One Man Spent 24 Hours Inside A Virtual Reality Version Of ‘Minecraft’

While virtual reality gaming is a long ways off from reaching widespread market penetration, those who regularly play games in VR tend to adhere to a simple rule: take breaks. While virtual reality has the potential to provide some of the most immersive interactive experiences, many gamers find it difficult to play for long stretches […]

Notch, Creator Of Minecraft, Endorses QAnon Conspiracy Theory

QAnon is a bizarre conspiracy theory which alleges that a cabal of leading Democratic politicians and celebrities have engaged in a massive pedophilia ring, and that secret forces in the government are working with President Trump to arrest all of those responsible. Theories and allegations are transmitted to adherents by a message board poster claiming […]

John Miller, Jennifer Garner’s New Boyfriend, Has Made A Fortune Selling Burgers With A Futuristic Twist

Jennifer Garner has a new man. For the first time since her well-publicized split with ex-husband Ben Affleck in June of 2015, and several weeks after their divorce was finalized, Garner has been linked to a new beau, according to People. “Jen has been wanting to move on, and now when the divorce is finalized, […]

Telltale Games Abruptly Shuts Down, Ending ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Stranger Things’ Projects

After a very rough year, Telltale Games is closing down. A major layoff was announced at the company Friday morning, with almost all staff members let go. Telltale will continue to employ a team of 25 people to finish working with Netflix on the Minecraft Story Mode project, a deal they inked with the streaming […]

‘Minecraft’ Movie To Star Steve Carell Hits Roadblock As Writer-Director Exits, 2019 Release Delayed

In 2014, Warner Bros. secured the rights to the film adaptation of the hugely popular video game Minecraft. For those that don’t know, Minecraft is a sandbox video game where players use Lego-like cubes to create their own world and the game itself. There are no specific goals, so each player has a different experience. […]

Nintendo Switch Sees Crossplay Third-Party Games As Strength

Former Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima and senior executive officer Susumu Tanaka, while at the 78th Annual General Meeting for Shareholders, revealed that the Japanese gaming company is open to including more crossplay games to the Switch roster in the future. Recently, Kimishima and Tanaka shared their thoughts on crossplay games for the Switch. “Crossplay basically […]

Shots Fired At Sony With New Cross-Play Trailer For ‘Minecraft’

Earlier today, Nintendo released a brand new trailer for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, which showcases the game’s new cross-play capabilities. A new update has just been released for the ever-popular open-world game, which grants players the ability to play, craft, and explore with their friends across Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, or mobile platforms. […]

Nintendo Switch Games 2018: Blockbuster Titles Coming To Nintendo’s Hybrid Console

Nintendo hit gold when it introduced the Nintendo Switch to the world last year. Since its release in March 2017, the Switch has added a decent amount of games to its arsenal and that number just keeps growing. More and more game developers are jumping to the Nintendo Switch-bandwagon, making the hybrid console even more […]

24,000 Email Bomb Threats Sent To 400 Schools By Angry ‘Minecraft’ Player

A disgruntled Minecraft player launched an attack on one of the game’s U.S.-based servers by sending out thousands of bomb threat emails to hundreds of schools in the UK. The emails were reportedly an attempt to ruin the reputation of the server and to get its domain banned. The emails indicated that a student was […]

‘Minecraft’ Better Together Update Brings Xbox, Windows 10, And Mobile Together, But Switch Will Have To Wait

The biggest Minecraft update to hit consoles, PCs, and mobile devices arrived Wednesday. The Better Together update is now available to download on the Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS to allow play across platforms, access to Minecraft Realms, a marketplace, and much more. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version of the update is not […]

Xbox Boss Expects PUBG To Be ‘Very Big’ On Xbox One Like ‘Minecraft’

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already a huge hit on PC before it is even exited Steam Early Access. The battle royale shooter will land on the Xbox One later this year and Xbox Head Phil Spencer believes it could see Minecraft levels of success. The development team at Bluehole, Inc has surprised themselves and the rest […]

‘Minecraft’ Better Together Update Available On Xbox One, How To Get In

Big changes are coming to Minecraft on the Xbox One, and those interested can check them out now. The Better Together beta is now available to download, but there are a couple of steps needed to take to begin exploring the upgraded experience. How to get the Minecraft Better Together Beta You will need to […]

‘Minecraft’ Update Drops For Xbox And Switch With Mansions, Llamas And More In Preparation For Cross-Play

