Jim Bob Duggar Reportedly Sold A Mobile Home To Son Justin,18, For $1 As He Readies To Marry Claire Spivey

Jim Bob Duggar has reportedly sold a mobile home to his 18-year-old son Justin for $1 as the teen gets ready to marry his fiancée, Claire Spivey, 19. The couple, who have not yet announced a wedding date, got engaged in November 2020 after courting for 14 months. A source revealed to In Touch Weekly […]

Jill Duggar Says She Never Expected To Distance Herself From Supersized Clan: ‘We’d Had Enough’

Jill Duggar Dillard revealed she never expected to distance herself from her supersized clan in a new interview with People Magazine. She claimed that she and Derick Dillard were through with being told how to live their lives. The best way to handle the situation was to put some space between themselves and her parents, […]

‘Counting On’ Star Jed Duggar Honors God, Family & Country In New Instagram Share

Counting On star Jed Duggar took to Instagram with a new snap that displayed his patriotism. The political hopeful posed alongside five of his brothers in the image, and within the photo’s caption, he recognized the following three things in separate hashtags: God, family, and country. The reality star, who is currently in the running […]

Amy Duggar Shares Rainbow Post Honoring Grandma Mary With Instagram

Amy Duggar shared a rainbow post to Instagram that honored her late grandmother Mary. The reality television star posted a tribute for the first anniversary commemorating the beloved Duggar matriarch’s death. Amy and her grandmother were extraordinarily close, and she explained the connection between rainbows and Mary in a touching caption that accompanied her share. […]

Jim Bob Duggar Tags Along With Jana On Her Trip To Las Vegas & Fans Are Not Okay With That

TLC has revealed over the years that Jim Bob Duggar keeps close tabs on his 19 kids, especially his daughters, as seen in many episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. The unmarried girls don’t usually stray far from home but when they do, it’s usually with members of the family. Duggar fans were quite happy […]

Anna Duggar Spills Sweet Nicknames For Michelle And Jim Bob

Anna Duggar spilled sweet nicknames for her in-laws Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in an Instagram post. In addition, the Counting On star also shared secrets of a double date she, husband Josh, and the couple enjoyed. Anna shared an image of herself, her husband, and his parents to the social media site. In the […]

Derick Dillard’s Recent Controversial Comments Causes Division Among Duggar Fans

Derick Dillard seems to be opening up a whole new can of worms with his recent comments regarding TLC and his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar. Over the past few weeks, the former reality star has taken to social media to answer questions from fans about the network that he had previously blasted and his supposed […]

Derick Dillard Is Writing A Book & Social Media Hopes It’s A Duggar Tell-All

By all appearances, Derick Dillard is in the middle of a heated battle with not only TLC, but also with his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar. The former reality star has certainly not held his tongue when it comes to discussing the money he says he and his wife, Jill Duggar, was not paid by both […]

Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Spent Thanksgiving With Friends Instead Of Family, And Fans Question Why

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard decided not to head to the big house where her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, hosted a big Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they invited some friends over for some turkey. A photo was shared by Jill on her Instagram on Friday, which included a link to other snaps on their blog, […]

Jim Bob Duggar Bribes Josie To Pull Out Her Own Tooth

While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were sitting down for a meal with their family, they noticed their youngest daughter Josie had a loose tooth. Jim Bob explained that offering his children money in exchange for losing teeth wasn’t something he made a habit out of doing. After all, that is an action that would […]

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Show Off Some PDA At Theme Park With Family

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently took their family to a theme park in Missouri. Not only did the kids and grandkids have loads of fun, but the elders appeared to make it a date night as well. The pair packed on the PDA as they strolled along looking at all the sights. Radar Online […]

Homeland Security Raids Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar’s Home As Part Of ‘Ongoing Federal Criminal Investigation’

The home of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar was raided by officials from the Department of Homeland Security in what the department called part of an “ongoing federal criminal investigation,” confirming rumors that the family was facing a federal criminal inquiry. Local news station KNWA confirmed that Homeland Security Investigations raided the 19 Kids and […]

Jana Duggar And Her Father Jim Bob Are Twinning In Photo Snapped During Work Trip

Jana Duggar and her father, Jim Bob, sported matching clothing during a recent work trip. On Saturday, Jana took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her unlikely fashion twin, and she revealed that she and her dad were visiting the East Coast. In the photo that Jana Duggar, 29, uploaded, she and Jim Bob, […]

