Trailer Drops For JJ Abrams And Jordan Peele’s New Horror Series, ‘Lovecraft Country’

On Friday, the trailer for JJ Abrams and Jordan Peele’s new horror series, Lovecraft Country, dropped, ScreenRant reported. The trailer gives a sneak peek into the show that’s expected to be yet another HBO hit. Watch the trailer here: The highly anticipated show is based on the 2016 book of the same name by […]

‘Hunters’ Ripped By Auschwitz Memorial As ‘Dangerous Foolishness’

Jordan Peele‘s newest venture, Amazon’s Hunters, is finally out, though it hasn’t gotten the reception many thought it might. The show has been met with mixed reactions from critics and fans alike, but none have been as scathing as the comments issued this weekend by the Auschwitz Memorial. The account posted at least some of […]

CBS All Access To Release Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ In Black-And-White

Jordan Peele has truly become one of the fantastic names in horror and chills, but can he take it a step further into the future? Into…The Twilight Zone? His new version of the classic horror TV series made its debut on April 1, and it has brought about rave reviews and even already been renewed […]

Jordan Peele Says He Doesn’t Think He Will Cast A White Male Lead

Jordan Peele achieved a new level of success when his 2017 film Get Out earned an Oscar and several rave reviews from critics. The acclaimed director did all he could to produce a follow-up film that wouldn’t disappoint his fans, including massively increasing the budget for his newly released movie, Us. So far, Us hasn’t […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ Extended Trailer Shows Even More Stars

After the success of his latest movie Us, Jordan Peele is all set to launch the revival of The Twilight Zone, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The revival has now launched a brand new extended trailer on the show’s YouTube page, which features a lot more stars than the first trailer. The newest trailer from […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Is Scaring Audiences So Much They Are Vowing To Keep Off The Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Director Jordan Peele certainly knows how to scare his audience. The comedian turned director, who shocked audiences and critics with his stellar debut movie Get Out, has just released his second movie in theaters. Us, like Get Out, seems to play on the racial and social fabric of America, and once again, Peele does it […]

Jordan Peele’s Much Anticipated ‘Us’ Opens Friday

Jordan Peele’s “Us” opens Friday as the most anticipated horror movie of the spring. The film received an “electrified reaction” after a screening at South by Southwest earlier this month, according to the New York Times, and currently has 100 percent favorable ranking by the top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Peele wrote and directed his […]

Lupita Nyong’o Rocks Red Contacts In Eerie Premiere Look For ‘Us’

Lupita Nyong’o embraced her darker side for the U.K. premiere of Us on Thursday. In her latest dual role, Nyong’o plays a woman who is fighting against a more sinister version of herself. For her premiere look, the actress, 36, channeled that at the screening of the follow-up to Jordan Peele’s Get Out, which took […]

Jordan Peele Says ‘Us’ Had Five Times The Budget Of ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele has had several honest and upfront conversations with the media lately. With the opening of Peele’s new film, Us, being moved from March 15 to March 22, Peele shared some of his personal reservations about making films, and why he thought it was important for Us to have a bigger budget when compared […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Debuts To Rave Reviews, Currently Has 100 Percent Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Even though it isn’t set to release until later this month, Jordan Peele’s second film has managed to avoid the sophomore slump, as evidenced by a recent influx of early reviews. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Us premiered earlier this week at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, ahead of its […]

From ‘Aquaman’ To ‘Candyman’, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II In Talks For Jordan Peele’s Horror Sequel

Jordan Peele has gone from creating one of the most innovative and socially relevant horror-thrillers in Get Out, to a becoming renowned producer with an eye for content and talent. His last production in BlacKkKlansman won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, and he has also produced the upcoming reboot of The Twilight Zone, as […]

‘Black Panther’ Star Lupita Nyong’o Tweets About First Kenyan Black Panther Sighting In A Century

