Donald Trump Goes Off On Niece Mary After Her Tell-All Book Hits Shelves: ‘She’s A Mess’

For the first time since her tell-all book hit the shelves, President Donald Trump lashed out at his niece Mary Trump in a series of tweets on Friday night. In the first tweet, the president joked that he is the ultimate Book of the Month Club member before commenting on his former security adviser John […]

Donald Trump Spends Significant Portion Of Every Day Watching TV, Even In The Oval Office, John Bolton Says

Donald Trump spends a significant portion of his time in the White House watching television — even when he’s in the Oval Office — John Bolton says. The president’s former national security adviser has been opening up about the inner workings of Trump’s White House with the release of his tell-all book and subsequent interview […]

Donald Trump And Other White House Officials Reportedly Briefed About Russian Bounties In 2019

Donald Trump and other top White House officials were reportedly briefed about the Russian bounty scheme in 2019. If the reports are to be believed, it means there were senior members of the Trump administration, as well as the president, who knew about the issue more than a year longer than previously thought. U.S. officials […]

John Bolton Says There’s ‘No Limit’ To What Donald Trump Might Do After Re-Election

John Bolton warned Americans on Sunday that there could be “no limits” on what President Donald Trump will do if he is re-elected in November. The former National Security Adviser in the Trump administration told CNN’s Jake Tapper he believed Trump will feel unchained once he doesn’t need to campaign for anyone’s votes, according to […]

‘The View’ Hosts Tear Into John Bolton For Not Testifying Against Donald Trump: ‘Why Didn’t You Step Up?!’

John Bolton appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The View, where he was confronted by the show’s hosts for three full segments. As The Daily Beast reported, Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar took the former national security adviser to task for everything from the title of his book to his refusal to […]

Meghan McCain Tells John Bolton The ‘Hamilton’ Reference In His Book Title Is ‘Insulting’

Meghan McCain wasn’t afraid to go after John Bolton when discussing his new book. During his appearance on The View on Wednesday, McCain told Bolton that his decision to name his book about his time in the Trump White House The Room Where it Happened was “insulting,” according to reporting in Hollywood Life. The title […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Believes French President Emmanuel Macron Leaked Their Conversations To The Media

President Donald Trump reportedly blamed French President Emmanuel Macron for allegedly leaking their private conversations, according to former National Security Adviser John Bolton. Bolton made the claims in his upcoming book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir. The book’s scheduled release date is June 23. As reported by Business Insider, Bolton claimed […]

John Bolton’s Book Leaks Online Days Ahead Of Expected Release, Sharing Bombshells About Trump Administration

John Bolton’s book that shares alleged bombshells about the Trump administration is set for its public release next week, but leaked copies of the book have already spread across the internet. As The Associated Press reported, the memoir from the former national security adviser is slated to be released Tuesday after withstanding a legal challenge […]

Donald Trump Says He Is Open To Meeting With Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro

In an interview with Axios published on Sunday, President Donald Trump said that he is open to meeting with Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro. “I would maybe think about that… Maduro would like to meet. And I’m never opposed to meetings — you know, rarely opposed to meeting,” Trump said. “I always say, you lose very little […]

GOP Sen. Who Voted Down Impeachment Witnesses Now Says He Wishes John Bolton Testified Instead Of Writing Book

A Republican senator who voted against allowing witnesses at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial now says he wishes John Bolton had testified his explosive claims against Donald Trump rather than writing them in a book. Senator Tim Scott spoke out about Bolton’s upcoming memoir, which is said to include claims that Trump improperly pressed foreign leaders […]

Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Says John Bolton Could Face Jail Time Because Of His Tell-All Book

During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, Peter Navarro, a trade adviser for the White House, said that John Bolton could face jail time because of the tell-all book releasing this week. Navarro claimed that Bolton included classified information in the book and that revealing that information could lead to […]

Donald Trump Ripped For His Attacks Against ‘Wacko’ John Bolton After Judge Approves Book

U.S. President Donald Trump launched an attack against former National Security Adviser John Bolton after a federal judge denied the Trump administration’s attempt to block Bolton’s forthcoming memoir. In a series of tweets, the president said Bolton “likes dropping bombs on people,” accused him of breaking the law, and attempted to paint the judge’s decision […]

John Bolton Given Approval To Publish His Tell-All Book, Judge Denies Trump Administration Attempt To Block It

