Claudia Conway Wants Her Voice To Be ‘Heard’ During ‘American Idol’ Debut

Claudia Conway revealed that she wanted her voice to be heard during her audition for American Idol. The 16-year-old hopeful is the daughter of former President Donald Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway and her husband, Lincoln Project founder George Conway. She stood before judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan and explained who her famous […]

‘American Idol’ Teases Claudia Conway Audition In New Twitter Trailer

American Idol teased the audition of Claudia Conway in a new trailer posted to Twitter. Claudia is the daughter of former President Donald Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway and her husband, Lincoln Project founder George Conway. Claudia first teased her appearance on the show in November when she posted a TikTok video to social media of […]

Kellyanne Conway Admits Donald Trump Lost, Says Biden Administration ‘Can Count On Me’

In an interview with The 19th published on Friday, President Donald Trump’s former counselor Kellyanne Conway acknowledged Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. Trump has not yet conceded the race and maintains that it was rigged, while launching legal challenges in key states in order to overturn the results. Republicans and government […]

Kellyanne Conway To Leave Her White House Job At The End Of The Month To Focus On Her Family

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is stepping down from her job at the end of the month to focus on her family, The Washington Post reported. Her husband, George, who is vocally anti-Trump and is also the head of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, is stepping down from his public visibility as well. In […]

Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claudia Threatens To Run Away From Home To Escape Her Parents’ Politics

Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter, Claudia, publicly threatened to run away from home and seek emancipation over her parents’ politics, Insider reported. The 15-year-old is reportedly particularly incensed that her mother will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the daughter of the White House adviser is no fan of […]

Kellyanne & George Conway’s Daughter Claudia Deletes Social Media Accounts After Criticizing President Trump

Claudia Conway — the teenage daughter of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and her vocally anti-Donald Trump husband, George Conway — is deleting her social media accounts, Insider reported. In a tweet, the 15-year-old announced that her days on social media are coming to an end. “My parents are forcing me to delete social media […]

Kellyanne Conway Defends Donald Trump’s Use Of ‘Kung Flu’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to recent criticisms of President Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “kung flu” in reference to the coronavirus. Conway defended Tump’s use of the phrase by explaining that it was intended to highlight the virus’s origins in China and not meant to be racist, per Politico. “My reaction is […]

Kellyanne Conway Dismisses National Polls As ‘Colossal Waste Of Time And Money’

In an interview with Fox News that was broadcast on Thursday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway dismissed national polls as a “colossal waste of time and money,” Mediaite reported. Conway made the remarks during a conversation with anchor Bret Baier, only hours after Fox News released its latest national survey. The poll showed President Donald […]

Kellyanne Conway Says Joe Biden Is Like A ‘Co-Ed At The End Of A Frat Party’ For Female VP List

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway attacked former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday morning, saying that he is like a “co-ed at the end of a frat party” because he reportedly has an all-female list for a vice presidential pick. Conway spoke with Sandra Smith and Ed Henry on Fox News, as Newsweek reported, and […]

President Trump Attends March For Life Rally, The First Sitting United States President In History To Do So

On Friday, thousands of Americans headed to Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life Rally to take a stand against abortion. For the first time in history, a sitting United States president joined them, as Donald Trump made several remarks regarding his support of the pro-life effort. He also claimed that there has never […]

‘The View’ Host Predicts Divorce For Kellyanne Conway & Husband George After Twitter War Of Words

A host on The View predicts divorce for counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway and her husband George after a Twitter war of words divided the couple. The View hosts did not believe it was acceptable for the married couple to clap back at one another on social media, and former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin […]

Kellyanne Conway Attacks Joe Biden, But Her Husband Isn’t Having It

Kellyanne Conway and her husband George Conway seemingly have different political opinions when it comes to her boss, President Donald Trump. Yet, the couple usually manages to keep their relationship out of the spotlight while expressing their differing beliefs. However, on Monday, George directly addressed and contradicted a tweet sent by Kellyanne aimed at Joe […]

Kellyanne Conway Blasts Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Ad

Top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on Face the Nation on Sunday and spoke about Michael Bloomberg‘s just-announced 2020 presidential run, Newsweek reports. In particular, Conway took a shot at Bloomberg’s campaign advertisements and attacked his health care ideas. “I will say a couple of things about Michael Bloomberg,” Conway said. “His new ad […]

