#LetHerSpeak Trends As Twitter Calls For Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen On Debate Stage

As the September debate between U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden approaches, social media users trended #LetHerSpeak to push for Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen to take the stage with them. “The Commission for Presidential @debates can’t ignore the thousands of activists across the country making their voices heard today. The […]

Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash Implies That He Won’t Seek Another Term

Rep. Justin Amash, the Michigan congressman who left the GOP in 2019 and later briefly sought the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, has seemingly indicated that he won’t seek another term in Congress. The 40-year-old, who previously broke from conservatives with his criticism of President Donald Trump, implied that he won’t pursue re-election via Twitter on […]

Justin Amash Officially Becomes The First Libertarian Member Of Congress

On Friday, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash officially switched his party affiliation from Independent to Libertarian, making him the first member of the Libertarian Party in Congress. As reported by The Washington Times, Amash — who recently announced his bid for the Libertarian nomination for president — took to Twitter to address the occasion. “It’s an […]

Rep. Justin Amash, Outspoken Trump Critic, Launches Bid For Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan is seeking the Libertarian nomination for president. Amash, 40, announced the news Tuesday on social media. “Today, I launched an exploratory committee to seek the @LPNational’s nomination for president of the United States. Americans are ready for practical approaches based in humility and trust of the people,” Amash tweeted, along […]

Ron Paul: ‘We Are On The Verge Of Something Like What Happened In ’89 When The Soviet System Just Collapsed’

The godfather of the Tea Party movement and perhaps the most prominent right-leaning libertarian in America, Ron Paul, believes the economic boom the United States experienced under President Trump could be a “bit of an illusion.” Mr. Paul sees inequality, inflation, and debt as real threats that could potentially cause a turmoil. In a recent […]

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Calls Trump And Hillary A Choice Between A ‘Heart Attack And Cancer’

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson doesn’t seem to think too highly of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s recent behavior, but he holds the same sentiments for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. On Friday, he said that the choices between the leading candidates is like having to choose between a “heart attack and cancer.” In an […]

Jill Stein: The Only Candidate Who Doesn’t Hate Progressives

It’s getting hard to find decent articles about Jill Stein these days. If the media isn’t ignoring her, it’s printing vapid attack editorials about how she’s completely unqualified to make the big, important decisions a U.S. president needs to make every day, like which country to carpet bomb over crude oil. The only non-hostile stories […]

President Gary Johnson? It’s More Possible Than Anyone Is Telling Us, Thanks To The Electoral College

If Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson could earn the electoral votes from just one, single liberty-loving state, the governor of New Mexico could be the next person to sit in the Oval Office. Here’s how it would work. “A successful candidate must earn more than 50 percent of the electoral votes awarded by individual states on […]

Bernie, We Love You, But We Will Never Vote For Hillary

Dear Bernie Sanders, Oh Bernie. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Okay. Can I just start off by saying how much I still love you? Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. You took us so far, you dear, sweet man. Your dauntless will toward the greater good has brought me to tears more times […]

Floundering Clinton Campaign Set To Attack Third Parties

Strategists from Hillary Clinton’s primary super PAC have announced their intention to begin targeting voters who support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Apparently having abandoned any attempt to get their candidate to stop lying, obfuscating and alienating voters, her increasingly-nervous campaign promoters are now opting to blame third parties for […]

Bernie Sanders Supports Jay Z, As Jill Stein, Gary Johnson Bumped From Presidential Debates

Bernie Sanders has been declaring two wars in mid-September, and Jay Z started one of them. The other war that Bernie Sanders is still waging involves begging his fans to not help Donald Trump get elected, but he might have gotten a victory in this department because Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are not going […]

The DOJ Prison Report Shows That Libertarianism Doesn’t Work

Well then, that about settles it. American libertarianism simply does not work. Even as Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson tours the nation extolling the virtues of private for-profit prisons, a report from the Department of Justice has found that these facilities “simply do not provide the same level of correctional services, programs, and resources,” […]

Gary Johnson, Bill Weld Provide Rational Choice For America In 2016 Election

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has brought some much-needed truth-telling to an election where very little seems to be present — at least as far as the national media is concerned. It’s as though there are two sides to the 2016 election, and those two outlooks aren’t your typical Democrat versus Republican. No, in […]

Gary Johnson Makes Big Push For Presidential Debates As Trump Implodes

Gary Johnson is making an all-out push to be included in the main presidential debates this fall. The Libertarian presidential nominee must reach at least 15 percent in national polls to secure a place at the podium. Johnson, the former GOP governor of New Mexico, is currently hovering around 10 percent in polls, but Republican […]

The Real Reason They Attack Jill Stein

The attacks on Jill Stein’s blossoming supporter base from establishment Democrats have continued as frantically and aggressively as ever, despite Hillary Clinton enjoying a comfortable and enduring lead in the polls over Donald Trump. Numbers have stabilized, and it looks like Hillary will win without the support of the Bernie-or-Bust crowd. So why continue the […]

Gary Johnson Picks Up First Congressional Endorsement From Rep. Scott Rigell — Who Will Be Next?

The Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, achieved a major milestone on Saturday. Rep. Scott Rigell from Virginia became the first sitting Republican member of Congress to endorse a third-party candidate this election season. In an interview with the New York Times, Rigell said statements made by Donald Trump influenced his decision. “I’ve always said I […]

The Two-Headed Monster Of The One-Party System

I’d just like to bring it to everyone’s attention — the Clintons don’t fear Donald Trump. Now, you know that’s true. They play golf with him. They went to his wedding. You can’t tell me they’re scared of him. They like him. He’s funny. They’re friends with all the same people; they’ve been doing business […]

Gary Johnson Polls Surge, Mitt Romney May Endorse Libertarian Candidate

Gary Johnson polls are up! Gary Johnson is running as a third-party candidate in the presidential race, and many Americans feel that he has a shot at taking away crucial votes from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The former Republican Governor Of New Mexico is running as a Libertarian and has chosen former Massachusetts Republican […]

Gary Johnson Latest Poll Numbers: Libertarian Candidate Winning Over Independents and Millennials

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. On the eve of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, one candidate in the race for President of the United States has cause to celebrate, while others in the four-way matchup vie for trust in the American electorate. According to the latest presidential poll from CNN and […]

Wonder If Drew Carey Still Thinks ‘Cleveland Rocks’ When Trump Plows Through With RNC?

While rumors begin to circulate about the possibility that Republicans could dump Trump when they bring the Republican National Convention (RNC) into Cleveland, in December of last year, comedian and host for The Price Is Right Drew Carey tweeted out a link to an article by Reason where the title speaks for itself. The comments […]

Can Bernie Sanders Still Be President With ‘Plan B’ From Green Party’s Jill Stein?

The primary season is winding down and Hillary Clinton has been declared the presumptive Democratic nominee, but there may still be a way for Bernie Sanders to become president and continue his political revolution. The likely Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein has invited Bernie Sanders to run on her ticket even if it means […]

Is Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson The Answer To ‘NeverTrump’ And ‘NeverHillary’?

With the U.S. electorate polarized like never before and the “NeverHillary” and “NeverTrump” campaigns kicking into high gear, third-party Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson may be the answer America is looking for. Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, who secured the Libertarian nomination this weekend, is already polling at 10 percent against both Hillary and […]

Can Donald Be Stopped? NeverTrumpers Announce Third Party Plan As Glenn Beck Voices Support

In a last ditch effort to stop The Donald from becoming president, an anti-Trump group is uniting in the search for an independent candidate who can defeat both the Republican front-runner and Hillary Clinton. Members of the NeverTrump group admit the chances of their third party candidate making it to the White House are slim, […]

Do Trump, Matt Bevin Share Healthcare Views? Kentucky’s Medicaid Slams To A Halt

Donald Trump has certainly put out several ideas about what he would do if he was elected as president of the United States, but is Trump as off-the-chain about healthcare as newly elected Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin? After only two months with Bevin in office, Kentucky senators have banded together to let voters know they […]

Is Donald Trump Modeling His Campaign After Vermin Supreme, The Only Candidate To Have A Zombie Apocalypse Plan?

Donald Trump has captured the world’s attention with his controversial remarks and shocking comments seemingly designed for sound bites, but the Republican frontrunner may just be copying the political style of another candidate. Vermin Love Supreme, the only presidential candidate to have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, first brought his personal brand of ridiculousness […]

Don’t Like Hillary Or Trump? Try A Third Party, Libertarian Gary Johnson Calls Trump A Bad Name

The Republican establishment hates their front runner candidate and the Democrat mainstream is squashing their grassroots challenger so maybe it’s time for Americans to elect a third party candidate. That’s what former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, a Libertarian, hopes for as he pushes his third party candidacy into overdrive. Wednesday, Johnson cast himself as […]

Sol Invictus, U.S. Senate Candidate, Admits Goat Sacrifice: ‘Yes, I Drank The Goat’s Blood’

Augustus Sol Invictus is from Florida, identifies as Libertarian, and is running for the U.S. Senate, and he just admitted to the ritualistic sacrifice of a goat. The senatorial hopeful also drank the goat’s blood, by his own words. “I did sacrifice a goat. I know that’s probably a quibble in the mind of most […]

Rand Paul Celebrates Social Media Victory On Presidential Path: Most Facebook ‘Likes’

Rand Paul is celebrating a small victory on the path to the Presidential election: he has more Facebook likes on his official page than any of the other current candidates. Do more Facebook likes translate into more votes, though? Rand Paul posted a celebratory message Saturday evening, announcing that he was the first Presidential candidate […]

There’s A New Country Called Liberland, Have You Heard About It?