Black Panther has been nominated for seven Oscars, and it seems that the elusive real-life creature just might be in a celebratory mood. As actress Lupita Nyong’o tweeted yesterday, the sighting of an actual black panther is a very rare event, especially in Africa. That didn’t stop this melanistic variant of a leopard from making […]

Jordan Peele Reveals Reason For Black Family In ‘Us,’ Explains Reason For Luniz ‘I Got Five On It’ Theme Song

Jordan Peele shocked fans on Christmas Day with the release of the trailer for his new film Us. Like his highly-successful film Get Out, Jordan Peele’s Us already has fans on the edge of their seats. The two-minute trailer has garnered an array of reactions and many fans have tons of unanswered questions. Now, Jordan […]

Jordan Peele Gifts Fans The First Official ‘Us’ Trailer On Christmas Day

After weeks of anticipation following the release of the first poster for Jordan Peele’s new film Us, the official trailer arrived on Christmas Day, Entertainment Tonight reported. As promised, the famous film producer behind Get Out gave a glimpse into a gory family getaway filled with eerie monsters, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke. Peele […]

Jordan Peele Promoting ‘Us’ By Sending People Gold Scissors & Invitations To ‘Join The Untethering’

Jordan Peele is advertising his upcoming film Us in the creepiest way. Several people took to social media on Thursday to share that they received ominous packages containing nothing but a pair of sharp, gold scissors — and an invitation to “join the untethering” — from Peele, the filmmaker behind Get Out. The mysterious deliveries […]

Jordan Peele Shares New ‘Us’ Film Poster, Announces Trailer Coming On Christmas

Writer and director Jordan Peele continues to tease horror fans with news on his upcoming 2019 flick Us. On Thursday, following the synopsis release a few days ago, Peele shared the movie’s second officially ominous poster, and it left fans wondering about the plot, Entertainment Tonight reported. The Get Out writer has provided information in […]

Jordan Peele Reveals Plot Synopsis For Upcoming Movie ‘Us’ Due In Theaters March 2019

Since the release of Get Out in 2016, Jordan Peele has been a busy man. Currently, he’s working on a reboot of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, which is set to premiere in 2019. He also helped pen the script for a rebook of Candyman, which currently has no release date. Peele is also lending […]

Tony Todd Reacts To News Of ‘Candyman’ Reboot

In 1992, Candyman was released to theaters. Bernard Rose directed the film as well as wrote the screenplay, based on a short story by Clive Barker titled The Forbidden. Tony Todd played the titular Candyman and was regarded for his intense performance as the terrifying character. He also starred in the two sequels. Although Candyman […]

‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot Considering Actors Jacob Tremblay & Riz Ahmed For Key Roles, Per ‘The Hashtag Show’

In early 2019, CBS All Access will launch a “reimagining” of the classic TV series The Twilight Zone. Filmmaker and actor Jordan Peele will host and narrate the sci-fi program, just as the show’s creator, Rod Serling, did during its original five-season run from 1959 to 1964 on CBS. In September, when the Inquisitr first […]

Jordan Peele To Host, Narrate The CBS All Access ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot

A reboot of the vintage television series The Twilight Zone was announced last year from Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films. At the time, Peele was only listed as one of the executive producers of the show. However, on Wednesday, September 20, it was announced that he will also serve as the […]

Jack Nicholson’s Grandson, Duke, Makes Acting Debut In Jordan Peele’s New Thriller

John Joseph Nicholson – better known as Jack – is a big name with a massive Hollywood career under his belt. In addition to being an actor, screenwriter, producer, and director, Nicholson is recognized for being one of two actors to receive an Oscar nomination in every decade from the 1960s to the early 2000s, […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ Officially Begins Production In 2018

Fans of the movie Get Out, along with fans of The Twilight Zone, officially have a lot to be excited about. Jordan Peele is currently developing a new series for CBS that will be based on the iconic science-fiction show, which was originally created by writing legend Rod Serling and changed television forever. According to […]

Jordan Peele’s Upcoming Horror Movie ‘Us’ Gets Even Bigger, Stars From ‘Aquaman’ And ‘Titans’ Join The Cast