Minecraft: Console Edition received a major content update Tuesday for Xbox and PlayStation consoles with the Nintendo Switch and Wii U update arriving in the next day. Mojang and developer 4J Studios are bringing the console versions closer to the Windows 10 PC and mobile releases in preparation for the Better Together update which will […]

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Responds To Sony’s Decision To Block Cross-Play

If there’s one issue that’s dominated E3 this year, it’s cross-platform play. Microsoft caused a good deal of excitement earlier in the week when they announced that Minecraft players across Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch would soon be able to play together. However, there was one noticeable exception to that […]

Microsoft Announces ‘Minecraft: Better Together’ Update: Cross-Play On Any Device

Undeniably the biggest news coming out of Microsoft’s E3 presentation is the introduction of their new console, the Xbox One X. However, at the same time, the company confirmed one of the first games that will be playable on the new console in the form of an update to the widely popular Minecraft. According to […]

‘Minecraft’ Discovery Update Hits Pocket And Win 10 Editions, Adds Marketplace, Mansions, And More

Mojang began rolling out the Minecraft Discovery update to Pocket Editions on Apple and Android devices Thursday along with the Windows 10 Edition. The update brings a substantial number of features, including a marketplace to purchase everything from community-created worlds to skin packs. There are also new items and blocks such as Llamas, Shulker Boxes, […]

‘Minecraft: Win 10 Edition’ Coming To Xbox One, That Means Realms, Mods, And More

The E3 2017 rumors have begun to flow, and Minecraft for the Xbox One is interestingly one game up for discussion. Yes, the extremely popular open-world crafting game is already on the console. However, the Windows 10 Edition (aka Pocket Edition) is supposedly on the docket, and that means some substantial features currently not available […]

Gaming History: ‘Dwarf Fortress’

Dwarf Fortress occupies a unique niche in gaming history as one of the most influential games of all time, ranking right up there with Doom, Civilization, and Simcity. Dwarf Fortress has been in development since 2002 by a pair of brothers, Tarn and Zach Adams. The game features an unusual graphics set, being designed entirely […]

Xbox One Wants Super Mario, Partnership With Nintendo On The Horizon

Will Xbox big boss Phil Spencer finally pave the way for Nintendo-exclusives such as Super Mario to arrive on the Xbox One console? The Xbox platform has come a long way in terms of being pro-gamer, having achieved in the recent years a lot of things the gaming industry has considered taboo. One the most […]

‘Minecraft’ PS4 And Xbox One December Update Bringing Elytra And End Cities

The Minecraft console updates haven’t brought content from the PC version for most of 2016. That will change in December, however, as Mojang announced the first title update for PlayStation and Xbox consoles plus the Wii, which will add features like Elytra and End Cities from the PC edition. The Minecraft: Console Edition update will […]

Five Years Later, Pocket, Gear VR And Windows 10 ‘Minecraft’ Are Finally Getting The End

Minecraft isn’t exactly a game with an end, but inasmuch as it does have one, it’s The End – and the game’s first boss monster, the Ender Dragon. First added to the game on November 18, 2011, The End is a dimension full of Endermen which requires jumping through some hoops to get to. It […]

‘Minecraft’ 1.0 Ender Update Pocket Edition For Android Beta Testing Available

Mojang just announced that the Windows 10 and Pocket editions of Minecraft will get an update soon. Before the year ends, crafters on these platforms will be able to enjoy the 1.0 Ender update, which will highlight The End. Beta testing is also ongoing, but only for Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. The End is […]

October 4: ‘GTA Online’ Biker Update Includes A ‘GTA 4’ Motorcycle? ‘Minecraft’ New DLC For Consoles Also Set For Release

Fans of highly popular video games Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft have something to look forward to come October 4. Minecraft: Console Edition is getting an update, as well as Rockstar’s GTA Online. According to Rockstar Newswire, GTA Online’s Biker DLC will arrive as an automatic update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This newest […]

Minecon 2016: Minecraft Updates Set For October Release Detailed, Watch Day 1 Here

Minecon 2016 has revealed new details about the upcoming Minecraft updates. Fans of the sandbox game can expect fresh updates next month. It was announced at Minecon 2016 that there will be a new DLC pack up for grabs for the Minecraft: Console Edition players starting October 4. According to Nerdist, the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up […]

Minecon 2016 Cape Leaked?

