Around 115 Inmates Have Taken Over And Set Fire To A St. Louis Jail

Around 115 inmates at a jail in St. Louis managed to overcome a prison guard and take over a section of the facility early Saturday morning. According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the incident began around 2:30 a.m. Saturday on the fourth floor of the City Justice Center in downtown St. Louis after an inmate […]

Josh Hawley Faces Calls To Resign From His State’s Top Newspapers After Supporting Election Challenge

Sen. Josh Hawley is facing increasing calls to resign after he supported Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election — one of the few to continue supporting the effort after Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Hawley has been a strong supporter of Trump and was the first member of the […]

St. Louis Couple Who Pulled Guns On BLM Protesters Now Suing Photographer Who Took The Viral Images Of Them

The St. Louis husband and wife who were photographed pulling guns on a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters this summer have filed a lawsuit against the photographer who took the now-infamous images of them. The New York Post reported that Mark and Patricia McCloskey, personal injury attorneys, filed a lawsuit against United Press International […]

Civil Rights Groups Argue Toronto Raptors Should Not Relocate To Kansas City Due To Police Brutality

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Toronto Raptors are currently seeking a temporary relocation to the United States because of international travel bans Canada has put in place. After rumors stirred about the NBA team searching for a new home, influential members of Kansas City, Missouri, have offered to host the squad. However, several […]

Missouri Poll Workers Instructed To ‘Act Surprised’ If Voters Ask Why They Aren’t Wearing Face Masks

Poll workers in a Missouri county were told to “act surprised” if a voter were to ask them about why they aren’t wearing face coverings, The Associated Press reported. The county’s director of elections said that the writer of the email chose their words poorly and that the whole thing is a misunderstanding. St. Charles […]

Mark & Patricia McCloskey: Who Are St. Louis Residents Speaking At The 2020 RNC?

Two St. Louis residents, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, are scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) Monday night. In an incident that was caught on video on June 28, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, a group of protesters was attempting to convene on the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda […]

St. Louis Couple Who Waved Guns At Black Lives Matter Protesters Charged With Felonies

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple caught on video waving guns at protesters, have been charged with one felony count each, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. As reported at the time by The Inquisitr, in late June a group of demonstrators was marching through the St. Louis neighborhood where Mayor Lyda Krewson lives […]

St. Louis Protesters Return To Neighborhood Where Couple Pointed Guns At Them

Protesters in St. Louis, Missouri, again marched past the neighborhood where, a week earlier, a couple famously emerged from their home pointing guns at them, KSDK-TV reported. This time the couple was nowhere to be seen. Last week, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, an incident unfolded in a St. Louis neighborhood that […]

Man Caught On Video Appearing To Point Gun At St. Louis Protesters Speaks Out

A man who was caught on a video appearing, along with his wife, to point guns at protesters marching through his St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood has spoken out, KMOV-TV reported. On Sunday night, protesters marched through the wealthy, gated St. Louis neighborhood where Mayor Lyda Krewson lives. The protest was put together by the group […]

Video From St. Louis Shows Man And Woman Pointing Guns At Protesters Calling For Mayor Lyda Krewson To Resign

Video taken in St. Louis, Missouri, shows a man and woman standing in front of what appeared to be a mansion pointing a rifle at protesters who were marching to call for the resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson. The video, shared on Twitter by videographer Daniel Shular, showed a man and woman standing in front […]

Missouri Woman Who Praised KKK In Viral Video Apologized, Says She ‘Doesn’t Represent hate’

A Missouri woman who appeared in a viral video praising the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) at a Black Lives Matter protest and promising to teach her grandchildren to hate wants to apologize for the “ugly” things she said, Springfield’s KOLR-TV reported. This week, a video surfaced from a protest in Branson, Missouri, in which a […]

Statue Of Christopher Columbus Removed From St. Louis Park

A statue of Christopher Columbus that had stood in St. Louis’ Tower Grove Park for over a century has been taken down, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. On Tuesday, following orders from the park’s Board of Commissioners, crews arrived to take down the statue of the Italian sailor who, sailing under the Spanish flag, is […]

A Man Went To A St. Louis Pizza Hut To Complain About His Order, Got Stabbed Nine Times

A man went to a Missouri Pizza Hut after employees there didn’t properly fill his order, and he was allegedly met there by a mob of employees who assaulted and stabbed him, St. Louis KMOV-TV reports. Nathaniel Hudson says that his 29-year-old brother, whom he identified as Isaiah Hudson, called a Pizza Hut in the […]

