‘Strahan, Sara And Keke’ Has Reportedly Been Canceled By ABC

ABC’s daytime talk show Strahan, Sara and Keke will reportedly not return to the network. According to Page Six, the show — which stars hosts Michael Strahan, Sara Haines and Keke Palmer — will be replaced with GMA 3: What You Need to Know. The new segment aired in March, at the height of the […]

Fans Hopeful Sara Haines Will Return As A Co-Host Of ‘The View’

Fans are hopeful Sara Haines will return as a permanent co-host of ABC’s The View after temporarily reclaiming her seat on the set and at the show’s Hot Topics table alongside Sunny Hostin. Show hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Meghan McCain are currently working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both Joy and Whoopi […]

Robin Roberts Shows Off Toned Arms In Glittery, One-Shoulder Gown On Oscars Red Carpet

Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts showed off her toned arms in a breathtaking gown alongside her co-host Michael Strahan as the twosome hit the Oscars red carpet. The duo dazzled in blue as they attended and provided coverage of the annual event which highlights the achievements of those who work in the movie industry. In […]

Michael Strahan Is Headed To Court With His Ex-Wife Over Their $15 Million Divorce Agreement

Though Michael Strahan might be having a good time offering up some football expertise and analysis for tonight’s Super Bowl, he soon has a less than pleasant appointment per Yahoo Finance: a court hearing with his ex-wife, Jean Muggli. The pair were married from 1999 to 2006 and share fraternal twin daughters Sophia and Isabella. […]

Erin Andrews Met Her Husband Because Of NFL Star Michael Strahan

Erin Andrews — a well-known sports reporter covering tonight’s Super Bowl — happily married husband Jarret Stoll back in 2017 in Big Sky, Montana. Though the pair might have bonded over their love of athletics — Stoll is a former hockey player — it was also thanks to sports that the two met in the […]

Michael Strahan’s Twin Daughters Hit Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards Orange Carpet With Their Dad

Good Morning America and Strahan and Sara host Michael Strahan hit the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards show this week, and he brought two very special guests with him. Strahan’s twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, walked the orange carpet with him, and it looks like the family had a blast. Fans of Strahan’s have seen […]

Michael Strahan Confirms He And Kelly Ripa No Longer Talk

Back in May of 2016, former Giants star Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa experienced a huge rift in their relationship. At the time, the two were co-hosting together on Live! Ripa and Strahan had hosted the show together for about four years and shared an amicable friendship. However, that was until ABC, the network that […]

‘GMA Day’ Stuns Viewers With This Major Change

There’s a major shakeup afoot at GMA Day, the third hour of Good Morning America that is anchored by Michael Strahan and Sara Haines. After a soft debut in September, the show is now being retooled with a new name and a new logo, but what else will change for the afternoon chatfest? The show […]

Michael Strahan Admits He Hasn’t Spoken To Kelly Ripa In ‘A Long Time’ After ‘Live’ Feud

Michael Strahan is opening up about his well-publicized drama with former Live with Kelly & Michael co-host Kelly Ripa three years after the two infamously fell out after it was revealed that Michael would be leaving the popular ABC morning show. The former football player spoke about the current state of his relationship with Ripa […]

Michael Strahan Invites Clemson Tigers To A ‘Proper Meal’ After Trump’s Fast Food Dinner At The White House

Michael Strahan wants the Clemson Tigers to know that he remembers his college football days, and that he thinks that the team would rather chow down on some lobster, filet mignon, and caviar than a Happy Meal in a cardboard box. The Good Morning America host said that he wants the team to know that […]

‘GMA Day’ Co-Host Sara Haines Is ‘Making A Human,’ Expecting Third Child

The start of 2019 has been filled with celebrities announcing that they are adding new members to their families this year. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting baby No. 4 via a surrogate; The View co-host Abby Huntsman and her husband, Jeffrey Livingston, will be having twins, a boy and a girl; TV chef […]

Robin Roberts May Have Let Slip Carrie Underwood’s Baby Gender Live On ‘GMA’

Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher have kept mum when it comes to the gender of their second child, though One Country reports that Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts may just have revealed all when pregnant Carrie and fellow country star Brad Paisley made an appearance on the ABC morning show on November 9. The […]

Here Are The Hilarious Halloween Costumes The ‘GMA’ Cast Rocked Today

One of the most entertaining times of the year on the network morning news shows is Halloween when the hosts pull out all the stops to wow their audience. This year was no different for the cast of ABC’s Good Morning America. After weeks of speculation, the theme of the big day was revealed and […]

Michael Strahan ‘Begging’ Kelly Ripa To Take Him Back After ‘GMA Day’ Flop, Per ‘Radar’

