Nicholas Hoult Cast In Next ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movie, Possibly As A Villain

Tom Cruise confirmed two more sequels for the Mission: Impossible franchise last year, and it looks like one or possibly both of the films have just landed their villain. Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed the news on his Instagram page yesterday by sharing a portrait photo of X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Nicholas […]

The Tolkien Estate Doesn’t Approve Of Upcoming Biographical Movie

The family of The Hobbit writer, J.R.R. Tolkien is making it clear that they do not support the upcoming biopic, Tolkien, which tells the story of the author’s early life as an orphan. According to the Hollywood Reporter that actor Nicholas Hoult plays the writer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the movie […]

‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Author’s Inspiration And Origin Story Revealed In New Biopic Trailer

The Lord Of The Rings, by author J. R. R. Tolkien, is considered to be one of the most literary fantasy novels ever created. The books were adapted into one of the most massive film franchises as well, one directed by Peter Jackson. The scope and grandness of The Lord Of The Rings movies even […]

Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Getting Married To Boyfriend Darren Aronofsky

Jennifer Lawrence sparked engagement rumors when she was spotted wearing a huge ring on her left hand. It seems that the allegations are true because a source revealed that the 27-year-old actress and her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky are getting married. There is no definite date yet for their wedding, but they reportedly wanted it to […]

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Cast: Evan Peters Returns As Quicksilver, Rogue Reportedly Recast

The X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast is shaping up quite well and with most of the original stars reprising their mutant roles. One of the actors confirmed to return is American Horror Story alumnus Evan Peters, who is returning as Quicksilver. Peters made his debut as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and returned for […]

Jennifer Lawrence Reacts To Nick Jonas’ Crush And Hints New Boyfriend

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence broke up with on-again-off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, the actress has become more elusive when it comes to dating men. During a guest appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the host asked the 26-year-old actress if she would consider going out with Nick Jonas. The […]

Jennifer Lawrence ‘Casually Dating’ Darren Aronofsky While Reuniting With Nicholas Hoult?

Jennifer Lawrence’s love life has been at the center of romance rumors lately. The 26-year-old actress is reported to be dating 47-year-old Darren Aronofsky. A source has since confirmed to People on Wednesday, Oct. 20, that the two have started “casually dating” after they worked on an untitled film together over the summer. They were […]

Is Jennifer Lawrence Dating Darren Aronofsky? Sources Say ‘Yes!’

Jennifer Lawrence is known for not only her onscreen talent, her beauty, and her endearing wittiness, but she is also admired for her drive and focus. Jennifer reminds us that a woman does not need to have a man on her arm to be considered whole. Although the star has been involved in a few […]

Kristen Stewart Has Girlfriend Alicia Cargile And Nicholas Hoult Falling In Love

Kristen Stewart is the darling of Hollywood right now, so it’s no surprise that she has everyone falling for her. Not only is her assistant-turned-girlfriend Alicia Cargile PDA-ing with her on the streets of Los Feliz, but Kristen’s co-star Nicholas Hoult also has been gushing about how great the 26-year-old actress is. The young actress […]

Jennifer Lawrence: Pratt Talks Sex Scenes With Star While Nicholas Hoult Says Dating Jen Was Funny

Jennifer Lawrence was recently put in the awkward position that most notable actors face at one point in their careers, when she was expected to film a sex scene. It was for the soon-to-release film Passengers that Lawrence and co-star Chris Pratt had to get sexual on camera, and as E! notes, the actor couldn’t […]

Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Made Fun Of Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston?

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult may have been bitten by the Hiddleswift bug as well. During an interview with Made in Hollywood TV, the English actor revealed that his upcoming movie was a tribute to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. The 26-year-old actress and their Equals director Drake Doremus giggled when he said that. According […]

Kristen Stewart To Become First Female James Bond?

Equals star Kristen Stewart is among that actress who always welcome the challenging roles –be it her portrayal of a human who falls in love with Robert Pattinson in the Twilight saga, or who portrays the memorable character in the movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s award-winning novel, On The Road. Now, the actress wants to […]

Kristen Stewart Leaves Ex Robert Pattinson In Dust With ‘Cafe Society’ And ‘Equals’

Kristen Stewart may only be 26, but she is one of the up-and-coming actors in Hollywood. With two new movies coming out in the states, Cafe Society, directed by Woody Allen, and Equals, starring the adorable Nicholas Hoult, her career is taking off! Looks like she is leaving her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, in the dust […]

Kristen Stewart Almost Lost Her Pals Because Of Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart allegedly started dating Robert Pattinson when she was only 18-years-old and he was only 23-years-old. Their onscreen romance in the Twilight franchise developed into a real relationship. The two didn’t officially announce that they are dating, but the paparazzi caught them cuddling and kissing on the set of On The Road in 2010. […]

Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult’s Love Scene Is So Intimate! Actor Finds It Weird?

