Louis Tomlinson Considered Taking A Break, But He Remembered His Mom’s Wish Before Dying

Following the death of Johannah “Jay” Deakin in December, Louis Tomlinson admitted that he considered taking a step back from the limelight, but recounting his mother’s words stopped him. In an interview with Sirius XM, the Doncaster-born crooner talked about one of Jay’s wishes before succumbing to leukemia. “When I first found out about the […]

Louis Tomlinson Supported By Liam Payne At His Mother’s Funeral, While Payne Collaborates With Tomlinson’s Pregnant Girlfriend For Music Duet

Louis Tomlinson is stealing his One Direction bandmate Liam Payne’s pregnant girlfriend for a music collaboration, according to the Metro. Cheryl Cole may be the future mother of Payne’s child, but she is reportedly interested in working with Tomlinson on a music collaboration. Is Cheryl Cole Trying to Keep Liam Payne Away From Louis Tomlinson? […]

Louis Tomlinson Birthday: Fans Pay Tribute To One Direction Singer As He Turns 25

It is One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s birthday today, and fans from all over the world have taken to social media to celebrate with the singer. Tomlinson turned 25 today. The singer is marking his birthday just a few weeks after the death of his mother, Johannah Deakin, and the debut of his first solo record. […]

Even Louis Tomlinson And Steve Aoki’s ‘Just Hold On’ Tribute Can’t Halt ‘X-Factor’s’ Slide

Last week summed up life for many fans of Louis Tomlinson and One Direction. If you are a fan of Tomlinson, you are probably hardened to a seemingly endless cycle of high highs and desperate lows. In what was an incredibly poignant moment for Tomlinson, he summed up his life as a member of One […]

After Louis Tomlinson’s Mother Dies, One Direction Fans Beg Harry Styles To Attend Funeral And Warn ‘Larries’ To Back Off

Louis Tomlinson is getting loads of support from One Direction fans in the wake of his mother’s death, but a fringe group of Directioners is getting the side-eye from the boy band’s more mainstream fans. One Direction fans were shocked when the news broke that Louis Tomlinson’s mother, 42-year-old Johannah Deakin, had passed away. As […]

Louis Tomlinson’s Mother Captured One Direction’s First Ever Photo – Johannah Deakin Remembered By Fans As ‘Loving’ And ‘Humble’

Louis Tomlinson put on a brave face tonight as he debuted his single on The X Factor finale. The song, “Just Hold On,” was his tribute for his mother, Johannah Deakin, who passed away this week after being stricken with leukemia. The “No Control” singer himself said that performing for the finale was harder than […]

Louis Tomlinson’s Mother Died: One Direction Fans Tell Him And Siblings To ‘Just Hold On’

One Direction fans are in mourning after news broke yesterday that Louis Tomlinson’s mother had died. Louis and his six siblings lost their mother as a result of a short battle against an aggressive form of leukemia. Johannah Deakin was just 43-years old. One Direction fans often get a bad rap in the media, but […]

Remembering Johannah: Louis Tomlinson’s Mom Fought Leukemia In Silence For She Desired Nothing More Than Everyone’s Happiness

The death of Louis Tomlinson’s mother, Johannah Deakin, came as a surprise because she fought the aggressive form of cancer for months in silence. She was only 43. In a statement issued to Mail Online, Johannah’s husband Dan said that the mother-of-seven was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. Dan honored his wife for her […]

Louis Tomlinson Loses Mother, Johannah Deakin, After ‘Relatively Short’ Battle With Leukemia, One Direction Fans Are Shocked

Louis Tomlinson, 24, from the London-based boy band One Direction, lost his mother, Johannah Deakin, on Wednesday after she battled leukemia for nearly a year. Deakin was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the blood and bone marrow cancer earlier this year that required continuous treatment, according to Us Weekly on Friday. Daniel Deakin, husband […]

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Supporting Sick Kids Once Again

If you are not one of the millions who follow Louis Tomlinson closely, you would be forgiven for thinking that the 24-year-old One Direction star is some sort of demon. For the past 12 months, Tomlinson has been subjected to a seemingly never-ending tirade of negative stories. Tomlinson has been painted as a womanizer, a […]

Project Home: Louis Tomlinson Thanks One Direction Fans

Louis Tomlinson is adored by his fans, and that almost goes without saying. At the same time, it seems that some elements in the media despise Louis. For some reason, people hate on Tomlinson for no reason, and the 24-year-old One Direction singer has done nothing to deserve the kind of reporting that he is […]

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Proves Again That The Small Stuff Matters

It seems that just about every day brings a new controversy for Louis Tomlinson. One Direction star Tomlinson is used to being the subject of tabloid rumors and gossip, and at times, it seems like the media wants to talk about everything except Louis’ music. Ever since the Sun revealed that Louis was to become […]

Louis Tomlinson: Who’s Really Behind The Press Attacks On One Direction Star?