Missouri Parent Allegedly Got Onto A School Bus And Pulled A Gun

A Missouri parent is accused of getting onto a school bus and pulling a gun during a fight between children, St. Louis’ KSDK-TV reports. Now the school district involved says they are taking steps to ensure such an incident doesn’t happen again. On Wednesday morning, a bus was carrying students from the Johnson-Wabash 6th Grade […]

Missouri Mom Defends Son Who Beat Up School Bully, Got Suspended

A Missouri mom is getting praise and support for a social media post in which she passionately defended her son who beat up the classmate who had been bullying him for years, after she claims school officials did nothing meaningful about it. As Yahoo Lifestyle reports, Allison Arnall Davis’ Facebook post about the incident has […]

Mizzou Coach Barry Odom Fired After Another Disappointing Season

University of Missouri (“Mizzou”) head coach has been fired after four mediocre seasons at the helm of the Tigers’ football program. In a statement posted on the University’s football program’s website, Mizzou Athletic Director Jim Sterk thanked the coach for his service, while announcing that the program will begin a search for a new head […]

Missouri Family Learns Their House Was Once A Meth Lab After Their Unborn Baby Tests Positive For The Drug

A Missouri family found out their home had once been a meth lab after their unborn baby tested positive for the drug, ABC News reports. Now the family’s insurance company is refusing to cover the cost of bringing the house back up to code, and the family is stuck with the bill. Missouri is one […]

Dmitriy Andreychenko Arrested At Springfield, Missouri Walmart Wearing Body Armor, Carrying Assault Rifle

A man wearing body armor and carrying an assault rifle caused a panic at a Springfield, Missouri Walmart Thursday afternoon, Springfield’s KY3 reports. No shots were fired, and he was detained by an off-duty firefighter until police arrived and arrested him without incident. According to police reports, a “young, white male” wearing body armor and […]

Missouri Man Who Found A Mummified Baby In His Mom’s Freezer Still Waiting For Answers

A Missouri man who found the frozen, mummified remains of a baby in his mother’s freezer is still waiting for answers days later, St. Louis’ KMOV-TV reports. However, some new information has come to light. It’s been about three days since Adam Smith made the horrifying discovery. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, for decades […]

Missouri Man Cleans His Mom’s Freezer, Finds A Frozen, Mummifed Baby In A Cardboard Box

A St. Louis man was cleaning out his mother’s freezer when he discovered the frozen, mummified remains of a baby in a cardboard box, St. Louis’ KMOV-TV reports. Police estimate that the infant had been in the freezer for two decades. Adam Smith says that for at least 20 years, there was a cardboard box […]

Police In Missouri Arrest Felony Suspect When Loud Fart Gives Away Their Hiding Spot

Police in Missouri searching for a felony suspect got some very unusual help in finding their hiding spot. As Fox 9 reported, officers from the Liberty Police Department were searching for a person who had a felony arrest warrant and was also wanted for possession of a controlled substance. But the suspect apparently had some […]

Uranus Examiner Returns, Local Missouri Publication Resumes Printing

The Uranus Examiner, a small-town Missouri newspaper that had to close because no businesses in the community wanted to sell it — or advertise in it — because of its cheeky name, is back, the publishers report in a Facebook post. Uranus, Missouri isn’t actually an incorporated town in Missouri. Rather, it’s more like a […]

Missouri Is About To Become The First State Without An Abortion Clinic

As states around the country write strict abortion laws, some of which effectively ban all abortions, Missouri is set to become the first state without an abortion clinic, ABC News reports. The Show Me State is one of several states, including Alabama and Georgia, that have passed extremely strict abortion laws in recent weeks. Most […]

Taco Bell Employee Fired After Islamophobic Rant Against Customer Gets Caught On Video, Goes Viral

A Missouri Taco Bell employee who was caught on video delivering an obscenity-filled, anti-Islam rant at a customer has been fired, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. Early Thursday morning, Tarek Hamdan, who is a Muslim, decided to celebrate the end of the Ramadan fast by stopping by a Taco Bell location in Bridgeton, in suburban St. Louis. […]

Satanic Temple Sues State Of Missouri Over Abortion Rights, Experts Say They Could Win

After state trial courts dismissed a case brought against the state of Missouri by a group of Satanists suing the state for its strict abortion laws in 2015, the state Supreme Court recently agreed to take the case, reported U.S. News. The members of the Satanic Temple believe that the strict abortion laws, including requiring […]

KKK Leader’s Wife Admits To Killing Him Two Years After Blaming Her Son For The Murder

