Motorola razr To Go On Sale In The U.S. Starting February 6 Following Delayed Launch

Motorola announced earlier today that it would begin sales of its upcoming foldable smartphone — the Motorola razr — in the U.S. following a delayed launch. According to The Verge, the Motorola razr, which was initially scheduled for launch earlier this month, will go on sale February 6. Customers will be able to preorder the […]

Motorola One: Budget-Priced iPhone X Lookalike Gets US Release Date

When Motorola announced the One and One Power in August, both devices stood out for two things — they were part of Google’s Android One initiative, and they both bore a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone X from last year. While the two phones were initially targeted at international customers, new reports suggest that the […]

Motorola P30 Gets Panned As ‘Blatant’ Ripoff Of iPhone X

The Motorola P30 was announced earlier this week in parent company Lenovo’s home country of China, and while the phone is a midrange device whose features and specifications are far removed from those of your average flagship handset, it appears that it’s gaining attention for a rather unusual reason: it looks almost identical to Apple’s […]

Samsung Galaxy X, Motorola Razr: Foldable Phones Are About To Be In Style Again

It seems like the age of smart flip-phones is coming closer than we think. If patent filings are any indication, it appears like significant smartphone manufacturers are starting to embrace the classic form factor once more. That’s right. After being phased out with the arrival of the conventional smartphone, flip phones seem like they are […]

iPhone 8 To Feature 5G Internet Speed Being Tested By Apple?

Will the upcoming iPhone 8 ship with the newest 5G wireless internet technology being set up by Apple? Fans sure hope so. Time are changing and as the demand for internet and mobile data increases, the need for better and faster wireless internet speed also arises. Various companies and providers are already dabbling into 5G, […]

Moto X 2017 Leaks: Snapdragon 625, 3GB RAM, 32GB Of Storage And Dual-Cameras

The Moto X, Motorola’s former flagship, has been under the radar for more than a year. The last time the Moto X family of devices were released, it was 2015. Last year, Lenovo, which acquired the Motorola brand, opted to dedicate its efforts on the Moto Z family of devices instead. If a new set […]

Firmware Updates Rolling Out For Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 6, LG G4, Moto Z Play & More

Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and other Android devices are getting their respective firmware updates, most of them finally experiencing the Nougat taste. The latest Android Nougat news for Samsung’s 2016 flag bearer revealed that the highly-anticipated firmware is now rolling out in India. As part of the global rollout of the Android Nougat 7.0 […]

Motorola RAZR Comeback Is Not What It Seems To Be

A random Motorola advertisement featuring the infamous Motorola RAZR has sent social media abuzz with rumors of its return. The video, simply titled “Moto 06.09.16″ provides little in the way of clues regarding what it is meant to introduce to the masses, leading to the rumors of the Moto RAZR’s return. People from all around […]

Motorola Launches The Moto X Play In India, 16GB For Rs.18,999 ($278) & 32GB For Rs.19,999 ($300)

Motorola India has announced the launch of its newest mid-range handset, the Moto X Play in India. The launch of the Moto X Play comes just over a month after the company announced the launch of the Motorola Moto G (3rd Generation) in India. The Moto X Play is positioned above the Moto G3 and […]

Wireless Headphones: Motorola, Samsung, Plantronics Compete With Latest Releases

Wireless headphones are necessary for students of all ages. In fact, it’s become a requirement on most school supply lists. Now three major tech companies are coming out with their own version of the traditional wireless headphones. Plantronics has released the BackBeat SENSE headphones that are designed for both non-students and students. These wireless headphones […]

Motorola May Set Up Manufacturing Facility In India

There is an increasing demand for smartphones in India, and this could be one of the reasons why Motorola, a telecommunications company that has made products such as the MotoG handset, is considering setting up a manufacturing facility in the country, according to NDTV. Marcus Frost, the company’s Senior Marketing Director Europe, Middle East, Africa, […]

Affordable Phones Get Cooler As Motorola Announces The Second Generation Moto E

Lenovo-owned Motorola has announced its newest low-cost entrant into the mobile phones arena with the debut of the second-generation Moto E. In its first iteration, the Moto E enjoyed considerable success in markets like India and the Asia-Pacific, where low cost phones are high on the priority list of first-time smartphone users. Considering the kind […]

