Check Out These Cyber Monday Laptop Deals On Amazon

With Black Friday over, people who missed out on purchasing a brand new laptop can still find amazing deals on them at Amazon for Cyber Monday, which is the busiest online shopping day of the year. There is still plenty of time to choose the perfect gift and have it arrive by Christmas. No matter […]

Here Are 5 Cyber Monday Laptop Deals At Target You Can’t Miss

The kick-off to holiday shopping continues today as retailers celebrate Cyber Monday — a continuation of their brick-and-mortar sales through their web-based counterparts. One of the most highly-sought out deals this year is on laptops, and fortunately, a number of stores are offering some amazing savings during this year’s online buying extravaganza. Laptops make great […]

5 Black Friday Laptop Deals At Best Buy You Can’t Afford To Miss

There’s little doubt that Black Friday is one of the best times — if not the best time — of the year to buy a new laptop. As a major retail holiday in the United States and many other parts of the world, the day after Thanksgiving promises tons of discounts on various products. Laptops […]

5 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals At Walmart

It is time for Black Friday 2019, and laptops will be a hot commodity this year. Numerous outlets have been touting their sales heading into the huge shopping day. Those consumers anxious for laptop deals may want to take a look at Walmart before they make any firm purchasing decisions. While Walmart is typically a […]

Check Out These Black Friday Laptop Deals On Amazon

Black Friday is here, and for many shoppers, that means it’s time to replace that old laptop with a new one while potentially saving hundreds of dollars in the process. Amazon is still one of the best places to shop for a laptop this holiday season. Whether it’s a discounted MacBook or a Windows-powered machine, […]

Top 5 Prime Day Laptop Deals 2019

Laptops can be a pricey investment, so many shoppers are excited for potential deals offered by Amazon’s Prime Day that can help lower the cost of the normally expensive purchases. With computers ranging from under $150 to over $1,000, here are some of the best deals on laptops for every budget and concern. 1.) Apple […]

MacBook Air: Steve Jobs’ Last Great Laptop Could Be The Headline Of Apple’s Next Big Event

Apple’s event on September 12 revolved around two devices — the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Noticeably absent during the event were references to Apple’s iPad Pro tablets, as well as any mention of its MacBook laptops. Considering Apple’s history, however, it would not be very surprising to see the company hold another high-profile event […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Apple’s Radical MacBook Redesign Seems To Be Finally Reaching Its Maturity

Apple’s current-generation MacBook Pros entered the notebook industry in a polarizing manner. While the devices were stunning and sleek, their limited RAM, even more limited ports, and their shallow keyboards practically split the Mac community in half. This year, however, it appears that Apple might have finally matured the MacBook Pro lineup in such a […]

MacBook Pro 2018: New Filings Tease 2 New Apple Laptops

Say what you want about Apple’s current generation of MacBooks, but the portable computers are here to stay. Since its release back in 2015, the 12-inch MacBook ushered in a new era in Apple’s hardware — that of sleek devices toting the Cupertino-based giant’s Butterfly keyboard design and lacking most conventional ports. If Apple’s recent […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Problems Apple Needs To Fix Before The Next MacBook Launch

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple seems to be having a hard time finding its footing, especially when it comes to its MacBook line. The Cupertino-based company may be doing a little better with its iPhone devices, but its laptop line is not doing as well. In recent years, more and more Mac users […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Apple May Avoid Addressing Its Butterfly Keyboard Issues At WWDC 2018

Apple will be hosting its WWDC 2018 even on Monday, June 4. Many speculations are spreading about the software upgrades and some gadgets the Cupertino-based company could reveal at the World Wide Development Conference. Unfortunately, providing a permanent solution to the butterfly keyboard issues on the 2015-and-later MacBooks and the 2016-and-later MacBook Pros might not […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Apple Finally Answers Butterfly Keyboard Issues

A good number of Apple fans who bought the 2015 MacBook and 2016 MacBook Pro later complained to the tech giant about the laptops’ new butterfly-style keyboard. The issues with Apple’s laptops have received a lot of backlash from its consumers, resulting in a consumer class-action lawsuit filed by Girard Gibbs law firm in the […]