Michael Strahan is rumored to be secretly begging former Live co-star Kelly Ripa to take him back to her long-running morning talk show after the ratings for his new show, GMA Day, have reportedly sunk, Radar Online reports. The current Good Morning America star — who co-hosts the morning talk show alongside Robin Roberts and […]

Alex Rodriguez Leaving ‘GMA’ After Michael Strahan Feud, Per Radar

Alex Rodriguez is reportedly finished with Good Morning America after one year as a correspondent on the morning talk show and it is reportedly because of Michael Strahan. According to The New York Post, the former Yankees great is set to leave his post on the series because there was “no real room” for A-Rod […]

Michael Strahan Said He Would Kneel If He Was Still Playing In The NFL

Talk show host and former NFL player Michael Strahan spoke out about Colin Kaepernick and kneeling for a cause in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. According to Us Weekly, the 46-year-old said that if he was still playing ball, he would be kneeling alongside the former 49ers quarterback. “I know why [Kaepernick] knelt was not […]

‘GMA Day’ Hires Former ‘The Chew’ Star For New Gig

One of the co-hosts of the canceled ABC series The Chew will resurface on the very show that took their time slot! Carla Hall has scored a gig on GMA Day, hosted by Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan and former The View panelist Sara Haines. Hall will appear on the premiere of GMA Day […]

Sara Haines Gives Heartfelt Goodbye On ‘The View’

This morning, Sara Haines gave a heartfelt, bittersweet goodbye today on The View. The co-host had tears in her eyes when she explained why she planned to leave her “dream job” on the popular ABC morning talk show. Haines said, “I never thought in a million years I would be leaving one dream job for […]

Michael Strahan Is Reportedly Jealous Of Alex Rodriguez’s Booming Career, Per ‘Radar Online’

For years, Michael Strahan has been the sports darling of television, dazzling fans with both his glowing personality and knowledge of sports. But now that Alex Rodriguez is also bringing the charm as a guest judge on Shark Tank and as a contributor on Good Morning America, Michael is getting a little jealous that he […]

ABC’s ‘$100,000 Pyramid’: See Who’s Playing This Summer

ABC has announced that The $100,000 Pyramid will be back this summer as part of the network’s Sunday Fun & Games, for the show’s third season. The game show features two half-hour-long episodes airing back to back where everyday people team up with various celebrities hoping to read their minds in order to win big […]

Is Kelly Ripa Ready To Leave ‘Live’? The Truth Behind The Claims ‘The Honeymoon Is Over’ With Ryan Seacrest

After only eight months on the air, a new tabloid story is claiming that the honeymoon is over for Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Could there already be trouble brewing that would cause Ripa to leave the show? Inside The Tabloid Story In a recent tabloid […]

Kelly Ripa Reportedly Refusing To Make Amends With Michael Strahan As Ryan Seacrest Readies For NYC Move

After a nasty professional split last year, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan still haven’t mended fences, but the former NFL star is ready to change that. After Strahan abandoned his co-hosting gig on the former Live! With Kelly and Michael for a lucrative gig at Good Morning America, is Ripa willing to finally make amends? […]

Will Kelly Ripa Make Amends With Former TV Husband?

It’s no secret that Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan ended their long-term on-screen relationship on bad terms. Although it has been well over a year since Strahan left Live! for Good Morning America, various media outlets have reported that Ripa and Strahan aren’t friends — that the two haven’t even really talked since Strahan blindsided […]

Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest Reportedly ‘Obsessing’ Over Rival Megyn Kelly’s Premiere

It’s a war of ratings! Megyn Kelly just debuted her new morning segment on Today, and Kelly Ripa was reportedly obsessing about her new rival’s broadcast. Is Ripa worried about losing fans to NBC? An inside source told Radar Online that Ripa couldn’t take her eyes off Kelly’s flashy special, despite hosting Live with Kelly […]

Kelly Ripa Leaving ‘Live’? She Kicks Off A New Season Amid Rumored Feuds With Ryan Seacrest And Megyn Kelly

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are gearing up for a new season of Live with Kelly and Ryan, but things aren’t as cozy as they seem. Amidst rumors of an off-screen feud with former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, Ripa is allegedly thinking about leaving the daytime talk show. Will this be Ripa’s last season? According […]

Returning ‘GMA’ Anchor Michael Strahan Charms In Houston After Refusing To Return From Greek Yacht Trip Early

Good Morning America anchor Michael Strahan has returned to his hometown of Houston, where the embattled Lone Star state was challenged by the horrific destruction of Hurricane Harvey. While at his alma mater, C.E. King High School in northeast Houston, the ever-charming Strahan gave out as many high-fives as hugs while the Cathy Heller song […]

Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest Reportedly At War! What Is Really Going On Behind-The-Scenes At ‘Live’?

