Mitt Romney Explains Why He Voted To Convict Donald Trump

In a statement released Saturday, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah explained his vote to convict Donald Trump in the Senate’s impeachment trial. Per The Hill, Romney said that the former commander-in-chief is clearly guilty of the charge made by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. “Trump incited the insurrection against Congress by using the power […]

Russia Could Disrupt US Food & Water Supply In Next Cyberattack, Mitt Romney Warns

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has warned that the United States must take serious measures to avoid being vulnerable to a second cyberattack from the Russian Federation, especially as the Putin-led nation could potentially have the ability to cut American food and water supply lines next time. According to New York Daily News, the senator made […]

Mitt Romney Blasts Donald Trump For ‘Inexcusable Silence’ After Russian Cyberattack

Mitt Romney had some harsh words for Donald Trump after the White House failed to come out publicly against a reported Russian cyberattack. The Utah senator issued a statement this week speaking out against the White House for its silence after reports that digital attacks — which have been ongoing for months — struck key […]

Actor Scott Baio Says He May Move To Utah To ‘Unseat’ Mitt Romney After Senator’s Criticism Of Donald Trump

Scott Baio’s defense of Donald Trump could be taking him to Utah and a new career in politics. The Happy Days actor inserted himself in a bit of an intra-party scuffle among Republicans, responding after Utah Sen. Mitt Romney published a statement critical of the president’s attempts to challenge election results. As Trump continued to […]

Mitt Romney Says Donald Trump Is ‘The 900-Pound Gorilla When It Comes To The Republican Party’

In an interview with NBC broadcast on Sunday, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah argued that President Donald Trump will remain “the most powerful” voice in the GOP even after he leaves office, The Hill reported. Speaking with Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd, Romney said that he believes Trump will “have an enormous impact” […]

Mitt Romney Says Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Rhetoric ‘Recklessly Inflames Destructive And Dangerous Passions’

In a Friday statement released via Twitter, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah rebuked President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election is being stolen from him. Romney noted that Trump is “within his rights to request recounts, to call for investigations of alleged voting irregularities where evidence exists, and to exhaust legal remedies,” […]

Mitt Romney Casts Early Vote But Says It Wasn’t For President Trump

On Wednesday, CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju tweeted that Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has already cast his vote for the forthcoming election, and it wasn’t for Donald Trump. “I did not vote for President Trump,” the GOP lawmaker allegedly said. However, Raju claimed that Romney would not reveal whether he cast his ballot for […]

Donald Trump Says He Is ‘No Longer Angry’ At Mitt Romney

During a campaign rally on Thursday evening, President Donald Trump said that he is “no longer angry” at Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, The Hill reported. Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Jacksonville, Florida, Trump argued that the GOP is now unified because virtually all lawmakers support a Senate vote on his forthcoming Supreme Court […]

Mitt Romney Breaks With Donald Trump Over Mail-In Voting

On Friday, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah broke with President Donald Trump on the issue of mail-in voting for the 2020 presidential election, The Hill reported. During an interview with the Sutherland Institute, which can be seen here, Romney rejected Trump’s claims that vote-by-mail would lead to widespread manipulation and fraud. “I don’t know […]

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey Breaks With Donald Trump: ‘Commuting Roger Stone’s Sentence Is A Mistake’

On Saturday, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania described President Donald Trump’s decision to commute Roger Stone’s sentence as a “mistake,” The Hill reported. In a carefully worded statement, Toomey noted that Trump “has the legal and constitutional authority to grant clemency for federal crimes,” arguing that this power “should be used judiciously and very […]

Mitt Romney Blasts Trump’s Commutation Of Roger Stone’s Sentence As ‘Historic Corruption’

Mitt Romney blasted President Donald Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence on Saturday, posting on Twitter that it was an example of “historic corruption.” Romney added that the pardon was an obvious instance of Trump protecting someone who had been convicted by a jury of lying to cover up the president’s wrongdoing. The former […]

Mitt Romney Predicts Donald Trump Will Win Re-Election In November

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney told reporters on Wednesday that he believes Donald Trump will win re-election in November, Breitbart reported. “I’m confident that we will keep the majority in the Senate,” Politico reporter Jake Sherman reported Romney as saying on Twitter. “I actually have long predicted the president will be re-elected. I continue to think […]

Donald Trump Accused Of Mocking Mitt Romney For Black Lives Matter Support: ‘Tremendous Sincerity, What A Guy’

Donald Trump is coming under fire for a tweet highlighting Mitt Romney’s participation in a Black Lives Matter march in Washington, D.C. this weekend, with the president using the opportunity to take a political shot at the Utah senator. Romney joined a group of close to 1,000 Christians who held a march on Sunday through […]

