Beirut Explosion Leaves Over 100 Dead & 4,000 Injured, Blast May Have Been Caused By A Welder

More than 100 people died and 4,000 were injured in the devastating explosion that ripped through the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported. A further 300,000 citizens were left homeless by the catastrophe, as hospitals struggled to cope. According to the report, the blast that ripped through the city’s port area […]

Beirut Explosion Rocks City, Officials Fear Many Casualties

A massive explosion rocked the city of Beirut today, as seen in videos posted across social media. BBC reported that the blast happened in the port area of the city and that authorities “fear many casualties.” The cause of the explosion has not been confirmed. Lebanon’s health minister told reporters there were many injuries and […]

Ismail Ajjawi, Harvard University Student From Lebanon, Barred From Entering The United States

A 17-year-old student from Lebanon, who was slated to attend Harvard University, was denied entry into the United States when his flight arrived in Boston, according to officials at the school, per a report from NBC News on Tuesday. Ismail Ajjawi, who was selected as a member of Harvard’s incoming freshman class – the class […]

Police Arrest 18-Year-Old Murder Suspect In Lebanon, Tennessee

Cameron Griffith was shot at what was described as a discount tobacco convenience store in Lebanon, Tennesee, on Sunday, December 17, just eight days before Christmas. After what an eyewitness says was a confrontation between Griffith and numerous other parties, the sound of gunfire was heard. A friend of Griffith stated that the 19-year-old asked […]

Former Adult Video Star Mia Khalifa Claims ISIS Harassed Her On Social Media

Mia Khalifa claims she was threatened by ISIS. The Lebanese social media star received threats from the terrorist group online. Mia isn’t letting the threats get to her though. She made a career off her social media presence. She’s not backing down anytime soon. Social media users associated with the Islamic State threatened to “behead” […]

‘Wonder Woman’ Banned In Lebanon Because Gal Gadot Is Israeli And Former IDF Soldier

The Lebanese authorities have banned Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman from showing in the country’s theaters reportedly because the lead actress, Gal Gadot, is an Israeli who served two years in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Although the Lebanese authorities gave no official reason for the ban, the Associated Press noted that Lebanon is officially at […]

Female Syrian Refugees Share How Surprisingly Freeing Their Situation Is, Empowerment Has Resulted

Samar Hijazi, a 45-year-old Syrian refugee who was married for 33 years to a man she described as “abusive and domineering” recently was granted a divorce. The refugee from Syria had wished for this day to come for years, but it had never seemed a possibility in the life she once knew in the nation […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Addiction Is Deadly: Heroin Laced With Fentanyl Caused Weekend Overdoses 

A lethal strain of heroin labeled with the Game of Thrones logo is circulating in New Hampshire and Vermont, and law enforcement and health officials have released public health warnings after at least 10 people overdosed on the potent drug over the weekend, reports WDTN. Police arraigned Enfield resident Brock Richardson on Monday on two […]

Astronomer Reports Sighting A UFO That Warped Surrounding Air As It Whizzed Past His Property In Lebanon, Oregon

A witness in Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon, reports sighting a UFO that flew across his property in a suburban area. The mysterious object flew past the witness at tremendous speed, a few feet off and parallel to the ground. As it passed, the witness noticed to his astonishment that it generated a strange noise and […]

Sea Turtle Selfie: Endangered Sea Turtle Recovering After Being Beaten With Sticks And Stepped On For Selfies

A sea turtle is now recovering after enduring abuse from a group of people who dragged it out of a beach in Lebanon so they could take a selfie. According to National Geographic, the endangered loggerhead sea turtle was pulled out of the shores at Havana beach in Rmeileh. Once on the beach, the sea […]

Turtle Dragged Out Of Sea So Children Could Ride On It – Creature Thrown Onto Shore, Beaten, And Stepped On By Tourists In Lebanon

Tourists severely abused a turtle that ventured a little too close to a crowded beach in Lebanon. The beachgoers dragged the poor creature out of the sea and threw it on the shore for photos. Thereafter, a few people even beat the turtle and put their toddlers on its back, injuring the helpless animal. A […]

World Bank Approves $100 Million To Create 100k Jobs For Jordanians, Syrian Refugees