‘Counting On’ Fans Stunned At Real Reason Why Jedidiah Duggar Joined Instagram

Counting On fans are stunned as to the real reason why the Duggar’s son Jedidiah has joined Instagram. It appears that the 20-year-old is running to represent Arkansas House District 89 as a political candidate. While many social media followers of the Duggar family believed that the young man was perhaps courting someone as the […]

Derick Dillard Seemingly Adds Fuel To The Fire To Rumors Of Feud With Jim Bob Duggar

Jill and Derick Dillard are no longer a part of the TLC family like the rest of the family still is, but they do share plenty on social media whenever they get the chance. But is Jill’s husband really airing out his dirty laundry in front of everyone on Twitter? That is the question that […]

Jinger Duggar Rocks A Snazzy Beach Outfit During Family’s Visit To L.A.

Jinger Duggar seems to be a bit of a risk-taker these days. However, she is happy doing her own thing now that she is married to her preacher husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Pants and shorts have been the norm for this girl now. She opted for the best of both worlds when she hit the beach […]

‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Reportedly Testing Patience Of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar

Eldest Duggar daughter Jana Duggar is reportedly frustrating her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with her single status, as her other siblings have found love, moved out, and started families of their own. John-David Duggar, Jana’s twin, married wife Abbie in November 2018 and is expecting his first child. He was the latest of […]

Michelle Duggar Was Treated Like A Queen For Her Special Birthday Celebration

Michelle Duggar turned 53-years-old on September 13 and she celebrated her special day with family. Her birthday was a big event in the reality TV family’s household, as her husband, Jim Bob, and most of her kids and their families, gathered around to help her celebrate. Even cousin Amy King was there showing off her […]

Duggar Family Slammed On Social Media For Slipping Controversial Photo In Home Listing

The Duggar family has been taken to task once again, this time for a photo inserted in a home listing for a property the family has for sale in their home state of Arkansas. Listed for $1.65 million, the property has with gorgeous vistas, four spacious kitchens, four bedrooms, and five bathrooms on almost three […]

Jana Duggar Leaves Michelle Speechless After Bedroom Makeover, Jim Bob Calls It ‘Paradise’

Jana Duggar has done it again. She has left people in awe of her many talents, especially her mom, Michelle. John David’s twin has managed to surprise her parents with a whole bedroom makeover while they were out of town for a few days. She first posted photos of the before and after shots and […]

Michelle, Jim Bob Duggar Slam Derick Dillard Over Bringing ‘Bad Press’ To Family, Per ‘Radar Online’

Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are reportedly fed up with Derick Dillard’s questionable social media statements and have finally taken the husband of daughter Jill Duggar to task for his actions. Derick Dillard’s transphobic tweets have gotten him a good scolding from his Duggar in-laws, according to a story published by Radar […]

Jessa Duggar Thinks She Knows Her Parents’ Anti-Aging Secret

Jessa Duggar is finding it hard to believe that her parents have been married for 34 years. The Counting On star recently took to Instagram to gush about how great Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar look for a couple who is currently celebrating over three decades of wedded bliss. Jessa also shared her theory […]

The Duggar Family Celebrates Father’s Day With New Photos Of Babies Gideon And Garrett

There is no shortage of babies when it comes to the Duggar family. Jim Bob may just make out like a bandit on Father’s Day since he has 19 kids, not to mention 11 grandkids. The TLC stars got together at the family compound to celebrate the special day with their dad. That means plenty […]

Amy Duggar Opens Up About ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Divorce Scare

Amy Duggar has acknowledged that she once thought she and husband Dillon King were headed for divorce. Her parents divorced in 2015, the same year that she and Dillon got married. Their wedding included about 400 guests including her famous extended family – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their children. Amy shared lots of […]

Amy Duggar Shunned By Entire Duggar Family, Per ‘Radar Online’

Amy Duggar used to be a huge part of the Duggar family festivities. She was known as “Cousin Amy” to fans who have watched since the beginning. While things have been busy for her over the last few years, there have been viewers who have wanted to see her more on Counting On. Unfortunately, it […]

‘Counting On’ Star Josiah Duggar’s Fiancee Breaks One Of Jim Bob Duggar’s Biggest Rules In Texas

Only the Duggar family can make headlines when the women wear on outfit showing their knees. Counting On star Josiah Duggar and his fiancee, Lauren Swanson, went to San Antonio this past weekend, and it looks like she is joining the rebel ranks of her future sisters-in-law Jill and Jinger by wearing a skirt short […]

‘Counting On’ John David Duggar Reportedly Distancing Himself From Jim Bob After Clashes, Reports ‘In Touch’

John David Duggar, the second oldest son and second child in the line-up of the famous family of 19 children, apparently isn’t happy with his father’s actions and has been distancing himself from the Duggar family. In Touch Weekly reports that an insider who spoke to Hollywood Gossip stated that John David has been keeping […]

‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Still ‘Hopelessly Single,’ Could Jonathan Hartono Be The One That Got Away?