Many people think that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult would make a lovely pair; and now fans can finally see their chemistry as they get intimate in their upcoming film Equals. The movie, which is directed by Drake Doremus, will have a limited theatrical release on July 15, but it can also be seen on […]

Kristen Stewart Channels Feelings For Robert Pattinson On Nicholas Hoult?

Kristen Stewart was the darling of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and she is living up to her rising fame with another hot movie with Nicholas Hoult. In Equals, Kristen has been known to bring up some serious onscreen chemistry with her co-star, and many fans are wondering if this has anything to do with […]

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Nicholas Hoult Fighting Stories To Promote ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Jennifer Lawrence is single and proud, but she does reminisce about the good old days of relationships from time to time. The X-Men: Apocalypse star has just confessed that she used to have fights with ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult in a southern accent. Despite the fact that JLaw and Nicholas are exes, they have continued to […]

Jennifer Lawrence On Ex-Boyfriend Nicholas Hoult And What He Hated During Their Relationship

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t one to talk about past relationships, but recently Lawrence did talk about her longtime on-again-off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. It just so happened that it coincided with press for X-Men: Apocalypse because they are both in the film together. Hoult plays Hank McCoy/Beast while Lawrence plays Raven/Mystique. The Oscar winner said there’s one […]

Jennifer Lawrence: Dating Life Sucks But Can’t Wait To Get ‘Married’

Jennifer Lawrence is not letting the paparazzi get the first word on her dating life. Hunger Games star talks openly about her dating life so that she can be the first one to say that it sucks. Looks like she is taking initiative on the rumors that spin off of her. “Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t keep […]

‘Equals’ Kristen Stewart Sex Scene Was ‘Actually Very Weird,’ Says Co-Star Nicholas Hoult

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult play two characters that find themselves at odds with society, as a rare virus allows them to feel love for each other in Equals. For a film that bases its entire premise on the exploration of human emotion, the actors’ abilities to express their feelings may be the most vital […]

Anthony Hopkins’ Next Chapter

Anthony Hopkins plays evil characters very well, according to Reading Angle. And the Academy Award-winning actor’s most memorable evil character is his portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter in 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal Lecter – the silence of the lambs – anthony hopkins — Suraj Saraf (Suri) (@SoberForNoww) April 2, 2016 Even […]

‘Twilight’ Stars Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Now Have One More Thing In Common

It’s been some time since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson co-starred in the Twilight saga, but that doesn’t mean connections between the two superstars are growing any weaker, especially when the two seem to be dating within the same circles. Since Twilight ended, Stewart has grown more comfortable in her own skin, accepting her sudden […]

Nicholas Hoult Denies Kristen Stewart Dating Rumors, Says There’s ‘Always Going To Be Speculation’

Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart may play dystopian lovers in their upcoming romantic science-fiction film, Equals, but that doesn’t mean that Hoult and Stewart are actually dating in real life. Romance rumors for Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart have been making headlines since the duo were photographed filming for Equals back in September 2014. However, […]

The ‘Deadpool’ Movie Breaks Records And Draws In Big Celebrity Fans

The Deadpool movie broke a couple records with its debut weekend. The $41.5 million opening day became both the record for a February release and an R-rated movie release. In fact, for a while, the Deadpool movie was seen on Rotten Tomatoes with a nearly perfect score and it’s still scoring high with the critics […]

Kristen Stewart And Nicholas Hoult Bring Love And Lust To The Big Screen In ‘Equals’

Kristen Stewart tackles the science fiction genre in Equals and, for an actress once shamed for lacking emotional range, it seems this role was tailor made for her. Equals places Stewart and co-star Nicholas Hoult in a Utopian society, presumably far in a future where emotions have been eradicated. Of course, the twist comes in […]

Kristen Stewart Coming In Between Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs? Or Hooking Up With Nicholas Holt?

