WWE News: Former Champion Offers Help In Making ‘Raw Underground’ Matches ‘Look Good’

In a series of tweets shared on Monday night, former WWE superstar Ken Shamrock offered his assistance to Shane McMahon, noting that he might be the person he needs to help make the matches on the recently launched “Raw Underground” project appear more realistic. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Shamrock tagged the accounts of both WWE […]

WWE News: Real Reason For Ken Shamrock’s Departure From Company Revealed By Jim Ross

Ken Shamrock never won a WWE World Championship during his tenure in the company in the late 1990s, but the UFC legend was tipped for big things at one point. “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” was arguably the most legitimate fighter on the roster having come from a successful mixed martial arts background, but he […]

WWE Rumors: Former Champion Says WWE Tried To ‘Kill His Character’ With Taboo Storyline

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, there have been some very strange gimmicks and storylines for wrestlers to participate in. Some of them have been weird while others have gone as far as shocking, but not all ideas come to fruition. One former champion in WWE is now saying that the promotion wanted him to […]

Former WWE And UFC Star Set To Return To Impact Wrestling For First Time In 15 Years

Ken Shamrock, the former UFC champion who had a memorable run in WWE during the “Attitude Era” of the late 1990s, is reportedly headed to Impact Wrestling, where he will be returning to the company for the first time since 2004. As reported by Wrestling Inc., the 55-year-old Shamrock confirmed the news of his return […]

Ken Shamrock To Face ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawler At ‘Ultimate Bar Brawl’

Two former UFC fighters are scheduled to go head to head in a match at Ultimate Bar Brawl in Atlanta, GA on January 31, 2019. The professional wrestling match was just announced on Twitter by McAloon Productions, the company behind Ultimate Bar Brawl. The company is also promoting an event called Come Hell or High […]

WWE News: Former Attitude Era Star Says He Wants To Return To WWE To Complete ‘Unfinished Business’

While he may already be at an age where most professional wrestlers have long hung up the boots and retired, Ken Shamrock remains hopeful that the WWE will invite him back into the ring, close to two decades after he last appeared for the company as one of the top stars of its “Attitude Era.” […]

WWE News: Former Intercontinental Champion Will Return To WWE If One Condition Is Met

Usually, Vince McMahon is the one who wants to bring wrestlers into WWE and give them a contract, but there are some out there who believe they have the right to make demands of him. Ken Shamrock is a former WWE superstar and UFC fighter who is 53-years-old and hasn’t been in McMahon’s promotion since […]

WWE News: Former Champion Says He Would Have Beaten Brock Lesnar In Real Fight, Wants To Return To WWE

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion and sitting at the top of everything, but there are still those who believe they are better than him. The 39-year-old former UFC Champion is still dominating the wrestling scene and will continue to do that for a number of years. As he holds onto the title, […]

WWE News: Ken Shamrock Extremely Skeptical About Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return, Labels One Of Lesnar’s Skills As ‘Horrible’

Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar have never crossed paths, either in a professional wrestling ring or MMA octagon, despite similar journeys during their careers. Shamrock’s MMA origins stem all the way back to 1993, which led to a two-and-a-half year run with WWE beginning in 1997 before heading back to the octagon. Lesnar, meanwhile, debuted […]

Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice Fail ‘Bellator 149’ Pre-Fight Drug Tests

Bellator MMA stars Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock have failed their Bellator 149 pre-fight drug tests, according to MMA Fighting. Both Shamrock and Kimbo have been suspended by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The official drug test results are being withheld by the TDLR due to pending litigation. Both men had urine samples […]

Ken Shamrock Wants More ‘Legend Versus Legend’ Fights In Bellator MMA, Fans Want Them Too

On Friday, February 19, MMA fans tuned in to watch an event that could be described as nostalgic. It was on that night Ken Shamrock would take on Royce Gracie in the main event, the third fight in a trilogy that was more than two decades in the making. Joining them in the co-main event, […]

WWE News: Ken Shamrock Reveals Reasons For WWE Exit

Ken Shamrock is preparing for his upcoming bout against Royce Gracie in Friday’s Bellator 149, and the former UFC and WWE star recently sat down for an in-depth interview with wrestlinginc.com. Shamrock revealed a lot about his preparation, the direction of Bellator, his time in UFC, and of course, his career in sports entertainment as […]

