‘Pokémon Go’ Raid: How To Catch Yourself A Shiny Articuno

Pokémon Go has been celebrating its second anniversary, and to commemorate the event, developer Niantic has been doling out rewards for its dedicated fanbase. Today, for a limited time, trainers can snag themselves a shiny Articuno, one of the legendary birds from the original batch of 151 Pokémon. Here are all the details. Dubbed Articuno […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Creator Niantic Is Opening Its AR Platform To Third-Party Developers

Niantic Labs, the developer behind Pokémon Go, announced today via corporate blog that it would be opening its Augmented Reality (AR) platform to third-party developers. Called the Real World Platform, this technology is the driving force behind the company’s famous AR games. Niantic CEO John Hanke wrote the following. “We think of the Niantic Real […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Generation 4 Pokemon And Higher Level Cap Reportedly Coming In Future Updates

It’s been almost two years since Pokemon GO first became available for mobile devices, and while the game might not be as hot as it was in its first few months, the next Pokemon GO updates might see the arrival of Gen 4 creatures, a higher level cap and other substantial new features. According to […]

Pokémon Go Quests And Mystery Rewards Could Be Coming Soon, New Update Suggests

Niantic had previously added a bunch of new features to its highly popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go, but its latest update suggests that it may be on the brink of adding actual story-based quests. The revolutionary app hit the mobile industry by storm when it was originally released in 2016. However, its player […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Players Sick And Tired Over New Ex Raids Feature

Niantic had previously released a brand new feature for Pokémon GO over the summer, which was basically a system that sent out exclusive invites to select players for them to participate in exclusive raids. However, the strategy of offering exclusive invites for special raids, or Ex Raids as Niantic calls it, is apparently backfiring as […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 3 Update: New Monsters Arriving In Groups? Larger Storage Space, New Weather System Explained

Many Pokemon GO players around the world are now thrilled for the up and coming release of Gen 3 pocket monsters. Niantic has been keeping the details about the much-awaited launch of the new batch of characters under wraps. However, new reports suggest that the Gen 3 Pokemon will arrive today. Tech Crunch previously claimed […]

Will ‘Pokemon GO’ Trainers Approve Niantic’s New EX Raid System?

Niantic’s EX Raid system has been a sore spot for Pokémon GO trainers since its launch. However, the American-based company may have finally implemented the changes to the system that players approve. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Pokémon GO players find the raid system, specifically the EX Raids, frustrating. The main issue gamers have […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Bans Legit Player After Spoofers Report False TOS And Trainer Guideline Violations To Niantic

Recently, one Pokémon trainer stepped forward and shared a personal story on Reddit about how spoofers got him/her banned from Pokémon GO. On the subreddit for Pokémon GO players, ValValor shared his/her horrible experience with spoofers in Niantic’s AR game. According to the post, the gamer had been playing the mobile game since its launch […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Players Still Frustrated At Niantic’s EX Raid System

Niantic has officially started prepping for the next round of EX Raid battles for Pokémon GO. However, the software company hasn’t announced any differences in the EX Raid system, leaving many Pokémon trainers frustrated. Recently, Slappyy1y1 created a thread on The Silph Road subreddit, announcing the next round of EX Raid field tests from Niantic. […]

‘Pokemon Go:’ Niantic Rewards Concerned Player With 30 New Pokestops

Niantic’s support team rewarded a concerned Pokémon GO player with 30 new Pokéstops after the gamer filed a complaint with the software development company. According to The Silph Road, a popular subreddit, a player with the username vibrunazo turned to Reddit when various portals from Ingress did not turn into Pokéstops for Pokémon GO. Overall, […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Catch These Gen 3 Pokemon As Preparation For Gen 4, More Tips And Tricks Revealed

Many fans are now enjoying and exploring the Pokemon GO Halloween Event 2017 that brought a new batch of pocket monsters. Aside from the Gen 3 Pokemon, the event also promises better chances of catching spooky Pokemon. Reports also claim that this is the best time for players to collect candies for the evolutions of […]

‘Pokemon Go:’ Niantic Gender-Swaps Two Popular Gen 3 Monsters In Embarrassing Gaffe

Reddit subscribers of The Silph Road found an error in Niantic’s coding for the third generation Pokemon coming soon to Pokemon Go. The gaming company decided to introduce a few Gen 3 Pokemon this Halloween, and loyal Pokemon trainers have been trying to find out all they can about the new monsters. During their investigation, […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 3 Update: New Legendary Bird Arriving At Halloween Event 2017? Catch These Ghost-type Pokemon

