‘Gravity’ Deep Sleep Blanket: $169 Heavy Comforters Weighing Up To 25 Pounds Raise $1.8 Million On Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign named Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety is gaining not only plenty of attention online, but plenty of money from interested buyers. As of this writing, the campaign has gained $1,846,051, which was pledged from consumers who helped the Gravity blanket blow way past its $21,500 goal. With 9,383 […]

Crowdfunding Fraud: Scammers Use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, And GoFundMe As A Personal Piggy Bank

The concept of Crowdfunding relies entirely upon trust, It is because of this fact that it is a prime breeding ground for fraud. Through online platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe, people solicit funds for their projects or lifestyles from complete strangers. Sometimes extra measures, such as a sample product or reward, are offered […]

‘Apocalypse Now’ Video Game Is In The Works, Francis Ford Coppola Offers Advanced Purchase Via Kickstarter

Almost 40 years after the release of Francis Ford Coppola’s legendary Apocalypse Now, fans are going to get to experience the action from their own perspective for the first time as Coppola’s American Zoetrope production company looks to release a video game based on the film. Do not get too excited just yet: The game […]

AirSelfie: The Flying Camera Is Landing Soon

Just when you thought you were finally content with your smartphone comes the newest invention that will make selfie sticks obsolete. The AirSelfie is the latest gadget you didn’t know you needed to solve a problem that you didn’t know you had. With a $3 million investment in hand, Edoardo Stroppiana, the co-founder of AirSelfie […]

Bears vs. Babies: The New Card Game Takes Kickstarter And The Internet By Storm

The Oatmeal is at it again. If you’re familiar at all with the works of The Oatmeal, known in real life as Matthew Inman, you’re familiar with how he feels about babies. That he prefers cats and dogs to babies is a matter of internet record. He has called babies, “selfish, amniotic, jam-covered goblins,” and […]

Conspiracy Museum Coming To New York City? Ryan Hess Starts Kickstarter Program For the Project

You can find a museum on just about any topic you can think of from including art, American history and even Barbie dolls. Now get ready for a whole new type of museum – The Museum of Conspiracy. A new Kickstarter program has been put in place by Ryan Hess to create The Museum of […]

The Purpose Hotel Exceeds Kickstarter Goal In Less Than 48 Hours

The Purpose Hotel announced today that its latest Kickstarter campaign goal was met in less than 48 hours, exceeding the goal of $347,000. This means that plans for building the first “1 for 100” benefit hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, is well on its way. This is actually the second Kickstarter campaign for the project, as […]

London Underground Station Has All Adverts Replaced With Cute Cat Pictures: What Are The Felines Selling?

A London Underground station had all its advertisements replaced with adorable feline photos of all shapes and sizes. Interestingly, the professional-quality prints weren’t part of any surprise marketing campaign confirmed the team. Instead, the Kickstarter-funded group was merely proving that public places belong to the people first and changing the scene from corporate to fun […]

UFO Researchers Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Investigate Alleged ‘Floating Eye Island’ Entrance To Underground Alien Base In Buenos Aires, Argentina [Video]

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to investigate the mysterious “floating eye island” discovered accidentally near Buenos Aires in Argentina by a film crew that was investigating the area for a suitable location to film an alien, UFO, or paranormal documentary. The floating island, about 130 yards in diameter, rotates on its axis on a […]

What Is The Purpose Hotel? How Jeremy Cowart Plans To Change The World While You Sleep

Up until now, Jeremy Cowart has been known as a photographer of the stars, but now he wants to be known for changing the world with what he is calling “The Purpose Hotel.” For the last ten years, the celebrity photographer has photographed various celebrities including Sting, Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, and others. […]

Chuck Palahniuk: Author Of ‘Fight Club’ To Adapt His Novel ‘Lullaby’ Into A Movie Depending On Kickstarter Success

Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club and Choke, is aiming to turn another one of his disturbingly entertaining novels into a movie. Through a Kickstarter campaign, Palahniuk wants Lullaby to be the latest novel to be seen on the silver screen. The news of Chuck Palahniuk wanting Lullaby turned into a movie was reported […]

Forget The Cloud, Kickstarter Project Aims To Back Up Humanity Using Stars And Nano Spacecraft As Time Capsules

With cloud storage, people can easily store their photos, music, and books, but what if there was a way to back up all of mankind’s knowledge on one tiny Humanity Chip. That’s the goal of a Kickstarter project called Voices of Humanity run by Philip Lubin who is also helping Stephen Hawking and Silicon Valley […]

Down Syndrome Teens Release Trailer For Their $70,000 Zombie Epic

Tech Times was the first to report that the zombie flick helmed by two teenage boys with down syndrome that raised nearly $69,000 via Kickstarter last Summer is finally nearing release, and the first trailer for the film just went up online a few hours ago. The film is entitled Spring Break Zombie Massacre and, […]

RenFest — Can the MST3K Crew Work Their Magic Through Kickstarter for a New Show?

