MWC 2020: Nokia Starts Sending Out Invites For February 23 Launch Event

HMD Global, the company that owns the license to use the Nokia brand name for smartphones, has started sending out invitations for their launch event scheduled to be held later next month. According to Gadgets 360, Nokia is likely to announce a major chunk of its 2020 smartphones lineup at the February 23 event. The […]

Nokia’s New Smartphone Is Triggering People With Trypophobia

There are many common fears that people suffer from. Arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, and nyctophobia, a fear of the dark are among the most prevalent. But another that many people may not even know about that about 16 percent of the population suffers from is trypophobia, a fear of clusters of holes. When Nokia […]

Nokia 9 Launch Reportedly Teased As Company Promises The ‘Most Awaited Phone’ Of 2018

It may have been years since Nokia was last considered a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone space, but the company is still a leading manufacturer of “feature phones,” or more affordable, less sophisticated handsets mostly aimed at consumers from emerging markets. Despite all that, the Nokia 9 is rumored to be making […]

Nokia X: What We Know About Nokia’s 2018 Flagship So Far

The Nokia X is set to be unveiled on May 16 in China. As the days lead up to the device’s unveiling, more and more details about the flagship device continue to get leaked. Here is a quick rundown of what we know about the Nokia X so far. The Name Nokia’s upcoming flagship has […]

Nokia 8 Pro, Nokia 10: Everything You Need To Know

Nokia is making a comeback and it’s not solely focused on bringing back the 3310 series. This year, the phone manufacturing company is set to release three flagship smartphones that are expected to be at par with Apple, Samsung, and Google’s current offerings. The reason why Nokia’s 3310 series worked is because of its durability […]

Nokia Comeback A Success Thanks To HMD Global, Trumps Google, HTC, And One Plus Sales

HMD Global’s efforts to bring back the Nokia brand has finally borne fruit. In the latest Counterpoint analysis, Nokia beat popular smartphone brands like Google, HTC, OnePlus, and Sony. Neil Shah, a Counterpoint analyst, revealed that HMD Global sold more Nokia smartphones than more prominent brands in the industry in Q4 2017 via Twitter, reported […]

Nokia 3310 To Make Third Comeback, This Time With More 21st-Century Upgrades

HMD Global is expected to bring back the Nokia 3310 sometime soon. The nostalgic phone takes another step closer to the 21st century with its latest return. Soon after the revived Nokia 3310’s release, HMD Global launched a 3G version of the brick phone. Now, the Finnish start-up is planning on re-releasing the nostalgic phone. […]

Nokia 7 Plus: HMD’s Little Monster Seems To Be Near-Perfect, But There’s A Big Catch

Finnish company HMD Global has taken significant strides towards reviving the Nokia brand. The company continues its efforts with the Nokia 7 Plus—the bigger and more powerful sibling of the Nokia 7. The 7 Plus’ Geekbench results were recently leaked revealing its potential power. According to Forbes contributor Ewan Spence, the Nokia 7 Plus will […]

Nokia To Benefit From Xiaomi’s Tech As Companies Ink Multi-Year Patent Agreement

Nokia and Xiaomi announced a multi-year patent agreement between the two companies, which includes cross-licensing cellular standard essential patents. According to CNBC, the companies reached an agreement on Wednesday to cross license patents from each other, which will help both in developing new products. The partnership means that Nokia will provide network infrastructure equipment, which […]

Nokia 9 Releasing Soon, Passes Through FCC Certification And Benchmark Websites

The Nokia flagship that everyone is waiting for is inching closer to its release. Nokia 9 recently passed through the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), revealing some of its details but nothing too important. The document at least proves that Nokia 9, with the model number TA-1004, supports both CDMA and GSM bands, which means […]

New Nokia 3310 (2017) Drop Test: Is It As Sturdy As The Original Phone?

