Oddsmakers Still Give Donald Trump A 12 Percent Chance To Win Nevada, A State Already Called For Joe Biden

Joe Biden may have been declared the winner in Nevada, but oddsmakers still believe that Donald Trump still has a roughly one-in-eight chance of emerging victorious in the state. As pundit and polling analyst Nate Silver pointed out on Twitter, the betting market is still giving the president what appears to be outsized odds both […]

Donald Trump Gives Updates On Battleground States, Says Findings In Nevada Are ‘Absolutely Shocking’

President Donald Trump took to social media on Monday afternoon to claim that more voter fraud has been uncovered in the state of Nevada. The president said that new findings will be “absolutely shocking” when they are revealed, but he declined to give any further details. Trump tweeted that the state is “turning out to […]

Nevada Says It Won’t Release Any More Vote Totals Until Thursday Morning

In the race between incumbent Donald Trump and presidential hopeful Joe Biden, Nevada officials announced that they wouldn’t be releasing any new vote totals until 9 a.m. Thursday morning, leaving the state’s six electoral votes hanging in the balance for another 24 hours. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, election officials said that they would […]

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Blasts President Trump For Holding Indoor Rally In Henderson

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak blasted President Donald Trump for holding an indoor rally in Henderson despite the COVID-19 pandemic, calling him “reckless” and “selfish.” As CNN reported, Trump had been off indoor campaign rallies for the past three months, following a thinly-attended June event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while the city and state were dealing with […]

President Trump’s Campaign Sues Nevada Over Expanding Voting By Mail

President Donald Trump’s campaign sued Nevada over its recent legislative action that would expand the voting-by-mail option to everyone, Reuters reported. This took place just a few days after he threatened such a lawsuit. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nevada’s legislature passed an 11th-hour bill over the weekend that would require every voter to […]

President Trump Threatens To Sue Nevada For Expanding Voting By Mail

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday morning to threaten Nevada for expanding voting by mail, Politico reported. On Sunday night, Nevada’s legislature passed a law that would result in every voter in the state automatically being mailed a ballot by default. Gov. Stephen Sisolak, a Democrat, is expected to sign the bill into […]

Donald Trump Is Attempting ‘Voter Suppression’ Claims White House Reporter

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted about absentee voting ballots that he called illegal in both Nevada and Michigan and said that he would try to withhold funding from the states. The president claimed the mail-in voting would cause voter fraud, but one White House reporter named Brian Karem took to Twitter and accused Trump […]

Donald Trump ‘Threatened To Harm The Citizens Of Nevada And Michigan,’ Claims Former Presidential Speechwriter

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted about Nevada and Michigan sending what he called illegal absentee ballots to registered voters, suggesting that he might be able to hold up funds to both states. Shortly after he made those posts, a former presidential speechwriter spoke out on Twitter about what he felt the president was doing […]

Donald Trump Hints At Withholding Funds From Nevada If It Sends Out ‘Illegal’ Vote-By-Mail Ballots

President Donald Trump seemingly tweeted a threat to the state of Nevada on Thursday morning, writing he would withhold federal funds from them if they expand their voting by mail program. “State of Nevada ‘thinks’ that they can send out illegal vote by mail ballots, creating a great Voter Fraud scenario for the State and […]

Police Called On Bernie Sanders Supporters That Routinely Intimidate Democratic Officials

A group of fervent Bernie Sanders supporters have had the police called on them numerous times following protests that targeted private homes. Though the group is not employed by the campaign, the potential Democratic presidential candidate has previously come under attack due to reports of his supporters’ aggressive behavior. According to Politico, the self-appointed leader […]

Amy Klobuchar Says She ‘Exceeded Expectations’ With Fifth-Place Finish In Nevada

According to Politico, with a little less than 50 percent of precincts reporting, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been declared victorious in the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses. Sanders came in first with around 46 percent, leaving his closest competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden, nearly 30 points behind at approximately 19 percent. Former […]

Joe Biden Declares His Campaign ‘Alive’ After Distant Second Finish In Nevada

On Saturday, when 10 percent of the votes in the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses were in, former Vice President Joe Biden declared his campaign “alive.” Per Politico, Biden held a fiery speech before a group of supporters, taking shots at fellow candidates Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “I […]

CNN’s Van Jones: ‘Another Network’ Is ‘Freaking Out’ Over Bernie Sanders’ Victory In Nevada