Mitt Romney Joins March In DC, Says ‘We Need To Stand Up And Say That Black Lives Matter’

Mitt Romney joined a group of more than 1,000 Christians who marched in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, with the Republican senator saying he wanted to add his voice to the Black Lives Matter movement. The Utah senator and former Republican presidential candidate wore a mask and joined others walking through the streets of the nation’s […]

Mitt Romney Praises James Mattis’ ‘Stunning And Powerful’ Rebuke Of Donald Trump

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday and praised former Secretary of Defense James Mattis‘ recent rebuke of Donald Trump, Breitbart reported. “General Mattis’ letter was stunning and powerful. General Mattis is a man of extraordinary sacrifice. He’s an American patriot. He’s an individual whose judgment I respect, and I […]

Mitt Romney Denounces Donald Trump’s Inspector General Firings As ‘Threat To Accountable Democracy’

On Saturday, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah described President Donald Trump‘s firings of inspectors general in several federal government offices as a “threat to accountable democracy,” CNN reported. In a Twitter message, Romney described the recent firings as “unprecedented.” “The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so without good cause chills the independence […]

Mitt Romney Joins Democrats In Calling For $12 Per Hour Pay Raises For Essential Workers

Mitt Romney is joining a group of Democrats calling for essential workers to receive hourly bonuses, with the Utah Senator proposing they receive up to $12 per hour extra for their work amid the coronavirus outbreak. As The Week noted, the Utah senator proposed Friday that workers “who are necessarily subject to greater risk of […]

Mitt Romney Takes Apparent Jab At Donald Trump On Coronavirus, Not A ‘Great Moment In American Leadership’

Mitt Romney appeared to take a jab at President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus this week, saying that it was not a great moment for American leadership while avoiding mentioning the president by name. Speaking at a virtual event put on by Georgetown University this week, the Utah senator called out the lack of […]

Mitt Romney To Support Subpoena Vote Probing Hunter Biden’s Alleged Ukraine Dealings

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, the only Republican to vote for Donald Trump‘s removal from office in the recent Senate impeachment trial, said he would vote to subpoena former Burisma Holding consultant Andrii Telizhenko. The motion is part of the party’s investigation into Hunter Biden‘s time at Ukraine’s natural gas company. As reported by The Hill, […]

Donald Trump Slams ‘Lowlife’ Mitt Romney At CPAC As Crowd Boos

On Saturday, President Donald Trump took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which is hosted at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Fort Washington, Maryland. As reported by Breitbart, Trump used his speech to take aim at Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, who was disinvited from CPAC after he became the […]

Mitt Romney Gets Standing Ovation At Conservative Event For Impeachment Vote To Convict Donald Trump

Mitt Romney’s vote to convict Donald Trump at the conclusion of his impeachment trial may have sparked controversy and blowback among Republicans, but not all corners of the conservative world are upset at the Utah senator’s decision. This week, Romney appeared in Denver for an event hosted by the right-leaning Alliance of Democracies Foundation, a […]

CPAC Chair Who Disinvited Mitt Romney From Conference Said His ‘Physical Safety’ Would Be At Risk There

The chair of the Conservative Political Action Conference who publicly disinvited Mitt Romney from the organization’s annual conference after his vote to allow witnesses at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial said he would be afraid for the Utah senator’s “physical safety” if he were to attend the event. Matt Schlapp lashed out at Romney for breaking […]

Jeanine Pirro Blasts ‘Snake’ Mitt Romney: ‘Get The Hell Out Of The United States Senate’

Earlier this week, in a 52-48 vote on the first article of impeachment and 53-47 on the second, the United States Senate acquitted President Donald Trump of all charges made by the House of Representatives. Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah was the only Republican to break ranks with his party, voting to convict Trump on […]

Republican Group Launches Ad Campaign Praising Mitt Romney For Impeachment Vote

Earlier this week, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah broke ranks with the Republican Party, voting to convict President Donald Trump on the charge of abuse of power. Condemned by GOP lawmakers and the president himself, Romney is now in danger of facing intense backlash from conservatives across the country. Not all Republicans think Romney made […]

White House Reportedly Sending Talking Points Encouraging Attacks On Mitt Romney After Impeachment Vote

Donald Trump is apparently not ready to let his impeachment go quietly by, with a new report claiming that the White House is circulating talking points encouraging supporters to attack Utah Senator Mitt Romney for his vote to convict the president. Romney made a surprising vote on Wednesday to convict Trump and remove him from […]