The new Nokia 3310 is now available in multiple countries around the world. With a refreshed design and added features, consumers need not much convincing to buy a cheap phone with very basic functions. The brand speaks for itself and the model number brings back memories of the good old days when a drop would […]

Nokia 9: Leaks Show The King’s Return, The Galaxy S8 And iPhone 8 Should Beware

The reign of Apple and Samsung as the kings of the mobile market might be challenged soon by one of the most seasoned veterans in the field, Nokia. While the HMD-owned brand has been focusing on the midrange and entry-level market so far, recent reports and leaks suggest that the smartphone maker is also aiming […]

The Nokia 3310 Will Give You Seriously Nostalgia Vibes

The Nokia 3310 is perfect for those who are sick of smartphones. Maybe you’re feeling a little nostalgic lately. Or, maybe you’re sick of messing up your text messages and emails whenever tapping your touch screen. Instead of introducing the latest and greatest smartphone, Nokia is selling nostalgia. More and more people are getting addicted […]

More Images, Specifications Of The New Nokia 9 Leaked Online

We have been hearing about Nokia’s upcoming flagship handset – the new Nokia 9 – for quite some time now. Several earlier reports about the Nokia 9 indicated that the handset could see officialdom by July 2017. However, we still had no clue about the kind of spec sheet or the design language this yet […]

New Nokia 3310 2017 Now Shipping? Price, Specs, And Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

The new Nokia 3310 that was unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has started shipping worldwide, or so Nokia claims. The phone, albeit very simple with straightforward functions, has generated much interest the past few months. If you are one of those who wants to purchase one, here is everything to consider. Nokia […]

Nokia 6’s Android 7.1.1 Nougat Update, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge And Note 5’s New Security Patch Arrive

While Nokia 6 is currently getting its Android 7.1.1 Nougat update, Samsung’s 2016 flagship smartphones are starting to receive a new security patch. Weighing in at almost 2GB, the latest firmware for Nokia 6 brings in the version 7.1.1 of Android Nougat. Avid Nokia fans may know that the smartphone arrived at launch with the […]

Nokia 9 Release Date Set In July? Leaks Show iPhone 8 And Galaxy S8 Competitor

Nokia 9’s release date is months away, but it is already setting the groundwork for a challenge to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming iPhone 8. These flagships are the biggest in the mobile industry; will Nokia’s comeback change that? Nokia 9 is one of the three smartphones to be released by […]

Nokia 9: New Rumors Tease OZO Audio, QHD Display, 6GB RAM, Dual 22MP Carl-Zeiss Cameras And A Durable Frame

If a new set of leaks are to be believed, it appears that Nokia is preparing to throw the gauntlet down at the mobile industry this year. After the release of its critically-acclaimed 2017 debut handset, the Nokia 6, and the massive support for its Nokia 3310 remake, the smartphone maker appears set to establish […]

HMD Global Hints At 4G LTE Capable Version Of The Nokia 3310

Nokia fanboys across the world can still not stop talking about the new Nokia 3310 that was officially launched at MWC 2017. However, many of them were left disappointed after Nokia announced that the 3310 would only support older 2G networks. If that wasn’t all, the handset only supported 2G network frequencies that are typically […]

Nokia 3310: What Looks Right, And What Looks Wrong About The Device

With the world saturated with smartphones left and right, it was a breath of fresh air when Nokia-HMD revealed the Nokia 3310, the remake handset of one of the most popular phones in history. The original Nokia 3310 was an iconic phone, and during its time, it dominated the market, selling as many as 126 […]

Nokia 3310 Announced At MWC 2017 For $51: Everything You Need To Know

We have been talking about Nokia’s presence at MWC 2017 for quite some time now. This year at the Mobile World Congress, the company was expected launch the first of its Android smartphones. While the company had already launched the Nokia 6 late last year, the initial version of that handset was designed only for […]

More Details Of The New Nokia 3310 Revealed Before MWC 2017 Announcement

This year’s Mobile World Congress is certainly going to be one of the most significant ones in recent history. Apart from the possibility of Samsung revealing some details about its newest flagship phones for 2017, one of the most awaited launches at MWC 2017 would be the official comeback of Nokia to the world of […]

Nokia 3310 Comeback: Nokia Might Relaunch the Nokia 3310 At MWC 2017

If there is one handset that has epitomized resilience, it has to be the Nokia 3310. Released nearly 17 years ago — back in 2000 as a successor to the 3210, the Nokia 3310 was an unassuming handset that only had a few features. However, nearly two decades later, the phone is still remembered for […]

A Complaint Filed By Nokia Will Be Investigated, Confirms U.S. Trade Commission

While Apple is battling Qualcomm for $1 billion in royalties, Nokia’s litigation filed in December of last year is finally progressing. It seems Apple may have another business to worry about, and this one is just as important as the Qualcomm case. The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) confirmed on Tuesday, January 24 that it […]

Nokia Launches Nokia 6, Its First Android Smartphone

Finnish cellphone manufacturer Nokia has finally launched its first Android smartphone, the Nokia 6. However, it’s a very limited launch as of now, with the phone being available only in the Chinese market, Engadget reports. The limited launch does nevertheless indicate that Nokia is moving closer to selling the Nokia 6 or other smartphones in […]