A federal judge ruled on Saturday that former National Security Advisor John Bolton can publish his tell-all book about his time in the Trump administration, thwarting the president’s attempt to have the publication blocked. As The Associated Press reported, Trump’s Justice Department had sued to prevent the publication of Bolton’s book, The Room Where It […]

Kayleigh McEnany Compares Donald Trump To Abraham Lincoln: ‘He Likes To Have Countervailing Viewpoints’

During a press briefing on Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany compared President Donald Trump to former President Abraham Lincoln, The Hill reported. McEnany made the comparison while responding to a question about the hiring process in the Trump White House. Over the past four years, the commander-in-chief has fired and replaced a significant […]

Donald Trump Says John Bolton Is A ‘Washed-Up Guy’ Who ‘Broke The Law’

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday, President Donald Trump took aim at former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton, who is releasing a tell-all memoir, The Room Where It Happened, next week. As reported by Breitbart, Trump accused Bolton of breaking the law by leaking classified information in his forthcoming […]

John Bolton May Face Criminal Charges For White House Memoir, Report Says

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new tell-all book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, is already making waves ahead of its June 23 release date for its damning allegations about President Donald Trump. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, federal prosecutors at the Department of Justice (DOJ) are considering criminal […]

Donald Trump Made Controversial Statement On Saudi Leader To Cover Up Ivanka’s Email Scandal, John Bolton Says

Donald Trump made a controversial statement in November of 2018 backing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, appearing to defy American and international intelligence agencies to declare his loyalty to Saudi Arabia. As former National Security Adviser John Bolton wrote in a new tell-all book, Trump’s real intention […]

John Bolton’s Book Alleges That Donald Trump Asked Chinese President Xi Jinping For Re-Election Help

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton says he is ready to expose President Donald Trump in his upcoming book, and some interesting details have started to emerge. One passage that might raise some eyebrows explains how the president reportedly tried to get Chinese President Xi Jinping to help bolster his re-election prospects. The Washington Post […]

John Bolton Alleges Additional Misconduct By President Trump In New Book

John Bolton’s new book will detail additional misconduct by President Donald Trump in addition to his actions with Ukraine, Axios reported. The former White House national security adviser recently decided to release his book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, despite delays from the Trump administration as it searched the manuscript for […]

John Bolton’s Book Shows Donald Trump Administration’s ‘Unprecedented’ Corruption, Says Ex-Obama Adviser

President Donald Trump‘s former national security adviser, John Bolton, is set to release his memoir, The Room Where It Happened, next month. The book will reportedly chronicle the Trump administration’s alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine, which sparked the president’s impeachment and subsequent acquittal. According to Ben Rhodes, who was President Barack Obama‘s deputy national […]

Donald Trump Keeping ‘Enemy List’ And May Try To Jail John Bolton After Impeachment Trial Ends, Report Says

President Donald Trump is keeping track of his enemies and will be out for revenge after his impeachment trial comes to an end, a White House insider says in a new report. Trump’s impeachment trial is wrapping up this week, with both the House prosecutors and the president’s defense team making closing arguments after Republicans […]

Donald Trump Calls John Bolton Book Both ‘All Classified National Security’ And ‘Untrue’

Former Donald Trump administration National Security Advisor John Bolton was at the center of Wednesday’s question session at the senate impeachment trial, as Democratic House managers argued that based on reported allegations on his upcoming book, Bolton must be called as a witness in the trial. But also on Wednesday, Trump took to Twitter to […]

John Bolton Likes Tweet Telling Donald Trump He Should ‘Fire The Moron Who Hired John Bolton’

John Bolton sent an apparent message to Donald Trump on social media, with the former national security adviser liking a tweet that slammed his former boss as a “moron.” Bolton has been at the center of Trump’s impeachment trial after a leaked version of a manuscript for Bolton’s yet-to-be-released book, The Room Where It Happened: […]

White House Is Reportedly Trying To Block Publication Of John Bolton’s Book

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton‘s upcoming memoir, The Room Where It Happened, is helping Democrats argue for the need to hear his testimony in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. But ahead of the book’s planned release in March, the White House is reportedly attempting to block the publication of parts of […]

Donald Trump Slams ‘Nasty’ John Bolton Book, Says He Could Have Caused ‘World War Six’

Donald Trump lashed out at John Bolton on Wednesday, claiming the former national security advisor would have caused World War Six if Trump had listened to him. Bolton and his new book have become a focus of the impeachment trial as new details of the president’s alleged conduct have emerged. Trump has also been concentrating […]