Many Pokemon GO players are now thrilled for the upcoming Halloween Event 2017, which is said to bring a new batch of pocket monsters. The Pokemon Company revealed last week that gamers could expect several surprises before this month ends. Now, new reports claim that another legendary bird is set to arrive in the popular […]

‘Pokemon GO’ News: Generation 3 Pokemon Arriving At This Year’s Halloween Event? Surprise Update Rolled Out

Millions of gamers around the world play Pokemon GO, making it one of the most popular games today. Niantic and The Pokemon Company have been very vigorous in releasing updates to keep players engaged with the game. In fact, it was announced recently that a new batch of Pokemon would be introduced in the upcoming […]

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Niantic Extends Equinox After Fixing Server Issues; How To Get Entei, Raikou And Suicune?

There is no denying that Pokemon GO is one of the most-played games today. In fact, Nintendo’s augmented-reality game has five million active daily users worldwide. However, many players around the globe are having trouble logging into the game. ComicBook reported that hundreds of Pokemon GO players started complaining that they were unable to play […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Moltres Begins Replacing Articuno While Raids Are Reportedly ‘Breaking’ The Game

A Pokemon GO update was just rolled out as players confirmed sightings of the legendary bird Moltres in Raids, a feature that a gaming expert believes is “breaking” the game. Excitement for the release of the highly anticipated legendary Pokemon release is now heightened as players are treated to another new Pokemon to capture: Moltres. […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Fest Update: Niantic Apologizes, Lawsuit Filed Anyway

Pokémon GO is back! Well, at least it’s back in the news. After a much anticipated Pokémon GO update, the developer, Niantic, attempted to inject some new life into the defining app of 2016. It hasn’t gone well. Pokémon GO Fest, held in Chicago on July 22, was an unmitigated disaster. The game crashed, cell […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Legendary Creatures: Articuno Available For A Limited Time, Zapdos and Moltres Coming Soon

More Pokemon Go legendary creatures are coming to Niantic’s popular mobile game in addition to the recently released Lugia and Articuno, both of which can be captured by participating in raids. According to a blogpost from the company posted on July 24,more legendary birds will be made available to players of the game in addition […]

Refunds And Free Gifts Offered After Disastrous ‘Pokemon GO’ Fest

There’s no need to sugarcoat it: the first ever Pokemon GO Fest was an unmitigated disaster. Developer Niantic’s take on the ever-popular Pokemon franchise has taken the world by storm over the last year, and to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary, the development team decided to host a real-world event, aptly dubbed Pokemon GO Fest. […]

Niantic Announces Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go launched just over a year ago and quickly became the most popular mobile game of all time. Even now, during what is generally considered a decline period for the augmented reality game, it is still in the top five for daily users, dwarfing most of the competition. But since it began, there has […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Anniversary Event Teased, Raid Battles Expanded To Lower Level Players

It’s been nearly a year since developer Niantic unleashed Pokemon GO onto the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With over half a billion downloads and over 50 million monthly active users, Pokemon fans around the world have been taking to the streets to track down elusive creatures. Newly introduced ‘Raids’ now […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Raids Are Live, But There’s A Huge Catch

Pokemon GO gyms have gone back online, and they are debuting some cool new features. Among the most notable of these is the new raid system, which all but confirms that something massive is going to happen in the upcoming Pokemon GO Festival in Chicago this coming July. While the raid system is just as […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Biggest Update: Gym Systems To Get Major Revamp, Battle Raids, And New Items

Pokemon GO is about to get what Niantic considers the biggest update since the game’s launch last summer. The update will be mostly about how the gym system works, a feature of the game that is one of the main sources of player frustration. Niantic has temporarily shut down the Pokemon GO gyms as it […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update Rumors: Gyms Will Be Closing On June 19, New Gameplay, Features To Roll Out?