There are only a few hours left before the much-awaited Minecon 2016 begins. Of course, there will be a free Minecon 2016 cape given to everyone coming to the Minecraft event in California. #Minecon2016 starts tomorrow! We're bringing a ton of new products and two con exclusives. Will we see you there? — 💀J!NX […]

Minecon 2016: Next Update For ‘Minecraft’ Console Editions To Be Discussed, Special Skin Pack Free Until October 3

Minecon 2016 is almost here! The highly-anticipated Minecraft event is finally happening this weekend. Fans have lots of things to feel excited about this event, which is set to be the largest Minecraft convention yet with an expected 12,000 attendees. For the unfamiliar, below is a summary of what Minecon is all about, as shared […]

‘Minecraft’ PlayStation And Xbox Adds New Tumble Mini-Games, Battle Map Pack

Mojang released a second free mini-game Tuesday to Minecraft for the Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Tumble, 4J Studios’ spin on the Spleef game mode, is available for console players to try out, along with a brand new Battle Map Pack and some changes to the Battle Mini Game. Tumble challenges up […]

‘Minecraft’ Pocket And Win10 Editions Getting Bosses And More In Next Update

Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition continues the race to catch up with the mainline version of the popular sandbox game. Mojang announced Monday bosses like the Elder Guardian and Wither will be coming in the next update along with other much awaited features. Dubbed the “Boss Update,” the 0.16 update to Minecraft: Pocket […]

Understanding ‘No Man’s Sky’s Enormous World And Music Using Math

No Man’s Sky lives up to it’s name. It’s now the most expansive world with the most infinite soundtrack possibilities in gaming history ever. No Man’s Sky released worldwide on August 9 and just days after its launch, we’re already at a loss. One, No Man’s Sky’s PC ports are a mess. We will never […]

Minecon 2016 Update: Volunteer Application For Minecraft Event Open Until July 10

The latest Minecon 2016 update revealed that the application to be a volunteer for the upcoming Minecraft event is still ongoing. Mojang is looking for Agents, described on their official website as “a super-special crew of awesome volunteers who dedicate ten hours of their weekend to helping the conference run smoothly.” Minecon 2016 is expected […]

‘Minecraft’ Movie Gets An ‘Always Sunny’ Director, A Release Date, And Plot Detail Reveal

Deadline reports that the movie-fied version of the immensely popular computer simulation Minecraft has finally been confirmed along with a release date, a broad plot description, and a director who has proven he also has some acting chops on the hit sit-com It’s Always Sunny inPhiladelphia. @WarnerBothers has set a release date for Minecraft The […]

‘Minecraft’ ‘Hunger Games’-Like Battle Mini-Game Arrives For Consoles

Minecraft console players can now battle it out with each other in a Hunger Games-style multiplayer matches. Mojang and 4J Studios is releasing an update to the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS Vita on Tuesday that makes the Battle mini-game available for all to play. The Battle mini-game in Minecraft: […]

‘Minecraft’ Passes 100 Million Sold, Puts Limits On Third-Party Advertising

Will Minecraft’s popularity ever slow down? It doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon as Mojang announced Thursday the open-world sandbox game has sold more than 100 million copies across the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U, and mobile devices. At the same time, Microsoft and the developer have updated the game’s guidelines concerning third […]

‘Minecraft’ Battle Mini-Game Coming To PlayStation, Xbox, And Wii U

Minecraft on PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii U consoles is receiving a free update soon that will add an all new competitive mini-game to the open-world sandbox game. Minecraft: Battle is coming, and Mojang shared the details. The Battle mini-game for Minecraft will launch as part of a Minecraft update scheduled for June. It’s a last […]

Minecraft Goes VR: How Will The Microsoft Game Adjust On Virtual Reality?

Microsoft is truly expanding their reach with Minecraft. This time, the game will be converted into the virtual reality platform. Since 2016 is the year for virtual reality, Microsoft did not wait too long for its integration with Minecraft. The game will now partner with Samsung Gear VR to create the Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. […]

Minecon 2016 Taking Place In Anaheim Convention Center, Tickets Available May 6 & 7

Mojang revealed new details about Minecon 2016 tickets. According to the game developer’s official website, the tickets for the all-things Minecraft event this year will be on sale on May 6 & 7. Mojang, similar to its previous selling process, will offer the Minecon tickets in two batches so there will be a fair chance […]

‘Minecraft’ Xbox And PlayStation Updated With Achievements, Free ‘Story Mode’ Skin Pack

Mojang and 4J Studios pushed out a new update to Minecraft: PlayStation and Xbox Editions Wednesdayl with a Wii U Edition update waiting in the wings. Title Update 34 (TU34) for the popular sandbox survival game brings new Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies to collect along with a new free Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack […]

Minecraft Gets Samsung Gear VR Treatment, New Headset Impresses At Game Developers Conference

More Minecraft fans will find it even more difficult to stay away from their games once the title has been fully ported to the Samsung Gear VR, and other virtual reality devices for that matter. That was what happened when Samsung launched its new Gear VR headset at the Game Developers Conference this week in […]

Minecon 2016 Happening In September, Location Officially Announced; Enderman For Cape Giveaway?

