‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler Apologizes For Offensive Video Clips From When She Was 9 Years Old

Former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler took to social media on Tuesday, August 4, to apologize for old videos of herself that recently resurfaced on the internet. In the videos, she could be heard making fun of different accents. Despite the fact that Ziegler was a child at the time, many found the clips offensive […]

Maddie Ziegler Shows Off A Dramatic Makeup Look While Promoting The Use Of Face Masks

Former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a stunning photo of herself and to offer a public service announcement amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The 17-year-old social media sensation encouraged fans to wear their face masks and do their part to avoid the spread of illness during these challenging times. […]

Maddie Ziegler Lounges Outside In Beautiful New Instagram Snapshots

Former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler posted a series of new beautiful photos of herself to Instagram on Friday, July 10. The 17-year-old dancer and social media star lounged in the grass outside to snap the stunning images. In the first snap included in the post, Ziegler laid on her stomach in the grass. Streaks […]

Maddie Ziegler Stuns In New Instagram Photos

Former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler took to Instagram on Saturday, July 5 to share a stunning double photo post. The 17-year-old dancer and actress looked gorgeous as she showed off a new outfit while promoting an athletic clothing brand. Ziegler stood outside in the sun, a white brick wall behind her. Beautiful green vines […]

Alexis Ren Leaves Little To The Imagination In Tiny Black Bikini

Alexis Ren left nothing to the imagination as she wore a tiny black bikini to lounge on the beach for a stunning photo taken at an undisclosed location, which was posted to her Instagram page. Alexis, 22, is seen lying on her right side, arm above her head, and legs extended toward the water. Two […]

‘Dance Moms’ Fans Speculate About Which Of Abby Lee Miller’s Students Will Show Loyalty To Her

Abby Lee Miller, the controversial dance instructor and star of the reality television series, Dance Moms, has had a rough couple of years. Miller built her brand from the ground up and gained vast stardom for her controversial teaching techniques and television personality. However, she watched everything be taken away following bankruptcy charges and eventual […]

Sia Surprised Her Beloved Muse, Maddie Ziegler, With An Audi For Her 16th Birthday

Maddie Ziegler’s life has been anything but typical ever since she first appeared on Dance Moms back when she was just 8-years-old. Ever since, her career has skyrocketed due to the success of the show and a little help from one of the most popular singers in the world. Sia first cast Maddie in her […]

‘Dance Moms’ Star Has ‘No Remorse’ For Bad Behavior Despite Prison Time, Per ‘Radar’

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has allegedly not learned from her past mistakes, despite spending time in prison and managing a devastating health crisis, per Radar Online. The Dance Moms star reportedly has gone back to her old ways as reported by Radar. Miller is currently filming a new season of Dance Moms. A […]

Mackenzie Ziegler Of ‘Dance Moms’ Just Launched Her Own Makeup Line At The Age Of 14

Mackenzie Ziegler first stole television audiences hearts at the tender age of seven, when she first appeared as one of the main stars on Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Her one-liners and acrobatic skills quickly captured America’s attention as the child cartwheeled her way to fame. Her superstar sister, Maddie Ziegler, starred alongside her and is now […]

Mackenzie Ziegler Slams Abby Lee Miller In New Tell-All: ‘I Had No Childhood’!

Abby Lee Miller may be battling cancer, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the accusations of the gossip blogs and her former students. In her prime, the ex-Dance Moms head honcho was the subject of many salacious rumors, mostly because she was known for treating her students like trash. And even though a lot […]

Abby Lee Miller’s Cancer Diagnosis Officially Put A Pin In A ‘Dance Moms’ Return

Reports indicate that Lifetime’s Dance Moms is canceled after months of an unknown fate and it seems that Abby Lee Miller’s cancer diagnosis is the reason that the series is officially over. Miller left the series last year and Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke stepped in to finish the season, but there […]

Maddie Ziegler, Millie Bobby Brown Friendship: Former ‘Dance Moms’ Star Talks About Jealousy Issue

Maddie Ziegler may have already expanded her brand, but she will always be known as Abby Lee Miller’s star pupil on Dance Moms. Now that she has explored what Hollywood could offer her, she has met a lot of famous young stars, including her best friend, Millie Bobby Brown. The Stranger Things star is also […]

Sia Reacts To Accusations That She ‘Pushed Fame’ To ‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler

Sia is finally speaking out about her working relationship with former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler. On Thursday, the 41-year-old Australian singer took to Twitter and addressed accusations that she has been pushing fame to the 15-year-old dancer. In her post, Sia claimed that she is constantly communicating with the teen. The “Chandelier” songstress added […]

Maddie Ziegler Vs. Chloe Lukasiak: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Clarifies Feud Rumors