Jordan will receive a low-interest loan of $100 million aiming to create 100,000 new jobs for Jordanians and Syrian refugees in the next five years, the World Bank said on Sunday. The World Bank’s Board of Directors offered the long-term, almost interest-free loan as part of an attempt by the international community to improve conditions […]

Innocent Israeli Vulture Accused Of Being A Spy, Briefly Detained By Suspicious Lebanese

An innocent Israeli griffin vulture was briefly detained by Lebanese villagers this week, fearful that the bird was spying. Those fears turned out to be unfounded, but the accusation against the vulture is just the most recent in a long history of animal spy suspicions between the sparring nations. If this creature (also called a […]

Son of Muammar Gaddafi Kidnapped and Freed Shortly After in Lebanon

Hannibal Gaddafi, the son of Libya’s late leader Muammar Gaddafi, was kidnapped on Friday in Lebanon by militants wanting to know about the fate of Siite Muslim cleric who was declared missing in Libya decades ago, according to The Times of Israel.He was released shortly after according to a Lebanese security official. According to The […]

‘He Made Us Proud’: Widow Of Heroic Beirut Man Who Tackled Suicide Bomber Praises Late Husband

Adel Termos was a 32-year-old Beirut man who excelled at his mechanic job and adored his wife and two children. On November 12, Termos was a man who tackled one of two suicide bombers that killed 43 and seriously injured over 230. Termos’ widow, though she is grieving, says of her heroic husband, who was […]

11 Arrests In Beirut Over Suicide Bombings That Killed 44 People Last Week

Lebanon officials have announced 11 arrests in Beirut over the weekend, all in connection with last Thursday’s terrorist attacks, which resulted in the deaths of 44 people, reported Yahoo! News. According to Lebanon Interior Minister Nuhad Mashnuq, the original target was a hospital and most of those detained are Syrian. “The detained include seven Syrians […]

Beirut Attack Virtually Ignored, People Ask Why

A day before the devastating Friday the 13th attacks in Paris, France, 43 people were killed, and 200 were injured in a horrific bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. While both attacks are terrible, there are many who are questioning why the world seemed virtually silent about the Beirut bombing. “Whilst everyone talks about #Paris no one […]

Arctic Doomsday Vault Withdrawal: First Ever Seed Removal Completed

The first ever doomsday vault withdrawal has been successfully completed. The seed bank, or gene bank, in the Arctic just released samples which had originally been kept in the civil war-torn nation of Syria. The doomsday seed vault withdrawal involved sending thousands of seeds from the Arctic to Morocco and Lebanon, MSN reports. The gene […]

Will Iran Be The Next U.S. Ally Against The Islamic State?

The military campaign against the Islamic State, unsuccessfully led by the United States, may soon find help from an unlikely corner. That’s because Iranian President Hassan Rouhani just went on Iranian national television and declared his country to be the Middle East’s last best hope against terrorism. With the U.S. led coalition unwilling to commit […]

Internet Raises $150K For Syrian Refugee, And His Reaction Will Bring You To Tears

Get your tissues ready. In a story that will reaffirm your faith in humanity, the internet has rallied to help an anonymous Syrian refugee, whose picture surfaced on social media last week. Abdul Haleem al-Kader, a Palestinian-Syrian refugee and single father, suffered a misfortune that required him to sell pens on the streets of Lebanon […]

Malala Yousafzai Opens School For Syrian Refugee Girls On 18th Birthday

Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 18th birthday by opening up a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon. The youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai called on world leaders to invest in “books not bullets” during the school’s opening. “Today on my first day as an adult, on behalf of the world’s children, […]

Angelina Jolie Pitt And Shiloh Visit A Syrian Refugee Family In Emotional Video

Angelina Jolie Pitt visited Lebanon last month and took along her nine-year-old daughter, Shiloh, who’d wished to go on a humanitarian visit with her. On a trip in June honoring World Refugee Day, Jolie spoke to People about her daughter’s interest in her humanitarian work. “Shiloh is very aware that I hold refugee families in […]

Watch Female Lebanese Anchor’s Awesome Put Down Of Sexist Islamic Cleric [Video]