George Conway Acknowledges Wife Kellyanne Is A Donald Trump Enabler But Claims He’s Not Playing Games

As Kellyanne Conway continues to be a fierce advocate for President Donald Trump, her husband George Conway becomes more critical of him by the day. For months now, people have been posting tweets pointing out how his wife continues to support Trump in the midst of his own criticism toward the president and his administration, […]

George Conway Tells Pals Wife Kellyanne Is ‘In A Cult,’ Reports ‘Vanity Fair,’ But He Still Loves Her Anyway

George Conway believes that his wife, top Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, is “in a cult,” and his now-strained marriage to her will not improve until she leaves the Trump “cult,” according to a report published this week by Vanity Fair magazine. In sharp opposition to his wife, one of Trump’s most consistent and vociferous […]

FOX News Host Grills Kellyanne Conway On Impeachment: ‘Isn’t That The Definition Of A Quid Pro Quo?’

Kellyanne Conway went on FOX News Sunday, but she wasn’t greeted with the friendly reception that the network often gives people in the Donald Trump administration. Instead, she was harshly grilled by Chris Wallace regarding the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. According to Mediaite, the White House special counselor went on a media tour to discuss […]

Kellyanne Conway Doesn’t Know If Donald Trump Withheld Aid From Ukraine To Investigate Bidens

Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that she did not know whether the president had withheld funds from Ukraine until it agreed to investigate his theories into his 2020 rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. Speaking to fill-in host Dana Bash, Conway was asked about the situation — which sparked the House to launch […]

Kellyanne Conway Should Admit She Hates Her Husband George, Columnist Says

Kellyanne Conway, who has served as a counselor to President Donald Trump since 2017 after successfully bringing his 2016 campaign across the finish line, has found herself in the middle of another controversy this week, and a columnist for the Toronto Star says that the former pollster should admit that she hates her husband, George […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Debated Firing Mick Mulvaney & Putting Kellyanne Conway Or Steven Mnuchin In His Spot

President Donald Trump has reportedly been considering his options when it comes to replacing acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. From the sound of things, Trump has been thinking about making a change with this position for a while now, but Mulvaney’s recent on-air gaffes may make it that much harder for the president to […]

Kellyanne Conway Says Nancy Pelosi Is Just Doing What The Men Around Her Tell Her To Do

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway fired an attack against Nancy Pelosi on Friday, claiming that the House Speaker launched an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump because the men around her told her to. According to the Daily Beast, Conway believes that Pelosi changed her stance against impeaching the president because the men the Speaker works […]

Donald Trump Is Effective Because He Doesn’t ‘Study’ Situations Before Making Decisions, Says Kellyanne Conway

It’s undeniable that Donald Trump is somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to his approach to the presidency. Per The Inquisitr, he reportedly sends odd hand-written notes to Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who had to double-check with the White House to make sure they weren’t pranks. During an interview with Fox News Sunday, […]

Taylor Swift Fans Enraged At Kellyanne Conway’s Attack On The Singer

Kellyanne Conway is in hot water with Taylor Swift fans. After the White House counsel said that Swift “handily” lost in a battle against Donald Trump, Swifties came to the singer’s defense in a series of brutal takedowns on social media. If you’re wondering how a member of Donald Trump’s White House got into a […]

George Conway Might Work With Joe Walsh To Beat Donald Trump In 2020

Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, who announced over the weekend a primary challenge to unseat sitting President Donald Trump, is reportedly trying to involve Trump ally Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, in his campaign to beat the president. According to a report Sunday in The New York Times, Walsh met with Conway last Thursday to […]

Twitter Explodes With Mockery After Donald Trump ‘Orders’ Companies To Stop Doing Business With China

Donald Trump issued a series of tweets on Friday ordering companies to stop working with China and for shipping companies to start searching all packages coming from China, and the Twitterverse can’t get enough. The social media site exploded with mockery with the hashtag “#iherebyorder” trending on Friday afternoon. The president started the rant by […]

Kellyanne Conway Makes False Claim On Fox News That Antifa Stands For ‘Anti-First Amendment’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News to continue the Trump administration’s targeting of the far-left anti-fascist group Antifa, making the false claim that the group’s name stands for “anti-First Amendment.” Donald Trump has frequently criticized the group, which protests against fascism and frequently appears to counter white supremacist groups. The group’s name is an abbreviation […]