The wife of a murdered KKK leader has admitted to killing him two years after the incident, according to USA Today. Frank Ancona, an imperial wizard of the fringe hate-group called the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, was murdered in his home with gunshot wounds to the head in 2017. Following the […]

Packers Set Visit With Quarterback Drew Lock

When the Green Bay Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005, he famously sat on the bench for a few years while superstar and future Hall of Famer Brett Favre continued to start for the Packers. After an uncommonly long waiting period and a contentious period in which Favre retired and then changed his mind, Rodgers […]

Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Many Adult Missourians To Own An AR-15

A Missouri lawmaker has introduced two companion bills to the legislature, each requiring many Missourians to own one — or more — specific guns, KFVS-TV (Cape Girardeau) is reporting. Andrew McDaniel, of Deering, actually introduced his two bills in late February, but they are only now being noticed by the media. The first of his […]

Missouri Daycare Worker Caught On Video Throwing Toddler Across Classroom, Charged For Child Abuse

A daycare employee has been charged with child abuse after she was caught on surveillance footage, which showed her throwing a 3-year-old toddler into a piece of furniture. As reported by CNN, 27-year-old Wilma Brown was identified by the North County Police Cooperative. The incident in question took place on February 1, at the Brighter […]

Warrensburg Police Department Implores Criminals To Stop Committing Crimes During Life-Threatening Cold

It is so cold in the U.S. Midwest that local police departments have implored criminals to refrain from committing crimes until the weather warms up at least a bit. According to a Fox 4 KC report, the Warrensburg Police Department in Missouri took to its Facebook page to make the request and lighten the mood […]

Jake Talbot, Trump-Supporting Service Member, Told To Leave Gym Over ‘Racist’ Pro-Trump Shirt

A Missouri man says he was treated unfairly at his gym because he wore a shirt supporting Donald Trump, KMOV-TV (St. Louis) is reporting. Staff Sergeant Jake Talbot says that he’s worn his “Trump 2016” T-shirt more times than he can count to CDY Fitness in Troy, Missouri, in suburban St. Louis. However, at his […]

Poacher David Berry Jr Sentenced To Watch ‘Bambi’ Repeatedly For Illegally Killing Hundreds Of Deer

A Missouri man will have to watch the movie Bambi at least once per month during his prison sentence as part of his punishment for poaching, the Springfield News-Leader is reporting. David Berry Jr. is serving a one-year sentence for poaching and related crimes out of Lawrence County, as well as a 120-day sentence for […]

Missouri Newspaper ‘Uranus Examiner’ Shut Down Because Retailers, Advertisers Wanted Nothing To Do With It

The Missouri newspaper the Uranus Examiner has been shut down because, as the owner claims, the good people of small-town central Missouri just weren’t ready for the businessman’s sense of humor. Uranus, Missouri, may be the world’s only tourist attraction based on a pun. Along Missouri’s Route 66, about 150 miles or so west of […]

Missouri Teacher Jim Furkin Says He Was Fired For Thanking Kids For Standing For Pledge Of Allegiance

A Missouri substitute teacher claims that he was fired for thanking the kids for standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting. However, the school district says that Jim Furkin has a history of complaints and disciplinary issues, and that the latest incident was merely the straw that broke the camel’s […]

Supreme Court Justices Signal Doubts About Some Death Penalty Procedures

The Supreme Court, hearing arguments on a case involving the death penalty on Tuesday, made some ponder whether the institution is rethinking its beliefs on the controversial practice. Two conservative members of the Court made it clear that they had some questions about the death penalty, including doubts about the specific case before them. The […]

GOP Missouri Candidate Steve West’s Children Tell Voters He Is ‘Anti-Semitic’ And A ‘Homophobe’

While most political candidates can count on the unshakable support of their family members, Emily West has an unusual message for the citizens of Missouri as concerns her father — don’t vote for him. Two of the three children of Missouri Republican Steve West, 64, have urged voters in the state’s 15th House District to […]

Nicole Merseal Files Lawsuit After Video Of St. Louis Daycare ‘Fight Club’ Surfaces

A Missouri mother has filed a lawsuit after video emerged of teachers at her daycare allegedly operating what authorities call a “daycare fight club,” CBS News is reporting. It’s been two years since the video was filmed, but Nicole Merseal says that she still has nightmares about the 2016 incident. At the time, her then […]

Republicans In Missouri Sent Out Mailers With False Information About Absentee Voting To 10,000 Voters