An Era Of Smart Watches Is On The Horizon

It seems like the entire world flipped out after Apple’s September 9 media event, where the upcoming Apple Watch product line was debuted. However, the watch itself isn’t due out until early 2015. Just about a week prior, Motorola launched its Moto 360, a line of smart watches that run on an Android platform. While […]

Motorola Moto X+1 Soon To Be Released

Motorola is pinning its hopes on a new line of smartphones to be released this year. Gotta Be Mobile is reporting the past two weeks have been very revealing regarding what Motorola has in store. Everything from images reportedly showing the front of the device, to Motorola themselves confirming the initial launch date, or announcement […]

Motorola’s Moto 360 Smartwatch To Cost $250, Here Are Its Most Beautiful Faces

The Moto 360 is set to hit store shelves this summer, and the hype is just about as high as it could get. Now, the Motorola smart watch’s price point appears to have leaked, so tech addicts can get an idea of how much they’ll be handing over for what looks like it will be […]

New ‘Kill Switch’ To Become Standard In Cell Phones

Cell phone theft is on the rise in many countries. In the U.S., pressures from law makers and consumers have pushed companies to acknowledge the need for countermeasures. After July 2015, all new wireless devices associated with the companies that are part of the agreement will have access to a ‘kill switch.’ Although many believe […]

CDMA Version Of The Motorola Moto G Goes On Sale In India

Motorola’s Moto G has been a raging success in India. The device, which came to India exclusively through online retailer Flipkart, has seen sales go through the roof. Thanks to the phenomenal response the device saw in India, it looks like Motorola wants to replicate the same once again. This time around, the CDMA version […]

Motorola Ara Announced, Modular Smartphones On The Way

Motorola Ara has been announced and may revolutionize the way that smartphones are built and used by consumers. Ara is an “open hardware platform” meant to modularize smartphones, therefore allowing users to have full control over their device and how it operates. Project Ara has been in the works for the past year, according to […]

Motorola Skip: Unlock Your Device With A Quick Finger Tap

The new Motorola Skip accessory is capable of unlocking your smartphone without a single finger swipe or passcode code. The average user unlocks their smartphone 39 times in a single day, and heavy users could find themselves unlocking their phone hundreds of time. To save on those precious seconds it takes to unlock a smartphone, […]

Google And Motorola Hard At Work On Nexus 5 Smartphone

Google is leveraging its Motorola Mobility acquisition in order to create the next Google Nexus 5 smartphone, according to a new report. The rumor was posted on Google+ by Taylor Wimberly, the very same person who gave a spot on leak account of the Moto X Phone. Wimberly says Google and Motorola are already hard […]

Moto X Ads Don’t Attack Apple Or Samsung, Tout Being ‘Assembled In USA’ [Videos]

Google’s Moto X smarpthone has been officially unveiled, and now the company is promoting its first Motorola created smartphone with the help of three online ad spots. Unlike Apple and Samsung, who often choose attack ads, Google has decided to highlight some of the Moto X’s new and useful features. In the first video, which […]

Motorola Smartphones To Feature Smaller Sizes, Stronger Builds, And Stock Android OS

Google will use its ownership of Motorola Mobility to create smartphones that feature the stock version of Google Android, stronger build factors, and smaller device sizes. d In an interview with PC Mag, company design chief Jim Wicks says the company is following the doctrine of “better is better” and not “bigger is better.” Wick […]

Google CFO: Motorola Phones Have No ‘Wow’ Factor

Google CFO and Senior VP Patrick Pichette spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference this week and admitted that Motorola smartphones are lacking the “wow factor” found on devices from other manufacturers. According to Pichette, Google plans to have Motorola up to its design standards within five months. Pichette says Google during the acquisition of […]

iPhone 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones, Motorola Rated Least Reliable

The Apple iPhone line of devices is 300 percent more reliable than Samsung’s line of smartphones, according to a new report by product Q&A destination FixYa. The company tested various smartphones head-to-head with a focus on the Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Lumia smartphone lines. The company found that Apple is roughly […]

Google Selling Motorola Home Business, Will Focus On Smartphones

Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility came with a lot of extra baggage, specifically Motorola’s home business division. Now the tech giant is attempting to sell that division of Motorola to one of two potential buyers. Motorola Home Business is the section of the company that focuses on set-top boxes and other equipment for cable providers. […]