A female Lebanese anchor cut off short the interview of a London based Islamic cleric in an epic put down, after the man appeared to have an issue with the fact that she was a woman. Al-Jadeed TV is a 24-hour pan-Arab station, broadcasting from Lebanon and offering general-interest programming in the Arabic language. When […]

Hezbollah Targets Israeli Military Convoy with Missile

Hezbollah on Monday claimed responsibility for a missile attack on an Israeli military convoy that wounded several soldiers. Four Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers were wounded in Israel’s northern territory near the border with Lebanon around midday when a Hezbollah anti-tank missile struck an IDF convoy. The Hezbollah attack happened just one day after the […]

Miss Universe Contestant From Lebanon Slammed After She Takes A Selfie With Miss Israel

What was supposed to be an innocuous selfie by a group of Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants has resulted in a major controversy in the Middle East. According to CNN, the cause of the controversy was an image posted onto the Instagram feed of Miss Israel, Doron Matalon. While it looks as normal as any […]

Terrorist Vs. Terrorist: Hezbollah Battles Al-Qaeda In Bloody Lebanon Border Clashes

Fighters from two Islamic terrorist groups, Iran-backed Hezbollah and the Syrian Al-Qaeda faction Nusra Front, shot it out along Lebanon’s border with Syria Saturday, with both sides claiming victories — and both sides suffering deaths. The battle was the latest escalation of a war that has been building between the rival terror groups for months. […]

ISIS Leader’s Wife Arrested In Lebanon

The wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has allegedly been arrested in Lebanon, along with a younger person suspected to be the terrorist leader’s son. Col. Anis Khoury, spokesperson for the Lebanese Army, confirmed to NBC News that the wife of al-Baghdadi is currently under custody in Lebanon. The country’s top military forces have […]

Past Life Memories Of 4-Year-Old Son Terrify Mother

Past life memories are an unexplained phenomena that crops up in the news from time to time, most recently with a 4-year-old Virginia Beach, Virginia, boy whose mother is absolutely terrified by some of the vivid and macabre flashbacks that her youngster is having. Michelle Lucas and her son Andrew have been “visited” via Andrew’s […]

Hezbollah Faces Daily Attacks From ISIS As Caliphate Takeover Reaches Lebanon

As the Caliphate takeover of the Middle East continues, in the form of ISIS, who have already overrun huge swathes of land in Syria and Iraq, the terrorists of Hezbollah in Lebanon are finding themselves facing daily attacks from their Muslim brothers, the Islamic State. The Shiite guerrillas of Hezbollah, who are located on the […]

Christians Arm Themselves Against Threat Of ISIS Beheadings In Lebanon

Life for Christians in the Middle East at the moment is anything but peachy. They find themselves persecuted, tortured, and beheaded at the hands of fanatical Islamist militants simply because they are believers in Christ. As the conflict spreads across massive swathes of land in Iraq and Syria, the members of the latest ethnic group […]

Is ISIS Taking A Counter-Clockwise Route To Attacking Israel?

Recently, the transgressions of ISIS have been reported to go beyond words and humanity. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how ISIS is now beheading children, as seen in a decapitated body of a little girl. This travesty, along with the crucifixions, are now making their rounds on the internet, shocking Americans who are reading […]

Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up In Beirut Hotel Explosion

The Duroy Hotel in Beirut’s Raouche district was the scene of a huge explosion as a suicide bomber blew himself up inside his hotel room on the third floor. The hotel is located in a swanky neighborhood of deluxe apartment towers and high-class hotels. As rush-hour was coming to an end, the explosion rocked the […]

Israeli Airstrikes Blast Hezbollah Weapons Cache, Militant Group Denies Attacks Took Place

The Israeli airstrikes reported late Monday blasted what is now being called a “qualitative” weapons shipment headed for a Hezbollah base near the eastern Bekaa Valley town of Janta, an area notorious as an arms-smuggling rout between Lebanon and Syria, according to reports in Lebanese media. But Hezbollah, a militant group responsible for numerous terror […]

Israeli Airstrikes Slam Hezbollah Sites Near Syria, Reports Out Of Lebanon Say

Israeli airstrikes blasted two sites near the Lebanon-Syria border Monday, apparently targeting the militant Hezbollah group, but information about the airstrikes has been difficult for news organizations to come by. The attacks were reported by the official Lebanese news agency, but Lebanon authorities have not yet confirmed the strikes. Israeli military officials have offered only […]