Nokia 6: Everything You Wanted To Know About Nokia’s First Android Smartphone

After making technology and smartphone enthusiasts wait for over a year, Nokia has finally announced the launch of its first Android powered handset. The new smartphone from Nokia is called the Nokia 6 and is set to go on sale in China starting “early 2017” as per a press release from HMD Global, the independent […]

Four New Nokia Handsets To Be Announced After MWC 2017 [Report]

Since late 2015, we have been talking about the possibility of Nokia, once the largest mobile phone maker in the world, making an imminent comeback. With 2016 coming to an end, there is however, still no sign of that elusive Nokia branded handset. However, there have been several reports in the past few days alone […]

Nokia Plans Big Mobile Phone Comeback In 2017 With New Android Line, But There May Be More To The Story

Nokia is planning to fight its way back to the top of the mobile phone industry after years of lagging behind several of its competitors. Nokia was once the world’s “dominant” cell phone manufacturer, a recent article from Fortune recalls. However, the company fell from grace when it adopted Microsoft’s Windows operating system for its […]

Nokia D1C Images Leak Again: Is This The New Nokia Smartphone Everyone Is Waiting For?

It has been almost a year since the Inquisitr first reported about Nokia’s much-awaited comeback to the smartphone space. Back in February, there were reports that Nokia would launch a new smartphone “soon.” Fast forward to November 2016 – we still do not have any official information from Nokia about their new smartphone range. A […]

Nokia D1C: First Android Powered Nokia Smartphone Appears On Benchmarking Website

Seven months ago, in February, 2016, we at the Inquisitr reported about the fact that Nokia, once the world’s largest mobile phone brand, was all set to make a big comeback. In that report, we mentioned that the company would launch new Android-based smartphones “soon.” What made the report more credible was the fact that […]

Nokia 216 Release Date: Dual-Sim Phone Specs, Price, And Where to Buy

The Nokia 216 release date is being anticipated as the Microsoft company recently announced that they have a brand new feature phone on the way for consumers. The phone, which will be on sale in India next month, is considered basic in nature. The Verge website reported on Monday that the new Nokia phone features […]

Nokia Comeback: Finnish Phone Maker Announces Return To Smartphones And Tablets Market

Nokia, once the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, is all set to make a grand comeback. In a press release issued today, the Finnish company announced its plans to return to selling phones and tablets. However, there are slight changes. Instead of manufacturing the devices themselves like they earlier did, Nokia will outsource the manufacturing […]

Microsoft Announces New 650 Smartphone, As Life After Lumia Brings Huge Growth In Revenues For Nokia

The new Lumia 650 smartphone has been unveiled with a price point of around $199 in the U.S. and between £150 and £160 in the UK. The Lumia 650 is aimed at the business market and runs the latest Microsoft Office apps straight out of the box, allowing users to streamline workflows and maximize mobile […]

Nokia Comeback: CEO Confirms You Will Be Able To Buy Nokia Phones ‘Soon’

Nokia, the mobile phone giant that dominated the mobile handsets industry for nearly two decades, seems all set to rise from the ashes again. According to CNET, Nokia’s Indian-born CEO, Rajeev Suri, has hinted that the Finnish company is working on plans to bring “Nokia” branded phones to the market soon. While he did not […]

Nokia’s Ozo VR Camera Is Out Of This World

Nokia has just unveiled its latest innovation, the Nokia OZO VR Camera. And it truly looks like something from either another dimension or a future era. As people began to lose hope in Nokia’s ability to stay abreast of the market after Microsoft decided to practically write off all of its purchase of Nokia’s phone […]

Nokia Indicates It’s Likely To Re-Enter Smartphone Market

Last year, Nokia sold its smarphone division to Microsoft for $9.5 billion. The intent, on the part of Microsoft, was to acquire a fully-functional smartphone manufacturing division to begin pushing adoption of the Windows Phone, using both the Nokia and Microsoft brands. As most are probably aware, that didn’t work out so well for Microsoft, […]

Microsoft To Slash 7,800 Jobs, Nokia Deal Continues To Cost Company

Microsoft announced a restructuring Wednesday morning that primarily impacts its fledgling mobile phone business. Seven thousand and eight hundred jobs will be cut from the company, with the bulk of the positions lost coming from the Nokia division that was purchased during Steve Ballmer’s reign as CEO. This is the second major restructuring that Microsoft […]