Apple Source Code Requested For Fifth Time By Motorola

Apple has continually failed to meet its promise and supply Mac OS X and iOS source code to Google-owned Motorola Mobility, and now the company is being asked for its code once again in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Motorola asked for the code so it can perform infringement analysis […]

Microsoft Wants To Pay Motorola Mobility $1.5 Million For FRAND Patents

Microsoft and Motorola Mobility have filed trial briefs in regards to their fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) negotiations, and Motorola believes that Microsoft should pay it a 2.25 percent share per device. According to Motorola, that price point is a “logical starting point” for all future negotiations. Microsoft believes that the MPEG LA patent pool […]

Android Has Fatal Flaw: Risk Of Wipeout Attack

There is a fatal flaw inside cellphones that use Google‘s Android operating system. According to the Huffington Post, these cellphones are at risk of being disabled or wiped clean of their data. This means losing all contacts, music and photos, because of a security flaw that was discovered several months ago but went unnoticed until […]

Motorola Mobility And Apple Agree on FRAND Licenses In Germany

Motorola Mobility and Apple have agreed on FRAND licensing for several pieces of Motorola technology. The agreement came about after Apple filed suit against Motorola, claiming that the company would not provide reasonable patent licensing fees. By accepting the FRAND agreement which Apple calls “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” the tech firm will pay Motorola for […]

Motorola Droid Razr HD Expected Release In October

Motorola is reportedly preparing to announce the release of the Droid Razr HD in October, after initially teasing followers of its Facebook page with a mystery LTE Motorola phone. Despite not revealing the phone last week, sources and reports have suggested that the company is planning the release of the Razr HD and Razr Maxx […]

Google Firing 4,000 Motorola Mobility Workers Following Acquisition

Google is axing one-fifth of the Motorola Mobility workforce following the search giants recent $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola’s mobile arm. According to CNET two-thirds of the 4,000 fired workers will be from outside the United States, while Google will actively work to shut down one-third of Motorola Mobility’s offices around the world. In an […]

Judge Posner Questions The Need For Software Patents

Judge Richard Posner recently dismissed the Apple patent infringement case against Motorola and now he’s speaking out publicly about the ridiculousness of software patents. In a recent interview with Reuters judge Posner said the smartphone industry specifically is suffering from a “proliferation of patents” that are not necessary. In his argument the judge says unlike […]

China Gives Google Go Ahead To Purchase Motorola Mobility Holdings

Google and Motorola Mobility Holdings received some good news on Saturday when officials in China approved the $12.5 billion purchase which was initiated and announced by Google in late 2011. Under the acquisition it is expected that Google will begin to develop and manufacture its own line of smartphones. The acquisition has been closely scrutinized […]

iPhone Tops American Customer Satisfaction Index

The newest American Customer Satisfaction Index is out and, no surprise here, Apple’s iPhone tops the list as the best cellphone out there in terms of customer satisfaction. Back in 2010, when the iPhone 4 first came out, Steve Jobs told reporters that the phone only had a 1.7% return rate, indicating that people seemed […]

Microsoft Windows 7, XBox 360 To Be Removed From Store Shelves In Germany

Microsoft Windows 7 and Xbox 360 buyers in Germany may soon find it difficult to purchase a copy of either system after a court ordered Microsoft in violation of a patent held by Motorola Mobility. The court order demands that Microsoft pull both products from store shelves until an agreement can be reached with Motorola. […]

Motorola Faced With EU Antitrust Probes Over Patent Enforcement

The environment over at Motorola HQ must have been pretty good lately now that Google has been given approval by the EU to move ahead with its purchase of the company, but I imagine things just got sour as the EU has launched an antitrust probe over Motorola’s patents. The investigation into Motorola by the […]

Motorola loses latest patent lawsuit case against Apple

Last month, there were reports that Motorola was going after Apple with a lawsuit claiming patent infringement. Since then, German courts have ruled twice in the favor of Motorola, but the company suffered a minor defeat today when the court shot down a third patent case. Judge Andreas Voss, the presiding judge on the patent […]