Kellyanne Conway Asks Jewish Reporter ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’ Twitter Says She’s Going ‘Full Nazi In Public’

Donald Trump’s White House Counselor and frequent public spokesperson Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday was asked a question by a reporter about Trump’s comments telling four first-year congressional reps to “go back” to their own countries — even though all four are Americans. Conway responded by challenging the reporter about his own background, as MediaIte reported. […]

Kellyanne Conway Rejects Her Husband’s Claim That Donald Trump Is Racist

Kellyanne Conway, a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump and member of the Trump administration, said Tuesday that she disagreed with an op-ed her husband wrote that called the president racist, per The Hill. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Conway’s husband penned an op-ed for The Washington Post published Monday after the president repeatedly took […]

Kellyanne Conway Simultaneously Claims To Not Understand Hatch Act And That She Didn’t Violate It

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is accused of violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from participating in partisan political activities while acting in their official capacity. While defending herself on Monday against the claim, Conway simultaneously claimed that she didn’t understand the Hatch Act while also insisting that she didn’t violate it. She […]

Watchdog Group Files Formal Complaint Against Ivanka Trump For Violating Hatch Act

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) on Thursday that claims Ivanka Trump violated the Hatch Act. The complaint comes just weeks after the OSC urged Donald Trump to remove White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway from office for similar violations, according to The Hill. […]

Trump Says He Won’t Fire Kellyanne Conway For Violating The Hatch Act

Despite recommendations from a top federal watchdog, President Donald Trump said on Friday that he has no plans to fire Kellyanne Conway for violating the Hatch Act. The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) recommended on Thursday that the White House counselor should be removed from office for repeatedly violating a law that bars federal employees […]

Kellyanne Conway Should Be ‘Removed From Federal Service,’ Government Agency Recommends

A government agency called the U.S. Office of the Special Counsel recommended that White House staffer and 2016 Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway be “removed from Federal Service” due to repeated violations of the Hatch Act. The office, an independent agency that enforces violations of the Hatch Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, and other laws, […]

Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back At Kellyanne Conway: ‘Are You Trying To Imply That I Am Less Christian?’

Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, hit back at White House counselor Kellyane Conway for suggesting that she was a poor Christian, The Hill reports. Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks came in a tweet on Sunday, which she addressed specifically to Conway. “On Easter I was away from tech visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico, […]

George Conway Bashes ‘DerangedDonald’ After Post About British Spies

The awkward battle between Donald Trump and George Conway, the husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, has started a new chapter, as the D.C. lawyer has given the president a less than endearing nickname, complete with a hashtag, “#DerangedDonald.” The Daily Beast reports that in reaction to Trump’s tweets about President Obama working with […]

Kellyanne Conway Predicts Second Trump Term Following Mueller Report

ABC News reports that Kellyanne Conway, one of President Donald Trump’s top advisers, believes that the Mueller report confirmed Republicans’ beliefs that the president did not commit any crimes or obstruction of justice. She made the comment on ABC’s This Week and added that the findings of the report will guarantee a second term for […]

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband George Conway Calls On Congress To Remove Trump ‘Cancer’ From Office

Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, has made it clear that he’s no fan of Donald Trump once again. Conway has written an op-ed for The Washington Post slamming the president and calling for his impeachment after the release of the redacted version of the Mueller report. “White House counsel John Dean famously told (President Richard) […]

All Charges Dropped Against Woman Accused Of Assaulting Kellyanne Conway

All charges against a woman who allegedly assaulted White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway have been dropped, according to CBS News. The Maryland State’s Attorneys Office in Montgomery County, Maryland, said that the charges of second-degree assault and disorderly conduct against Mary Inabinett, “did not rise to the level of a prosecution.” Conway told police in […]

Donald Trump’s Mental Condition Is Worsening And He Must Undergo Rigorous Assessment, Yale Psychiatrist Says

Donald Trump’s mental condition is deteriorating and he must undergo a rigorous assessment to determine if he is still fit to hold office, a Yale University psychiatrist says. Bandy X. Lee, who has frequently spoken out about signs of mental instability from the president, wrote this week that Trump’s presidency is growing more and more […]

Kellyanne Conway Slams Fox News Host For Inappropriate Questions About Her Marriage

It seems White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is getting a little tired of defending her marriage to George Conway, who is vocal in his opposition of President Donald Trump and the GOP. Speaking to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, Kellyanne lost her temper slightly when his line of questioning turned to her marriage again. […]