RenFest is a proposed television show by the crew of the cult classic Mystery Science Theater 3000. Their website describes RenFest as “a TV comedy that explores the office politics of putting on a Renaissance festival, and all the quirky personalities involved.” Huffington Post described it as follows. “Think ‘The Office’ or ‘Parks and Recreation’ […]

Erotic Cat Licking Parties Are The Next Big Thing: Kickstarter’s Bizarre ‘Licki Brush’ Campaign

“Have you ever wanted to lick your cat?” is the first sentence from the page of a recent Kickstarter campaign for the “Licki Brush,” a sort of prosthetic cat tongue you can hold in your mouth while “licking” your cat with it. Since the page went up this past Tuesday, it has gone viral, being […]

‘Star Trek’ Fan Film Sued By Paramount Gets Boost From Klingon Speakers In Bid To Save ‘Axanar’

Star Trek is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year with a new movie, a museum exhibit honoring the crew of the Enterprise, and a lawsuit targeting its most dedicated fans. Alec Peters raised $100,000 on Kickstarter for a 20-minute fan-fiction film, titled Prelude to Axanar, that has generated two million views and is now the […]

Kickstarter Group Wants $20 Million To Fix ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dorne Storyline

Warning: small spoilers ahead. A group of super fans wants to rewrite the Dornish plotline in HBO’s Game of Thrones and they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $20 million they’ll need to fix the hugely popular show. The project “Fixing Dorne” aims to create several “plug and play” scenes that will interact with […]

Russians Utilizes Kickstarter To Fund ‘Artificial Star’ To Help Remove Space Junk, Will Be Brightest Star In Sky

Russian scientists are hoping to launch the first “artificial star” satellite that will help combat the space debris problem. The satellite, called Mayak, will have a reflective covering that is always pointed towards the sun, which will make it the brightest object in the night’s sky if it is launched this year as expected. However, […]

‘Liquor And Strippers’ Ant Sim Devs Respond To Former Partner

Truly proving the old idiom that there are always two sides to every story, the two Ant Simulator developers accused of misusing company funds on “liquor and strippers” have, perhaps unsurprisingly, stepped forward to defend themselves by responding to their former business partner’s allegations. Eric Tereshinski, lead developer of the crowdfunded indie game company ETeeski […]

‘Ant Simulator’ Cancelled After Rogue Devs Blow Kickstarter Budget On ‘Liquor And Strippers’

A crowdfunded Ant Simulator game has been cancelled under most unusual circumstances. Two of the developers allegedly blew the project’s budget on restaurants, bars, liquor, and strippers. Yeah, you read that right. Not long ago, Ant Simulator was a promising indie game that was met with much enthusiasm and covered favorably by prominent gaming websites […]

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter Record-Breaking Performance Guarantees Reboot

Get excited, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans! The Kickstarter project meant to help revive the popular series was a huge success. How huge? Well, according to CNN, the Kickstarter for Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a record-breaking affair. Reportedly, the page managed to raise a whopping $5,764,229 in a single month. There was also a […]

Thanks To Kickstarter, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Is Officially Coming Back! 14 Episodes Will Air Next Year

Thanks to Kickstarter, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans can expect 14 new episodes of the 1990s cult classic next year, Yahoo News is reporting. Mystery Science Theater 3000 nabs $6 million in record crowdfunding campaign https://t.co/SxVkMk4oNq by @DelRey pic.twitter.com/Cii0KHpogX — Re/code (@Recode) December 12, 2015 Mystery Science Theater 3000, for those not familiar, was a […]

Smart Beer Mugs Enable You To Drink Responsibly

From college life to house parties, there’s a Kickstarter out now for smart beer mugs. According to Tech Times, this is not your standard mug, and it is called ePint. This is a reactive drinking vessel known to light-up depending on the mood of the party or a game day celebration. https://www.facebook.com/NewsWatchTV/photos/a.457147664030.255506.345005634030/10153770257414031/?type=3&permPage=1 ePint, as reported […]

‘BattleTech’ Busts Kickstarter $2.5M Stretch Goals At Finish

Harebrained Scheme’s Kickstarter for the BattleTech game concluded Tuesday after a month of gathering money from crowdfunding. The Kickstarter for the turn-based PC game can only be described as a success after reaching all stretch funding goals and Harebrained communicating what it would do with all funds earned in excess of the final stretch goal. […]

