years and didn’t gain any weight. According to a report by The Sun, 83-year-old Tom Jones and his 82-year-old wife, Pauline, insisted that […]

Pet Practices To Prevent Your Pet From Being Overweight Or Obese

According to a literary review, the behavior of pet owners could heavily influence the weight of their pets. Pet owners know that a fluffy companion can have a tremendous effect on a person’s life. Many studies have observed and analyzed how pets can improve their owners’ health. However, the relationship between pet parent and their […]

Bedridden, Obese Georgia Woman Found Covered In Her Own Feces, Maggots Eating Her Decaying Flesh

A morbidly obese Georgia woman was found this week by firefighters, bedridden and covered in so much filth that cockroaches were crawling over her own feces and maggots were eating blackened, decayed flesh from her body, WXIA-TV (Atlanta) is reporting. For the second time in a month, firefighters were called to an apartment in the […]

TLC Reveals The Aftermath Of Extreme Weight Loss, ‘Skin Tight’ Show Gets Third Season

While some lucky individuals spend their lives ignorant of the struggles of extreme weight loss, for others, shaving off excess weight can literally become a life-and-death situation. It may be easy to berate the subjects of TLC’s famous My 600-LB Life for allowing their bodies to balloon to ridiculous proportions, but longtime viewers will understand […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ James K Update: James Is Currently In The ICU, Fans Fear He Might Not Make It

My 600-lb Life star James K is one of the most polarizing individuals ever to be featured in TLC’s hit reality TV show. While his severe condition attracted a lot of sympathy from the My 600-lb Life community, his actions towards his family, as well as his lack of motivation, ultimately caused many of the […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ Marla Update: Marla Looks Stunning After Leaving Her Traumatic Kidnapping Experience Behind

TLC’s My 600-lb Life has had its share of success stories. Very few of them, however, could compare to the sheer amount of drama involved in the journey of Nashville native Marla McCants. Weighing in at almost 800 pounds when she was first featured on the hit reality TV show, Marla was among the heaviest […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ Lupe Update: Lupe Looks Amazing As She Moves On After Ending Marriage To Gilbert

Lupe Samano was arguably one of the most sympathetic subjects ever featured in TLC’s My 600-lb Life. During her weight-loss journey on the hit reality TV show, Lupe did not only deal with her obesity, she also dealt with the unfaithfulness of Gilbert Donovan, her then-husband. Despite this, however, Lupe still managed to lose enough […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ Amber Update: Amber Gets Even Prettier Despite Revealing That She Hasn’t Had Skin Surgery Yet

Very few patients featured in My 600-lb Life can hold a candle to Amber Rachdi. Weighing in at 657 pounds when she was first featured on the hit reality TV show, the resilient young woman has since shed more than 400 pounds over the past few years. Inasmuch as her weight-loss journey has been pretty […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ Teretha Update: Teretha Says Goodbye To Being Bedridden As She Enjoys Life In The Front Seat

Teretha Hollis-Neely was arguably one of the most interesting patients ever featured on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. Being a former health coordinator, Teretha was fully aware of the dangers of overeating. Nevertheless, a series of unfortunate events ultimately led her to eat unhealthy food so much that she ended up tipping the scales at more […]

Veronica Green Posey: 325-Pound Florida Woman Allegedly Kills Girl 9-Year-Old Girl By Sitting On Her

A Florida woman who weighs 325 pounds allegedly killed a little girl by sitting on her, the Pensacola News Journal is reporting. Veronica Green Posey, 64, was caring for her 9-year-old cousin, Dericka Lindsay, over the weekend, when the young girl’s behavior became “out of control,” according to Posey’s later statements to police. Posey then […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ Update: Steven Assanti Ends Facebook Break, Shows Signs Of Self-Pity And Discouragement

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti recently took a break from social media, shutting down his Facebook account without any warning to his followers and fans. This weekend, however, the reality TV star reactivated his social media presence, and what emerged from the long Facebook break seemed to be a far different Steven than the […]

‘My 600-lb Life’ Steven Update: Elder Assanti Brother Claims He’s Drug-Free, Shares Anti-Bullying Message

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti has posted what could only be his most ironic message to his Facebook followers yet. In a recent update to his fans, the brazen reality TV star, who is known for his violent outbursts and incredibly stubborn personality, spoke against bullying while assuring his fans that he has been […]