Kurt Angle Unsure If WWE Will Allow Him To Return: Considering An MMA Fight With Kimbo Slice

Before this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble, there were some who suggested that Kurt Angle – who is currently wrapping up his retirement tour with Impact Wrestling – may appear as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Of course, the idea that Angle would return to WWE at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view seemed a […]

TNA News: Kurt Angle Says That He Is Retiring From Wrestling

Professional wrestling legend and TNA Impact Wrestling star Kurt Angle has announced his intentions to retire from wrestling after TNA’s Maximum Impact tour of the United Kingdom in January, per Wrestling News. On the latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling, a video of Angle talking to the media in the U.K. showed the 1996 Olympic gold […]

Bellator MMA News: Kurt Angle To Fight Ken Shamrock In MMA Fight?

Bellator MMA may not be as popular as UFC, but they are successfully growing in the world of MMA. They made a shocking announcement this past week by claiming TNA Superstar Kurt Angle will be coming to the promotion, and it does appear he will be fighting eventually. For those unaware, Angle has a big […]

Kurt Angle Signs With Bellator: Will The Former WWE Star Do An MMA Fight?

Kurt Angle signs with Bellator, and the world of professional wrestling begins to wonder if this is actually the moment when the former WWE star is going to make the jump to MMA. For years now, Kurt Angle has always discussed the possibility of him doing MMA. The former world heavyweight champion has even had […]

Nearly Two Dozen More Names Confirmed For ‘WWE 2K16,’ Several Legends Added

With less than two months until the release date, WWE 2K16 has 23 more names confirmed for the game. The Honky Tonk Man, Jake Roberts, Jim Neidhart, Kama Mustafa, Ken Shamrock, Mankind, Paul Wight, Rikishi, Billy Gunn, Bret Hart, The British Bulldog, Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Vader, Vince McMahon, X-Pac, Cactus Jack, Christian, Damien Sandow, […]

Ken Shamrock Says UFC Commentator Joe Rogan ‘Could Have Ruined My Career’ With Fixed Fight Comments

It’s been nearly two weeks since Bellator 138: Shamrock vs. Kimbo took place, and the fight itself is still making headlines because some people are calling the finish of the fight into question, saying that Ken Shamrock got knocked out on purpose. One of those people is podcast host, stand-up comedian, and UFC color-commentator Joe […]

MMA: Why Bellator Is The Number Two Professional Wrestling Fed Running Today

Last week at Bellator 138, millions tuned in to Spike TV to witness two things: a mixed-martial-arts card filled with numerous young, hungry, up-and-coming MMA fighters, many of whom are poised to become the next major superstars of the sport, and a sideshow main event featuring one 51-year-old MMA Hall of Famer who hadn’t fought […]

Bellator MMA: Ken Shamrock Not Planning To Retire, Wants Rematch With Kimbo Slice

Ken Shamrock is 51-years-old, and the last time he defeated anyone of note was 20 years ago, when he defeated Dan Severn via submission at UFC 6. Despite that, and despite his KO loss to Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138, Shamrock says that he’s not planning on retiring, and that, in fact, he’s just getting […]

Royce Gracie Willing To Fight Ken Shamrock In ‘Gracie Vs. Shamrock III’ In Bellator MMA — Legit MMA Fight Or Hype?

Earlier this month, Bellator MMA was able to deliver a fight, one that has almost seven years of festered hatred backed into it –Kimbo Slice versus Ken Shamrock. Leading up to the main event at Bellator 138, both Slice and Shamrock volleyed vocal barbs at each other. Shamrock claimed he would defeat Slice in the […]

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Believes Fight Between Kimbo Slice And Ken Shamrock ‘Looked Fake’

This past Friday night — in a fight that was nearly seven years in the making — MMA legend Ken Shamrock took on Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138, and, the finish of the fight — which was Kimbo Slice winning via KO — is being called into question by fans and fighters. Now, the finish […]

Bellator MMA: Kimbo Slice Vs. Herschel Walker Coming Later This Year?

This past weekend’s Bellator 138 main event between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock has received its fair share of controversy — from fans just not liking the idea of a 51-year-old taking on a 41-year-old to some fans saying that the finish of the fight — which was Ken Shamrock getting knocked out — was […]

Bellator 138: Kimbo Slice KO’s Ken Shamrock — Bobby Lashley Vs. Kimbo Coming Next?