Tucker Carlson Slams John Bolton For Betraying Donald Trump

During Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at former National Security Advisor John Bolton. An upcoming memoir, The Room Where It Happened, written by Bolton reportedly confirms the accusations that led to the two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, Newsweek reports. Carlson recounts the lyrics from the […]

Mitch McConnell Knew John Bolton Book Incriminates Donald Trump, Blocked Trial Witnesses, Says Nicole Wallace

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made sure that Republicans voted to block all new witnesses and evidence in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump because he knew that an upcoming book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton would incriminate Trump. That is the conclusion drawn by former George W. Bush administration official Nicole Wallace, […]

John Bolton Book Will Detail How Donald Trump Tied Ukraine Aid To Investigations, ‘New York Times’ Reports

On Tuesday, the first day on the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, all 53 Senate Republicans voted to quash a move by Democrats to subpoena John Bolton, the former national security adviser who had publicly stated that he was willing to testify if the Senate called him. Now, less than a week after the 53-47 […]

Donald Trump Claims He Wants Witnesses At His Impeachment Trial But It Would Be A ‘National Security Problem’

Democrats and Republicans have been battling over whether or not there should be witnesses at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. On Wednesday, the president weighed in on the debate, saying that he would like to have impeachment witnesses but couldn’t allow it because it would be a “national security problem.” According to Mediaite, Trump spoke at […]

Former Federal Prosecutor Pokes Holes In Donald Trump Plan To Block John Bolton Testimony

In an interview broadcast on Saturday, President Donald Trump suggested that he would block his former national security adviser, John Bolton, from testifying in the Senate’s impeachment trial. Trump, he told Fox News, would block Bolton from testifying “for the sake of the office,” invoking executive privilege. Trump’s argument does not hold water, according to […]

Donald Trump Suggests He’ll Block John Bolton From Testifying In Impeachment Trial

Former national security adviser John Bolton said that he would testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial against Donald Trump, but the president suggested on Friday that he would block Bolton from testifying “for the sake of the office.” While speaking with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Trump claimed that he would like to have “everybody” […]

John Bolton Says He Is ‘Prepared To Testify’ In Senate Impeachment Trial Of Donald Trump

Former national security adviser John Bolton said on Monday that he is “prepared to testify” in the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Politico reports. In a statement, Bolton — who was asked to testify as part of the House of Representatives’ impeachment investigation but did not — said that he wants to meet […]

‘We Are P*ssing Away’ Money On Ukraine, Donald Trump Reportedly Told Cabinet Officials In Meeting On Aid Hold

When a group of his top cabinet officials met with Donald Trump in August and tried to persuade him to lift an illegal hold on military aid to Ukraine, they received a cold shoulder. In fact, Trump told them, the United States was “p*ssing away our money” by sending aid to the county which is […]

Adam Schiff Pushes John Bolton To Testify For Impeachment Probe

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff revealed that Democrats would not be going to court to force former national security adviser John Bolton to testify for the impeachment probe into Donald Trump. But Schiff did push Bolton to speak out, suggesting Bolton should have the “courage” to […]

White House Says They Never Blocked John Bolton From His Twitter Account, He Just Forgot His Password

The White House is pushing back against John Bolton’s assertion that the Donald Trump administration had been locking him out of his Twitter account, saying there was a more simple explanation as to why the fired National Security Adviser was frozen from his social media — he forgot his password. This week, Bolton took to […]

John Bolton, Former National Security Advisor, Returns To Twitter After Two-Month Leave, Promises ‘Backstory’

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton posted on Twitter on Friday for the first time in two months, posting cryptic messages in which he promised to reveal why he’s been off the platform since September, CBS News reports. Bolton left the Trump administration in September for reasons that remain murky. Bolton claims he resigned, while […]

Gordon Sondland Acted On Donald Trump’s Directions Linking Ukraine Aid To Investigations, Official Testifies

Ambassador Gordon Sondland said he was acting on directions from Donald Trump when he told Ukrainian officials that they would need to publicly announce an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden before the U.S. would release nearly $400 million in military aid, according to testimony by a former top National Security Council official. That […]

Donald Trump Complained Navy Ship In Black Sea Was ‘Challenge To Russia’ After TV Report, Official Testifies

When Donald Trump saw a CNN report about a United States Navy mission in the Black Sea earlier this year, he phoned then-National Security Advisor John Bolton at home to complain. Trump was worried that the routine mission could be seen as a “challenge to Russia,” according to testimony by a former top aide the […]