My 600 Lb. Life’s Brittani Is Almost Unrecognizable Today, See Her Staggering Weight Loss

My 600 Lb. Life‘s Brittani is unrecognizable today, months after the popular TLC show presented her as a morbidly obese woman who was imprisoned by her body and her eating habits. As The Daily Mail reported when she was first featured on My 600 Lb. Life back in January 2016, Brittani Fulfer was a prisoner, […]

Mama June Denies Wearing A Fat Suit, Gets Sick Diss From Ex Sugar Bear’s Fiancee

Mama June Shannon has denied accusations that she wore a so-called “fat suit” during filming of her new series, Mama June: From Not To Hot, and has responded to a very public “diss” from her ex-husband “Sugar Bear’s” new fiancee. Ever since From Not To Hot debuted, fans have noticed some things that appear a […]

Gabourey Sidibe On Weight Loss Surgery And The Real Reasons She Had It Done

Like many people, Gabourey Sidibe has had a lifelong struggle with obesity, trying everything to lose weight and failing miserably at it. Even after she rose to Hollywood celebrity status with Precious in 2009 and following that success up with roles on American Horror Story and Empire, Gabourey was still faced with a troubling struggle […]

‘My 600 Lb Life’: Nicole Is So Obese That She Can’t Care For Her Kids

My 600 Lb Life’s Nicole is so obese that she can’t care for her children. Meanwhile, she’s so immobile and so addicted to food that her idea of a “romantic” date involves being wheeled around in her wheelchair by her boyfriend while they go to the grocery store to find junk food to gorge on. […]

Child Obesity Battle Forces Candy Bar Sizes To Decrease In 2017

Its no surprise that the packages that food comes in is getting smaller each year. However, you might be shocked to realize that 2017 will be the year that candy bar sizes will shrink, in an effort to battle child obesity in the U.K. The great candy bar shrinkage will begin in the United Kingdom […]

Coca-Cola Worker Horrified By Soda Giant’s Working Practices: ‘Money Talks And Coca-Cola Have It All’

Coca-Cola may boast about refreshing the world one drink at a time, but for one former employee, the carbonated giant is guilty of ‘”horrific” working practices and “riding roughshod over decency and our health, in the search for profits.” Chris Hemmings used to work for the UK arm of Coca-Cola as a territory sales rep […]

New Weight Loss Pill Yields Promising Results: Powerful Weapon In The Fight Against Obesity

A new weight loss pill has yielded promising results, and the unusual pill could be a powerful weapon in the fight against obesity. Research was conducted, and in a period of four months, 34 patients lost an average of 37 percent of their excess weight (about 22 pounds each), CBS News reports. The so-called “balloon […]

Are Cell Phones Are Making Babies Fat? Mothers Distracted By Technology Overfeed Babies, Lack Bonding

New research suggests that mothers distracted by cell phones and technology are overfeeding their children and lack bonding with the new baby. The study claims that when mothers have one eye on a cell phone or television and the other eye on their child, they will sometimes miss important cues that a baby is full. […]

If Sitting Is The New Smoking, Is Your Office Job Slowly Killing You?

As a species, we may not smoke as much anymore, but by god we do a lot of sitting. Which begs the question: If sitting is the new smoking, is your office job slowly killing you? It appears desk jockeys, keyboard knights, and office workers throughout the land can no longer gorge on their steak […]

Michelle Obama School Lunch Program Gets Boot From High School After Making Cafeteria Look Like It Was In The Middle Of Perpetual Fire Drill

In another tale providing more potential truth that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, a Michelle Obama healthy lunch program has been given the boot from a Montana high school after driving too many kids away from the Michelle Obama-inspired school cafeteria to seek food elsewhere. Even though getting rid of the […]

Nicole Arbour Calls Critics ‘Slow’ For ‘Dear Fat People’ Backlash — Says Video Is ‘Satire’

When YouTube comedienne Nicole Arbour posted “Dear Fat People,” she must’ve known the response wouldn’t be entirely positive. In the preface to her diatribe, she predicted that it would make everyone mad. And it has, inspiring reaction videos and life-affirming speeches to counteract her six-minute series of one-liners, poking fun at “standing sweat,” zombie metaphors, […]

Alcohol Sensitizes Brain’s Response To Food Aromas, Say Scientists – Is Liquor Responsible For Rising Obesity?

