Ilhan Omar Quotes Maya Angelou In Response To Donald Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweets: ‘But Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise’

Ilhan Omar turned to the words of famed poet Maya Angelou in response to attacks from Donald Trump widely decried as racist. The Minnesota Congresswoman was the target of a series of tweets from Donald Trump over the weekend in which he told her and three other congresswomen of color to go back to their […]

Oprah Claps Back When Commenter Says She Shouldn’t Call Maya Angelou By Her First Name

Oprah Winfrey is letting her fans know that she had full privilege to call Maya Angelou by her first name. The media mogul posted a photo on her Instagram page of her and the famous poet and author laughing and embracing each other. In her caption, Oprah, 65, shared that Angelou would’ve been celebrating her […]

Family Celebrates Black History Month Through Adorable Photo Re-enactments

One family found a unique way to celebrate Black History Month and it’s quite possibly the most adorable history lesson you’ve ever seen. According to the Seattle Times, 5-year-old Lola Jones came home from school last month having just learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and her parents felt like there was so much more […]

Serena Williams Recites ‘Still I Rise’ With Inspiring, Emotional Montage Of Career Highlights

Tennis star Serena Williams continues to inspire fans and gives critics something to discuss year after year. This time around, thanks to BBC Sport, Serena Williams is inspiring others with an impressive montage accompanied by an inspirational poem. In the now-viral video, Serena recites the lyrics from the popular poem originally written by the late […]

Oprah’s Weight Watchers Stock Purchase Sends Stock Prices Soaring

Oprah Winfrey has acquired what can only be described as a rather large stake in Weight Watchers International. According to USA Today, Oprah’s 10 percent acquisition of Weight Watcher’s stocks sent their stock soaring. Of course, Oprah is already a billionaire, and reports claim her deal includes the option to buy an additional 5 percent […]

Post Office Fail: Commemorative Maya Angelou Stamp Quotes Another Author

A stamp meant to commemorate late author and poet laureate Maya Angelou was unveiled by the Post Office Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C. But despite having an enormous number of beautiful, inspirational quotes from the late poet to choose from, a quote attributed to a completely different author was used instead. The stamp features the […]

Does Maya Angelou’s Forever Stamp Have An Error That We’ve Been Making About The Deceased Author For Years?

Maya Angelou tread the line between artist and activist to become one of the most prominent in a highly competitive list of strong female voices in African-American literature — a legacy that has carried on past her death in 2014. Maya is most commonly remembered for I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, an autobiography […]

Maya Angelou Hip-Hop Record Gets New Music Video

Maya Angelou was one of the black community’s most iconic voices for most of her adult life, and even though she passed away earlier this year, she has continued to share meaningful contributions to the conversation about race in the United States. One of the most prominent of these additions to her body of work […]

Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou Honored By Harvard For Contributions To African-American Society

Oprah Winfrey is being honored for her contributions to African-American society. On Tuesday, Oprah was presented with a W.E.B. Du Bois medal from Harvard University. The honor was created in 2000 to recognize contributions to the African-American community. According to the Harvard Crimson, during thunderous applause, Oprah accepted her award from the president of Harvard, […]

Oprah Winfrey Packs A Revolutionary Punch In New Acting Role

Oprah Winfrey goes by many different personas: talk show host, television mogul, magazine publisher, and actor. Soon she’ll be taking on the persona of civil rights hero, in a new film role currently under production. Winfrey will play Annie Lee Cooper in Selma, a bio pic about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1965 civil rights campaign. […]

Maya Angelou Memorial Service To Live-Stream On Saturday

As people worldwide mourn the passing of Maya Angelou, an announcement on Wednesday may warm the hearts of some who wouldn’t have been able to attend her memorial service. The service will be live-streamed, according to an announcement from Wake Forest University, where the service will be held. The service will be a closed one, […]

Maya Angelou’s Funeral Will Feature A Performance By Lee Ann Womack

Country music star Lee Ann Womack will be performing her song “I Hope You Dance” at Maya Angelou’s funeral on June 7th. Angelou was honored with a brief memorial by the Reverend Al Sharpton earlier this week, but her official funeral will be a much more elaborate celebration of her life. Few people know that […]

Maya Angelou Honored By Al Sharpton

Maya Angelou, the beloved American author and poet, was memorialized on Saturday by the Reverend Al Sharpton. Angelou, who died last week at the age of 86, was honored in front of her home in Harlem with a morning service. According to the New York Daily News, Reverend Sharpton placed a wreath of pink roses […]