With approximately 49 percent of precincts reporting, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been declared the winner of the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses, according to Politico. With over 46 percent of the vote, Sanders is untouchable in the Silver State, with his closest competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden, stuck at around 19 percent. […]

Bernie Sanders Hits Donald Trump In Nevada Victory Speech, Says His Coalition Is Going To ‘Sweep This Country’

With around 27 percent precincts reporting, multiple publications, news networks, and media outlets have declared Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont the winner of the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses, according to Politico. Sanders is in first place with 46.6 percent of the vote. Former Vice President Joe Biden is in a distant second with 22.8 percent. […]

Chris Matthews Compares Bernie Sanders Winning Nevada To Nazi Invasion Of France In World War II

Veteran MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews is not taking the news of Sen. Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic Nevada caucuses well. By all indications, Sanders will win the caucuses in a landslide. According to Matthews, his impending victory is reminiscent of Nazi German’s invasion of France in World War II. Per Mediaite, while commenting on Sanders’ […]

Andrew Yang Questions ‘Value Of Caucuses Over Primaries’ Ahead Of Nevada Assemblies

Ahead of the Nevada caucuses, which NBC News reported had Bernie Sanders in the projected lead, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to Twitter to question the effectiveness of caucuses over primaries. “I’m not sure of the value of caucuses over primaries,” he tweeted. “They seem to suppress turnout, add complexity, and put pressure […]

Nevada Caucus 2020 Results: Poll Times, Full Voting Totals For Saturday’s Contest

The Nevada caucus is nearly underway, and those looking for full results from the critical third contest of the 2020 Democratic primary will have a few ways to follow along. The caucuses start earlier than those in Iowa, with registration opening on Saturday at 10 a.m. local time (1 p.m. ET) and caucuses being called […]

Nevada Poll: Bernie Sanders Takes 13-Point Lead, Pete Buttigieg And Joe Biden Fighting For Second Place

According to the latest Emerson College/8 News Now Poll of Nevada Democratic Caucus voters released on Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is poised to win the race, but two candidates are in a near-dead heat for second place. With 30 percent support, Sanders is the absolute favorite, with a 13-point advantage over former South […]

Media And Academia Have ‘Outsized Influence’ In Selecting Democratic Debate Candidates, Says Commentator

Ahead of Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, conservative commentator and senior-editor-at-large for Breitbart News, Joel B. Pollak, penned a column on the purported influence that the mainstream media and academia have on selecting the candidates who take the stage. Pollak noted the Democratic National Committee (DNC) debate rules that require polling thresholds […]

Fears Grow Over Another Tech Meltdown In The Nevada Caucuses: It’s A ‘Complete Disaster’

Fears are growing that the upcoming Nevada caucuses could offer a repeat of Iowa, where technology malfunctions led to days of unknown results, reports Politico. The caucuses are scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, February 22, giving organizers less than a week to calm volunteers and deal with any last-minute bug issues. However, it might not […]

Elizabeth Warren Touts Barack Obama And Harry Reid’s Praise In New Nevada Ad

Scheduled to take place on February 22, the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses could be an opportunity for White House hopefuls who underperformed in Iowa and New Hampshire to gain some momentum in the presidential race. One such candidate is Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who failed to make an impact in both states. On Saturday, Warren […]

Reporter Grills Joe Biden Over Claim Immigrant Children Weren’t Locked In ‘Cages’ Under Barack Obama

With the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses only a week away, White House hopefuls are campaigning in the Silver State and making a final pitch to voters. This includes Latinos, who make up a large swath of the Democratic electorate, so immigration policy is one of the top issues being discussed. Former Vice President Joe Biden, […]

Joe Biden: Barack Obama Administration Deporting 3 Million Immigrants ‘Was A Big Mistake’

The 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses are scheduled to take place on February 22, but candidates have already begun pitching themselves to voters, holding rallies and giving interviews. Latinos, who make up almost 30 percent of Nevada’s population, are an important voting bloc in the state, and immigration is one of the defining issues. In an […]

Nevada Poll: Bernie Sanders Takes Comfortable Lead, Joe Biden In Second Place

Scheduled to take place on February 22, the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses could alter the dynamics of the primary race, either solidifying Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ frontrunner status, or creating an opening for a candidate such as former Vice President Joe Biden to receive a boost ahead of South Carolina and Super Tuesday. According to […]

Bernie Sanders Supporters May Have Cost Him Nevada’s Most Important Union Endorsement With ‘Vicious’ Attacks