Niantic would soon be temporarily closing Pokemon GO gyms across the world on June 19. While the purpose of the gym shutdown remains unknown for now, rumors have emerged stating that Niantic would be tweaking some of the popular augmented reality mobile game’s mechanics soon. If any, the consensus among avid PoGO players right now […]

Pokemon GO Fest 2017 Might Finally Debut Legendaries And PvP, But Niantic Has To Be Very Careful

Like it or hate it, Pokemon GO remains as one of the most prolific mobile games on the planet. While the game is but a shadow of the juggernaut that it once was when it first launched, it remains a mobile title that commands millions of players worldwide. With the game nearing its first anniversary, […]

New ‘Pokemon GO’ Fire And Ice Event Leaked, Legendary Monsters And PvP Confirmed For Summer Update

Another Pokemon GO event is coming the players’ way as indicated by a leak of the event’s description. Bringing the Fire and Ice event, the upcoming update is not anything major, but it is still a good idea to participate, nonetheless. Pokemon GO Fire And Ice Event The leaked announcement comes from Team Eevolution, which […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Gen 1 Legendary Pokemon May Finally Be Arriving This Summer

The legendary Pokemon GO update may be coming near, a Niantic employee hinted at the 21st Webby Awards. Global Marketing Lead Archit Bhargava took to the stage to receive an award on behalf of the company, but before walking out, he delivered a five-word speech suggesting the arrival of Articuno, Mewtwo, Lugia, and other legendaries […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Announces Community Events, Supercharges Its Summer Social Scene

Polygon reports that Niantic, the development team behind Pokemon GO, is currently organizing a series of community events meant to play to the mobile game’s single biggest strength: its social aspect. The events are absolutely huge for Pokemon GO fanbase and image, as they will encourage people to get out and explore the better-kept secrets […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Fires Up Lured PokeStops In 2,500 McDonald’s Outlets In Limited Time Event

Pokemon GO fires up millions of Pokemon trainers this week as they turn 2,500 McDonald’s outlets to permanently-lured PokeStops this week. It’s always nice to be in Japan when it comes to gaming because Japanese people tend to get the newest, the best, and the exclusives, whatever platform we’re talking about. And Pokemon GO is […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Will Blow Up Again Soon: Why Niantic Will Rule For Years

Some may be inclined to think that Niantic, the company who developed and distributes Pokemon GO, is on the permanent downswing. Those same people might say Pokemon GO is not far from fizzling out completely, giving way to a competitor to rule the mobile gaming scene. As a certain tech giant notes, though, both of […]

‘Pokemon GO’: Niantic Teases Upcoming Co-Op Feature In Next Updates

Niantic has teased new co-op feature to arrive in Pokemon GO in latest blog post. Pokemon GO continues to dominate mobile gaming, as Niantic has officially announced by February that Pokemon GO has just surpassed 650 million downloads, with 65 million monthly active players, Donkle Elephant reports. But despite this huge active and inactive player […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update Rolled Out As Federal Judge Decides On ‘Virtual Trespassing’ Lawsuit Against Niantic

The Pokemon GO update launched on Friday is the first roll out in two weeks for the augmented reality game as Niantic gets sued for “virtual trespassing” caused by overenthusiastic PoGO players. On Friday, game developers responsible for the former worldwide phenomenon have unveiled a new set of improvements for the mobile game. According to […]

Is A ‘Pokemon GO’ Easter Event Happening? Speculations Emerge As Players Of Niantic’s Mobile Game Drop By 85%

A Pokemon GO Easter Event may be underway as a recent research reveals how much the game’s player base has dropped since it was launched in July 2016. The end of its glory days seems to be imminent as Niantic’s former cash cow seem to have become the shadow of Christmas past after researches showed […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update Adds Shiny Pokemon, Trading Feature Coming Soon

Pokemon GO has seen a decline in the activity of its users in the past few months. Many who saw the game as a passing fad may seem to have been proven right all along. However, recent updates from developer Niantic may revitalize its fanbase into playing the mobile adaptation of the classic game all […]

Missing Gen II Starters From Two Km Eggs Found In New Pokemon GO Plus Trailer

Gen II starters Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile have not been reported to hatch from any egg in Pokemon GO so far but this new trailer might have leaked that an upcoming egg hatching update will finally solve the mystery of the missing Gen II starter eggs. If you missed the latest Pokemon GO Plus trailer, […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update 0.57.4 Released, Promised Trading Feature May Kill The Game

The Pokemon Go update 0.57.4 is already out but disappointed players are still waiting for the promised Pokemon Trading System that could possibly salvage what is left of the game’s fan base. Ever since it was launched in June 2016, Pokemon Go shot up the most downloaded mobile game ladder and went down just as […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Gym Overhauls And A Long-Overdue Legendary Event

Pokemon GO might have lost a significant number of players since its phenomenal launch last year, but it remains as one of the most prolific games currently available in the mobile market. With constant updates from Niantic, the augmented reality title has pretty much maintained its allure among dedicated Pokemon fans. Its most recent update, […]

Pokemon Go Reveals A Big Aesthetic Change, And Fans Are Not Happy

Since it was released in early July of 2016, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon. Sure, its popularity has waned significantly since its release, but the two main screens that players are looking at while playing Pokemon Go — the map screen in which your trainer runs around and the encounter screen in which […]

Pokemon GO: 2017 To Bring Three More Huge Updates, But What Are They?

