Kesha Will Headline Dan Reynolds’ LGBTQ Music Festival, LOVELOUD

Kesha is offering her influence and her vocal skills to the LBGTQ community this June. The singer recently agreed to headline the LOVELOUD festival, an event that was created by Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. Kesha hopes her participation in the festival will encourage more participation and attendance from her fans. She […]

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Calling Katy Perry ‘Mean’ In Texts To Kesha

Lady Gaga has clarified those texts to Kesha in which she agreed that Katy Perry was “mean.” When news of the messages first broke, many interpreted them as proving that there was “beef” between the singers. But Gaga has explained that the texts are old and don’t reflect how she currently feels about Perry. “@katyperry […]

Katy Perry Rejects Dr. Luke Rape Rumors In Unsealed Deposition

Katy Perry denied rumors that Dr. Luke had raped her in a deposition excerpt unsealed on Monday. Variety reports that the deposition is part of a defamation suit that the producer has filed against Kesha, who has accused Dr. Luke of raping her. Attorneys for Dr. Luke are accusing Kesha of spreading the rumor that […]

Dr. Luke, Disgraced Music Producer Accused Of Assaulting Kesha, Selling His Hollywood Mansion For $12.8M

Lukasz Gottwald, better known as Dr. Luke, has put his Hollywood mansion up for sale for $12.8 million. Dr. Luke has been the center of controversy ever since the #FreeKesha movement has taken off, which is tied to the lawsuits that Kesha filed against the music producer. Dr. Luke bought his Hollywood mansion in 2008 […]

Kesha’s Latest Bid To Get Out Of Dr. Luke Deal Has Been Denied

Singer and songwriter Kesha will come head to head in a trial against Sony music producer “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, who she alleged raped her, in addition to emotionally and verbally abusing her for a decade, according to People. On Tuesday, a New York appeals court once again blocked Kesha Rose Sebert’s countersuit and affirmed the […]

Kesha Wanted To Prove That She ‘Deserved To Be There’ In Grammy Performance

This year at the Grammy’s, Kesha sang her hit song “Praying” after taking her life back, at least in part, by releasing her first new album in five years, Rainbow, last August. After rocketing to the top of pop charts with her first album Animal, Kesha spent years locked in a legal battle with her […]

‘Kesha, Who Cares?’ Ben Shapiro Slams #MeToo Sex Abuse Performance In Hilarious Roast

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has laid into Kesha, U2, and pretty much everyone at the Grammys, criticizing the “Tik Tok” singer in particular for her emotive performance. Ben Shapiro is a rising star in the young conservative movement and is sometimes compared to Milo Yiannopoulos, who he has feuded with and is rumored to dislike. […]

Kesha Suffers Seriously Nasty Fall While On Stage [Video]

Kesha suffered what appeared to be a pretty nasty fall while live on stage during a concert in Dubai as she fell to the floor in front of the crowd before then landing on her back with her feet in the air. Footage captured by concertgoers shows the “Praying” singer performing at a music festival […]

Grammys 2018: Ed Sheeran’s Win Over Kesha Slammed As ‘Homophobic’ And ‘Sexist’

The internet seriously isn’t happy after seeing Ed Sheeran take home two Grammy awards for Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album at last night’s (January 28) award show. After Sheeran, who didn’t attend the awards in New York City, won for his track “Shape of You” and album Divide over Kesha’s “Praying” […]

Pink Slams Dr. Luke Amid Abuse Allegations: ‘He’s Not A Kind Person’

Pink couldn’t have made how she feels about music producer Dr. Luke any clearer than if she’d tattooed the message on his face. The embattled music producer, real name Lukasz Gottwald, was hammered by accusations of sexual abuse and harassment in 2014 from pop songstress Kesha. In the courtroom drama, Kesha detailed incidents with Dr. […]

Pink Joins The Ranks Against The Infamous Dr. Luke, New Revelations Surface After Interview

The sexual assault case against Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, a.k.a. Dr. Luke, by singer Kesha may have been dropped in 2016, but his tawdry reputation continues to make headlines. In an October 5 interview with the New York Times, Grammy winner Pink spoke out about her opinion of Dr. Luke- and it was far from exemplary. […]

Kesha Turns To Faith And Prayer Amid Her Troubling Dr. Luke Trial

Kesha literally turned to prayer amid her ongoing trial with music producer Dr. Luke. She appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she had an emotional performance of her new song “Praying.” She also performed the song on The Tonight Show, reports Consequence of Sound. She’s been praying a lot and showing off her spiritual […]

Lady Gaga To Provide Full Texts For Kesha And Dr. Luke Case

Lady Gaga has agreed to help Kesha in her battle against former record producer, Dr. Luke. The singer has previously accused the music producer of abuse. However, he claims that this never happened and is now suing the singer for defamation. Lady Gaga and Kesha spoke about the case via text message and what actually […]

Lady Gaga Is Set To Testify For Dr. Luke In Kesha Defamation Case, But Will She Show?