Missouri’s Republican Party has admitted to sending out mailers to 10,000 voters with false information about absentee ballots, a mistake the party’s chairman blames on a vendor. As The Kansas City Star reports, some 10,000 voters across the Show-Me State received fliers from the Missouri Republican Party that had false information about when voters can […]

Rescue Dog Finds Missing Blind Man With Epilepsy

A rescue dog has found a blind man with epilepsy who had been missing for three days. The black Labrador mix and her handler worked in tandem with the local police to find the missing man. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3-year-old Ruby, a professional search dog, has been credited for finding a man […]

Man Waiting In Drive-Thru Line At Jack In The Box Dies In Freak Accident

A Missouri man has died in a freak accident at a Jack-In-The-Box drive-through, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting. Charles Wood Jr., 20, had gone to one of the burger chain’s St. Louis locations on Wednesday night when the accident occurred. Authorities say that Wood had pulled up to the drive-through window to pay, but […]

Cheerleader Stomped In Mud Pit During School Event Awarded $400,000 In Lawsuit

A cheerleader who was stomped in a muddy pit during a high school back-t0-class event in 2010 has been awarded $400,000 in damages by the school, reports the New York Post. Megan Taylor was a 17-year-old senior at Kickapoo High School in Missouri when the events occurred. She said she was pushed from behind and […]

Ten-Year-Old Xavier Cunningham Falls From Treehouse, Gets Impaled By Meat Skewer, Somehow Survives

A Missouri boy is lucky to be alive after a series of improbable events ended with a 10-inch-long meat skewer impaled in his head, The Washington Post is reporting. Ten-year-old Xavier Cunningham and his friends were doing what boys that age do, roughhousing and enjoying the day when they climbed into a treehouse in the […]

Missouri College Ditches Nike Over Colin Kaepernick Kerfuffle, College Of The Ozarks Ends Relationship

A small Missouri college has ended its relationship with Nike after the athletic gear manufacturer teamed up with disgraced ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for its new ad campaign. In case you missed the news, Nike named Kaepernick the focus of its new “Just Do It” ad campaign. However, the decision has been met with intense […]

Missouri Raises Its Minimum Marriage Age To 16

Missouri raised its minimum age to get married from 15 to 16 on Tuesday, closing loopholes that had made the Show-Me State something of a tourist destination for underage marriages. As KTVI-TV (St. Louis) reports, on Monday Governor Mike Parson signed the law, which went into effect on Tuesday, raising by one year the age […]

Missouri Woman Renee M. Collins Accused Of Letting Men Rape Her Disabled Daughter For Money And Drugs

Police say a Missouri woman let multiple men rape her minor daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy and autism in exchange for money and drugs, according to the Columbia Tribune. The horrific story first came to light in July last year when FBI received an anonymous tip about a minor girl being left alone with […]

Missouri Mom Laurel Hutsell’s Son Wore A Green Shirt On School Picture Day, With Hilarious Green Screen Result

A Missouri mom found out the hard way that you shouldn’t send your kid to school on Picture Day wearing a green shirt. That is, if the photographer uses green screen technology to create artificial backgrounds. “Mom, I shouldn’t have worn the green shirt for pictures. It will blend in with the green screen they […]

Plane Narrowly Misses Car That Crossed Runway In Missouri Airport

An airplane taking off from the Springfield-Branson National Airport in Missouri came very close to hitting a van that crossed the runway. The driver of the van was late for an employee barbecue. The incident took place on June 27. Fox News reports that the newly released security footage shows a dark-colored van crossing the […]

Families Of Those Killed In Missouri Duck Boat Crash Sue Operator For $100 Million

The estates of two members of the Coleman family who died in the Branson, Missouri, Duck Boat crash filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the operator for $100 million. According to an Independent report, administrators of the estates of victims Ervin Coleman and Maxwell Ly filed the lawsuit on Sunday in U.S. District Court Western […]

Family Of Nine Killed In Missouri Duck Boat Accident Had Gotten On The Wrong Boat

On Thursday, a boat from the popular “Ride The Ducks” attraction in Branson, Missouri, sank during severe weather on Table Rock Lake. Among the 17 people who died in the accident, nine came from the same Indianapolis, Indiana, family. Tragically, the family initially had tickets for a different ride time. According to a People report, […]

‘Ride The Ducks’ Boats Not Designed For Commercial Use, Per Former NTSB Chairman

Thursday evening a “Ride The Ducks” boat accident left 17 people dead when the World War II-era boat sank during a storm on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. Now, former a National Transportation Safety Board chairman said the vessels used in the popular tourist attraction were not designed for commercial, recreational use. According to […]