Israeli Army, Lebanese Soldiers Exchange Shots At Border

Tensions continue to flare after Israeli army soldiers shot two Lebanese troops Monday morning. The assault was in response to the shooting of an Israeli soldier several hours beforehand. The Israeli soldier died after a Lebanese sniper shot connected with a vehicle driving on the Israeli side of the border. While the two nations have […]

Saudi Arabia Encourages Citizens To Leave Lebanon After Bombings

Saudi Arabia is telling its citizens in Lebanon to get out after a double terrorist bombing outside the Iranian embassy earlier in the week and escalating tensions with the Islamic group Hezbollah. Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, has indirectly placed blame on Saudi Arabia for two attacks on Tuesday in which suicide bombers detonated themselves […]

US Troops In Jordan: Is Syrian Intervention Too Little, Too Late?

One thousand US troops are now in Jordan. Before the weekend, President Obama announced this in a letter to Congress. Such news comes after the United States confirmed chemical weapons had been used in Syria by President Assad’s forces, the so-called “red line” for active Western military intervention. This new commitment to ousting Assad by […]

Syrian Rebels Accused Of ‘Massacre’ In Eastern Village

Syrian rebels have been accused by a human rights watch group of killing dozens of people Tuesday in village in eastern Syria. Watch group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has stated that at least 60 people from the Deir al-Zour, most of them villagers, were killed Tuesday. Thousands of rebels descended on the area, with […]

Syria Rebels And Hezbollah Forces Battle In Lebanon

Syria rebels have clashed with Hezbollah forces, in what is a first for the civil war, inside Lebanon’s borders over the past weekend. Sources report that more than a dozen Syria rebels and at least one Hezbollah fighter were killed as fighting broke out in Lebanon’s eastern border region of Bekaa Valley and the town […]

Hezbollah Confirms It Sent UAV Into Israel

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah acknowledged on Thursday sending a drone aircraft that was shot down last weekend after flying some 25 miles into Israel. Nasrallah said in a televised speech that the drone’s parts were manufactured in Iran and it was assembled by members of the Shi’ite Muslim militant movement […]

Pope: Trip To Beruit Is A Peace Pilgrimage

Pope Benedict XVI, who recently made news for going green as it pertained to some Vatican vehicles, will travel to Beruit, Lebanon for a three-day pilgrimage that beings Friday despite concerns about spillover violence from Syria. The 85-year old leader of the world’s billion Catholics said his trip to Beruit is a pilgrimage of peace. […]

Airplane Passengers Asked For Gas Money After Emergency Landing

Paris, France – All of us who have traveled have been subjected to unexpected and inconvenient layovers, but I’m guessing that very few of the literally tens of people reading this article had their airplane diverted into a war zone. And then had their pilot bum gas money off them. If that sounds familiar, then […]

Flame Virus Modified, Sent To Lebanon As ‘Gauss’

A new computer virus, which bares a resemblance to the Flame malware, has been spotted in Lebanon. The new virus has been found on 2,500 computer in 25 countries but has focused most of its infection rate on one region. According to Wired : “The discovery appears to add to the steadily growing arsenal of […]

Lebanese Judo Team Demands Olympics Split Gym So They Can’t See Israelis

The Lebanese Judo Team was told that they were splitting one of the training gyms with the Israeli national team. What was Lebanon’s response? We don’t even want to see them! That’s right the Lebanese team refused to even practice in the same gym with the Israeli team unless a separation barrier was erected so […]

Netanyahu: We Will Not Negotiate with Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his first comments on the idea of Hamas joining the Palestine Liberation Organization and reconciling with Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas. The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli Prime Minister, who was Speaking at the annual conference of the heads of Israel’s Delegations Abroad in Jerusalem, ruled out any […]

Various CIA Spies Caught In Lebanon And Iran

A new report has surfaced in which more than one dozen CIA spies are said to have been captured by Hezbollah officials operating in Lebanon and Iran. According to reports the CIA “spies” were paid informants who were operating in two distinct espionage rings that targeted operations in Iran and Beirut. Speaking to ABC News […]