It has not been long since Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning debut Get Out swept fans away due to the provocative and thought-provoking nature of the horror film. Now, among his various other rumored projects, the director and his Monkeypaw Productions — alongside Sean McKittrick and Jason Blum — have begun post-production for a new scare thrill, […]

Keegan-Michael Key’s ‘Best Day Ever,’ Marries Elisa Pugliese In New York City

Funnyman Keegan-Michael Key wed Hollywood producer and director Elisa Pugliese in New York City on Friday, June 8. He revealed this news via a tweet saying, “Best. Day. Ever.” The accompanying photo was of the happy couple kissing on a cobblestone street in New York City, her in a white dress and holding a large […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘The Hunt’ Ordered To Series By Amazon Studios

Jordan Peele’s The Hunt has become the first scripted series to be picked up by Amazon Studios since Jennifer Salke took over as its head. Peele, who riveted the Academy and the American audience with his jaw-dropping thriller Get Out, is executive producing the vengeance-driven Nazi-hunting drama. Produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and Sonar Entertainment, […]

Top 5 Grossing Movie Directors Of All Time: Steven Spielberg Tops The List, But Who Else Holds Coveted Spots?

Steven Spielberg just became the highest-grossing movie director of all time and the first to cross the $10 billion threshold in total box-office receipts, thanks to a strong showing from Ready Player One. Here now, courtesy of People, are the top five highest-grossing movie directors of all time, as of this writing. Steven Spielberg As […]

The First Version Of Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ Had A Different Ending Than The One Seen In Theaters

If you were one of the millions of moviegoers who got to see Get Out by comedian-turned-director Jordan Peele, then you already know how the movie ended. But it is not unusual to make changes to a film script before its release and Peele’s movie was no different. After testing the original conclusion, The director […]

Best Picture Nominee ‘Get Out’ Returns To Theaters For Free On Presidents’ Day

If you haven’t seen the Academy Award-nominated movie Get Out, you now have an opportunity to experience it on the big screen for free. To celebrate the horror film’s four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, film enthusiasts can head to their local AMC Theatre for a special, one-day free screening event. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse […]

The 90th Academy Awards : Oscars 2018

Let’s start with Best Picture, according to The Academy official rules, when voting takes place, the voter must take into consideration “the effectiveness, creative substance and relevance to the dramatic whole, and only as presented within the motion picture.” Typically, The Academy votes within their branch, directors vote in the best director category, actors vote […]

‘Get Out’ Director Jordan Peele Set To Remake ‘Twilight Zone’ Series On CBS

Jordan Peele is out to please his fans again, as he prepares to co-produce CBS’s new remake of the Twilight Zone. According to Variety, Peele will be working on the Twilight Zone remake, which will only be available on the CBS All Access streaming service. The network announced that CBS All Access will “be the […]

‘Get Out’ Sequel: Jordan Peele Is Working On How ‘To Beat The Original’

Jordan Peele has admitted that he’s very interested in making a sequel to his critically acclaimed horror film Get Out, which was released earlier this year to rave reviews and a mammoth box office haul, especially in comparison to its relatively tiny budget. The writer and director, who shot to fame thanks to his work […]

‘Get Out’ Semi-Sequels: Jordan Peele To Explore Taboos In More ‘Social Thrillers’

Get Out director Jordan Peele is not content to stop at just one boundary-pushing and subversive “social thriller” that shines light on generally-avoided film topics. Get Out started the ball rolling and was a national sensation, and now Peele wants to create four more similarly subversive films over the next decade. To start, The Hollywood […]

‘Get Out’ Is Officially The Most Successful Original Indie Film Debut

Jordan Peele’s Get Out was a film that garnered a very mixed response from the reviewing community when its trailer debuted to the public. The first and foremost concern was about Peele himself; as many know, Peele became famous for his collaborations with Keegan-Michael Key on the comedy sketch shows Mad TV and Key & […]