Alcohol may be responsible for boosting our ability to enjoy food. A study suggests liquor makes food not only smell better, but helps us appreciate it more. It has long been the assumption that a few drinks caused social drinkers to experience a surge in their appetite and desire for food. It was believed that […]

Coca-Cola Promotes Exercise To Combat Chronic Disease And Obesity [Video]

Coca-Cola has teamed up with scientists to promote physical activity as a solution to chronic disease and obesity. Health experts say the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages is attempting to “deflect criticism about the role sugary drinks have played in the spread of obesity and Type 2 diabetes,” according to a report by the […]

Passenger James Bassos Suing Airline For Seating Him Next To Obese Person

James Bassos, a 38-year-old airline passenger from Brisbane, Australia, has brought a lawsuit against Abu Dhabi-based Etihad for an unusual reason. It seems as though Bassos experienced some unusual injuries as a result of being sat next to an unnamed obese person on a 2011 flight from Dubai to Sydney. The obese person reportedly hacked, […]

Exercise-Mimic Molecule May Cure Type 2 Diabetes And Obesity

A new molecule that acts as an exercise mimicker could potentially treat type 2 diabetes and obesity, according to scientists from the University of Southampton. The new molecule, compound 14, was developed by professor Ali Tavassoli. The molecule blocks the function of the cellular enzyme ATIC, which holds an important role in metabolism. The blocking […]

Obese Mother Arrested For Starving Her 7 Children, Only Enough Food For Her — Disturbing Hoax Goes Viral

There’s a “disturbing” report circulating on the Internet about a Baton Rouge, LA mother who has been arrested for child neglect. However, this particular case of child neglect is quite different than most you’ve read. In fact, it’s so outlandish you’ll be furious about the mother’s alleged actions, but also be scratching your head trying […]

Rob Lowe Calls Ariana Grande ‘I Hate America’ Apology ‘Lame’ And Stands Up For The USA

Rob Lowe stood up for America and lambasted singer Ariana Grande for her very unpatriotic comments about the land of the free and the home of the brave. The movie star took to Twitter after Grande said she “hates America,” and her comments went viral. Ariana Grande made the anti-American comments while she was unknowingly […]

Joe Wexler: Diet Plan For Obese 770-Pound Man Included 10,000 Daily Calories, Fails

A Tennessee man, called morbidly obese by his doctor, has been chronically confused over his eating habits and massive weight gain. Joe Wexler, who tipped the scales at between 770 and 777 pounds, said his diet plan — which included a “healthy” 10,000 daily calories — wasn’t working. After a startling wake up call, Wexler […]

Joe Wexler Diet: 777-Pound Man ‘Baffled’ By Weight Gain, Says He Eats A Healthy Diet

Joe Wexler says his diet is healthy and that he eats two full meals a day with snacks in between. While someone might think this sounds like a guy who has his eating habits figured out, you might be shocked to know that Mr. Wexler weighed 777 pounds. According to Mail Online, the 31-year-old Tennessee […]

Joe Wexler ‘Diet’ Was 10,000 Calories A Day: 770 Pound Man Surprised Weight Loss Is So Hard

Joe Wexler’s weight loss journey has been shown on TLC’s My 600-lb. Life, where he confessed to living on a 10,000-calorie diet that left the 31-year-old man tipping the scales at 770 pounds. Although he is now successfully losing weight, he was apparently astonished that his former diet would not help him lose weight. In […]

Sixty Stone Woman Formerly Hailed As U.K’s Fattest Teenager Is Lifted Into Ambulance By Crane During Massive Rescue Operation

A severely obese woman who was once branded the U.K’s fattest teenager has been lifted out of her home by crane following a seven-hour rescue operation. As bizarre as it may sound, Aberdare lady Georgia Davis, 22, is no stranger to being plucked from her home by emergency services. Three years ago, Georgia was removed […]

Sarah Reign: Obese Woman Turns Extra Pounds Into Extra Cash As A ‘Feedee’

By day, 365-pound Sarah Reign is a security guard, but at night, the obese woman has figured out a way to turn her extra pounds into a career that earns her more than a thousand dollars a month by eating on camera for men. Sarah Reign is a “feedee,” and films herself eating large meals […]

McDonald’s Chicken May Soon Taste Like Actual Chicken – Fast Food Chain Agrees To Reduce Ingredients To Gain Consumer Trust

McDonald’s Chicken may soon start tasting like chicken. The multinational fast-food chain seems to have agreed to cut down on the large list of ingredients that go in its food. Chicken they say, tastes like everything. This might be due to McDonald’s, which stuffs a lot of ingredients into its chicken-based fast food. Though many […]