If she lived in the real world, 28-year-old Counting On star Jana Duggar could have her own place and be following her passions while living a full life doing whatever she wants. But she lives in Duggar world, which means she still lives at home in a room with her little sisters and is waiting […]

Jinger Duggar Continues To Rebel Against Jim Bob’s Strict Rules And ‘Counting On’ Fans Love It

Ever since Counting On star Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016, she has emerged as the ultimate rebel Duggar child, and fans can’t get enough of the 24-year-old living life on her own terms. Now that she is about to become a mom, her rebellious maternity style is garnering some serious praise, and […]

‘Counting On’ Fans Want Jill Duggar Back Next Season, But Derick Dillard Can Stay Where He Is

After regularly appearing on 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On over the past decade, Jill Duggar was noticeably absent during the most recent Counting On season, and fans are letting her know that they want her back on TV. However, when it comes to her husband, Derick Dillard, most everyone seems fine with his […]

Love ‘Counting On’ And The Duggars? Get To Know Their Close Friends And The Stars Of ‘Bringing Up Bates’

The Duggar family has dominated the fundamentalist, conservative reality TV landscape for over a decade with their TLC shows 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On. However, there is another mega-family with a show on the UP network that also has 19 kids, and they happen to be close friends with America’s favorite baby-making family. […]

Hopelessly Single ‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Shades Her Sister’s Choice In Husbands

Being 28 and single has made Jana Duggar the odd one out in her family, and it has led to a lot of speculation about her life, including the possibility that she could be gay. But, during an interview with Counting On producers, Jana reveals that she does want a husband, and it looks like […]

‘Counting On’ Stars Josiah Duggar And Lauren Swanson Caught Breaking Some Of Jim Bob’s Famous Rules

Counting On star Josiah Duggar will be marrying Lauren Swanson later this year, but it seems the young couple is having a hard time following his dad Jim Bob’s strict courting rules ahead of their big day. Could Josiah and his bride-to-be be committing some huge family no-no’s and causing a big scandal? While the […]

Joseph Duggar And Kendra Are The Latest ‘Counting On’ Stars Caught Breaking Jim Bob’s Strict Courting Rules

It appears Jim Bob Duggar didn’t make his courting rules for the water. In the latest episode of Counting On, Joseph Duggar and his then-fiancee Kendra Caldwell celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties in the Duggar way – sans alcohol and all together with the family – and a wild tubing session caused the two […]

Duggar Family Pushes Controversial Conference And Christian Camp Owned By Joy-Anna Duggar’s In-Laws

Ever since they got famous for their show 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggar family has been invited to speak at Christian events all over the world. Despite the fact that their old show got canceled due to their son Josh Duggar’s scandals, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still wanted by various conferences and […]

Former ‘Counting On’ Stars Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Share Another One Of Baby Sam’s Firsts With Fans

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard just updated fans on how things are progressing for their 8-month-old son, Samuel. The former Counting On stars shared a sweet video of Sam getting his teeth brushed for the first time, marking another milestone for the family’s newest addition. However, how did fans react to the post? Derick shared […]

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Make Grammatical Error After Snub From ‘Counting On’ Due To Josh Duggar Scandal

With just a few weeks to go until the new season of Counting On, TLC released a new trailer for the Duggar family reality TV show. Many loyal followers were eager to see what the season had in store for the growing kids as they start courtships, get married and pregnant. However, there were some […]

Michelle Duggar’s Shocking Rebellious Past Revealed! The ‘Counting On’ Star Was Not Always So Conservative

Michelle Duggar is all about dressing modestly in public, but she wasn’t always that way. Prior to being Jim Bob Duggar’s wife and a loving, conservative mom on 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle was a bit of a rebel child living in a small town in Arkansas. Here’s a look at Michelle’s shocking past. Michelle […]

Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar Want Fans To Pay $15 To Hear Them Talk ‘Dating’ On Valentine’s Day