Dance Moms is a reality show covering dance competitions featuring young dancers. While this may be nothing but a dance show, it is a known fact that the Lifetime reality series is also famous for its behind-the-scenes drama, especially from its former host, Abby Lee Miller, who was known for stirring drama between two of […]

Maddie Ziegler 2017: ‘Dance Moms’ Alum Reveals She Was Bullied For Having This

Maddie Ziegler may still be young but she has already accomplished a lot of things. The young dancer has been expanding her brand after leaving Dance Moms and she quickly became one of the most promising stars of her generation. However, despite her current success, the Leap actress revealed that it wasn’t all rainbows and […]

‘Dance Moms’: Cheryl Burke Says Abby Lee Miller Did Not Inspire ALDC Members

It’s no secret that Abby Lee Miller was certainly a terror as a dance teacher to the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Elite Competition Team members. While her tough way of teaching was the source of all the drama on the show, which was one of the reasons why viewers got hooked to it, Cheryl […]

Maddie Ziegler On First Anniversary Plans With Boyfriend Jack Kelly, New Movie With Sia, Kate Hudson

Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly won’t be celebrating their first year anniversary until January but the Dance Moms star is already making plans as early as now. She also talked about the exciting new project she’s working on with Sia and Kate Hudson. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Maddie Ziegler revealed that she’s thinking […]

‘Dance Moms’: Maddie Ziegler Fears Connection With Abby Lee Miller Might Ruin Blossoming Career?

Maddie Ziegler has already added actress, model, and businesswoman to her impressive resume, but the popular teen will always be known as that young dancer from Dance Moms. Although the Lifetime show and her mentor, Abby Lee Miller, helped her catapult to stardom, the 14-year-old is now ready to put her stint on the series […]

Chloe Lukasiak Moves On From ‘Dance Moms’ To Be A Full-Time Actress? New Movie Coming Out Soon

When Dance Moms first aired back in 2011, it instantly became everyone’s obsession. So despite its recent bad press, courtesy of Abby Lee Miller’s jail time, the hit reality dance television series was still picked up for another season. However, fan favorite Chloe Lukasiak did not give a promising response when asked if she will […]

‘Dance Moms’ Alum Maddie Ziegler Opens Up About Boyfriend Jack Kelly And Their Long-Distance Romance

Former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler recently opened up about her long-distance relationship with Australian boyfriend Jack Kelly. In an interview with Galore, the 14-year-old dancer revealed some interesting details about her love life. The former Dance Moms sweetheart did not hold back in sharing how their young love started. According to Maddie, she has […]

‘Dance Moms’: Mackenzie Ziegler Blocked Abby Lee Miller On Social Media Before Mentor’s Jail Time?

Mackenzie Ziegler was famously known as the youngest member of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition Team. The cute little dancer used to look up to her dance mentor, Abby Lee Miller, and did everything that she could to make her proud. However, now that she’s all grown up and has a […]

Maddie Ziegler Likes Making Mackenzie Ziegler Cry? ‘Dance Moms’ Alum Might Be Following Abby Lee Miller’s Footsteps

The relationship of former Dance Moms stars, Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler, is definitely everyone’s ultimate sister goals. But just because they usually get along so well, doesn’t mean that they don’t face sister problems once in a while. While promoting their new endorsement deal with Clean & Clear at the time, Maddie Ziegler and […]

‘Dance Moms’: Chloe Lukasiak And Maddie Ziegler Proves Rivalry Started By Abby Lee Miller Is Finally Over

Maddie Ziegler recently won the surfboard trophy for Choice Dancer at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. While her fans were happy for the young star’s achievement, many were thinking that this could possibly start another rivalry with her former teammate, Chloe Lukasiak. However, the Dance Moms stars proved to everyone that there is no bad […]

‘Dance Moms’ Maddie Ziegler Defeats Chloe Lukasiak In 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Looks like the rivalry between Dance Moms stars Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak continues as the two pitted against each other in the recently concluded 2017 Teen Choice Awards. Last month, it was confirmed that Maddie and Chloe were nominated for the “Choice Dancer” category of the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. According to reports, the […]

Maddie Ziegler’s Net Worth: ‘The Book Of Henry’ Actress Richer Than Ever After Leaving ‘Dance Moms’

Maddie Ziegler’s net worth is reportedly soaring high after the popular teen left Dance Moms back in Season 6. Although she the Book Of Henry actress has already expanded her brand, her name will always be linked to the hit Lifetime show because it is where it all began for her. But now, reports revealed […]

‘Dance Moms’: Abby Lee Miller Started Rift Between Chloe Lukasiak And Maddie Ziegler

Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler were Abby Lee Miller’s star duo in Dance Moms. The young stars have similar techniques, and their styles perfectly compliment each other, which is why they were almost unbeatable when the show’s dance teacher paired them for competition. However, when it comes to individual performances, Miller always favors The Book […]

Maddie Ziegler And Her Sister Mackenzie Caught In The Middle Of Parents’ Custody War

Fourteen-year-old Maddie Ziegler, star of the hit TV series, Dance Moms, has been caught in the middle of a bitter custody battle between her mother, Melissa, and her father, Kurt. According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Melissa Gisoni, the mother of the girls, has stated that she believes she is the “better parent” of […]

Kate Hudson Hides Shaved Head With Hat And Sia Makes Rare Appearance On Set Of ‘Sister’ With Maddie Ziegler

Kate Hudson covered up her newly shaved head with a trucker hat on the set of Sister, while singer Sia made a rare appearance with Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler. Kate Hudson recently turned heads when she shaved hers for a new movie role in Sia’s Sister. The actress unveiled her transformation recently on social […]

‘Dance Moms’: Chloe Lukasiak Might Be The Reason Behind Maddie Ziegler’s Exit From Lifetime Show

Chloe Lukasiak has always been living in the shadow of Maddie Ziegler on Dance Moms, at least that’s what Abby Lee Miller made it look like. But after leaving the hit Lifetime show in Season 4, the Center Stage: On Pointe star found instant fame and success. Did the positive outcome of Chloe Lukasiak’s career […]

Maddie Ziegler Starts Her Own Clothing Line, Reveals Why She Left Dance Moms

Dance Moms may be returning with all of the drama it left with, but Maddie Ziegler still isn’t a part of the show. Although several media outlets have asked her if she is interested in returning to her roots, the star has coyly said that she is moving on to bigger and better things, and […]

‘Dance Moms’ Season 8: Chloe Lukasiak Unsure To Join Former ALDC Members Again, Too Busy For Lifetime Show?

When Dance Moms first aired back in 2011, it instantly became everyone’s obsession. So despite its recent bad press, courtesy of Abby Lee Miller’s fraud and money laundering cases, the hit reality dance television series was still picked up for another season. However, fan favorite Chloe Lukasiak did not give a promising response when asked […]

Abby Lee Miller Talks Prison Food After Gastric Bypass And Credits Herself For Maddie Ziegler’s Success

Abby Lee Miller sat down for an explosive tell-all interview before she reported to prison on July 12. The former reality star talked about her concerns regarding the prison food options since she just had gastric bypass surgery and even credited herself for Maddie Ziegler’s success. The reality star, who was sentenced to one year […]

Kate Hudson Trades Her Golden Locks For A Buzz Cut For A Movie With Sia, Remains As Beautiful As Ever

Kate Hudson surprised many after she was spotted without her gorgeous golden locks after trading it for a buzz cut for a role in a musical project with Sia. The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star looked so different with her buzz cut when she was spotted on the set of her […]

‘Dance Moms’ Maddie Ziegler, Kate Hudson, And Sia Working Together On Secret Project

Maddie Ziegler fans rejoice as her star rises even higher these days. The young Dance Moms alum is currently working on a super secret project with Kate Hudson and Maddie’s mentor, Sia. Although details are sketchy, the three of them have been spotted walking into a Los Angeles studio. Kate Hudson has also posted a […]

Maddie Ziegler And Chloe Lukasiak Renew Old Rivalry

Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak have renewed their old Dance Moms rivalry, but this time over something much more exciting. Both stars have been nominated as “Choice Dancer” for the Teen Choice Awards, and both girls are incredibly excited and humbled by the experience. Unsurprisingly, Chloe’s mom, Christi Lukasiak, has tweeted her support for her […]

Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Life: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Admits She Won’t Survive In The Clink

Abby Lee Miller is currently serving her one-year-and-one-day sentence after pleading guilty to her fraud and money laundering cases. The Dance Moms mentor is famously known for being a tough teacher to the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Elite Competition Team members and their moms, but she has shown her weak side before she checked […]

Mackenzie And Maddie Ziegler’s Mom Under Fire For Allowing Daughters To Be Alone With Boys Overnight

Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler may have told magazines that she doesn’t want to take her romance with Aussie Jack Kelley too seriously, but many fans seem to be upset at how close Melissa Gisoni, her mother, has allowed her to be with her boyfriend. Maddie Ziegler’s boyfriend has been visiting her in Los Angeles […]

Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Food: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Shifts From Fine Dining To Canned Tuna And Spam

Abby Lee Miller checked into FCC Victorville prison last week to start her one-year and one-day prison sentence for her fraud and money laundering charges. The Dance Moms star is expected to change her expensive lifestyle inside the clink since she will only have limited perks in the commissary. The 50-year-old dance instructor and choreographer […]