Intel Brings Its Latest Gen CPUs To Laptops Including Its Monstrous Hexa Core Intel Core i9

Intel is finally offering laptop users a chance to taste the kind of performance that is currently only being offered to desktop owners using its latest 8th generation Intel core CPUs. The 8th gen laptop CPUs are now being rolled out to different third-party manufacturers, which means that powerful new laptops will likely start flooding […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop: New Entry-Level Model Now Available In U.S. For $799

Consumers looking for a more affordable version of Microsoft’s Surface Laptop can now check its latest version, which was released this week in the United States at a price of $799, or $200 less than the previous entry-level configuration. According to a report from Windows Central, the new Surface Laptop model was released Friday on […]

Prepare For Delays: New TSA Rule For Electronics Screening Coming To All U.S. Airports — Speed Up Tips

While trying their best to keep travelers safe, it looks as if some security measures are going to cause passengers to need to allow for a bit more time when trying to get to their flights. Along with the upcoming passport issues in nine states, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is about to up their […]

Samsung’s New Notebook 9 Pro Laptop Comes With An S Pen Stylus

Samsung has launched a new flexible laptop that features the company’s S Pen stylus to enable digital inking with compatible Windows 10 apps. The convertible device is available in two form factors and comes with a range of premium hardware options. The Notebook 9 Pro was launched at the Computex 2017 technology show in Taipei, […]

ASUS Unveils New Premium ZenBook Laptops With NVIDIA Graphics

ASUS has announced a trio of new high-end ZenBook laptops that feature thin and light designs and the latest high-performance hardware. The company said the updated ZenBook range is meant to “push the boundaries” of mobile computing by offering support for the latest hardware features and Windows 10 capabilities. The products were unveiled by ASUS […]

Microsoft Launches New Surface Pro Convertible In Shanghai

Microsoft has officially announced its latest Surface Pro convertible tablet hybrid at an event in Shanghai. The company had previously suggested it would not be launching a new Pro, outright denying that it has been working on a Pro 5. The reason is now clear as Microsoft has dropped the number entirely. The new Surface […]

Frustration As U.S. And UK Ban Electronic Devices On Flights From Middle East

The UK has followed the lead of the United States and is now starting to ban passengers from carrying electronic devices like their laptops and cameras onto planes to and from specific Middle Eastern countries. The list of countries that will be affected by the U.S. ban includes Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, […]

The New 2016 MacBook Pro: First Impressions [Opinion]

As a loyal Apple customer since 2004, I have to say that the fresh release of this year’s MacBook Pro has me excited. I am upgrading my system for the first time in three years; I generally upgrade computers, especially Mac laptops every three years or so; this helps with resale value and keeps hardware […]

Black Friday 2016 Predictions: 50-Inch HDTVs Under $150, $90 Laptops, $33 Tablets At Walmart, Target, Best Buy, And More

Believe it or not, the biggest shopping holiday of the year is not nearly as far away as you may think it is. It is going to fall on Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, but there are certainly going to be stores that start their sales earlier in the week and even earlier online. Well, it’s […]

New MacBook Pro at WWDC? A Look At What Has Been Unveiled In The Past

Anyone looking to purchase a new 15-inch MacBook Pro over the last few weeks may have noticed it’s taking an increasingly long time for their order to ship. That may be due to an apparent decision on Apple’s part to begin whittling down its MacBook stock ahead of its June 8-12 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). […]

Surface Pro 3, iPad, Or MacBook Air: Which Ultraportable Is Right For You?

