A Thief Was Able To Steal A Priceless Vincent Van Gogh Painting With A Few Swings Of A Sledgehammer

A thief was able to walk out of a Netherlands museum with a priceless Vincent Van Gogh painting using a few swings of a sledgehammer, NBC News reports. Museum officials believe that the thief had targeted the specific painting for the theft. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on March 30 the Sanger Museum in […]

Vincent Van Gogh Painting ‘Parsonage Garden’ Stolen From Amsterdam-Area Museum Shuttered By Coronavirus

A thief appears to have taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to steal a work of art from a shuttered Amsterdam-area museum, NBC News reports. The Singer Museum in Laren, near Amsterdam, is, like so many other museums and public places around the world, currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, having locked its doors […]

Protests Over ‘Black Pete’ Character Held During Christmas Parades Across The Netherlands

Christmas parades across The Netherlands turned into a scene of protests against “Black Pete” — a character in Dutch tradition who accompanies St. Nicholas during his gift-giving. Dressing as “Black Pete” involves putting on blackface, and many Dutch view it as an uncomfortable act of racism. As Reuters reports, Christmas parades were held all across […]

Dutch Police Discover Family Hiding Away In Hidden Farmhouse Cellar, ‘Waiting For The End Of Time’

Dutch police found a family of several adult siblings and their father hidden away in an underground cellar, “waiting for the end of time,” The Irish Times reports. Some of the adult children had likely not been outside of the home and its grounds in years. The Discovery Authorities became alerted to the existence of […]

Watch Germany Vs. Netherlands Stream Live: UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifier Start Time, Preview, Group C Friday Match

In a packed Matchday 5 schedule in the 2020 UEAF Euro qualifying round, no single match features a pairing as high-profile as Friday’s meeting between three-time champions Germany, who last won the European title in 1996, and the 1988 title-winning country, the Netherlands. But with his team having played only two matches so far, Dutch […]

Donald Trump Responded To Museum Exhibit Of Dutch Slave Trade By Saying, ‘They Love Me In The Netherlands’

Donald Trump received a personal tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture just before taking office in 2017, but the newly appointed Secretary of the Smithsonian said the president seemed to miss the point. In an account published by The Washington Post, Lonnie Bunch III said that he personally guided Trump […]

Amsterdam Plans To Ban All Diesel And Gasoline Vehicles From The City By 2030

The city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands has bold plans to ban all diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2030. They will spend the remaining years between now and then building the infrastructure to support a city of electric cars, reported CNN. The city plans to begin by slowly transitioning from diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles to […]

Watch Portugal Vs. Netherlands Live Stream: UEFA Nations League Final, Start Time, Preview, Watch Live Online

Portugal, led by five-time Ballon D’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, had appeared in only one major final — losing to Greece in the 2004 European Championship — prior to 2016, according to the BBC. But on Sunday, they come in favored to win their second straight major European tournament, as Ronaldo and company face the Netherlands […]

Watch Netherlands Vs. England Live Stream: UEFA Nations League Semifinal, Start Time, Preview, Watch Online

Just five days after the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid featured two English Premier League teams, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, which featured seven players who also serve on England’s national team, those players must be ready for another high-pressure match. England takes on the Netherlands in the second semifinal of the UEFA Nations League […]

Watch Netherlands Vs. Germany UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifier Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Online

In a busy opening weekend for the UEFA 2020 European Championship qualifiers, no match has been more anticipated than Netherlands vs. Germany, two teams currently headed in opposite directions. For the struggling Germany side, Manager Joachim Loew has jettisoned some longtime veterans, per Sky Sports, going with a side in which 10 of the 23 […]

Watch Netherlands Vs. Belarus UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifier Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Online

The prospects for Netherlands football, a team that came with an extra-time goal of winning the World Cup in 2010, looked bleak just one year ago. At that time, the Oranje had failed to even qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as The Evening Standard reported, after two years earlier failing to qualify for […]

Watch Germany Vs. Netherlands UEFA Nations League Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Live Online

Germany has already been relegated from the UEFA Nations League “A” division — the only one of the competitions four “leagues” that gives teams a shot at the title — following their humiliating exit at the group stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The defeat comes with an added sting for the German team, […]

Watch Netherlands Vs. France UEFA Nations League Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Live Online

After failing to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Netherlands are attempting to engineer a comeback in the UEFA Nations League, and with a win over France — who came out as the winners of that very World Cup — the Dutch can close in on a table-topping finish to Group A1 while […]

Watch Netherlands Vs. Germany UEFA Nations League Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Live Online