Honey Boo Boo’s Diet Blasted By ‘The Doctors’

Reality star Honey Boo Boo, who first appeared on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, is excessively overweight, or obese in medical terminology, according to the hosts of “The Doctors,” USA Today reports. Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Jennifer Ashton, hosts of “The Doctors,” says Honey Boo Boo has become overweight by eating too much junk food, […]

McDonald’s Food Should Carry Tobacco Style Health Warnings, Claims Campaigner

All McDonald’s products should be forced to carry health warnings similar to those found on cigarette packets, according to an Australian health advocate. As any smoker worth their puff knows, you cannot light up for a discreet drag on a nicotine stick these days without being bombarded with graphic pictures of what smoking does to […]

Man Loses 270 Pounds : Matt Diaz Rallies GoFundMe In Emotional Plea To Lose Surplus Skin

He lost 270 pounds, half his body weight. And considering 500 lbs. was the peak of obesity, it’s a milestone worth celebrating. However, Matt Diaz, an advocate who speaks about body image and empowerment, had one secret: he was hiding an enormous amount of surplus skin. Tired of living his double-life, the man decided to […]

Welfare Benefits To Be Cut For Obese People? New Law Could Force Obese Recipients To Have Weight Loss Surgery Or Lose Benefits

Over the past couple years, obesity has become more than just a health issue. In the U.K., it is also become a political issue because the number of obese welfare recipients has swelled. According to the Independent, many obese recipients have been able to claim welfare benefits and supplemental income due to other health issues […]

David Cameron Thinks Obese People Should Lose Benefits If They Don’t Try To Lose Weight

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, has publicized an unpopular new policy this week; a conservative plan to revoke benefits from obese people who don’t try hard enough to lose weight. According to the Guardian, David Cameron outlined new policies on Saturday that would allow the government to withhold about £100 a […]

Obese Teen Admits To Binging On Junk Food, Pleads For Weight Loss Surgery [Video]

An obese 15-year-old girl recently spoke out about her junk food. Now, she wants to do something about her debilitating addiction. According to the Mirror, Brooke Taylor reportedly weighs about 250 pounds, and she’s struggled to shed the extra pounds all her life — but to no avail. So, now she wants to take a […]

Puerto Rico May Fine Parents Of Obese Kids Up To $800

Lawmakers in Puerto Rico are considering a bill that would punish parents of obese children with a fine of up to $800, the Guardian is reporting. The proposed bill would require public school teachers to be on the lookout for kids who may be at risk for obesity, and to refer them to a social […]

Obese Mom And Daughter ‘Happy’ Living On Government Benefits: Would Rather Be ‘Fat On Benefits Than Thin And Working’

One mom and her daughter apparently think it’s “beneficial” to be overweight and living on government benefits. As matter of fact, they’ve made their sentiments known, and many taxpayers aren’t too happy with their perspective. According to Mirror, Janice and Amber Manzur weigh more than 605 pounds collectively. Neither of them are employed because of […]

No, McDonald’s Isn’t Killing The Big Mac: Hoax News Story About The Death Of The Big Mac Goes Viral

You may be seeing the image above (or something like it) bemoaning the death of the Big Mac going around your social media feeds today. Don’t believe it: it’s a hoax. The article bemoaning the death of the Big Mac (along with the apple pie and supersized options) comes from Daily Buzz Live, and carries […]

EU Court: Obesity Can Be A Disability

Obesity could be a disability, a European Court of Justice has ruled, reports BBC Health News. The court had taken the case of a male childminder from Denmark who had been fired for due to his obesity. If obesity hindered “full and effective participation” in employment, the court found, then obesity could be classified as […]

EU Court: Obesity Can Be Considered A Disability

An EU court has ruled that obesity can be considered a disability. The ruling is likely to remain controversial, as it could trigger discrimination lawsuits. Although the court did not specifically designate obesity as a protected class, they did rule that excessive weight could cause disability in the workplace. In their landmark decision, The Court […]

Overweight Women Turned Away From Popular Nightclub For ‘Being Too Fat’

When 27-year-old Amy Pitcher went out with her friends for a night on the town, the last thing she expected was to be turned away from a nightclub simply for “being too fat.” Pitcher is now demanding an apology from the club which turned her and her friend away, after being told by a bouncer […]