If you’re in the market for a new ultraportable, you’ve probably had your eye on one or more of either Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, an iPad, or a MacBook Air. It could be a bit hard to choose between the three; that is, unless you know what you’re looking for going in. Tablet, Hybrid, or […]

Texting While Driving Detector Gun Being Tested For Cops To Help Lessen Distracted Driving

Step aside radar guns; cops may soon have a new tool in their arsenal to help save lives: a texting while driving detector gun. For eons, police officers have used a litany of measures to lessen crash risks and decrease the numbers of vehicular fatalities caused by distracted drivers. Many are familiar with speed traps, […]

5 Great Laptop Deals: New MacBook Pros For $1060, Plus More

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you’re in luck. Manufacturers and retailers have great deals on powerful portables, and you can get the laptop you need for a low price, including a new MacBook Pro for as low as $1060. MacBook Pro, 13.3-inch for $1060 Apple’s MacBook line of laptops are the […]

Coffee Shop Laptop Crackdown Results In Sales Boost

Coffee shop laptop crackdown efforts have resulted in a sales boost for one San Francisco area coffee shop owner, according to a Monday report. Luigi Di Ruocco, who owns and runs the San Francisco Coffee Bar, said in comments to the SF Chronicle that he noticed a “15 [percent] to 20 percent” boost in sales […]

Google Chromebooks Provide New Vision Of Personal Computing

Google Chromebooks provide a new approach to personal computing. Chromebooks may look and feel like traditional laptops, but they are a decidedly different product. Still, this has not stopped Google from taking on the personal computing industry head-on. With last week’s release of the Chromebook Pixel, Google has solidified its position as a third player […]

Dell Laptop Sales Slow, Company Profits Continue to Dip

Dell brought in $14.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013 and a total of $56.9 billion for the year. While this sounds like a large sum of money, Dell brought in $16 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012 and a total of 62.1 billion. The company is losing money as it struggles to […]

Microsoft Finds Computers In China Pre-Installed With Malware

After a year-long investigation, Microsoft concluded on Thursday that a number of computers produced in a Chinese factory were infected with the “Nitol” malware, which installs a keylogger on the system and even allows for remote access to a computer’s on-board microphone and video camera, all without the user knowing. Microsoft says that it first […]

Apple Will Ditch 17-Inch MacBook Pro By End Of 2012 [Analyst Prediction]

Apple will get rid of the 17-inch Macbook Pro in 2012 according to reports by several prominent technology analysts. According to the report by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will ditch the MacBook Pro to go after a more “Air-style” ultraportable refresh for the entire Apple notebook lineup. According to Kuo the move will be […]

Toddlers and Technology

This is like the truest thing we have seen on the internet all day.

The newest company phenomena giving IT pros nightmares – BYOD

You might not be all that familiar with the acronym BYOD but it is one that is increasingly giving corporate IT and security specialists nightmares as they attempt to do their jobs managing, and securing, corporate network infrastructures. The acronym stands for: Bring Your Own Device; which for the layman means being able to use […]

Asus Rumored To Be Working On Kinect Ready Laptops

Asus, maker of computer hardware, laptops, and even PC’s, is rumored to be working on Kinect ready laptops. Microsoft announced Kinect for Windows a while back which brings some cool motion controlled technology to computers and laptops. The Kinect is quite a sensation and has even broken sales records which put it in the Guinness […]

Could fuel-cell-powered MacBooks be on the Apple horizon?

Apple is always filing, and being granted all kinds of patents some of which are obviously intended for a looming battle in the mobile space with Android but not all of them are meant for the battlefield but rather for some interesting innovation. Two new patents have surfaced this week that are leading industry observers […]

Can we have a peanut butter and jelly battery please, but hold the peanut butter.

I realize that just about everyone and their brother is proclaiming how mobile computing, whether through our smartphones, laptops, or tablets is changing our world except there are two problems with that idyllic belief – the carriers and the joke we refer to as battery life. There’s no need to go into the first choke […]

Razer thumbs its nose at bland laptops, if you have $2,800 to spare that is.

When we talk about high-end laptops we usually think of names like Apple and Alienware but they are being joined by a new range of super thin ultra laptops from companies like Sony. When it comes to gaming on the laptop Alienware has always been the brand to watch however there is a newcomer to […]

[Pic] Laptop. Reviewed.

A fear, DrSmacky, that I believe all of us share when using a water fountain.