‘Her Coloring Book’ Is Top Kickstarter Campaign Funded: Adult Coloring Book By Morgan Carson Captivates Women

Meet Morgan Carson. An artist creatively uninhibited and “inspired by femininity, joyful peace, and self-expression.” This is what Her Coloring Book embraces as a whole. Her message is catching on with gripping support as her project shows on Kickstarter, a funding platform for artists in a variety of mediums. The 29-year-old native from Seattle is […]

Alabama Man’s Chicken McNugget GoFundMe Campaign A Viral Success

A broke college student who wanted a chicken McNugget meal had a brilliant idea, and now not only is he 20 nuggets richer, he has some internet fame on the side. The Daily Dot reports that Jacksonville State University student Michael Panik successfully raised $10 on the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe, which helped pay for […]

Kickstarter Campaign Asked For $20K, Gets Over $9 Million

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that has helped many people get funds for their projects. Some Kickstarter campaigns are more successful than others, and one man just had major success with his Kickstarter campaign. A Chicago-based entrepreneur took to Kickstarter to raise some funds, and he was seeking to raise $20,000. The entrepreneur ended up […]

‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’ Funded On Kickstarter Within 12 Hours

Larian’s surprise hit from last year is getting a sequel, at it seems fans are eager to play Divinity: Original Sin 2, if Kickstarter goals can be an indicator. Funding within the first 12 hours of going live on Kickstarter, Divinity: Original Sin 2 will definitely be made now, it’s only a matter of how […]

Kickstarter Project Aims To Hide Booze In A Tablet

Kickstarter campaigns exist for nearly everything you can imagine, from indie films to specialty clothing to items you may never in your life have a need for. But there’s one Kickstarter campaign lately that’s been getting a great deal of attention — mainly because it’s apparently a clever new way to sneak alcohol around in […]

Missing 411: Documentary About 1,400 Missing North American Hikers Gets Funded Via Kickstarter

Missing 411, a documentary based on the mysterious and tragic disappearances of over 1,400 children and adults in national parks in the United States, has surpassed its $100,000 Kickstarter goal and continues to collect funding. Missing 411 — the documentary — is the brainchild of Ben Paulides. Ben’s father, David Paulides, is at the heart […]

The Spacesuit From Neil Armstrong’s Historic Moonwalk Is Crumbling, And Only You Can Save It

On July 20, 1969 — 46 years ago Monday — Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. But the suit he wore during that historic mission is falling apart, and only crowdfunding can save it. The federal money received by the National Air and Space Museum won’t cover an expensive effort to restore and preserve Armstrong’s […]

‘Star Wars’ Style Hoverbike Is A Reality, And It’s Available To Order

A British firm has partnered with the United States Military to develop a Star Wars-style hoverbike, constructing a prototype of a unique craft that may redefine air travel. The hoverbike is the product of Malloy Aeronautics, a UK-based firm, according to the Guardian. Chris Malloy, a New Zealander based in Australia, developed the initial hoverbike […]

‘Shenmue 3’ Breaks $3.5M On Kickstarter, Unlocks Skill Tree Stretch Goal [Breaking]

The Kickstarter for Shenmue 3, by series-creator Yu Suzuki, has just broken $3.5 million. This means that the “skill trees” flex goal has been reached, and bumps the game up to the sixth highest-funded video game ever on Kickstarter – with 26 days remaining. As the Inquisitr has previously noted, the last game in the […]

Another Uwe Boll Movie Funding Rant Posted On YouTube [NSFW]

Film director Uwe Boll has a reputation for his temper, something his latest expletive filled rant on YouTube confirms. The 49-year-old German director took to the internet to vent his anger when his latest Kickstarter funding project failed to reach its goal. As of this writing the film, Rampage 3: No Mercy has only raised […]

‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ Shows Off Combat In Pre-E3 Trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person, historical Western RPG set in Bohemia in 1403. The game, after becoming a Kickstarter success which many games afterwards have followed suit, is currently in Alpha testing has garnered over $2 million in funding from fans around the globe. So it’s no shock that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have […]

Leonard Nimoy Documentary ‘For The Love Of Spock’ Needs You

The son of Leonard Nimoy, Adam Nimoy, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring to life the documentary he says the senior Nimoy had hoped to bring to fruition before his passing. The documentary, For the Love of Spock, is based on Leonard’s life and his portrayal of Star Trek‘s most famous science officer. […]

Retro VGS Kickstarter Relies On Nostalgia For The Future Of Video Games

On September 29, 1996, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64. It would be the last console to feature cartridges as the storage medium before Sony’s PlayStation would change the landscape of game distribution and development with the optical disc format. Now Mike Kennedy, founder of GameGavel and Retro magazine, is gearing up to launch the Retro […]