The recently-released generation two update for Pokemon GO was, without a doubt, the biggest facelift the game has gotten since its release. Not only did it add over 80 new wild Pokemon to the app, but it cleaned up countless game or design mechanics that were flawed. Well, Pokemon GO fans, Christmas just came very […]

‘Pokemon GO’ News: Insane PokeStop Chances, Gen 2 Region Exclusives And More

Pokemon GO is experiencing a resurgence in interest among the mobile gaming community. After the highly-anticipated rollout of Gen 2 monsters, the popular augmented reality mobile game has become even more prolific than before. As the initial excitement settles down, however, a number of new findings from the game’s most dedicated fans have shown that […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: List Of Top 3 Monsters You Should Be Aiming For Now

With the release of Generation 2 monsters, Pokemon GO is experiencing a massive renaissance of interest. As the hit mobile augmented reality game reaches yet another milestone with the rollout of more than 80 new creatures, it has become highly pertinent for trainers to know exactly what monsters to hunt for. After all, Pokemon GO […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 2 Update: What To Expect When Hunting For New Pokemon

After months of waiting, the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update finally arrived earlier this week. And if you’ve been away from the game for a while and are looking forward to catching the 80-plus new Pokemon that have been added, Niantic appears to have made it easy to add these creatures to your PokeDex, at […]

Pokemon GO: Gen 2 Is Here, Plus Huge Mechanic Changes And Trainer Customization!

The long wait is finally over! As per BGR, Pokemon GO has now officially released what is by far its biggest update since its release last Summer. The update includes the addition of almost all the generation two Pokemon to Pokemon Go. While that portion of the update might steal the show, however, one should […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Niantic Releases 80+ New Pokemon, PoGo Servers Crash

The Pokemon GO update is now out but players of the popular mobile game are experiencing problems including a sluggish loading which means the new data have probably melted the servers. In a recent post on their official social media accounts, Niantic announced that they have unleashed some 80 new characters from the second generation […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 2 Live This Week: Upcoming Features, Encounters, Items And More

It has taken a pretty long time, but Niantic is finally ready to announce the official rollout of Gen 2 monsters for its blockbuster mobile game, Pokemon GO. As the title’s millions of players feverishly wait for the Gen 2 monsters to go live, here are some interesting things to look forward to once the […]

‘Pokemon GO’ February Gen 2 Update To Come After Valentine’s Event Disappoints?

The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event has officially started, and quite unsurprisingly, it brought both exciting and somewhat underwhelming changes to the game. While the PoGO Valentine’s Day event is quite certain to get players walking again due to its 2x candy bonus system and its insane update to the game’s lures, the absence of […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Valentine’s Day Event: 6 Things You Need To Know

The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event is painting the town pink in celebration of the love season. The event is not so big, but it’s pretty exciting, nonetheless. Here are six things you need to know about the event. More Candies For Everyone To make it sweeter this season, Niantic has doubled the amount of […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Umbreon/Espeon Evo For Valentine’s, Mewtwo Raid For Sept 1?

While Pokemon GO has been somewhat struggling to keep itself relevant after it peaked during its debut, Niantic has been vigilant enough with its updates to keep the popular augmented reality game interesting and fresh for its remaining players. As Valentine’s Day approaches, numerous speculations have begun to emerge, stating that the developer is preparing […]

‘Pokemon GO’ News: Legendaries Coming Soon After Master Ball Data Reference?

Pokemon GO might not be the behemoth that it was when it first debuted last year, but the hit mobile game still commands a very strong player base. With the latest PoGO update being rolled out recently, avid fans of the hit augmented reality mobile title have taken it upon themselves to deep dive into […]

Critical Catch And Other Changes To ‘Pokemon GO’ As Of Latest Update

Niantic may have skimped on the patch notes for the latest Pokemon GO update, but those at The Silph Road may have discovered some more information you’d might want to hear. As the new year dawns on us, a new update, too, rolls out for Pokemon GO. My Nintendo News reports that Niantic is rolling […]