Meet The HP Pavilion g6s, A Budget Friendly Sandy Bridge Laptop

HP on Saturday rolled out the newest member of their g6 line the Pavilion g6s, a budget friendly laptop with plenty of Intel Sandy Bridge processor options With a starting price of $550 users will receive a 15.6-inch display that outputs 1,366 x 768 pixels of resolution with their choice (based on price) of an […]

So, how much does stolen or lost laptops cost business? Try $2.1 Billion

As the most recent Wikileaks data dump has everyone talking there is one thing that has business worried: lost or stolen laptops that can lead to things like the Wikileaks data sharing of what is presumed to be private information. A study by Intel and the Ponemon Institute (pdf) attempted to answer the question of […]

Laptops: Totally burning up your sperm

Men who use laptops and hope to conceive should take note- the devices are being implicated in a fertility-hampering rise in scrotal temperatures. The heat from laptops can adversely affect sperm quality, and according to a recent study conducted by the State University of New York, men might not even feel the semen-baking temperatures: The […]

Some hilarious examples of gadget murder

I’m not sure how it is that people can afford to do this type of crap given the prices of some of the gadgets (the iPad comes to mind) but that sure hasn’t stopped these brave, or insane, people from doing whatever they can to absolutely destroy their gadgets. iPod meet torch Lithium batteries aren’t […]

Steampunk your laptop keyboard on the cheap

Typically steampunk means using a lot of gears and old fashioned looking bits and pieces to create a new old look for something. There’s been many examples of great looking steampunked computers but for the most part people won’t have the patience or money to create their own. Well you can create your own faux […]

Maingear mX-L 15 Multimedia Laptop Is Ready To Blow Your Mind

The Maingear MXl-15 has been one of the most anticipated multimedia laptops since the companies eXl-15 gaming laptop arrived a while back and now users can grab the new system with a bunch of features your sure to love. The devices offer Intel Core i5 and i7 options, plus the ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 GPU […]

Show your laptop some gorgeous National Geographic love

When it comes to the outside of our laptops we see quite a variety of stickers. Everything from Sleeping Beauty to start-up stickers galore. As nice as some of those might be I don’t think they come close to the gorgeous skins by Gelaskins of National Geographic photographs. These are just a sample of what […]

Skinning some personality onto your MacBook

Personally I hate it when people plaster the outside of their laptops with all kinds of start-up company stickers. You see them all the time at conferences or your local Starbucks but to do this kind of thing just ruins the look of any laptop – and especially Apple MacBooks. However people love to personalize […]

Acer Debuts TravelMate Timeline Series For Business Savvy Customers

The Acer TravelMate Timeline series has just debuted with a focus on business customers. The line features three models: 8571, 8471 and 8371 and come with various screen sizes and other helpful business options. Users have the option to choose between 13.3 inches, 14.1 inches and 15.6 inches, with Core 2 Duo Processors, an Intel […]

Laptops: the new artistic platform [16 Pics]

Artists love to find new ways to show off their talent and old established pieces of art are always looking for new ways to be displayed. Add to this the proliferation of laptops and you have the perfect way to spread beautiful pieces art that everyone, not just the owner of the laptop, can enjoy […]

Asus 16″ Lamborghini Goes On Sale, $3000 Pricetag, Windows Vista

If you’re in the market for an ultra high end laptop and you don’t mind a $3000 price tag you can now pick up the Asus 16″ Lamborghini Laptop with it’s bespoke speakers, sewn leather palm rest and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens cover.

Apparently Apple is voiding warranties of smoker’s computers

Now just to clarify right off the top – there is no official word out about whether or not Apple is voiding the warranties of computers owned by smokers but if the news as being reported by the Technically Incorrect even approaches fact then Apple has definitely crossed a line. Chris Matyszczyk tells of two […]

Acer Aspire 5738PG Likes To Be Touched In All The Right Spots

Acer is attempting to add a little bit of extra zing to the October 22nd release date for Windows 7 by throwing in a touchscreen on their Acer Aspire 5738PG laptop that not coincidentally is due out that same day.