As the legal drama between record producer Dr. Luke and Kesha forges on, the public can expect to see more celebrities drawn into the conflict. Lady Gaga is the latest to be drawn into the court case, having been subpoenaed by Dr. Luke’s lawyers. What the Joanne artist will say or what the attorneys want […]

Kesha’s New Album Inspired By UFOs: Singer Claims Sighting At Least Five ‘Spaceships’

Kesha is back with new music that the pop singer/songwriter insists was inspired by a UFO sighting she had in the Joshua Tree National Park in California. She also insists that she was totally sober during the encounter and what she saw was multiple “spaceships.” Appearing on the Zach Sang Show, Kesha, now 30, talked […]

The Rebirth Of Kesha: Singer Releases ‘Praying,’ The First Single From Upcoming ‘Rainbow’ Album

Thursday morning marked the “beginning” of the rebirth for pop star Kesha with the unveiling of the music video for her new song “Praying,” and the subsequent official announcement of her long-awaited third studio album, Rainbow. Writers for Entertainment Weekly note that the “Tik Tok” singer dropped the stunning Jonas Ackerlund-directed visual for the powerful […]

Kesha Announces New Single ‘Praying’ In Emotional Video To Fans

We have all seen the wild ride that Kesha has been on over the past few years, but the singer is getting back to what she does best: releasing new music. In an emotional video thanking her fans earlier today, Kesha announced her new single, “Praying,” is coming. Get all the Kesha new music details […]

Dr. Luke And Kesha’s Mom: Defamation Suit Dropped

In 2014, Kesha told the world that she had been raped by her producer, Dr. Luke, and that she had been blackballed from the music industry. This, she says, explained why she hadn’t written any music in a while and why no one had heard from her. Dr. Luke, however, said that Pebe Sebert, Kesha’s […]

Jerry Seinfeld Dissed Kesha With A Hug Snub, Now The Moment Is An Awkward Work Of Art

Last Monday, actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld made headlines after blatantly dissing a red carpet hug from pop singer Kesha not once but three times. The cringe-worthy incident took place outside the David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and the whole drama was caught on […]

Jerry Seinfeld Explains Why He Wouldn’t Hug Kesha [Video]

Jerry Seinfeld created an Internet sensation Monday night with footage of him declining a hug from pop singer Kesha three times going viral. The hilarious encounter or non-encounter occurred on the red carpet at the National Night Of Laughter And Song hosted by the David Lynch Foundation at the John F. Kennedy Center for the […]

Jerry Seinfeld Snubbing A Hug From Kesha 3 Times In A Row Is Hilarious: ‘I Don’t Know Who That Was’

If there’s one thing that we all learned from watching Seinfeld, it’s that its co-creator and star Jerry Seinfeld is rather particular. Even though it has now been 19 years since the hit comedy went off the air, it appears as though the comedian is still just like his character, because footage of Jerry Seinfeld […]

L.A. Reid Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Sony Music Confirms Reid’s Epic Records Exit

Just three days after Variety reported that Epic Records chairman and CEO L.A. Reid was leaving Sony Music, the reason for his abrupt departure has surfaced. According to the New York Post, Reid has been accused of sexual harassment by a “co-worker” at Epic Records. In a letter submitted to Sony Music, the accuser, detailed […]

Kesha Lawsuit: Dr. Luke Out At Sony — Or Is He?

As his legal battle with Kesha drags on, a report emerged yesterday that Sony had ended its relationship with Dr. Luke. The music producer has been locked in a legal battle with the singer since 2014. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Luke has been removed as CEO of Kemosabe Records, the Sony-owned label he […]

Kesha On Having A ‘Higher Power’ And Releasing New Music Amid Dr. Luke Lawsuit

Kesha is focused on her music amid her ongoing legal battle against Dr. Luke. The singer filed a lawsuit against the music producer and claimed that he emotionally, physically, and sexually assaulted her during the time they worked together. Dr. Luke has banned Kesha from releasing any music on her own, so she has been […]

Celebrities And Their Controversial Relationships With Fellow Celebs

Past and present celebrities open up about their controversial relationship with fellow celebs as they tackle issues of gender. These actresses and actors boldly talk about their gender status without hesitations despite the backlash they would receive from critics. To be honest, people think that it’s so easy to be in their shoes — meaning […]