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are set to talk about the Duggar ways of dating, which, according to the reality stars, are rare moments of respite for a married couple raising a large family. Parents to 20 children, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said one of the “secrets” to their 30-plus years of marriage is […]

Jim Bob Duggar Repeatedly Inappropriate With PDA, Despite Forcing His Kids To Court With Side Hugs

Counting On fans are well acquainted with Jim Bob Duggar’s strict family rules. While the Duggar family patriarch only allows side hugs before marriage, he isn’t afraid to pack on the PDA with longtime wife Michelle Duggar. Is Jim Bob guilty of a double standard? Jim Bob Loves PDA According to In Touch Weekly, Jim […]

Jim Bob Duggar 2018: ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star’s Religious Beliefs Reportedly Cause Rifts, Divide The Family

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle, are popularly known for having a huge family composed of 19 children and more than 10 grandchildren. Being Independent Baptist Christians, the entire clan is also famous for their conservative religious views. However, new reports are suggesting that some of their beliefs are causing rifts between the Duggar […]

Duggar Family Finally Features New Baby Of Josh Duggar, But Fans Focus On Jim Bob’s Ring Tattoo

Josh Duggar’s new baby, Mason Garrett Duggar, came into the world this fall. He is the fifth child of Josh and Anna Duggar and the first to be born after Josh’s 2015 scandal. The 29-year-old was ousted for having molested four of his sisters, actively using Ashley Madison (a web service for people looking to […]

‘Counting On’ Faked! The Duggars Have Reportedly Been Caught Staging Scenes And Hiring Actors

It’s common knowledge that reality TV is at least a little fake, but most fans of 19 Kids & Counting and the spinoff, Counting On, see the Duggars as an honest family that is not obsessed with fame. So, there is no way they could be like the Kardashians and fake scenes, right? It turns […]

Jim Bob Duggar 2018: ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Is Reportedly ‘Debt-Free,’ Still At War With Ben Seewald

Many fans got worried after TLC decided to stop airing the 19 Kids And Counting series in 2015. Avid followers of Jim Bob Duggar wondered how the 52-year-old reality star would be able to provide the needs of his ever-expanding family. However, recent reports suggest that the husband of Michelle Duggar is still making millions […]

Jim Bob Duggar’s Net Worth Reportedly Took A Big Hit With Josh Duggar’s Molestation And Cheating Scandals

Jim Bob Duggar’s wallet took a major hit following Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal and the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. Now that Jim is no longer a part of the hit TLC series, he has turned his focus to real estate and spending time with family, which unfortunately means less money for his super-sized […]

Duggar Family News: Josie Duggar Celebrates Her Birthday, Worries ‘Counting On’ Fans

Josie Brooklyn Duggar has always been one of, if not the favorite daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Born premature, Josie’s survival and subsequent recovery were viewed by many in the Duggar community as a miracle in itself. Now, the iconic reality TV family has posted a birthday greeting to the family’s resident miracle […]

Duggar Family News: Jana Duggar Possibly Courting, While John David Reportedly Has A Secret Relationship

When it comes to the Duggar family’s weddings and courtships, there is a lot for fans to keep up with. Five of the Duggar kids have courted and married in recent years, and most of them have already started having babies. But the oldest set of twins, Jana and John David, have done things differently […]

Are Duggar Family Courtships Just Arranged Marriages? Jana Duggar And Caleb Williams Next?

It’s no secret that the Duggar family keeps growing with each passing year. The stars of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On have experienced multiple marriages and births in recent times, but are the family’s courtships just arranged marriages? Here’s a look at what really separates the Duggar’s courtship from traditional arranged marriages. The […]

‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Preparing To Wed Caleb Williams? The Duggar Family Keeps Dropping Clues

Being a single 27-year-old woman is a pretty normal thing in our society but when you are in the Duggar family, it makes you unique. The oldest girl, Jana Duggar, is the only adult daughter that hasn’t married, but could the Duggar family be dropping clues that she is about to wed family friend, Caleb […]

‘Counting On’s’ Jana Duggar Officially Courting? Why Is The Family Hiding Her Relationship With Caleb Williams

Rumors have been swirling that Caleb Williams, a Duggar family friend, is courting Jana Duggar. Most of the rumors so far have come up false. New evidence, however, might prove that Jana and Williams are actually courting, and it all centers on Williams’ relationship with the family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar. Is Williams Trying To […]