Nokia Crushes Rumors That It’s Returning To The Consumer Handset Business, Releases Official Statement

After Nokia sold its phone business to Microsoft last year, rumors kept surfacing that Nokia was returning to the handset scene with something better. The company had a short but rewarding partnership with Microsoft in selling their Lumia brand. This year, Microsoft has come up with new Lumia models with the Nokia name stripped from […]

Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent Planning Massive Merger

Finnish cell phone manufacturer Nokia and French manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent are forming a massive merger. According to ZDNet, Nokia has sent a memorandum of understanding, or MOU, with the intent to merge with Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion (€15.6 billion). The MOU spells out how the new company, under the name Nokia corporation, Alcatel-Lucent shareholders will hold […]

Nokia’s N1 Clones the iPad Mini, Is It a Better Buy?

Nokia has created a perfect tablet to satisfy their loyal consumers while taking away some steam from its competitors, including Apple. The Nokia N1 is their latest device and it is drawing rave reviews for its specs and a design that is eerily similar to the iPad Mini. The downside – it is currently only […]

Nokia Here Map App For Android Exits Beta, Gets 3D Venue Maps

The Nokia Here map app for Android came out of beta recently, and is now available as a full release, according to ZDNet. In addition to releasing the app with multiple bug fixes, Nokia added multiple new features, as well as improvements to existing features. Announced on Thursday, the Nokia Here 3D interactive mapping feature […]

Nokia Makes A Mighty Comeback With Android Lollipop Powered N1 Tablet – One Of The Best Spec’d Devices

Nokia Corporation has surprised the tech world by unveiling a tablet whose specs are by far the best in the current saturated market. Christened ‘Nokia N1’ the tablet will feature a lightly skinned, current version of Android 5.0 aka Lollipop. When Nokia’s mobile division was taken over by Microsoft, everyone naturally assumed, albeit grudgingly, that […]

The Five Best Free Games You Need Right Now On Your New Nokia Lumia Phone

Let’s be frank: if you own a Lumia phone from Nokia – because if you own a Windows Phone device, you probably own a Nokia Lumia – you’ve got to do a bit of digging to find great games. We feel your pain, of course, and that’s why we’ve searched and found the five best […]

Nokia Lumia 520 Stops A Bullet, Saves The Life Of A Police Officer

Nokia phones are known for being tough. Some of the older handsets from the company – which recently sold its mobile phones division to Microsoft are famous for being part of Internet memes that talk about them being even capable of surviving a nuclear explosion. And, some of those claims might actually have some truth […]

The Nokia Brand Will Be Killed By Microsoft

Though this isn’t strictly a surprise and was an eventual certainty, it will certainly hurt when the Nokia brand is obliterated by Microsoft. After Microsoft bought Nokia Corporation for $7.2 Billion, there were multiple agreements that the two companies signed. However, while handing over the factories and other assets, the Redmond-based company even decided to […]

Are You Affected By The Nokia Lumia 2520’s Faulty Charger Issue?

Nokia has issued a product advisory for its Lumia 2520 Windows 8.1 RT powered tablet. The Nokia 2520 tablet ships with a charger that goes by the model name AC-300. Nokia has discovered a manufacturing defect with this charger due to which the company has issued an urgent product advisory, requesting users to stop using […]

New Nokia Phones Code Named Superman, Moonraker Appear

Nokia might be getting absorbed by Microsoft but there is little indication that the Nokia brand itself is going to die. After facing a lean patch during its transition from Symbian phones to the complete different platform that is Windows Phone, there are signs that the company is on the road to recovery. Last week, […]

Nokia Lumia 630 And Lumia 635: Things You Need To Know

Nokia expanded its Lumia series of Windows Phone powered devices yesterday with the launch of three new phones. The new devices are the Lumia 930, the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 635. We have already learnt what the Lumia 930 is all about. Let us now take a detailed look at the features and specifications […]

Nokia Lumia 930: Everything You Wanted To Know About It!

Nokia, which is on the verge of being taken over by Microsoft has just made three new additions to its family of Windows Phones. The announcement came on the same day Microsoft made some important announcements pertaining to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. We will see what’s new with Windows Phone 8.1 in a […]

Digital Cameras Enter A New Transparent(!) Age

Though digital cameras have slowly declined in popularity, Samsung has a trick up its sleeves that might yank back consumers who have been content to simply take photos with their smartphones. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has filed a patent to create digital cameras that include a transparent display. Perhaps the idea of […]