Dr. Luke To Subpoena #FreeKesha Protest Organizer For Conspiring To Defame Him

Dr. Luke and his lawyers have subpoenaed Michael Eisele, the founder of the #FreeKesha movement, for conspiring to defame him with “bogus Internet petitions.” According to court documents obtained by Pitchfork, the Sony music producer alleged Eisele is intentionally spreading false information surrounding his ongoing lawsuit with Kesha. The documents state Eisele is “closely coordinating” […]

Lady Gaga Debuts Boyfriend At Grammys After-Party, The Rise Of ‘Gaga Feminism’

Lady Gaga famously ended her five-year relationship to fiance Taylor Kinney in July of 2016, and now her fans are thrilled to hear that the “Bad Romance” singer is happily involved with a new man. As Us Magazine reported, Christian Carino is not just Lady Gaga’s new boyfriend, but he is also her agent. Eagle-eyed […]

Kesha Shares ‘Abusive’ Emails From Dr. Luke About Her Weight

Kesha released “abusive” emails from her former producer Dr. Luke which criticized her weight. The pop star has been battling with Sony Music and the producer for the past three years attempting to end her contact, accusing Dr. Luke of rape and emotional abuse. Kesha’s music producer Dr. Luke claimed in 2012 that musicians were […]

Kesha Allegedly Accused Dr. Luke Of Raping Other Artists In Texts To Lady Gaga

The arduous legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha has now reached unnerving heights. Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald has recently filed documents requesting a judge to add a defamation claim against Kesha in his lawsuit. According to Dr. Luke’s amended complaint, his team discovered Kesha sent texts to Lady Gaga claiming Dr. Luke raped other […]

Katy Perry And Lady Gaga Mentioned In Kesha’s Legal Battle Against Dr. Luke

Both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have found themselves involved in Kesha’s ongoing legal battle against hit music producer Dr. Luke. Katy Perry and Kesha have worked with the producer on their hit songs. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, has shown the “Tik Tok” singer support after she accused Dr. Luke of sexual assault. […]

Kesha Talks Anxiety And Depression Battle: Inspired To Make New Music?

Kesha opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression and now feels that she can help others who are struggling through a difficult time. The singer finally recognized the “power of my voice.” When can we expect new music? Kesha has not released new music since her 2012 album Warrior. The singer has […]

The Five Best Kesha Songs

Pop star Kesha has long been the subject of intense media coverage, but a new Kesha song has not been released in months. In the wake of today’s New York Times profile on Kesha entitled “Kesha, Interrupted,” many revelations have come out about the singer and her relationship with her record label, Kemosabe Records. Kesha, […]

Kesha: ‘TiK ToK’ Singer Nearly Died, ‘I Tried To And Almost Killed Myself’ Due To Dr. Luke’s Alleged Body Shaming

Kesha opened up about the body shaming she allegedly experienced while under the watchful eye of record producer, Dr. Luke. Kesha, 29, is still battling her former producer in court, according to People. In a new in-depth interview, the “TiK ToK” singer told The New York Times that she was under great pressure to stay […]

Kesha Drops ‘F*****g Horrible’ Sex Lawsuit After Taylor Swift Gives Support, Liam Payne Case Reveals Sony Attitude To Lost Artists

She was given a cool $250,000 by Taylor Swift to keep fighting, according to CNN, but troubled pop star Kesha has abandoned her sexual assault lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke. The Verge reports that Kesha has dropped the California suit against producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, whom she accused of sexually assaulting her. Kesha is […]

It Ain’t Your Rainbow: Respecting Kesha’s Choice To Drop Her Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

The public tends to forget that behind every entertainer is a person. A person who, in spite of their extremely public career and notoriety, has the right to go about their life in a way that brings peace to their mind, body, and spirit without questions from an ever-invasive peanut gallery of witnesses. After a […]

JoJo Levesque Reveals Shocking Way Record Company Execs Forced Her To Lose Weight, Kesha Chimes In

JoJo Levesque is breaking the glass ceiling regarding the pressure young female pop stars face when it comes to body image. In a new interview with Pop Sugar, JoJo revealed that she was forced to lose weight in order to appease her record company in the early years of her career. At age 18, JoJo […]

Taylor Swift: Still The Most Generous Celebrity For Four Years Going On Five

Taylor Swift may be jet-setting the globe with official boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, but she never forgets people who may need more of her attention. While in Australia, Swift found time to visit a children’s hospital on Tuesday. As expected, the sick children at the hospital were very happy to meet Taylor Swift, according to People. […]