The Netherlands face their European rivals Germany — and the prospect of relegation from the inaugural UEFA Nations League — when the two continental powers square off in a Group A1 match, reports Sky Sports. Both Oranje and Die Mannschaft are striving to break into the win column in the tournament’s top-ranked Group A1, in […]

Pet Passport For Dogs In The Netherlands Will Be Mandatory By 2020

Pet passports will be required for dogs in the Netherlands by 2020. The Dutch government firmly believes that making pet passports mandatory will mitigate any illegal importation of dogs and protect them as well. According to the international website named, I Am Expat, Carola Schouten–the Minister of Agriculture, Nature, and food Quality–fully supports pet passport […]

World Champion France Back To Winning Ways As Olivier Giroud Ends Goal Drought

World champion France returned to their winning ways after their splendid showing in Russia over the summer, beating Netherlands 2-1 in front of a rocking home crowd in Paris on Sunday, reports BBC. France striker Olivier Giroud, who did not score a single goal for the national team in the World Cup, despite being one […]

Dutch Court Rules That Pastafarianism Is Not In Fact A Religion, Flying Spaghetti Monster Denied Recognition

The Dutch council of state has announced their verdict that they will not recognize Pastafarianism as a religion after a Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster follower requested to wear a colander in her passport and driver’s license photos, reports The Guardian. The Netherlands’ highest court denied follower Mienke de Wilde’s request to wear the […]

Airplane Passenger Whose Overwhelming Body Odor Led To Emergency Landing Later Dies Of Flesh-Eating Infection

The man who was reported earlier this month to have forced a Transavia flight to make an emergency landing due to his “unbearable” body odor has died from a flesh-eating infection, according to a new report from Fox News. As reported by the Inquisitr early this month, the original incident happened on May 29, when […]

Public Spaces In Netherlands To Introduce Burqa Ban

On Tuesday, the Dutch Upper House of Parliament issued a ban in Netherlands, which has now joined the other European countries that have already banned burqas, niqab, and other face-covering veils inside specific public places. These types of shrouds are still allowed on public streets. For anyone calling foul, wondering if burqas and niqab are […]

Cheetahs At Safari Park Goes After Woman And Child, Video Captures Terrifying Moment

Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals on earth, but one family decided to take their chances anyway at a safari park in the Netherlands recently. The video that was posted by BBC News showed exactly what happened during this terrifying moment when they were being chased by the animals. The horrifying part is that the […]

Portugal Vs Netherlands Live Stream, TV Channel, & Kick-Off Time

European powerhouses Portugal and Netherlands will go head to head for what should be an exciting contest in the international friendly fixture this Monday at Stade de Geneve, reports Goal. Fans can watch the Portugal vs Netherlands game live online through the live-streaming link provided below. In the last game, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two late […]

The Netherlands’ Waylon Releases First Of Five Potential Eurovision 2018 Songs

Near the end of last year, it was announced that former Eurovision contestant Waylon would be returning for the 2018 contest. Earlier Friday, February 23, the singer presented the first of five potential songs he has chosen from to perform on the stage in Lisbon, Portugal, this May. As revealed by ESCToday, the 37-year-old performed […]

Who Is Matt Lauer’s Wife, Former Model Annette Roque?

Before her estranged husband, Matt Lauer, was fired from NBC and the Today show, Annette Roque was able to live a relatively low-key life of privilege, mostly in the Hamptons. Annette Roque lived full time with the three Lauer children, Jack, Romy, and Thijs Lauer, while Matt Lauer lived during the week in NYC. However, […]

Katie Couric Apologizes For Winter Olympic Gaffe About The Netherlands Skating Culture

During the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, NBC’s Katie Couric shared an odd stream of consciousness about Dutch skaters and where they get their particular prowess. Couric pulled what she said was a bit of Netherlands (Dutch) trivia out of her mind which turned out to be largely myth. Couric told the world that […]

France Vs. Netherlands: Live Stream, Preview, Where To Watch 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

France will host the Netherlands on August 31, Thursday in a very important match in Group A of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers. Sweden is atop the group with 13 points while France is behind on goal difference. Netherlands, on the other hand, sits at third but a win over France will propel them to […]

Bigfoot Captured In Europe? Sasquatch Sightings On The Increase, But Is He Real?