Archie Comics Kickstarter Cancelled: Project ‘Was No Longer About The Books’

The Kickstarter that was looking to help with funding for three new Archie Comics’ series has been cancelled less than a week after it started. According to the description on the project’s Kickstarter page, Archie Comics has plans to launch an updated version of Archie #1 in honor of the company’s 75th anniversary. The company […]

Without A Buyer, The Ouya Console Is Dead

Ouya, the company behind a promised revolution in gaming development and distribution, is in trouble. A memo sent to investors and advisors from Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman notified recipients that the company had failed to meet one of its investor’s conditions and renegotiation has failed. Without a buyer by the end of the month, the […]

The Kilo Cube Does Nothing Specific But Costs A Cool $199 

Just when you thought Kickstarter campaigns couldn’t get any stranger, we present the Kilo Cube, a 1.5-inch metal cube which does nothing other than sit on your desk looking cubey. To find out what the appeal of the cube is, reporters caught up with its creator, 29-year-old Jaime Raijman, who explained that when people pick […]

Pebble Time Smartwatch Raises $1 Million On Kickstarter In Less Than An Hour, Sets New Record

Pebble, the company responsible for the smartwatch, started taking new pre-orders for their new Pebble Time smartwatch on Tuesday morning on Kickstarter and raised one $1 million in less than an hour… 49 minutes to be exact. This massive number of sales obviously set a new Kickstarter record. “It’s clearly the fastest funding project in […]

‘Exploding Kittens’ Raises $8.7 Million In Record-Breaking Fundraiser

Exploding Kittens is “a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.” It is also described as “a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette.” If that sounds appealing to you, perhaps appealing enough to throw money at it, you aren’t alone. The card game’s Kickstarter campaign […]

Grab A Cat And Barbie: Kickstarter Project Offers Roman Add-Ons For Barbie And A Chariot Fit For The Cat

Barbie only needs a cat and a chariot to get around these days. Forget the horse or the sports car: Barbie is going Roman and riding into battle. A new Kickstarter campaign is driven to raise $15,000 in order to get mastermind Jim Rodda’s “Roman Barbie” off the ground and prepare him for something better, […]

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Kickstarter Fully Funded Beyond Initial Goal of $85,000

It is not very often that video games can make you cry, or tell a truly emotional story that can leave rooms of people playing a simple demo in tears. That Dragon, Cancer is one such game, and it has passed its fundraising target on Kickstarter. A goal of $85,000 was originally set to finish […]

Lunar Mission One: A Chance To Reserve Your Place In Space [Video]

Lunar Mission One is scheduled to go deep below the surface of the moon in 2024. This scientific lunar exploration will include a time capsule, or digital memory box of the history of humankind on Earth, including a species database that chronicles earth’s biodiversity from rainforests to coral reefs, and memories of an entire generation. […]

Logbar Bluetooth Ring A Bust? Reviewers Call It ‘Worst Product Ever Made’

When the word about a Bluetooth ring being developed by Logbar first hit the information superhighway, many fans and critics were excited by the mere concept of such an invention being made possible. That was one of the main reasons why its corresponding Kickstarter campaign reached the level of success that it did. Tech company […]

Never Fight Tangled Christmas Lights Again By Going Wireless

It seems as though Christmas lights have a mind of their own. No matter how careful you are when you pack them away at the end of the holiday season, you know that the next season will only offer you a misery of tangled Christmas lights. Not only is the tangle of Christmas lights a […]

‘Storybook For Nonbelievers’ Teaches Kids To Question God Via Monsters Under The Bed Analogy

The authors call it a “storybook for nonbelievers,” and say that it fills an empty space in the children’s storybook market. They’ve got a Kickstarter going to fund their storybook, so they can keep creative control, and nonbelievers must agree that the book is needed because they’re already well on their way to enough donations […]

Moon Mission To Be Funded By Kickstarter – Get Your Name On The Moon

A mission to the moon in the near future is being crowdfunded via Kickstarter and organized by British rock star Brian Cox. Dubbed Lunar Mission One, according the its official site, the mission will be to drill deep down under the surface of the moon to take a look at what lies beneath, (something that […]

Sonic Decanter Promises To ‘Age’ Wine, Improve Flavor In Minutes

A company called Dionysus Technology Concepts is offering the Sonic Decanter on Kickstarter, a device that uses high-frequency sound waves to alter compounds in wine, transforming young bottles and making them taste markedly better, as if they were finely aged. According to the Daily Mail, the Sonic Decanter relies on a patented technology that utilizes […]