Nancy Pelosi Slams Senate Republicans After The Acquittal Of Donald Trump, Says They ‘Normalized Lawlessness’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is expressing disappointment in Senate Republicans after President Donald Trump was acquitted on the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges. The Senate voted 52-48 and 53-47 against impeaching the president yesterday. In a statement after the vote, Pelosi, who fought to make the trial fair in the […]

Donald Trump And Donald Trump Jr. Go After ‘P*ssy’ Mitt Romney For Voting To Impeach

President Donald Trump and his son took aim at Utah Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday after the former candidate for president voted to convict the president on one of the two articles of impeachment leveled against him. Donald Trump Jr. posted an image of Romney on Instagram in a white shirt and blue jeans, calling […]

After Acquittal, Donald Trump Tweets Image Hinting He Will Remain In Office ‘4Eva,’ Defying Constitution

The United States Senate on Wednesday concluded the impeachment trial of Donald Trump by voting to acquit on both articles against him, with a vote that went along party lines, with one notable exception. Utah Senator Mitt Romney became the one Republican to break from his party and voted to convict Trump. Nonetheless, Trump quickly […]

Donald Trump Allies Slam ‘Sore Loser’ Mitt Romney Over Impeachment Vote

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah broke ranks with the Republican Party on Wednesday, voting to convict President Donald Trump on the charge of abuse of power. Romney is being praised by Democrats in both chambers of Congress, but apparently some Republican members of Congress are not happy with his decision. According to a new report […]

Trump Impeachment Results: See How Each Senator Voted In President’s Acquittal

The impeachment of President Donald Trump has come to a conclusion, ending in a seemingly inevitable acquittal, mostly along party lines, as reported by The Inquisitr. The 100-member upper house of the United States legislature voted for acquittal on the two articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — by a […]

Mitt Romney Voted To Convict Donald Trump, Becoming The Only Senator To Break With The GOP

Editor’s Note: Senator Mitt Romney did vote guilty on abuse of power, but voted to acquit on the second charge, obstruction of Congress. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah said Wednesday that he is planning to vote to remove President Donald Trump from office, on the charge of abuse of power, according to The New York […]

Ben Shapiro Defends Mitt Romney: ‘He Is Not A Traitor Or A Buffoon’

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney revealed Wednesday that he plans to vote in favor of removing Donald Trump from office, which will make him the first Senator in history to vote to remove a president from their own party. The 72-year-old politician previously received criticism from the GOP for being one of two of the party’s […]

Former RNC Chair Calls CPAC Conference ‘Embarrassing, Stupid And Juvenile’ For Publicly Uninviting Mitt Romney

The former head of the Republican National Committee blasted one of the most influential conservative organizations for publicly uninviting Mitt Romney from its annual conference after the Utah senator voted in favor of witnesses at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Romney was one of two Republicans to join Democrats in voting to hear from witnesses at […]

Mitt Romney Made A ‘Strong Pitch’ For Witnesses In Impeachment Trial, Report Says

In the wake of reports that former National Security Adviser John Bolton‘s book confirms Donald Trump‘s alleged actions that sparked the impeachment probe, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney is reportedly making the push to hear from witnesses. According to Politico, Romney broke with his party and “made a strong pitch” to hear from witnesses during a […]

Mitt Romney Predicts Some Senate Republicans Will Break Ranks, Vote To Allow Impeachment Trial Witnesses

On Monday, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney said he predicts that at least some of his Senate colleagues will “break ranks” and vote to allow the chamber to hear testimony from at least one witness: former National Security Advisor John Bolton. Romney says that news of explosive allegations in Bolton’s new book is raising questions […]

Mitt Romney Said He Is ‘Likely’ To Vote For Witnesses In Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Mitt Romney said he is “likely” to vote for witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, signaling that Republicans may not be unified in their defense of the president. Led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republicans in the Senate have mostly stuck together in voting down attempts from Democrats to include witnesses in the trial. A […]

These Three GOP Senators Could Vote To Impeach President Trump In A Senate Trial, ‘The Hill’ Says

Democrats face an uphill battle in making forward progress on their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump given that the U.S. Senate is currently controlled by Republicans. However, The Hill reporter Alexander Bolton pointed to a small number of Senate Republicans who might break with the president and vote to convict him. The list of […]

Mitt Romney Says He ‘Saw No Evidence’ Of Ukraine Interfering In 2016 Presidential Election

President Donald Trump and his allies continue to push the controversial theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election amid the impeachment probe into the president’s behavior related to Ukraine. But one Republican who doesn’t appear to be throwing their support behind such a theory is Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who suggested to reporters today […]