The issues surrounding Robert Pattinson and fiancé FKA Twigs continue to surface. While their relationship has been under fire lately for a variety of reasons, it now appears as though Kristen Stewart might be a source of conflict. Is the Twilight stars former girlfriend and on-screen lover coming in between his engagement with Twigs? According […]

Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Photographed Chatting At Golden Globes After Nicholas Spends Time With Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Lawrence was photographed chatting with ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult at the Golden Globes last night, so maybe she’ll end her dating dry spell by rekindling an old flame. If Jennifer didn’t score a date with Nicholas, perhaps she can blame Kristen Stewart for stealing her steely-eyed ex’s heart before she could win it back – […]

Kristen Stewart Shares Her Thoughts On The Importance Of Emotions

Kristen Stewart is starring in a new film called Equals, which casts her opposite Nicholas Hoult in a futuristic love story in a society that has done away with all emotion. Stewart and Hoult’s characters suffer from SOS, Switched-on-Syndrome, allowing each of them to fully experience human emotions for the first time. Kristen is concerned […]

Kristen Stewart Says She ‘Feels Bad’ For Kim Davis, Clerk Who Won’t Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples

Kristen Stewart recently revealed that she feels sorry for Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. However, Stewart doesn’t pity Davis because she thinks that the clerk is being persecuted. During an interview with the Daily Beast, Kristen Stewart shared her reaction to Kim Davis being released […]

Jennifer Lawrence Replaces Chris Martin In A New Love Triangle Twist

It seems the on-again, off-again relationship between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin has hit yet another snag and, believe it or not, Gwyneth Paltrow actually had little to do with the split this time around. In the past, Paltrow had been rumored to be a cause of stress between Jennifer and Lawrence. It had seemed […]

Watch Tom Hiddleston Relish Another Villainous Turn In Jaguar XE Commercial

Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as British villain in Jaguar’s newest commercial for its XE sports car. The Art of Villainy Jaguar ads went viral with “Rendezvous,” the ad that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl with Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, and Ben Kingsley. It was a tongue-in-cheek, glamorous, look at why Brits make the […]

Nicholas Hoult Says He Lied To Get ‘Mad Max’ Role

Nicholas Hoult has admitted to lying to land his role in the new Mad Max movie, New Magazine reports. During his audition, Hoult was instructed to tell a story. He couldn’t think of anything so he borrowed a true-to-life wedding disaster story he’d heard from his friend and fellow actor Liam Cunningham. The story goes […]

Dianna Agron Dating Nicholas Hoult After He Split From Jennifer Lawrence, Caroline Flack?

Is Dianna Agron dating Nicholas Hoult? Jeniffer Lawrence used to be his girlfriend, but their public split occurred last summer, and now it appears Hoult may be dating the Glee star. In a related report by the Inquisitr, Dianna Agron’s home is enough to make anyone jealous, never mind an ex-girlfriend. How did the celebrity […]

Vegan Ariana Grande Talks First Tour Prep, Romance Rumors, Film Role — See The Trailer [Video]

Ariana Grande is too busy with her real life to keep up with all those rumors. The pop singer is starring in a new film, prepping for tours, singing her heart out in appearances, and trying to stay healthy with her vegan diet dedication. And the title of that film sums it up — no […]

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Break Up Before The Holidays

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have called it quits. According to E! News, the 24-year-old actress and 37-year-old singer have ended their four-month relationship. It did not take Jennifer Lawrence very long to start a new relationship with Chris Martin after breaking up with her former boyfriend and X-Men co-star, Nicholas Hoult. On the other […]

Kristen Stewart Has ‘Fallen’ For Nicholas Hoult, Wants To Keep Relationship Secret

Kristen Stewart is believed to have finally moved on from Robert Pattinson after it was reported that she has “fallen” for her Equals co-star, Nicholas Hoult. Hoult has previously been seen in the likes of X-Men: First Class, while he had also developed a reputation as Jennifer Lawrence’s former beau. However, ever since he started […]

Jennifer Lawrence Bored With Chris Martin, Furious With Kristen Stewart For Stealing Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence is apparently bored in her relationship with Chris Martin, and she is furious with Kristen Stewart for stealing her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, various sources have confirmed that Lawrence is apparently hoping to reconcile with Hoult once again. The actress isn’t happy with how their relationship ended, and she […]

Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin ‘Dating For Months’

Jennifer Lawrence has joined Hollywood’s Merry-Go-Round of love. The Independent is reporting that Lawrence and Martin have been dating since June, the same month Lawrence broke up with Nicholas Hoult after a two-year relationship that included a first breakup, and reconciliation. Lawrence, 24, was seen at a Coldplay concert at the Royal Albert Hall in […]

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ex: Do She And Chris Martin Make A Cute Couple?