A new country – Liberland – has been established in Europe; that is, if the country’s “president” can get anyone to take the him and his new country seriously. Located along a stretch of the Danube River on the border between Serbia and Croatia is the Free Republic of Liberland, whose official motto, translated into […]

Charlie Sheen Comes Out As A Republican?

Charlie Sheen just came out as a Republican? Well, maybe a Libertarian. The television and movie star appears to have joined a small but perhaps growing segment of Hollywood that bucks the politically correct trend and chastises liberal ideology. During an interview on The Flipside with Michael Loftus, Charlie Sheen stunned the world – and […]

Why The Democrats Lost, If They Really Did

The Democrats suffered a political slaughter in their loss in the midterm elections, at least by conventional metrics. The Republicans gained seven seats in the Senate, a number in the House, and four governorships. The Democrats managed to pull off only one upset in the state of Pennsylvania. Never before, since the state began allowing […]

Teen Fined For Swearing Inspires Michigan Politician’s ‘F***ing Bullsh*t’ Rally For Free Speech

Nineteen-year-old Colin Andersen has been ticketed and fined $200 for disorderly conduct after he says he swore under his breath in front of a Brighton police officer. Now activists for free speech have planned a rally to protest. The event is called the “‘This Is F***ing Bullsh*t’ Rally” and it is getting heated support and […]

Carl DeMaio: Gay Candidate Says He Is Being Attacked By Liberal Groups Because He Is A Republican

Gay Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio feels he is being attack by liberal groups and LGBT-friendly organizations simply because he is a Republican. Ads mocking DeMaio have included putting his likeness on the body of a drag queen. Dana Perino of Fox News first brought the Carl DeMaio race to national attention after flying to […]

Charles Murray Speech Cancelled, College Worried About ‘Hurting Students Of Color’

Charles Murray, perhaps the most well-known Libertarian in the country, just had his speech at Azusa Pacific University “postponed” at the last minute. Administrators at the university were reportedly worried about the bestselling author “hurting our faculty and students of color.” The Bell Curve author was slated to address the Azusa Pacific University students about […]

Rob Lowe Comes Out As A ‘Libertarian’ On Bill O’Reilly

Rob Lowe decided to come out on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News last night – as a possible Libertarian. Lowe was on the top rated news show to discuss his new book, Love Life. Bill O’Reilly, being Bill O’Reilly wanted to delve into the most intriguing and juicy portions of the book, the […]

Rand Paul Eyes Chance To Run For President In 2016

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has seen his name thrown around often as a possible contender for the Republican nominee for president in 2016, and he does his best to keep stoking the flames. Paul now says he is considering running for president because doing so will provide him with a larger platform to discuss issues. […]

Ron Paul Launches K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum

Ron Paul, the retired Texas Congressman and GOP/Libertarian presidential candidate, has founded an online homeschooling program for grades K-12. Are you ready to be schooled by Ron Paul? The content developed by Paul’s staff of educators will focus on the basics of Western Civilization and Western concepts of liberty under the US Constitution. Paul’s academically […]

Jeremy Irons: Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny State Policies Are Terrible [Video]

Actor Jeremy Irons, who created controversy over his recent remarks about gay marriage, is no fan of paternalistic nanny state policies implemented by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other politicians. In the same interview in which he spoke about same-sex marriage, Irons called Bloomberg-initiated policies such as banning smoking in restaurants or prohibiting […]

Sean Hannity Has Cameo In Atlas Shrugged Part II; Ayn Rand Film Adaption Premieres October 12

Sean Hannity and several other FNC personalities have cameos in the second installment of the movie version of Atlas Shrugged. In addition to the conservative host, part two of the film adaption of Ayn Rand’s perennial best-selling novel — which debuts in theaters on October 12 — also includes small roles for Fox’s liberal commentators […]

Ron Paul Holds Last Campaign Rally

Ron Paul, technically still a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency, held what could likely be his final presidential campaign rally Sunday in Tampa, Florida, announcing that he has not thrown his endorsement behind presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. SFGate.com reported that Doug Wead, an adviser to George W. Bush, served as master of […]

Ron Paul Halts Spending, Winds Down Campaign

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has effectively ended his presidential campaign today. The Libertarian leaning Republican instructed his staff to halt all spending on primary elections. He urged his followers to continue to hound Mitt Romney at the State level. In an e-mail to supporter and friends Paul urged his backers to stay strong and remain […]

Gary Johnson Launches Libertarian Presidential Bid

Gary Johnson has ditched the Republican party and is launching a bid at the presidency as a third party candidate. Johnson announced today that he would be seeking the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. Johnson said that he made the decision to run as an independent after his Republican candidacy was largely ignored. Johnson was excluded […]