Nancy Pelosi Viewed Negatively By 45 Percent Of Americans, New Poll Says

Amid the ongoing House impeachment inquiry announced by Rep. Nancy Pelosi in late September, 45 percent of Americans surveyed said they had a negative – either somewhat or very – view of the House speaker, according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday. On the flip side, 31 percent of those who were […]

Mitt Romney Attacked As ‘Cowardly’ And ‘Craven’ For Secret Twitter Account

During an interview with The Atlantic, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney admitted that he had a secret Twitter account, which was quickly unearthed under the alias “Pierre Delecto.” As The Inquisitr reported, Romney used this account to defend himself and attack a few of his fellow Republicans, including Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and Lindsey Graham. In […]

Mitt Romney Used Secret Twitter Account To Attack Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, And Lindsey Graham

On Monday, Utah Senator Mitt Romney admitted that he had a secret profile on Twitter that he used to lurk around the social media site. Using the alias “Pierre Delecto,” Romney defended himself and took shots at some of his colleagues, including a few Republican allies. As Mediaite reported, the Utah Republican referenced his “burner” […]

Mitt Romney Says Impeachment Probe Into Donald Trump Will Be Seen As ‘Inflection Point In American History’

During a recent interview with The Atlantic, Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who was critical of Donald Trump’s calls to China and Ukraine to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden, discussed his feelings on the impeachment probe into the president. Unlike the majority of Republicans, Romney claims he’s open to the possibility of Trump’s impeachment. According to […]

Mitt Romney Has A Secret Twitter Account, And One Reporter Says She Found It, Under The Name ‘Pierre Delecto’

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney stood up on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, delivering a scathing attack on Donald Trump‘s decision to pull United States troops back from the Turkey-Syria border, making way for a Turkish military assault on the Kurdish people who live in the border region. In his speech, Romney called […]

Donald Trump Tweets Attack Video Accusing Mitt Romney Of Being A ‘Democrat Secret Asset’

On Friday, President Donald Trump posted a video that called Mitt Romney, the Republican senator from Utah, of being a “Democrat secret asset” who was trying to “infiltrate” the Trump administration. According to the Washington Examiner, the president called for Republicans to unite against the “slippery” Utah politician. Despite being a member of Trump’s own […]

Donald Trump Will Likely Win Re-Election In 2020, Says Mitt Romney

Despite the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment probe it sparked, Donald Trump still has the support of many Republicans. While former Republican presidential nominee and current Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been openly critical of Trump, Breitbart reports that he recently revealed that he believes Trump will win re-election in 2020 regardless. “There is no […]

Senate Democrat Rips Republicans’ ‘Blind Loyalty’ To Donald Trump, Says Americans ‘Should Be Scared’

While President Donald Trump faces increased scrutiny over his July 25 phone call in which Democrats claim he pressured the Ukrainian president to essentially provide political ammo against former Vice President Joe Biden, a number of Congressional Democrats are blasting Republicans for defending the president. According to Politico, one of the latest politicians to take […]

Donald Trump Blasts Mitt Romney On Twitter, Demands He Be Impeached

Amid the explosive controversy surrounding the July 25 Ukraine phone that landed him in the crosshairs of another high-profile, Democrat-led investigation, President Donald Trump has increased his attacks on critics who say his phone call was inappropriate. While Trump has been staunchly defended by a number of top Republicans in the House and Senate, some […]

Donald Trump: Mitt Romney Is A ‘Pompous A** Who Has Been Fighting Me From The Beginning’

In a series of Twitter messages posted on Saturday, President Donald Trump attacked Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah. The president defended his conversations with the Ukrainian president, arguing that there is nothing wrong with him publicly urging Ukraine and China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. “Somebody please wake […]

Mitt Romney Launches New Attack On Donald Trump, Says Calls For Election Meddling ‘Brazen And Unprecedented’

Mitt Romney has landed his most forceful criticism of Donald Trump yet on Friday, saying that the president’s apparent calls for foreign meddling in the 2020 election are “brazen and unprecedented.” Romney, who was among the first Republicans to publicly voice concern over a whistleblower complaint against Trump for reportedly pushing Ukraine to investigate Joe […]

Mitt Romney Becomes First High-Profile Republican To Express Concern Over Ukraine Phone Call

As the heated controversy over a July 25 phone call made by President Donald Trump to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to burn hot in the news, a growing list of high-profile politicians are weighing in on the possible consequences. On Sunday, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney became the first Republican to publicly express concern over […]