Donald Trump Tweeted A 9/11 Remembrance On 11/9 And People Are Very Confused

Now and then, Donald Trump likes to take to Twitter for a retweet-a-thon, but his most recent round on Saturday has left some people scratching their heads, according to Mediaite. The president retweeted a video clip from New York Congressman Lee Zeldin, a video of the LSU-Alabama game, a few comments from Fox News analyst […]

John Bolton Is Willing To Defy Trump’s Order And Testify In Impeachment Inquiry, Says Source

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton may defy Donald Trump’s orders not to testify before the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry, depending on how a court rules, say anonymous sources familiar with the situation. As The Washington Post reports, Bolton is one of many individuals currently or previously tied to the Trump administration who have […]

John Bolton May Be Planning To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry In What Is Seen As Major Blow To Donald Trump

Former White House security chief John Bolton is reportedly in negotiations to testify in the impeachment inquiry, which is seen as a potentially devastating blow to Donald Trump. Bolton is in talks with the Democratic-led committees to testify about Trump’s actions toward Ukraine, CNN reported. Trump is accused of pressuring Ukraine into digging up dirt […]

Someone Photoshops John Bolton Out Of Photo, Replaces Him With Bill Barr, Soviet Union Also Erased People

John Bolton, who served as United Nations ambassador in the George W. Bush administration, was appointed as Donald Trump’s third national security adviser on April 9, 2018 — and by September 10, 2019, Bolton was fired. The firing was apparently the culmination of rapid deterioration in the relationship between Trump and Bolton. Trump was reportedly […]

Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry Testimony Reveals John Bolton Reportedly Warned White House About Ukraine

The House’s impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump continued Monday, this time with testimony from Fiona Hill, Trump’s former advisor on Russia and Europe, reported The New York Times. Hill chose to give her testimony behind closed doors, meaning that the full transcript of what she said may not ever become available to the public. […]

John Bolton Reportedly Trash-Talked Donald Trump During Private Manhattan Luncheon

Former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly had a lot to get off his chest during a luncheon in front of a group of Gatestone donors at an exclusive Manhattan lunch spot on Wednesday. Gatestone is the conservative think tank which Bolton used to head. Politico reported that Bolton apparently told the group of 60 […]

Who Is Robert C. O’Brien, Donald Trump’s New National Security Advisor?

After much deliberation, President Donald Trump has finally announced the name of his new national security advisor. Replacing outgoing figure John Bolton — a controversial personality who had developed a reputation for having a hawkish stance on international affairs — Robert C. O’Brien will be stepping into a hotly contested, and difficult, role. Trump tweeted […]

Donald Trump Confirms Death Of Hamza Bin Laden, Son And Heir To Osama Bin Laden

President Donald Trump on Saturday confirmed the death of Hamza bin Laden, a high-profile member of al-Qaeda, and the son of the late Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The news came Saturday in an official statement from the White House, in which the president confirmed the known terrorist […]

Donald Trump Said John Bolton Was Holding Him Back On Venezuela & Cuba, Says His Views Are ‘Far Stronger’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to once again lash out at former National Security Advisor John Bolton, just days after the president announced in a tweet that he had fired him. The tweet, which was sent Thursday just before 1:30 p.m., was a followup to a tweet from Florida Senator Marco […]

Donald Trump Rips Into ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ John Bolton, Claims He Made ‘Big Mistakes’

Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that he fired John Bolton because he made some “big mistakes” and “set us back.” According to The Hill, the president unloaded on his former national security adviser in a rant that is unprecedented prior to the Trump administration. Trump told assembled reporters a day after announcing […]

Donald Trump Fired John Bolton Because Bolton Refused To Go On TV To ‘Defend’ Him, ‘CNN’ Reporter Says

President Donald Trump named former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton to be his new — and third — national security advisor on April 9 of last year. However, on Tuesday, Trump fired Bolton. In a Twitter post, as The Inquisitr reported, the president declared that he “disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did […]

Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim At Donald Trump, But Agrees American People Are ‘Better Off’ Without John Bolton

Democratic presidential hopeful and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren took aim at President Donald Trump in a tweet she sent Tuesday, after the president announced that he had fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. In the tweet sent early Tuesday afternoon, the progressive candidate for president — who has been gaining traction on Democratic Party front-runner […]