Supporters of Bernie Sanders — who won the New Hampshire Democratic primary on Tuesday — may have severely hurt their candidate’s chances to win the important endorsement of Nevada‘s most powerful labor union. This comes just 10 days ahead of the state’s upcoming caucuses, the third contest of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary season. The […]

Shadow’s Nevada Caucus App Also Experienced Errors During Testing, Says Report

The canceled Nevada caucus app created by developer Shadow was also problematic for the state’s Democratic Party volunteers who were testing it, Vice News reports. According to the publication, volunteers in the state were met with an error when trying to submit test caucus results. They reportedly experienced the same error when they first received […]

Shania Twain Stuns In Semi-Sheer Jeweled Dress While Being Honored At Nevada Ballet Theatre

Shania Twain was honored at the Nevada Ballet Theatre in Las Vegas over the weekend and looked sensational at the event. The “That Don’t Impress Me Much” hitmaker stunned in a fitted long-sleeved jeweled dress. The material was netted and semi-sheer. The 54-year-old pulled her hair up in a quiffed ponytail. Twain rocked a bold […]

‘Storm Area 51’ Event Attracts Only A Few Hundred Attendees, Very Few Tried To Illegally Enter The Site

The “Storm Area 51” event came and went with little fanfare on Friday, with only a few dozen people showing up at the remote, secret Nevada test site, Yahoo News reports. A conflicting report from CP24 says that the number was closer to 1,500. Despite the facts that no one saw any (real) aliens and […]

Here’s The Official Stance On What Area 51 Contains

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, people are already converging on the small town of Rachel, which is situated near Area 51, a top-secret U.S. base. After a gag event was organized on Facebook, many people are now curious as to what is really at Area 51. The Facebook event was originally created as a […]

Storm Area 51 Facebook Event: Even Though The Event Is A Gag, People Are Still Camping At Rachel, Nevada

It started off as a gag event organized on Facebook. “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” promised to expose what people thought was really hiding at Area 51 — aliens. Using a tactic called the Naruto run, people thought if they just ran fast enough, and with a large enough group, then […]

As The ‘Storm Area 51’ Event Approaches, Everyone Is Trying To Cash In On Aliens

A viral Facebook event has the potential of 2.1 million people converging on Area 51 this Friday as people try to storm Area 51 and find out if the base is really hiding aliens there. While the event organizers have made it quite clear that it is a gag event and that people shouldn’t actually […]

Federal Aviation Administration Closes Air Space Over Area 51 Over Weekend For ‘Reasons’

For those who have been closely watching the mock Facebook event that plans to storm Area 51 and find out if aliens really do exist, the date for this event is fast approaching. On September 20, the possibility is that 2.1 million people who have RSVPed to the event will actually turn up at Area […]

Betting Has Commenced On How Many Will Be Arrested During The Storm Area 51 Event

It started out as a gag event on Facebook. The idea was to storm Area 51, which is a secretive U.S. base in Nevada. The hope was that, given enough people, the military would not be able to stop them all at once and some people would get through. The aim of this event? To […]

Already, People Are Getting Arrested For Trying To Storm Area 51

“Storm Area 51,” they said. “They can’t stop all of us,” they also said. It was a Facebook event that started off as a joke and quickly grew until it became the latest viral sensation across social media. At the time of publication, at least 2 million people claim they will attend the event and […]

Nevada County Home To Area 51 Drafts Emergency Declaration Ahead Of ‘Storm Area 51’ Event

What began as a joke has morphed into something so big that it has residents and leaders of Lincoln County, Nevada, taking advanced measures to make sure their towns aren’t overrun. The county, which has a population of 5,000, is home to the highly classified U.S. Air Force Base known popularly as “Area 51.” A […]

Man Who Created Viral Event Encouraging People To Raid Area 51 Says He Got A Surprise Visit From The FBI

A California man who created a Facebook event planning to raid Area 51 has attracted viral interest — including some from the FBI. Matty Roberts said that after inviting people from across the world to join him in storming the secretive U.S. military base long rumored to be the home of a crashed UFO, he […]

Burning Man Gets Attendance Cap Recommendation From The Bureau Of Land And Management

Burning Man has grown larger and larger in recent years, and some say this festival boom is getting out of hand. The annual event — which began in 1966 in San Francisco and has since moved to Northern Nevada, about 100 miles north-northeast of Reno — attracts individuals interested in taking part in alternative culture. […]

Nevada Lawmakers Buck Trend Of Tightening Abortion Laws

As social commentary has come to a head regarding tighter abortion laws in several states in the U.S., Nevada is attempting to repeal some restrictive abortion laws. Lawmakers are aiming to revoke laws that see doctors having to record marital status and stress “emotional implications” to women seeking a termination. While many states are currently […]