‘Dance Moms’ Season 7B: Maddie Ziegler Believes Cheryl Burke Is A Better Teacher Than Abby Lee Miller

Despite Abby Lee Miller’s shocking jail time, Dance Moms was still picked up for another season. Since the famously tough dance teacher will be serving her time for one year and a day in prison, she can’t obviously continue teaching the young aspirants on the Lifetime show. Now, Cheryl Burke is taking the chance to […]

Maddie Ziegler Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Her Romance With Jack Kelly

Maddie Ziegler first ignited dating rumors when she posted a bathroom selfie with Jack Kelly back in January. The former Dance Moms star captioned the sweet snap with a purple heart, and many of her fans quickly took that as a sign that she was indeed dating the Australian. The Book of Henry actress grew […]

Chloe Lukasiak Reveals ‘Dance Moms’ Season 7B Will Be Different From Previous Installments

After speculations that Dance Moms has finally reached the end of the line following Abby Lee Miller’s shocking jail time, the hit Lifetime show was surprisingly picked up for another season. However, Chloe Lukasiak gave everyone a heads up that the new installment will not be the same like the previous seasons. Abby Lee Miller […]

Maddie Ziegler Avoids Questions About Abby Lee Miller And Refuses To Be Part Of Former Mentor’s Drama

Maddie Ziegler rose to fame after appearing in Dance Moms when she was just 8 years old. The young dancer easily became the favorite of the famously tough dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, because of her consistent performance. However, their teacher-student bond quickly faded after the star left the Lifetime series in Season 6. Now, […]

Abby Lee Miller Begins Sentence And Drags Maddie Ziegler’s Mom To Her Case

Abby Lee Miller has surrendered to FCI Victorville on Wednesday to begin her one year and one day sentence after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering charges. Although the Dance Moms mentor admitted to her crime, she did not go down without dragging someone else to her case. The 50-year-old dance instructor and choreographer […]

Did Mackenzie And Maddie Ziegler’s Mom Steal $130,000? Watch Abby’s Shocking Interview

Abby Lee Miller, the disgraced Dance Moms alum, will be making her way to prison at FCI Victorville today for bankruptcy fraud and failing to declare monetary assets as she crossed the border into the United States–but she isn’t going down without a fight. The former reality TV star was recently interviewed on the streets […]

‘Dance Moms’ Season 8 Looks To Be A Go, But Won’t Include The Original Cast

The cast of Dance Moms said their final farewells to the show after they wrapped Season 7B, with the original cast members pictured weeping and posting heartfelt messages about their years on the show. They even nicknamed themselves “The Irreplaceables,” after Abby Lee Miller told them at every turn that everyone was replaceable. There were […]

Abby Lee Miller Shows Up At Another Event With Maddie Ziegler After She Admits They No Longer Speak

Maddie Ziegler probably thought her former dance coach, Abby Lee Miller, would already be in jail by now, but the dancer now has two more weeks to contend with awkward run-ins with the Dance Moms alum. The Inquisitr reported a couple of weeks ago that Abby Lee Miller attended the premiere of Maddie’s new film, […]

Maddie Ziegler Shades ‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller, Says She ‘Doesn’t Have Anything To Say About Her’

The old adage goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” And it looks like Maddie Ziegler has decided that she subscribes to that philosophy. The young dancer was pulled to an interview by Entertainment Tonight while she attended Travis Wall and Shaping Sound’s new show, After the Curtain. […]

Chloe Lukasiak Leaves Nia Sioux’s Sweet 16 When Maddie Ziegler Arrives At The Bash

Although Chloe Lukasiak and Nia Sioux have been best friends since they were little girls, some serious drama erupted at Nia’s Sweet 16 birthday bash. The Dance Moms star invited everyone who had been on the show (except Abby Lee Miller), and most of them turned up to the event. Chloe Lukasiak, however, was less […]

‘Dance Moms’ Star Chloe Lukasiak Subtly Disses Abby Lee Miller, Maddie Ziegler Calls Show ‘The Worst’

Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler are two of the lead dancers in the Lifetime reality series, Dance Moms. While these two have already forged their own paths in different careers, many fans still remember them from their early days on the show. What do they have to say about the show? Dance Moms Season 8 […]

Abby Lee Miller Shows Up Uninvited To Maddie Ziegler’s ‘Book Of Henry’ Premiere, Is She Stalking The Zieglers?

Abby Lee Miller may have reached a new level of low; the Dance Moms alum was seen at the premiere of her former student, Maddie Ziegler’s new film Book of Henry, and it appears Maddie refused to acknowledge her. The disgraced Dance Moms alum will be headed to prison at the end of the month, […]