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly dating Chris Martin, the soon-to-be-ex-hubby of Gwyneth Paltrow. Perhaps Jennifer picked up the Coldplay frontman by asking him if “Yellow” is about urine (this would be classic J-Law). According to E! News, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been consciously coupled since late June. This was around the time Lawrence split […]

Following Split With Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence Enjoying Single Life

Jennifer Lawrence is single again and loving every minute. This according to the Daily Mail, which reported seeing the Hunger Games star out and about Friday afternoon in New York City. The sighting was the first appearance of Lawrence since she split with actor and X-Men: Days of Future’s Past co-star Nicholas Hoult. The Daily […]

Jennifer Lawrence Breakup: Kristen Stewart Gets Cozy With J-Law’s Ex [Photos]

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have decided to go their separate ways yet again, and it looks like Kristen Stewart just might be mending Hoult’s broken heart. A source told E! News that Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult’s breakup “was very amicable” and that the couple just couldn’t make things work because of their busy […]

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult Split: Did Actor Cheat With Kristen Stewart & Riley Keough?

Jennifer Lawrence appears to have split up with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult once again. Rumors have been circulating that Hoult has cheated on Lawrence with both Riley Keough and Kristen Stewart, which has unsurprisingly led to their relationship coming to an end. Celeb Dirty Laundry have reported that Hoult was seen getting awfully close and […]

Jennifer Lawrence And Kristen Stewart Fighting Over The Movie ‘Equals’

Jennifer Lawrence the star of “Hunger Games” and Kristen Stewart the star of “Twilight” seem to be fighting. This conflict is reportedly about Jennifer’s boyfriend, “Warm Bodies” star Nicholas Hoult, who will co-star in “Equals” with Kristen Stewart. However, both Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart deny there to be any conflict between them. The film […]

Kristen Stewart And Jennifer Lawrence Share A Laugh Over Rumored Love Triangle With Nicholas Hoult

Since Kristen Stewart agreed to co-star alongside Jennifer Lawrence’s man, Nicolas Hoult, there have been rumors a plenty that the two women have been at odds with each other. The two friends have allegedly even been caught up in a feud over Hoult, spurring further rumors of a possible love triangle. According to Hollywood Life, […]

Is Lindsay Lohan Insanely Jealous Of Jennifer Lawrence?

Lindsay Lohan reportedly has a major problem with Jennifer Lawrence, and it may have everything to do with the guy she’s dating. The troubled Mean Girls star caught everyone’s attention last month when she declared that Lawrence sleeps around to get her roles. Although it’s highly doubtful that anyone with a single functioning brain cell […]

Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart Battling Over Boyfriend? Lucky Nicholas Hoult

Like most major stars, Jennifer Lawrence has “people.” And those “people” have been busy this week swatting away rumors about the American Hustle Oscar nominee and her love life. Specifically, her relationship with 24-year-old British thespian Nicholas Hoult. First it was the rumor that Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and Nicholas Hoult got engaged over the holidays […]

‘Dark Places’ Production Under Way

Dark Places has officially begun production. Dark Places revolves around Libby Day (Charlize Theron), who survived the brutal murder of her family in what appeared to be a Satanic cult ritual when she was seven years old. Libby testifies in court against her teenage brother, Ben (Corey Stoll). Twenty-five years later, she is approached by […]

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult Are Back Being So Cute Together, And Fans Love It [Video]

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are back, and the two adorable 23-year-olds are cuter than ever. Check out some photos tweeted below for a peek at their recent date in La Fontaine Park in Montreal, Canada. Awww. The two briefly broke up earlier this year. However, their work on X-Men: Days of Future Past brought […]

Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence Share Champagne Picnic

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence were spotted looking cute together at a champagne picnic in Montreal’s La Fontaine Park on Thursday. According to People, the affectionate couple shared a blanket under a shade tree as they enjoyed their picnic. In fact, they ran a photo which showed a happy Lawrence drinking right from what appeared […]

Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Find Love Again [Video]

Reunited and it feels so good. That’s the tune that Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are singing. The X-Men co-stars, who met and fell in love on the set of 2011’s X-Men: First Class have rekindled their romance after calling it quits in January 2013. The romance started up again when the two joined forces […]