Kesha On Tour With Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party

Kesha, the American singer and songwriter best known for “Tik-Tok” and “We R Who We R,” recently found herself in tears on stage. According to E! Online, Kesha had tears in her eyes before she took the stage to perform her rendition of “Til It Happens To You.” Kesha’s Performance Of Lady Gaga’s “Til It […]

Justin Bieber Manager, Kesha, Other Stars Seek Gun Control Amid Orlando & Christina Grimmie Horror

Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun has become one of the growing number of celebrities seeking gun control reform. Braun turned to social media to make his views known after two tragedies shocked the nation, reported Billboard. First came the horrific death of Christina Grimmie, an alum of The Voice. The gifted singer lost her life […]

Kesha Fires Back At Body Shamers, Says Her Body Is ‘Not Your Business’

Kesha was sure to not let a critic, who wrote some pointed words to the singer’s Instagram account, get away with their shaming easy. The singer took to her social media account and reminded the shamer that her body is nobody’s business but her own. Kesha slams body shamers: “Kiss my magical imperfect a–“: […]

Kesha Hits BBMAs, Leaves Fans And Critics Wondering — What’s Next?

It was the performance that no one was quite sure would happen. Kesha hit all the right notes during her performance at the Billboard Music Awards last night, but Dr. Luke, the producer she is currently suing, nearly prevented the performance from happening at all. While it was certain why Dr. Luke pulled the plug […]

2016 Billboard Music Awards: The Best — And Worst — Red Carpet Looks From The BBMAs

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards took over Las Vegas on May 22 and the biggest stars in music certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to bringing some pretty outrageous looks to the pink carpet, where black was definitely the color of the night. Here’s all the very best (and worst!) pink carpet fashion looks from […]

Kesha Performance Back On At The Billboard Music Awards After Dr. Luke Blocks Her Kesha’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards is back on! After another wave of backlash and bad press, Dr. Luke and his label, Kemosabe, have decided to reverse their ruling that Kesha would be banned from performing at the Billboard Music Awards. According to E! Online, Kemosabe Records put an official statement out restoring […]

Kesha Will Perform At Billboard Awards, But There’s A Catch

Kesha will be performing at the Billboard Awards this Sunday after Dr. Luke and Kemosabe finally approved of the singer’s performance, after briefly banning the scheduled Kesha appearance over fears that she would use the platform to discuss the ongoing litigation against Dr. Luke and Kemosabe. “Kesha’s performance on the Billboard Music Awards was always […]

Dr. Luke’s Meddling Is Further Proof Of Emotional Abuse

Kesha and her fans were very much looking forward to her performance at the Billboard Music Awards. The singer had planned to cover Bob Dylan’s hit “It Ain’t Me.” Unfortunately, Dr. Luke and Kemosabe Records rescinded their permission for her to do so. As reported by CNN, Kesha explained the change of plans in an […]

Kesha Talks About Cancelled Billboard Awards Appearance, Says Performance Wasn’t About Dr. Luke

Although Kesha and Dr. Luke are done with their public court battle, it seems like the battle is still being fought on Kesha’s end. The singer was poised to have a comeback at the Billboard Music Awards with a tribute performance to singer Bob Dylan. Kesha broke the news that she would no longer be […]

Dr. Luke’s Label Pulls Kesha From Billboard Music Awards Performance Fans of recording artist Kesha are dealing with a major letdown after the singer recently announced that a scheduled performance on this year’s Billboard Music Awards has been scrapped. According to E! Online, Kesha broke the news via Instagram, implying that she was yanked from the May 22 spot as part of her ongoing […]

Kesha Declares She’s Taking Her Life Back After Court Battle And Eating Disorder

Kesha is ready to take her life back. Us Weekly reports that the “Timber” singer opened up about her life in a long Instagram post on Sunday, May 15. Kesha posted what looked like a topless photo of her, with arms held high and her middle fingers raised. It’s the caption of the photo that […]

Kesha Covers Lady Gaga Anti-Rape Song, But Both Singers Are Accused Of Hypocrisy

Kesha performed what some considered a touching version of Lady Gaga’s anti-rape anthem, “Till It Happens To You,” on Saturday evening, according to Rolling Stone. “Kesha appeared onstage at the Humane Society Gala in Los Angeles Saturday night to deliver an emotional, bare rendition of Lady Gaga’s Oscar-nominated song ‘Til It Happens to You.’ ‘I […]

Kesha Nails Lady Gaga Cover At Humane Society Gala, Bringing Herself And Audience To Tears [Video]

Kesha’s recent performance of Lady Gaga’s Oscar-nominated song “Til It Happens to You” moved both the singer and the audience to tears as Kesha poured her heart into revealing the true meaning of the song. Throughout the past year, Kesha, who has not released a new album in years, has been fighting a personal battle […]