Live with Kelly and Ryan might be headed for disaster. With ratings steadily dropping, sources claim that Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are secretly at war. What is really going on behind-the-scenes of Live? Ripa’s problems with Seacrest apparently began from the moment he replaced Michael Strahan as co-host. According to Nicki Swift, Seacrest was […]

Kelly Ripa Betrayed By ABC Again! She Reportedly Feels ‘Stabbed In The Back’ By Ryan Seacrest

Kelly Ripa can’t seem to catch a break. A few months after announcing Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host of Live, Ripa reportedly feels betrayed by his decision to host ABC’s reboot of American Idol. Will Seacrest eventually leave Live with Kelly and Ryan to focus on American Idol? According to Closer Weekly, Ripa was […]

Kelly Ripa Leaving ‘Live’? She Reportedly Blames Her ‘Mismatch’ With Ryan Seacrest For Sinking Ratings

Kelly Ripa had high hopes for her new co-host, Ryan Seacrest, but ratings for Live with Kelly and Ryan continue to drop. With the show struggling to attract viewers, Ripa is allegedly thinking about leaving and blames the former American Idol host for the ratings drop. According to Closer Weekly, Ripa doesn’t think Seacrest identifies […]

Michael Strahan Loses Part Of Pinky Finger — Mysterious Injury Has Tongues Wagging

Michael Strahan has spun a mystery after he lost part of his pinky finger. He shared the injury on-air at Good Morning America, but his odd avoidance of the details behind that loss has folks talking today. Strahan managed to get through his entire NFL career with all digits intact, so what happened over the […]

Kelly Ripa Leaving ‘Live’? She Is Reportedly Ready To Walk Over Ryan Seacrest’s Latest Demands

Kelly Ripa’s days on her morning talk show might be numbered. Following Ryan Seacrest’s plan to relocate Live with Kelly and Ryan to Los Angeles, Ripa reportedly wants off the show. Will she leave after being betrayed by her co-host and ABC a third time? An inside source told Radar Online that Ripa is tired […]

Michael Strahan Reveals How He Really Feels About Ryan Seacrest Hosting ‘Live’ With Kelly Ripa

Michael Strahan is finally speaking out about Ryan Seacrest taking over his gig sitting alongside Kelly Ripa on the formally titled Live With Kelly and Michael. Confessing what he really thinks of Ryan’s permanent role on the show, now titled Live with Kelly and Ryan, Strahan, who has previously stayed tight-lipped about Seacrest taking on […]

Kelly Ripa Hints At Leaving ‘Live’ In The Hands Of New Co-Host Ryan Seacrest

Is Kelly Ripa ready to leave Live just weeks after announcing Ryan Seacrest as her new cohost? The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that while ABC was in negotiations to bring in Seacrest to replace Michael Strahan, his return as the host of the 2018 American Idol reboot was already being discussed. This shoots down the […]

Kelly Ripa Ratings Nightmare! ‘Live’ Viewers Are Down As Seacrest Reportedly Refuses To Move To NYC Full-Time

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have only been together for a month and they’re already struggling to keep viewers. While rumors about Seacrest’s commitment heat up, ratings for Live with Kelly & Ryan continue to drop. Can Ripa turn things around before it’s too late? According to The Wrap, ratings for Live with Kelly & […]

Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest On The Rocks Already? Seacrest Reportedly Miserable In NYC

Ryan Seacrest looks happy in his new co-hosting gig with Kelly Ripa, but things are reportedly different outside of the show. Inside sources told Radar Online that Seacrest is miserable after moving to New York for Live with Kelly & Ryan. Is his working relationship with Ripa on the verge of disaster? “Ryan is miserable,” […]

Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa War? From Errors To American Idol, Michael Strahan’s Sub Reportedly ‘Plays Dumb’

After months of a highly publicized talent search for a substitute for her co-host Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa unveiled the choice of Ryan Seacrest. However, it took only days for rumors of a feud between Ripa and her new co-host to flare, and those allegations have become worse, ranging from concern over Seacrest’s so-called “horrible” […]

Kelly Ripa Not Leaving ‘Live,’ Won’t Cut Back To Hosting 3 Days Per Week, Despite Rumors

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan for two weeks, and some rumors say they already need some time apart. An inside source reportedly told Radar Online that Ripa is cutting back her air time, which means Seacrest will be introducing more guest hosts this summer. Is Ripa getting […]

Ryan Seacrest Refusing To Put Down Permanent Roots In NYC Fuels Feud Rumors With Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa might have a great new co-host in Ryan Seacrest, but that doesn’t mean the drama is over. A few weeks after Live with Kelly and Ryan premiered, Ripa and Seacrest are reportedly feuding behind the scenes. With Seacrest refusing to buy a home in New York, those rumors are only getting worse. According […]

Kelly Ripa Exiting ‘Live’? She Is Reportedly Taking A Leave Of Absense Weeks After Seacrest Announcement

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been working on Live with Kelly and Ryan for two weeks and she’s already planning for a big leave of absence. Is Ripa thinking about leaving Live because of her new co-host? An inside source told Radar Online that Ripa is taking a day off the hit talk show […]

Kelly Ripa Reportedly Flipped Out When Ryan Seacrest Was Hired Behind Her Back, Who Did She Want Instead?