Motorola Mobility Loses $80 Million, Disappointing Tablet Sales

Motorola Mobility who was recently acquired by Google and still waiting for the deal to be approved, posted an $80 Million loss for the fourth quarter as well as disappointing sales of their tablets. They saw just 200,000 of the Xyboard and Xoom sold. Competition with other Android tablets and the iPad is very fierce. […]

Droid Razr Maxx Available January 26th, Boasts Amazing Battery Life

The Droid Razr Maxx is an extension of the Droid line, particularly a step up from the Droid Razr which was released in the fall of last year. What separates this smartphone from others is that battery life is nothing but exceptional. Over the years, Android has gotten a bad rap for having not-so-great battery […]

Verizon drops price on Droid RAZR, now $199 for 16GB model

Are you looking to pick up a Droid RAZR, but don’t want to have to throw down $299.99 to get one? If so, you may want to direct your eyes over to Verizon Wireless, who announced today that they will be offering a 16GB Droid RAZR for $199.99 with a new two-year contract. Aside from […]

Not As Many New Smartphones From Top Companies In 2012

Smartphones have absolutely exploded the last several years, ever since the debut of the original iPhone in 2007. While that may be the case, expect fewer models this year according to executives. One of the biggest reasons why isn’t because they’re not selling, it’s because too many models leads to confusion and having a small […]

Motorola Droid 4 Coming Soon, Thinnest QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone

Phones, phones, and more phones. This year is no exception when it comes to new ones. Motorola is coming out with their next generation Droid, the Droid 4, in the following weeks. Yesterday, the company also revealed details about the Droid Razr Maxx, a smartphone very similar to the Droid Razr, but with double the […]

Android Gets Even Better Battery Life With The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

After releasing the Droid Razr not too long ago, Motorola is back at it again with a new, but pretty similar phone. Dubbed the Droid Razr Maxx, the big feature of this phone will be the increased battery life. Motorola says that the smartphone will last an impressive 21 hours on a single charge with […]

Google Owned Motorola Mobility Says Q4 Profits Were ‘Modest’

Motorola Mobility who was recently acquired by Google for a whopping $12.5 Billion, released results from Q4 2011. The company continues to do exceptionally well with estimated sales of $3.4 Billion in the final three months of 2011. When it came to the company’s sales, they stated them and with “modest profitability”. The company failed […]

Apple To Appeal Motorola Patent Win In Germany

Apple revealed in a statement on Friday that they will challenge Motorola’s imposition of a German ban on iPhones and iPads. Executives from the company said they will file the appeal “right away” while pointing out that holiday sales would not be affected since the ban would not begin until the start of 2012. “Holiday […]

Longtime Motorola CEO and Chairman Robert Galvin Dead At 89

Robert Galvin spent 41 years turning Motorola into an international juggernaut and now we have learned that the company’s longtime CEO and Chairman has passed away at the age of 89. Galvin took over the automotive radio manufacture in 1959 from his dad who founded the company, over the next 41 years he would turn […]

Intellectual Ventures Sues Motorola Mobility Over Patent Infringement

Intellectual Ventures filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) on Thursday, just ahead of the Google Inc. acquisition of the mobile firm. The suit filed in Delaware alleges that Motorola Mobility infringed on six patents relating to how files are transferred from computers to “entertainment devices.” Intellectual Ventures is a “patent […]

How’s this for a Monday morning face smacker – Google buys Motorola for $12.5 Billion

Normally we just have a good hot cup of coffee to start our Monday mornings but today Google decided we needed a little extra and let the world know that it was now also in the smartphone handset business after buying Motorola Mobility for the tidy sum of $12.5 billion. Now that your tired eyes […]

Motorola Droid X2 Arriving Online Tomorrow, In Stores By May 26

The Droid X2 is finally upon us! Motorola and Verizon confirmed on Wednesday that their newest Android phone is ready to arrive, 4.3-inch HD screen display and more. The device starts out with Google Android 2.2 however an upgrade will be made available to 2.3, while users will also receive a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor […]

Motorola Atrix 4G Update Being Given To 1,000 Users

Motorola wants you! If you’re an Atrix 4G user and you have the ability to test a pre-release version of the company’s newest data update the mobile hardware firm may be willing to give you a pre-release software upgrade for your device. The program, part of a first-come, first-served basis setup is open until 11am […]