Horror Film Smash Hit ‘Get Out’ Inspired By School Experience And Obama

Much has been written about the blockbuster horror film Get Out, but perhaps the most interesting factoid is what inspired Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. Although it would be easy to point out many potential contributing factors for this thrilling satire piece on racism in the U.S., Peele recently indicated that standardized testing was the first […]

Jordan Peele Reveals The Movies That Inspired Horror-Thriller ‘Get Out’

Last week, Jordan Peele’s Get Out passed the $100 million mark at the box office, making Peele the first African-American director to earn $100 million on his debut film, according to The Wrap. The movie has earned widespread praise for its effective blend of horror and comedy and its sharp, biting social critique towards racism […]

What Is The #GetOutChallenge? New Viral Videos Inspired By The Movie ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele’s new breakout hit Get Out isn’t just breaking records, it is also inspiring challenges like the brand new #GetOutChallenge that has become so popular that even celebrities are getting in on the fun. The #GetOutChallenge is definitely not as serious, or as scary, as the new horror movie Get Out. Instead, it’s kind […]

Box Office Report: Horror Reigns For Another Weekend, Dominating 2017

Horror movies have been dominating the early 2017 box office with a plethora of fan favorites and originals coming out in theaters with tremendous word of mouth to drive repeat and new customers on subsequent days. This week, it was Jordan Peele’s Get Out that put the finishing touches on a commanding weekend. For those […]

‘Get Out’ Is One Of Only Five Horror Movies Ever To Hold This Achievement

Get Out has enjoyed one of the more successful movie weekends of late. Shot on a budget of just $4.5 million, the racially charged horror flick has already grossed more than $30 million, overtaking LEGO Batman at the box office. But that appears to be the least of its accomplishments at this point. Directed by […]

‘Get Out’ And ‘Split’: New Horror Movies People Will Be Talking About Long Before They Get To The Theaters

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse (producers of The Visit, Insidious series, and The Gift) have either created a brilliant marketing strategy or an early death to two movies the two are partnering together on: Get Out and Split. In our current “Black Lives Matter” culture, it is interesting to note that this is the time that […]

Keegan-Michael Key Of ‘Key & Peele’ Files For Divorce From Wife Of 17 Years

Actor Keegan-Michael Key reportedly filed for divorce from Cynthia Blaise, his wife of 17 years, in late December. According to TMZ, the Key & Peele star filed the necessary documents on New Year’s Eve. Key & Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key — Files for Divorce — TMZ (@TMZ) January 7, 2016 Even though the couple has […]

Comedians Jordan Peele And Chelsea Peretti Are Engaged

The holidays brought another joyful moment for comedians Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti, as the two comedians have gotten engaged. The comedian duo both broke the news to their fans through social media. According to E!, Peele, star of Comedy Central series Key & Peele, and Peretti, stand-up comedian and actress on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, have […]

Chelsea Peretti And Jordan Peele Are Engaged, Celebrity Comedy Couple To Tie The Knot

Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele are engaged! As MSN reports, the 37-year-old Peretti, who’s starred alongside Andy Samberg on Brooklyn Nine Nine since 2013, tweeted on Saturday that her now-fiancé Jordan Peele popped the question on Friday night. My fiancé (lololol) @JordanPeele proposed to me last night during the family talent show lolol 🌺❤️🌺 — […]

Epic Rap Battles Of History: Michael Jordan Versus Muhammad Ali [VIDEO]

Season three of Epic Rap Battles of History, by EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter, have once again given Youtube fans awesome scenarios when one iconic figure were to battle another iconic figure in an epic showdown of rap supremacy. Thanks to them, we can now enjoy classic match-ups slaughter each other with quick beats and sick […]

Key & Peele To Produce Police Academy Reboot

New Line Cinema’s reboot of the Police Academy franchise has just had two new producer’s sign on: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. The duo, best known for their Comedy Central sketch comedy show Key & Peele, have been rumored to be attached to project since Peele recently, on the podcast “The Movie Crypt”, revealed the […]