Maya Angelou’s Emergency Dispatcher Suspended After Oprah Winfrey Remarks

An emergency dispatcher present during Maya Angelou’s 911 call was suddenly suspended. It’s said that the emergency dispatcher was suspended after making unfavorable remarks about media mogul and personal friend of Angelou’s, Oprah Winfrey. According to Entertainment Tonight, the EMS Director Dan Ozimek gave a statement to the television show in regards to the behavior […]

Yep, Maya Angelou Liked Her Guns

COMMENTARY — After Maya Angelou died on May 28, the web was abuzz with more about the author and cultural icon than it had probably posted since its inception. Looking over The Inquisitr site alone, I count six stories since the bad news broke of her passing. But one story you haven’t heard as much […]

Maya Angelou’s Funeral In Danger Of Being Picketed By Westboro Baptist Church

Maya Angelou was a legend. Throughout her life, her words changed people, most would say for the better. Children learned about Maya Angelou’s poetry in school. Politicians had no choice but to acknowledge her verbal power. She was a great activist and poet; whatever people thought of her, there’s no denying that she changed the […]

Oprah Winfrey Plans Maya Angelou TV Tribute

A television tribute to famed poet Maya Angelou will be broadcast by Oprah Winfrey this Sunday, June 1. The iconic 86 year-old poet, actress and writer who passed away earlier this week was a close friend of Winfrey. She appeared many times on shows produced by Oprah over the years. The planned tribute by Oprah […]

Poet Nikki Giovanni Eulogizes Friend Maya Angelou

When Maya Angelou died Wednesday at age 86, luminaries from hip-hop moguls to literary greats like poet Nikki Giovanni began to recall just how much Angelou had inspired them to forge their own artistic paths. Giovanni, a Virginia Tech poetry professor, penned an essay for CNN in memory of her late friend and mentor, Angelou […]

Maya Angelou Dies At 86, But Lives On In These On Camera Moments

Maya Angelou, the “people’s poet,” left a hole in the soul of America when she died at the age of 86 this Wednesday, but she will always live on in her immortal poetry, words of wisdom, autobiographical works and, yes, her TV appearances. While most know Dr. Angelou best for her written work, she was […]

Reading Rainbow Host LeVar Burton: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Reading Rainbow with host LeVar Burton. If you grew up in the ’80s, ’90s or early 2000’s, you probably grew up looking forward to the next story LeVar Burton was going to tell you – in other words, all of our readers either grew up with Reading Rainbow themselves or had children who did. You […]

Maya Angelou: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The People’s Poet

Maya Angelou. Just the name evokes a number of powerful images. Maya Angelou the author, the poet, the actress, the civil rights leader. Maya Angelou, the “people’s poet.” By now, most of you know that Maya Angelou passed away Wednesday morning, May 28, at the age of 86. If you’ve been following the news, you […]

Maya Angelou Dies At 86

Renowned poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou has died. Dr. Maya Angelu’s death was confirmed this morning by her caretaker, but details have yet to be released on her cause of death. Less than a week ago, the famed poet had tweeted: Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice […]

Maya Angelou Views Donald Sterling Ouster As Racial Progress

Renowned poet Maya Angelou, whose health is forcing her to miss a scheduled MLB Civil Rights event today, commented on the Donald Sterling controversy in a recent interview with American Currentsee magazine. In the interview, Maya described the Donald Sterling situation as a step toward racial progress: “Do you realize that even 25 years ago, […]

Maya Angelou To Miss MLB Civil Rights Events Due To Health Concerns

Maya Angelou had to pull out of an MLB even honoring civil rights leaders and those who fought to break the color barrier in baseball due to health problems, according to an ABC Newsreport. Major League Baseball had planned to honor Angelou at the 2014 MLB Beacon Awards Luncheon. For those who may have missed […]

Maya Angelou Recalls Growing Up With Her Grandmother, Forgiving Her Mother In New Memoir

Maya Angelou had two maternal figures during her young life, and they couldn’t have been more different. In a new memoir titled Mom & Me & Mom, the 85-year-old poet, author, and activist recalls being raised with both her mother Vivian Baxter and her paternal grandmother, Annie Henderson. Baker was from St. Louis, poor and […]

Maya Angelou Displeased With MLK Misquote Statue

Once again, memes predict real life. A few months back, it was internet humor chic to misattribute a quote- either a seemingly straight and accurate one or something completely ridiculous- to Martin Luther King after a quote spread like wildfire on social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook. The quote was passed about after the […]

Rumor claims Maya Angelou dead, may be some truth in it

Author Maya Angelou is this weekend’s first report of a celebrity death, but unlike our usual fare of fake deaths, this one might have some truth in it. According to TMZ, Maya Angelou was taken to hospital in Los Angeles Saturday night. She was scheduled to be honored at the BraveHeart Awards in Los Angeles. […]