Has Bigfoot been captured on-camera in Europe? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the legendary creature, also known as Sasquatch, from speculating that the elusive humanoid is closer than ever to being found. And recent (well, three years ago) “sightings” of the beast in Holland have once again fueled speculation that Bigfoot is […]

Situation Escalates In Netherlands: Police Blast Protesters With Water Cannons

Pro-Turkey protests in Rotterdam turned into riots and Dutch police had to use water cannons to break up the violence. Online videos of the protests show police trying to control the crowd with dogs and horses while protesters fought back. The situation happened only days before critical elections in the Netherlands to determine the next […]

Far-Right Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Convicted Of Hate Speech, Calls Judges ‘Haters’

Geert Wilders, a populist anti-Islam Dutch parliamentary leader, was convicted of hate speech on Friday for derogatory comments he made at a rally in 2014. Wilders is the founder and leader of the Dutch Freedom Party which runs on a nationalistic message. Wilders has called the Netherlands “sick” because of immigration and Wilders’ perceived infringement […]

Dutch Cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten Posts Smiling Photo And Health Update Following Scary Rio Crash — Experts Agree She is Lucky To Be Alive

Dutch Olympic cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten has posted a health update — including a photo of her smiling — following her scary cyclist event crash Sunday in Rio. Thanks for all the messages. Hard to deal with my disappointment but also proud about our performance #teamNL pic.twitter.com/9uRaRniFV6 — Annemiek van Vleuten (@AvVleuten) August 9, 2016 […]

Women’s Road Race Cyclist In Horrendous Crash At Rio Olympics 2016

In another strange turn of events at the Rio Olympics 2016, cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten of the Netherlands crashed on Sunday afternoon during the women’s road race. Leading the pack on a downhill decline in light falling rain, van Vleuten’s tires began to skid as she made a right hand turn at a bend in […]

Man Accused of Tormenting Amanda Todd, Leading To Her Suicide, To Be Extradited To Canada To Face Charges

The Dutch man that has been accused of tormenting and cyber-bullying British Columbia teen Amanda Todd, ultimately causing her to take her own life, can be extradited to Canada to face multiple charges, a Dutch court has ruled. In October of 2012, 15-year-old Amanda Todd took her own life after years of alleged online torment […]

Container Homes Offer Cargo Space To People Shortchanged On Housing

Container homes have sprouted up in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of a phenomenon sweeping the globe, reacting to the demands of an exploding population. A stack of shipping containers has been transformed into eight apartments in a Phoenix industrial lot. Similar scenarios exist in other parts of the United Sates, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, Germany, […]

Noah’s Ark: Builder Dreamt Of Massive Flood In Netherlands, May Take Ark To Brazil For Olympics [Video]

Would you like to go on board a life-size replica of the Biblical Noah’s Ark? Now, you may have a chance thanks to one man’s hard work. “Modern-day Noah,” Johan Huibers, had a dream that a massive flood covered the province of Noord-Holland in the Netherlands, and as a result, he built an ark. But […]

‘Johan’s Ark,’ A Replica Of Noah’s Biblical Vessel, To Sail 5,000 Miles Across Atlantic

A modern replica of Noah’s Ark, dubbed “Johan’s Ark” after its Dutch builder, will set sail for Brazil this summer on its way to the Olympics. The voyage of Johan’s Ark will begin in the Netherlands and cover 5,000 miles across the Atlantic to the cities of Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro and other ports […]

U.S. Fighters In Iceland And Netherlands To Deter Russian Aggression? Military Jets And Airmen Deployed As Ukraine Crisis Continues

U.S. has deployed fighter jets and airmen in Iceland and Netherlands as an apparent show of force, allegedly to deter Russian aggression in the region. As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR), a dozen F-15C Eagles and about 350 airmen have been deployed in Europe by the United States. To deter what the U.S. refers […]

Park Gives Trio Of Sloth Bears A Pink Balloon, The Results Are Unexpected [Video]

Staff at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park, located in the Netherlands, wanted to see how their trio of sloth bears would react to a single pink balloon inside their enclosure. As they recorded the situation, no one expected how things would turn out. Nearly 30 million views later, the video has gone viral. One would […]

Watch Bangladesh Cricket Vs. Netherlands Live Stream: T20 World Cup Qualifier Opens For Optimistic Tigers

The Bangladesh cricket team faces a possible upset threat when they open their 2016 T20 World Cup campaign against the Netherlands on Wednesday, but with the Tigers in top form after an Asia Cup that ended just three days earlier, the team is expected to make it through their qualifying round unscathed, with matches against […]

Eagles Vs. Drones: Dutch Cops Train Eagles To Take Down Illegal Tech [Video]

Police in the Netherlands have found the perfect low-tech solution to stop drones flying illegally in their airspace – by training eagles to take them down. As more drones hit the skies, fears increase that they may be a danger to planes, so they are “weaponizing” the birds of prey to sort out the situation. […]

Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster Is Now An Official Religion In The Netherlands!