It’s clear that both Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice are well past their physical primes, however, they’re both still huge names in the sport of MMA, which is why they were headlining tonight’s Bellator 138 show, above a Featherweight Championship fight. Before the fight, the two predictions that came in were that Shamrock would either […]

UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock Explains Reason for MMA Return To Fight Kimbo Slice At ‘Bellator 138’

On September 21, 1993, Ken Shamrock made his professional MMA debut when he took on (and defeated) Masakatsu Funaki. From that point until his retirement back on November 25, 2010, Shamrock had one of the most elusive careers in MMA history, earning him one of the first inductions in the UFC Hall of Fame. Fast […]

Kimbo Slice Vs. Ken Shamrock: Slice Promises Bareknuckle Fight Backstage If Shamrock Were To ‘P***y Out’

With the June 19, 2015 date coming up fast for Bellator 138, the insults volleyed between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock seem to intensify. First, Shamrock claimed he would finish Slice in the first round, stating he’d be disappointed if he didn’t. After that, Slice said he’s going to “knock Shamrock’s a** out!” Summarized, there […]

Kimbo Slice Vs. Ken Shamrock: Slice Claims He Is ‘Going To Knock Shamrock’s A** Out’ At Bellator 138

For anyone who follows MMA historically, they will most likely be able to detail the beef that Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock have with each other. Unfortunately for MMA fans, a fight between the two iconic MMA fighters never made it to fruition. However, that is about to change at Bellator 138 when Slice faces […]

Ken Shamrock Expects To Finish Kimbo Slice In The First Round, Says He’ll Be Disappointed In Himself If He Doesn’t

MMA legend Ken Shamrock hasn’t had a fight in nearly five years, and on June 19, the 52-year-old will step inside the cage with the street-fighting sensation, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson at Bellator 138, which was a fight that was supposed to happen in October of 2008, but, due to suffering an injury the day […]

Ken Shamrock Has Words For Jon Jones, Pens Open Letter

Ken Shamrock, the former UFC champion, has seen his share of ups and downs, but with the current Jon Jones hit-and-run situation, he seems to have found his footing. The MMA legend weighed in on the Jones situation with a heartfelt letter that expressed hope for the young fighter while not letting him off the […]

Bellator MMA: Brock Lesnar Vs. Bobby Lashley Could Happen Later This Year

At the end of this month, Brock Lesnar’s current WWE contract will expire, and he’ll likely opt to become a free agent. There’s no question that WWE will do everything they can to re-sign Lesnar, but if Lesnar — who is 37 years old — has any desire to fight again, the time to do […]

MMA News: 51 Year Old Ken Shamrock Will Return To Face Kimbo Slice On June 20

According to several media outlets today, former UFC and WWE star Ken Shamrock will be returning to MMA this summer to face Kimbo Slice. Shamrock was once the biggest star in the world of mixed martial arts, taking part in the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship event in 1993, where he lost to Royce Gracie […]

WWE News: Tapout To Become Official Sponsor For WWE Merchandise?

Prior to 2014, fighters from the MMA world came over to WWE. The first man to do that was Dan Severn. His classic bouts with Royce Gracie set the stage for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Others on the list of cross-promotion athletes included Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, and Rampage Jackson. However, Shamrock and Severn are […]

UFC: CM Punk Too Old For MMA? Ken Shamrock Suggests A WWE Return After A Few Fights

Is CM Punk too old for the UFC? Ken Shamrock believes that Phil Brooks should just shoot for doing several MMA fights and then perhaps consider returning to the WWE or some other professional wrestling company. In a related report by the Inquisitr, at first it was just a rumor that AJ Lee was leaving […]

The Story Behind CM Punk Signing With The UFC

Former WWE wrestler and new UFC signee CM Punk has spent his entire life proving people wrong in the wrestling world, and now that is his challenge in the world of mixed-martial-arts. When CM Punk entered the world of professional wrestling, nobody thought he would be able to make it as a top guy in […]

Ken Shamrock: ‘I Definitely Deserve To Be In’ WWE Hall Of Fame — Here’s Why!

Former WWE superstar Ken Shamrcok opened up in a recent interview about the WWE Hall of Fame and why he “definitely” deserves to be inducted into it. According to Not in Hall of Fame, the 50-year old former wrestler and MMA star claimed that he deserves that prestigious recognition and “earned that right” simply “based […]