Final Nevada Senate Polls: State’s Top Expert Picks Democrat Jacky Rosen To Beat Dean Heller Despite New Polls

Democrat Jacky Rosen of Nevada is the only woman with a chance to unseat a male Republican Senate incumbent in the 2018 midterm elections Tuesday, and for Democrats to have any hope of taking control of the United States Senate, Rosen’s race is a must-win, according to an MSNBC report. Even though polls show her […]

Nevada Republican Governor Candidate Blasted By His Own Family For Being ‘Fake’

In an article that appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Adam Laxalt was blasted by a dozen members of his own family. Laxalt, a Republican, is the current Attorney General for Nevada. He’s also running for governor in the upcoming midterm elections. According to his family, the campaign that Laxalt has been running is completely fake. […]

Early Voting Draws Millions Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Some states are already receiving a record number of early voters ahead of the midterm election, according to US News & World Report. Indiana is seeing a presidential election-level turnout, and Minnesota early voters have already exceeded the votes counted for the 2016 presidential election. These huge numbers show that a lot of voters are […]

Dealer Who Sold Ammo To Las Vegas Shooter Indicted

On October 1, 2017, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock shot more than 1,100 bullets into a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Nevada. Fifty-eight people were murdered and 851 were injured. Based on the timeline reported by Business Insider, about an hour after Paddock shot the last round into the crowd, police […]

Barack Obama Officially Endorses Democratic Candidates For Midterm Elections

With Donald Trump holding rallies across America and tweeting support for Republican candidates set to appear on numerous ballots in this coming November’s midterm elections, Democrats were at a bit of a disadvantage, in terms of high-profile endorsements from political leaders. Obama has been largely quiet since his two-term presidency officially ended in January 2017. […]

McDonald’s Worker Brutally Beats Customer In Viral Video Fight Over Money, Brawl Over Thrown Milkshake

A pair of women got involved in a full-on brawl in an American McDonald’s restaurant in a video going viral today, according to the Daily Mail. The fracas broke out between a customer and an employee of the franchise when the customer hurled a milkshake at the employee’s face, clear over the counter. Immediately thereafter, […]

1 Dead, 1 Wounded In Shooting At Nevada Mormon Church

A suspect was arrested on Sunday after a shooting at a Mormon church in Fallon, Nevada, leaving one dead and one wounded, according to Fox News. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meetinghouse held as many as 50 people on Sunday when the shooting began, according to a spokeswoman for the City of […]

Union Workers Picket In Las Vegas, Claim Robots Are Taking Away Jobs

Contracts expired for over 57,000 workers on June 1, 2018. Since then, union workers negotiated new labor deals with several Las Vegas strip property owners, such as Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International. They are also slowly piecing back together a vote which would ratify contracts with the Stratosphere on Monday. The problem, reports the […]

Nevada To Use Drug Banned In Arizona For First Inmate Execution In Over A Decade

According to the L.A. Times, the Nevada Department of Corrections announced Tuesday that the plan to execute convicted killer Scott Dozier on July 11 will include use of a never-before-tried cocktail of drugs, one of which is a controversial paralytic banned in the neighboring state of Arizona. Dozier, 47, was convicted 11 years ago of […]

Traffic Deaths Fall 10 Percent In Nevada Through First 11 Months Of Legal Recreational Marijuana

Newly released statistics from the Nevada Department of Public Safety show that traffic deaths in the state have gone down by about 10 percent in the one year since recreational marijuana was legalized. According to a report from Reno NBC affiliate KRNV, a total of 310 people were killed in car crashes in an 11-month […]

Scott Raymond Dozier Execution: Death Row Inmate Loses Battle Over Expired Lethal Injection Drugs

Scott Raymond Dozier has a date with an executioner. Sitting on death row in Nevada, Dozier will take his last breath on July 11. As reported by Fox News, the Silver State will carry out its first execution in 12 years when the Department of Corrections puts Dozier to death next month. For this execution, […]

Noah Christensen: Teen Who Used F-Bomb When Demanding Gun Control From Congressman Gets Suspended From School

Noah Christensen, a Nevada teenager who called his congressman to demand gun control, is now re-thinking his choice of words after finding himself suspended from school for dropping an F-bomb during the call, CNN is reporting. It’s a case that pours several complex issues, stirs them into a pot, and creates a thorny legal stew […]