Creepy Uncle Joe Videos: Kellyanne Conway Tells People To Look Up Compilation Of Awkward Joe Biden Moments

Kellyanne Conway is going on the attack against Joe Biden — responding to an allegation that Biden inappropriately kissed a Democratic candidate from Nevada — by calling on people to view video compilations of Biden being a bit touchy with colleagues and even children. Biden is under fire after an essay penned by Lucy Flores […]

George Conway Points Out There’s ‘Something Pretty Damning’ In Mueller Report

Husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, George Conway, wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post on Tuesday, and in it, he points out that there must be “something pretty damning” in the Mueller report — if it went so far as to point out that it couldn’t exonerate Donald Trump of obstruction of justice. […]

Kellyanne Conway Says Adam Schiff Should Resign Over His Past Collusion Remarks

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff should resign, after Attorney General William Barr’s summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. In an interview with Fox & Friends on Monday, Conway criticized Democrats — and many in […]

Kellyanne Conway Calls Husband’s Twitter Attacks Unusual And Says The President Is Defending Her

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway called her husband’s Twitter attacks on President Donald Trump “unusual,” and said the president was defending her with his tweets. In an interview with Fox Business Network‘s Maria Bartiromo on Thursday, Conway spoke about the ongoing Twitter feud between her husband, George Conway, and the president. Conway said her spouse’s […]

Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump After He Lashes Out At Her Husband

On Wednesday, White House senior counsel Kellyanne Conway defended President Donald Trump’s attacks on her husband George Conway. According to The Hill, Conway said that the president was justified in contributing to the escalating battle between the two figures because her husband wasn’t a therapist. George Conway has a history of going after Trump on […]

Trump Labels George Conway ‘Husband From Hell’ For Adviser Kellyanne Conway

The ongoing feud between President Donald Trump and the spouse of one of his advisers continued early Wednesday with a tweet calling George Conway the “husband from hell” to wife Kellyanne Conway. According to Politico, Trump also appeared to allege that part of the reason the husband of one of his most trusted senior advisers […]

George Conway Hits Back After Donald Trump Calls Him A ‘Total Loser’

Just minutes after President Donald Trump called George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, a “total loser” on Twitter Tuesday morning (as The Inquisitr reported), Conway fired back with a series of tweets, escalating the ongoing Twitter feud between the two men. Conway implied that Trump suffered from narcissistic personality disorder after the […]

Donald Trump Praised ‘Total Loser’ George Conway’s Skills As A Lawyer In 2006 Letter

Donald Trump and George Conway, husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, have been slinging insults at each other recently. But the president apparently didn’t always consider the 55-year-old lawyer to be such a bad guy. In a 2006 letter published by The Washington Post, Trump praised Conway was a “top trial lawyer” and thanked […]

Donald Trump Calls Kellyanne Conway’s Husband George ‘A Total Loser’

The ongoing Twitter feud between Kellyanne Conway’s husband George and President Donald Trump devolved to name-calling in the early morning hours on Tuesday. Trump tweeted about Conway in response to a tweet by Brad Parscale, who served as Trump’s digital media director on the 2016 presidential campaign and now serves as the president’s campaign manager […]

Kellyanne Conway Suggests Everyone Should Read Alleged New Zealand Mosque Shooter’s Manifesto

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested on Monday that everyone should read alleged New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant’s white supremacist manifesto, Huffington Post is reporting. If they do so, she says, they will see that the alleged shooter and his ideals have nothing to do with Donald Trump. Conway appeared on Fox & Friends […]

Kellyanne Conway Says New Zealand Shooting Suspect Is Wrong To Suggest Trump Is A ‘White Identity’ Symbol

On Friday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway suggested that it was absolutely “wrong” for a shooting suspect, who left 49 people dead and 40 others injured in New Zealand, to claim that Donald Trump is any kind of “white identity” symbol. As The Hill reported, Conway stated categorically that Trump was absolutely not a white […]

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Calls For Investigation Into ‘Pathological’ Trump’s Mental Health

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, has some concerns about Donald Trump’s mental health. The lawyer laid into the president on Wednesday with a brutal Twitter rant that took Trump to task for what he calls repeated “pathological” lying to the American people. Conway initially tackled Trump’s recent slip of the […]