Great news, Pastafarians! The Netherlands has officially recognized Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a religion, according to reports emerging in the Dutch media. The Dutch wing of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster reported on its website that the Netherlands’ Chamber of Commerce has officially registered Pastafarianism as an official religion, the […]

Hitchhiking Robot, ‘HitchBOT,’ That Crossed Canada And Travelled Europe Lasts Only Two Weeks In U.S.

The worldwide journey of a hitchhiking robot that won fans and stole hearts everywhere has come to an untimely and tragic end. “HitchBOT,” as the robot was known, met his maker in Philadelphia sometime after 3 a.m. Saturday morning. Originally brought to life in Port Credit, Ontario, HitchBOT’s hitchhiking journey began on July 27, 2014, […]

Netherlands Finds Innovative Use For Recycled Plastic By Becoming First Country To Pave Roads With It

Out of all the disposable substances we human beings use, the one that probably causes the most issues for our environment is plastic. Though considered something that can be recycled and reused, the fact that plastic in general is not biodegradable (or takes a very long time to biodegrade) has been a bane for the […]

Kyle Richards Goes Back To Amsterdam: ‘The Memories Are Flooding In’

Kyle Richards has had a troubled year, especially in relationship to her sister, Kim Richards. Both sisters filmed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year, and they both watched the season this year, reliving many of their troubles. Richards wasn’t happy with her relationship being aired on television, especially since she and her sister […]

Watch Canada Vs. Netherlands Live Online: FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Streaming Video From Montreal

Women’s soccer fans can watch live online as Canada meets the Netherlands, with both teams battling for survival in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. A loss by the Dutch likely sends the World Cup debutantes home. But if Canada suffers the upset, the team’s only hope of advancing out of the group stage would […]

Shows Cancelled: Foo Fighters Cancel Two Sweden Shows Due To Dave Grohl’s Leg Break

The Foo Fighters had two shows cancelled because of an injury lead singer Dave Grohl sustained. He did, however, gallantly finish the show where he broke his leg. Time Magazine is reporting that while performing at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, during the second song, Grohl fell off the stage and suffered an injury. While […]

Watch Dutch Kindergartners, 11-Year-Olds, Learn About Sex And Love In ‘Spring Fever’ Sex Education Classes

The debate about the right age to begin teaching children about sex and love continues. While some are horrified at the idea of young children being thought about sex at school, Dutch schools are giving students as young as four-years-old lessons in sex education, or more appropriately, sexuality education. And despite expressions of disapproval from […]

UFO Takes Form Of ‘Jellyfish’ In Bizarre And Stunning Display Over Netherlands

Reports of UFOs around the world are described in many shapes, including horse-shaped, cigar-shaped, baton-shaped, and of course the most common UFO description, disc-shaped. But there’s a new shape of UFO that recently appeared in the stormy skies over the Netherlands that’s being described as “jellyfish” shaped, the UFO phenomenon a distinct and beautiful emerald […]

Amsterdam Prostitutes Protest The Closure Of Window Brothels In The Red Light District

When it comes to prostitution, Europe is far more lenient and accepting of the world’s oldest occupation compared to the United States. Just recently, the Inquisitr reported that a German brothel sent out an inquiry to interested prospects to test the waters on new prostitutes. The United States, on the other hand, would only allow […]

A Giant Owl Is Terrorizing A Small Dutch City

A carnivorous, winged creature is terrorizing the people of the Dutch city of Purmerend: a European Eagle Owl has attacked dozens of people in the city, sending several to the hospital with wounds requiring stitches, The Guardian is reporting. Liselotte de Bruijn, spokesperson for the Prinsenstichting home for the disabled, said that the nighttime owl […]

Escape From Alcatraz: Alcatraz Escapees Could Have Survived? New Study Says Absolutely

Among the most famous prison escapes ever, immortalized and detailed in the Clint Eastwood film Escape From Alcatraz, three inmates escaped the island-prison’s walls in the middle of the night and disappeared into the San Francisco Bay on a June night in 1962. This escape from Alcatraz is believed to have been short-lived, however. The […]

See Russian Su-34 Jets Confronted By NATO F-16s Over Baltic Sea In Dramatic Aerial Video

As Russian jets staged a blitz of the Baltic Sea, sending NATO fighters into the skies to intercept 13 Russian aircraft Sunday and 28 more Monday, the allied pilots were able to capture dramatic video of their confrontations with the Russians. Now, NATO is making some of that video public to offer a crystal clear […]