The past week has been a fairly typical one for Louis Tomlinson. Over the course of the past week, One Direction singer Tomlinson has been the subject of a number of unfounded, and on occasion downright nasty, attacks on his character. Over the course of the last 12 months, the number of articles attacking Louis […]

Louis Tomlinson: Five Times One Direction Star Melted Our Hearts

Fans of Louis Tomlinson know him to be a kind and generous man. One Direction star Louis is generous with both his cash and his time as he looked to use his fortune to help others. Given Tomlinson’s kind nature, it is baffling how some elements in the press seem to delight in reporting on […]

Louis Tomlinson: Is There Anyone The One Direction Star Can Trust?

Louis Tomlinson must sometimes wonder if there is anyone left on this planet that he can trust. One Direction star Louis works hard at maintaining his privacy. Tomlinson is a child of the information age and, as a result, Louis is only too well aware that in our world information is valuable. The problem faced […]

Louis Tomlinson’s Family Hit Out Over One Direction ‘Babygate’ Theories

Louis Tomlinson’s family have hit out at One Direction fans who are having a hard time believing that Louis has become a father. One Direction star Louis became a father for the first time last month, but many fans believe that the entire story about the first One Direction baby stinks worse than last week’s […]

One Direction Fans Charity Effort On World Cancer Day

In the crazy world of One Direction, it is all too easy to get caught up in the drama of everyday gossip and speculation. In recent weeks, we have seen One Direction news concentrate of the reported arrival of Louis’ Tomlinson’s baby and the fact that Harry Styles is moving on from One Direction’s management […]

Louis Tomlinson And Briana Jungwirth Name Son ‘Freddie Reign’ After Settling Paternity Question

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have named their son “Freddie Reign” after clearing a paternity hurdle following his birth on January 21, in Los Angeles, California. Tomlinson, 24, claims responsibility for the “Freddie” part, while Jungwirth, 24, admits to “Reign” as her choice for the second half of the newborn’s name. According to Wall Street.com, […]

One Direction Fans’ Generosity Shines, But So Does Their Anger

One Direction fans should not be taken for granted. Fans of One Direction are renowned as some of the most dedicated, loyal, and generous around. The Inquisitr has reported on a number of occasions that fans follow One Direction’s lead in raising funds for charities supported by the various members of One Direction. In the […]

Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Fly High Buddy,’ The Full Story Told For The First Time

One Direction fans have always known that Louis Tomlinson and his mother, Johannah Deakin, have huge hearts. Tomlinson has a passion for children’s charities, especially those that support children with very serious and life-threatening illnesses. Last summer, it was reported how Louis and Johannah hosted a Cinderella ball at London’s Natural History Museum. It was […]

Louis Tomlinson To Raise Funds For Another Children’s Charity?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is renowned for his generosity, especially when it comes to children’s charities. Tomlinson is the patron of a number of charities and seems to have a special interest in those that raise funds to support kids with serious and terminal illnesses. In recent weeks we have seen a host of […]

Johannah Deakin: Louis Tomlinson’s Mom Shows Why She Is His Number One Fan

Louis Tomlinson has been treated abominably by some elements of the media in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been subjected to a host of stories that have shown him in a bad light. Sadly for Tomlinson, some of the reporting has stretched the truth to a ridiculous degree. Many of Tomlinson’s fans believe […]

Louis Tomlinson: Secret Charity Efforts Show He Is Truly Prince Charming

Louis Tomlinson has been drawing a pretty bad rap in recent weeks. Some sections of the media have accused One Direction star Louis of being a deadbeat dad, of being a habitual drunk, and of having been kicked out of a London comedy club. It has even been claimed that Louis’ band-mates ignored his birthday […]

Louis Tomlinson Set To Make Christmas Magic With Charity Effort

As any One Direction fan knows, Louis Tomlinson and his bandmates are massive supporters of a wide range of charitable causes. Louis is especially supportive of charities for children. Tomlinson has provided his backing to a range of children’s charities, including the Eden Dora Trust, which helps children with encephalitis or acquired brain injury. Louis […]

One Direction Make Alton Towers Crash Victim Leah’s Dream Come True

One Direction fan Leah Washington was seriously injured in the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash back in June. As was reported in Inquisitr, 17-year-old Leah was unable to attend a One Direction show at Wembley after she was injured in an horrific Roller-Coaster accident. Leah and her friends were riding at the front of a car […]

Louis Tomlinson: Baby Mama Briana Already ‘One Of The Family’

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father early in the new year. Louis met Briana Jungwirth, an L.A.-based stylist, whilst on One Direction’s “On The Road Again” world tour. Louis and Briana had a brief relationship, but the effect of that relationship will be much longer lasting. Shortly after, the relationship […]

Louis Tomlinson: Briana Bonding With One Direction Star’s Mom

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson and his bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan brought their “On The Road Again” world tour to the U.K. last week. Tomlinson and his pals have already played six sold out dates at London’s O2 arena, and last night, One Direction played the first of two sold out […]