Kelly Ripa put on a good face when she welcomed Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan – but was she faking it for the cameras? OK Magazine reports that Seacrest was not Ripa’s first choice. Who did she want instead? An inside source revealed that ABC president, Ben Sherwood, […]

Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest At War! She Is Reportedly ‘P**sed’ About ‘American Idol’ Reboot

Kelly Ripa isn’t happy about ABC’s decision to hire Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host. Between Seacrest’s busy schedule and rumors of an American Idol reboot, Ripa is reportedly at war with her Live co-star. Is she headed for another betrayal? An inside source told Page Six that Ripa is worried about Seacrest’s commitment to […]

Kelly Ripa Reportedly Betrayed By ABC! Will ‘American Idol’ Reboot Steal Her Co-Host Ryan Seacrest?

Kelly Ripa is a proud survivor of network shake-ups. When Michael Strahan unveiled his plans to depart what was then called the Live with Kelly and Michael talk show, Ripa allegedly was shocked by the announcement. But shock didn’t stop Kelly from showing her determination to stay strong after Strahan’s sudden departure. It took months […]

Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest Clashing Already? He Is Reportedly Treating His ‘Live’ Gig As A Part-Time Job

Kelly Ripa might be on the hunt for a new co-host. Days after Ryan Seacrest was announced as the new co-host of Live, his dedication to the show is already being questioned. Are Seacrest and Ripa clashing behind the scenes? According to Radar Online, Seacrest is treating his new gig like a part-time job. The […]

Kelly Ripa Blindsided By ABC! Network Wanted Ryan Seacrest As Part Of A Bigger Plan Than Just ‘Live’

Kelly Ripa found out the real reason why Ryan Seacrest is the new co-host of her show – and the decision had nothing to do with ratings. Radar Online reports that executives hired Seacrest in hopes they can bring American Idol to ABC. How did Ripa react to the news? “It’s like Kelly has been […]

Kelly Ripa Betrayed By ABC Again! ‘Live’ Co-Host Reportedly Making Less Than Ryan Seacrest

Kelly Ripa may have been duped by ABC once again. The Live co-host recently announced that Ryan Seacrest will be her permanent host on the hit talk show — but is he making more money than her? Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Seacrest is in high demand in Hollywood. The former American Idol host has […]

Kelly Ripa Reflects On Michael Strahan Feud Amid Reports Ryan Seacrest Wasn’t Her First Choice

Kelly Ripa is reflecting on her feud drama with Michael Strahan amid reports new co-host Ryan Seacrest supposedly wasn’t her first choice as his permanent replacement. Ripa got candid about the reported feud between herself and Strahan that hit the headlines after he quit Live with Kelly and Michael last April for a permanent role […]

Kelly Ripa Betrayed By ABC Again? ‘Live’ Host Reportedly Did Not Want To Hire Ryan Seacrest

Just when she thought it would never happen again, ABC reportedly betrayed Kelly Ripa a third time. The network just announced that Ryan Seacrest would co-host Live with Ripa, even though he wasn’t her first choice. According to Radar Online, Ripa faked her excitement when she announced Seacrest as her new host this week. Not […]

Will Ryan Seacrest Stay With Radio Station After Hosting ‘Live!’ With Kelly Ripa? Seacrest Gives Update

Pop television and radio icon Ryan Seacrest has added another position in his long list of current endeavors, as he has officially become the host of Live! alongside mainstay Kelly Ripa. Seacrest makes the third person to officially host with Ripa since her debut in 2001. Ripa began her hosting duties on the show as […]

‘LIVE With Kelly’: Kelly Ripa To Announce New Co-Host On Monday

Get ready to say goodbye to LIVE With Kelly. After a season-long search for a new co-host, Kelly Ripa will finally announce her new permanent co-host tomorrow. Kelly Ripa announced the big news on Sunday, via her social media accounts. In a short video, Kelly Ripa drank from a giant mug, adorned with a blue […]

Eli Manning At Center Of False Memorabilia Probe, Star Quarterback Faces Upcoming Trial

New York Giants star quarterback Eli Manning is facing an upcoming trial where he is accused of being at the center of a fake, game-worn memorabilia racket. While the trial is scheduled to commence on September 25, ESPN reports things potentially took a turn for the worse for Manning earlier this month after an email […]