The official Minecon 2016 location has been finally announced! According to Mojang, this year’s all-things Minecraft event will happen in the United States, particularly in Anaheim, California. The city location and the dates for Minecon 2016 were revealed through an announcement video released by the Minecraft creator. Fans of the sandbox video game will be […]

‘Minecraft’ 1.9 Combat Update Takes Flight On PC, New Combat Mechanics And More

One of the biggest and lengthiest developed Minecraft updates hit the PC Monday morning. The 1.9 Combat Update is now live, and brings significant changes to the open-world sandbox game’s combat mechanics, while also offering up new map-making options and an all new way to fly. Mojang first previewed the changes coming in the Minecraft […]

Minecraft Subscription Service is Here! Mine Chest Available for $29.99

Minecraft just stepped up their game in terms of providing service to their gamers. The game franchise is opening up their very own Minecraft Subscription Box called Mine Chest. Mine Chest is not like the Humble Store subscription. It is a real box that can be delivered to the user’s address. It’s like an official […]

‘Minecraft’ Movie To Target A ‘Jurassic Park’ Audience And Is A Film For All Ages

Minecraft, an already popular game released in 2009, is getting its own movie. It is likened to that of a “virtual LEGO”, according to Collider, and some details have been revealed about the video game movie’s logline that gives a basic plot synopsis. Lego Movie’s Roy Lee is set to produce and is “trying to […]

‘Minecraft’ Tops Digital Sales Charts On PS4, New DLC Released For Windows 10

Despite the new release of several high-profile games for the PlayStation 4 that launched over the recent holiday season, Mojang and 4J Studios’ console edition of Minecraft managed to climb back up the digital sales charts to once again become the top downloaded PlayStation Network title on both the PS4 and PS3 for the month […]

‘Minecraft’ Players Recreating Entire ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Map

Minecraft fans don’t mess around when it comes to recreating something they love. From the fortress city of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings and King’s Landing from Game of Thrones and the fantasy world of A Song of Ice and Fire to ancient wonders of Babylon and European-style cathedrals, the drive to […]

‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ Headed To Schools, Microsoft Betting Big On Blocks In Classrooms

Microsoft and Mojang announced plans Tuesday to expand Minecraft in the classroom with Minecraft: Education Edition. Can a customized version of the overwhelmingly popular sandbox game go beyond exploring caves and building crazy contraptions and be used as a tool for teachers? It already has, now it adds the money and influence of Microsoft behind […]

‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2’ A Brazen Scam On App Store That Demands Removal [Update]

Apple iPhone and iPad users who are fans of Minecraft should be aware of one of the most brazen scams seen yet on the App Store. A shady app developer released a Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 that bears no resemblance to anything Minecraft-related outside of the name. It was the fourth-highest paid app on the […]

Steam, Minecraft, Xbox Live, And PSN All Targeted By Holiday Hackers

If you’re looking forward to trying out your new consoles and games this Christmas, you may want to reconsider, as Steam, Minecraft, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network servers have all been announced as targets by holiday hackers this year. Many users may remember that similar attacks happened during last year’s holidays, when both Xbox Live […]

Huge ‘Minecraft’ TU31 Update Live For PlayStation And Xbox Consoles

Minecraft for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 just got more bountiful. Mojang released Title Update 31 (TU31, aka Update 1.8.8) to the console versions of the popular open-world sandbox game on Friday. There are two important things of note about the latest Minecraft update. First, the release to the PS Vita […]

‘Minecraft: Wii U’ Launches, Is Nintendo’s Release Closer To Xbox One Or Xbox 360 Version?

Minecraft: Wii U Edition launched on the Nintendo eShop Thursday. The console is the latest major platform to receive the mega-hit sandbox game from Mojang, but does it run more like Minecraft on the PS4 and Xbox One or the PS3 and Xbox 360 version? As previously covered by the Inquisitr, the Wii U release […]

‘Minecraft’ Holiday DLC Brings Santa’s Workshop To Windows 10

As the height of this year’s holiday season approaches, Mojang is giving Minecraft fans the chance to celebrate inside the game. Allowing users to dress in a variety of different Christmas-themed costumes, the developer announced the release of a Holiday Skin Pack DLC that includes 15 unique avatar looks for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta […]