Jim Bob Duggar Reportedly Sold A Mobile Home To Son Justin,18, For $1 As He Readies To Marry Claire Spivey

Jim Bob Duggar has reportedly sold a mobile home to his 18-year-old son Justin for $1 as the teen gets ready to marry his fiancée, Claire Spivey, 19. The couple, who have not yet announced a wedding date, got engaged in November 2020 after courting for 14 months. A source revealed to In Touch Weekly […]

Jana Duggar Says ‘Tis The Season’ As She Poses For A Group Snap With The Women Of Her Family

Jana Duggar shared a holiday photo and sentiment with her fans in a new Instagram upload where she was a part of a series of snaps alongside the women of her family. Included in the images were her mother Michelle, her sisters, and sisters-in-law as they gathered together for a fun holiday activity. The star […]

Jessa Duggar Reveals Which One Of Her Kids Loves Fruits & Vegetables The Most

Jessa Duggar has shown through her posts that all three of her kids like to snack on healthy foods. However, the Counting On star had revealed on Thursday which one of them absolutely loves them the very most. In her latest Instagram share, Jessa spilled to her 2.2 million followers on the social media platform […]

Jessa Duggar Rocks A Blue Dress & Ankle Boots As Husband Ben Seewald Gushes Over Her In Sweet Birthday Share

Jessa Duggar just celebrated her birthday on November 4. She turned 28, and the Counting On star received plenty of love from family and friends. But the sweetest one may have come from her husband, Ben Seewald, in an Instagram share that he posted along with a cute photo that seemed to depict their special […]

Jessa Duggar Put Her Christmas Tree Up Before Halloween: ‘We Deserve 3 Christmases’

Jessa Duggar is getting ready for Christmas, despite the fact it’s not even Halloween yet. The Counting On star has amazed even her loved ones. Her brother-in-law, Jeremy Vuolo, took to his Instagram account to share a little bit of their conversation via text, which can be seen here. Jessa had a perfectly good explanation […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Photos Of Son Henry Stuffing A Chicken Tender In His Mouth While Sitting On Bike

Jessa Duggar is no stranger to sharing adorable moments of her three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 1. She loves to showcase the joy and humor they display in the cute snaps. This time the Counting On star focused on her middle child as she shared two sweet pics with her 2.2 […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Ivy Jane’s Mishap With Aunt Jana’s Flowers & Her ‘Priceless’ Reaction To Tomatoes

Jessa Duggar shared a sneak peek on Thursday of her daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, spending some time in her aunt Jana’s beautiful garden. She also posted the link to the full video that she has up on YouTube for her 2.2 million Instagram followers to watch. The Counting On star filmed her two youngest kids […]

Jana Duggar Enjoys Story Time With Nephews Spurgeon And Henry

Jana Duggar took some time out from tending to her garden and greenhouse to pay a visit to the Seewald household. Her sister Jessa snapped a fun photo while she was at her house and posted it to her Instagram account on Thursday. Jana had previously been referred to as “the favorite aunt.” It looked […]

Jessa Duggar Gives Son Spurgeon A New Haircut And He Looks Unamused In New Video

Jessa Duggar is known for saving some money by cutting her kids’ hair herself instead of going to a salon or barber. In a new YouTube video that was posted Thursday, which can be seen here, the Counting On star showed off her oldest child’s recent haircut. Spurgeon, 4, had a new hairdo, but he […]

Jessa Duggar Drops Adorable Pictures On Instagram Of Spurgeon & Ivy Jane Modeling Clothes

Jessa Duggar may have just brightened up the day of her 2.2 million Instagram followers. On Saturday, the star of TLC’s Counting On posted a series of four photos of her oldest child, Spurgeon, 4, and her youngest, Ivy Jane, 1, modeling their new clothes while sharing some sweet moments together. The pictures were taken […]

Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Share An Epic Family Adventure In The Woods

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald took their three young kids on a wild family adventure recently, and they decided to share it with their Instagram followers. On Sunday, the Counting On stars added a video to their YouTube channel and urged fans on their separate Instagram accounts to watch as they trekked through the woods […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Cute Video Of Daughter Ivy Spraying Down A Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Jessa Duggar shared evidence that her 1-year-old daughter is developing quite the green thumb. On Saturday, the Counting On star delighted her fans with an adorable video that showed little Ivy Jane demonstrating how to wet down the leaves of a tree when your hands are too small to properly use a spray bottle. Jessa, […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Snap Of Three Kids: ‘A Morning Stroll In The Park’

Jessa Duggar shared a sweet snap of her three children — Ivy, Henry, and Spurgeon — as they spent the morning in the park. The pic was a hit with her 2.2 million social media followers. The Counting On star posted the image of the three kids, all under the age of 4, as they […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Ivy Reading Her New Book, Saying ‘Peek-A-Boo’

Jessa Duggar shared another adorable video clip of her 1-year-old daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald. She is learning quickly, and the Counting On star has been documenting various things that her little girl has accomplished so far. She is learning new words and loves to practice them. One of the newest things she says is “peek-a-boo” […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Snaps Of Her ‘Early Riser’ Henry After He Falls Asleep At The Table

Jessa Duggar shared two sweet snaps of her “early riser” son Henry after he fell asleep at the table. The mother of three posted the pics as a way to demonstrate that her middle child can nod off anywhere since he gets up very early in the day. She also shared the images as a […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Video Of Her Kids On Instagram, Reveals How Much Ivy Jane Is Talking

Jessa Duggar loves showing off her three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 14 months. Her Instagram is filled with photos and videos of them and their cuteness. On Sunday, the Counting On star shared yet another sweet clip with her 2.2 million followers, this time showing her little girl joining her older […]

Jessa Duggar Has The Perfect Response After Someone Mentioned A Baby Bump

Jessa Duggar has become the queen of comebacks, and on Saturday, she had to once again respond to an assumption that was seemingly not true. The Counting On star posted an innocent Instagram share of her son Henry that somehow got switched over to the topic of baby bumps. Jessa wanted to show off her […]

‘Counting On’ Star Ben Seewald Shares Special Bonding Time With Daughter Ivy In New Instagram Snap

Ben Seewald seems to have a special bond with his youngest child, and only daughter, Ivy. The Counting On star took to his Instagram on Thursday to share an adorable snap of him and his little girl sitting down together enjoying their daddy-daughter time. Ben was sitting in the living room of his Arkansas home […]

Jessa Duggar Looks Cool & Comfortable In A Loose-Fitting Dress While Pushing Ivy In A Swing

Jessa Duggar rarely wears any kind of pants or shorts. Her choice of clothing usually includes various styles of dresses and skirts that are considered modest, according to her family’s standards. However, the Counting On star always seems to find cute styles that impress her 2.2 million Instagram followers. On Monday, she shared a photo […]

Fans Think Jessa Duggar May Be Expecting Another Baby

Jessa Duggar already has three kids, but many fans are wondering if she could possibly be expecting baby No. 4 so soon after her last child. Her youngest, Ivy Jane Seewald, just had her first birthday in May. Thanks to a recent YouTube clip that she posted on Saturday, her followers believe that she is […]

‘Counting On’ Clip: Jessa Duggar & Her Family Visit The Zoo, Joke About Possible Courtship For Spurgeon

Jessa Duggar and her family of five took a recent trip to the Kansas City Zoo with friends of theirs, and the kids seemed to be quite excited about it. They drove about three hours to get there, as seen in last week’s episode of TLC’s Counting On. The preview clip was posted on the […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Cute Video Of Ivy Jane Trying Her Best To Smash Her Birthday Cake

Ivy Jane Seewald turned 1 on May 26, but her mom, Jessa Duggar, just got around to posting a sweet video of her birthday celebration. The clip posted on Saturday showed the little girl surrounded by family at her grandparents’ house in Arkansas with a smash cake in front of her. The YouTube video was […]

Jessa Duggar’s Husband, Ben Seewald, Reveals That ‘A Certain Little Boy’ Painted Nail Polish On Ivy Jane

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three little ones now, making things can be a bit hectic at home. Apparently one of their boys decided to use their baby sister, one-year-old Ivy Jane, as a model by giving her a little “face paint.” Unfortunately, he ended up using something else entirely, as their dad revealed […]

Jessa Duggar & Husband Ben Seewald Give Update On Son Henry’s Speech And Other Milestones

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald will be featured on the new season of Counting On next week. In anticipation of the upcoming new shows, US Weekly interviewed the couple this past week as they gave a few updates on their family of five. One milestone that was mentioned was their son Henry’s slight speech delay […]

Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Speak Out On Social Media Haters, ‘You Can’t Please Every Single Person’

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are not allowing any hate that comes their way to get the best of them. Instead, they are just trying to laugh it off and take the high road. The Counting On stars did a recent video interview with US Weekly, talking about how they handle all the […]

‘Counting On’ Star Ben Seewald Shares How Much Son Henry Loves Pickle Juice On A Hot Summer Day

One of the stars of TLC’s Counting On, Ben Seewald, posted a photo of his and Jessa Duggar’s son on Sunday that may give some fans the shivers. It was apparently a hot summer day in Arkansas where the Seewald family lives with their three kids: Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 1. They […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Instagram Snaps Of Her Three Kids Eating Watermelon & Taking A Dip In The Pool

Jessa Duggar and her family seem to be enjoying the summer so far. She also seems to like sharing the fun times that they have, especially those of her three kids: Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 1. On Sunday, the Counting On star delighted her 2.2 million Instagram followers by posting a few […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Son Spurgeon’s Clever Tactic For Skipping Out On His Nap Time

Jessa Duggar regularly shares stories and photos of her three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 1, on Instagram and her 2.2 million followers love it. In her latest share on the social media platform, the Counting On star posted a cute story of her oldest son coming up with a clever way […]

Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Share How Daughter Ivy Jane Spent Her Weekend

Ivy Jane Seewald just turned 1 last month, and it seems like she is learning new things every day now. Her parents, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, both love to share photos of her on their separate Instagram accounts. Sometimes they capture perfect moments all in the same day. That’s exactly what happened on Sunday […]

Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Mistaken For Sister Jessa As She Shares 30-Week Baby Bump Snap

Joy-Anna Duggar, 22, only has two months to go before she has her second child, a baby girl, with husband Austin Forsyth. The Counting On star is now 30 weeks along in her pregnancy and she celebrated the milestone by sharing a new Instagram snap of her growing baby bump with her 995,000 followers on […]

Duggar Family Fans Flip Out Over Similarities Between Ivy Jane Seewald & Mom Jessa

Fans of the Duggar family flipped out over the striking similarities between Ivy Jane Seewald and her mother, reality television star Jessa Duggar, following an Instagram upload shared by Jessa’s husband Ben Seewald. He recently posted a sweet image of his daughter to the social media site, and fans compared the little girl to her […]

Jessa Duggar’s 1-Year-Old Daughter, Ivy Jane, Adorably Models One Of Her Birthday Outfits

In a new Instagram post, Jessa Duggar delighted her 2.2.million followers by sharing an adorable snapshot of her 1-year-old daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald. She just celebrated her first birthday on May 26 and it appears that at least one of her gifts turned out to be clothes. The Counting On star let her fans see […]

Jessa Duggar’s Husband, Ben Seewald, Shares Sweet Instagram Snap Of Ivy Jane Sleeping

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar are proud parents of three adorable kids. The Counting On stars both love to post photos and stories quite frequently, but the most recent share by the Duggar son-in-law may just be one of the cutest so far. The new snapshot of 1-year-old Ivy Jane has his Instagram followers melting. […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Story Of Spurgeon Singing Hymns To The Sheep

Jessa Duggar shared a story on Instagram on Sunday about taking a stroll with her three kids that resulted in a unique experience. The Counting On star posted a handful of pictures from the outing as well. Their walk appeared to be out in the country where they visited a sheep farm along the way. […]

Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Share First Birthday Snaps Of Ivy Jane Wearing A Sweet Pink Tutu

Ivy Jane Seewald just turned 1 year old on May 26 and her parents, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, delighted their fans with sweet photos of the birthday girl. The Counting On stars both made posts on their separate Instagram accounts sharing their sentiments about their daughter. They also sent out her first birthday snapshots, […]

Jessa Duggar Revealed That Ivy Jane Is Talking, But There Is One Word She Won’t Say Just Yet

Jessa Duggar has just revealed that 11-month-old Ivy Jane is starting to talk. She shared the news on her Instagram Thursday, along with an adorable photo of her daughter. The Counting On star told her 2.2 million followers that her “little doll,” as she called her, is saying a handful of words. However, there is […]

Jessa Duggar Lets Her Boys Get Into A Dirty Mess Playing In The Mud, Says They Are ‘Best Friends’

Jessa Duggar has no problem finding fun things for her kids to do at home, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the Counting On star posted an Instagram video and a picture of her two boys, Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3, out in the yard getting all dirty as they played in the mud. […]

Jessa Duggar Revealed That Daughter Ivy Jane Is Now Walking, ‘Really Starting To Take Off’

Ivy Jane Seewald will be celebrating her first birthday in just 10 days. Her mom, Jessa Duggar, just revealed that she started taking her first steps about a week ago. Now the adorable baby seems to be getting the hang of it. The star of TLC’s Counting On posted a short video clip on Instagram […]

Jessa Duggar Twins With Daughter Ivy In Series Of Sweet Snaps

Jessa Duggar twinned with daughter Ivy Jane in a series of sweet Instagram snaps, showing off an uncanny resemblance between mother and daughter at the same age. Jessa shared a series of eight separate uploads to the social media site where she posted side-by-side images of herself and her only daughter, shocking her social media […]

Duggar Men Praise Their Wives In Special Messages For Mother’s Day

In a special TLC Mother’s Day segment, the Duggar men are seen standing next to their wives singing their praises on what wonderful moms they are. Brothers Joe, John David, and Josiah Duggar, as well as Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, reveal what they think about the mother of their children. TLCme shared the video just […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Moment Between Husband Ben & Daughter Ivy Jane

Jessa Duggar took to her Instagram account recently to share a video of her husband, Ben Seewald, and their 11-month-old daughter, Ivy Jane. The Counting On star captured an adorable moment between the two that had her fans melting once again. Ben is multitasking as he is seen holding the baby girl in his arms […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Story Of Spurgeon & His Salt Shaker

Jessa Duggar has plenty of photo opportunities with her three kids, as well as cute stories to tell about them. Her latest one involves her eldest, Spurgeon, who is known for his sweet antics. The Counting On star has been sharing some of his sayings over the past year with her 2.2 million followers. The […]

Jessa Duggar Claps Back After She Seemingly Gets Slammed For Hair-Cutting Tutorial

Jessa Duggar recently shared a tutorial on her new YouTube channel showing how she cuts her boys’ hair. She also posted it on Instagram and that’s when someone seemingly chided her for showing others how to cut hair, despite not being an actual hairstylist. However, the Counting On star clapped back with a fairly long […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Easter Photos Of Family All Dressed Up In Their Sunday Best And Bare Feet

Jessa Duggar didn’t let social distancing spoil her Easter fun, despite it being quite a bit different than her usual holiday celebration with her huge family and going to church. Instead, the Counting On star spent the holiday with just her husband, Ben Seewald, and their three kids — Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy […]

Jessa Duggar Shares New Instagram Snap With Her ‘Quaranteam’

Jessa Duggar is keeping safe at her home in northwest Arkansas, but she appears to be enjoying the time spent with her family during the coronavirus outbreak. The star of TLC’s Counting On has been a little more active on Instagram since she has been sticking around at home with husband Ben Seewald and their […]

Jessa Duggar Sparks Pregnancy Questions After Revealing That She’s Talked To Her Oldest Son About Girl Names

Jessa Duggar took to Facebook on Tuesday to recount a conversation that she had with her oldest son, and it had some of her followers guessing that she’s expecting again. The 27-year-old Counting On star wrote that she is a big fan of “old names,” and she recently spoke with her 4-year-old son, Spurgeon Elliot […]

Jessa Duggar Creates A Mini Playground For Her Three Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

Just like every mom these days, Jessa Duggar is attempting to keep her three kids busy during the current coronavirus pandemic. It appears that the Counting On star is doing her best to keep her family safe by spending time at home instead of going out. But that doesn’t mean that they are all cooped […]

Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Videos Of Her Kids Making Popcorn Jewelry

Jessa Duggar found a fun and easy way to entertain her three kids over the weekend. On Sunday, the mother of three took to Instagram to reveal that her children were having a blast engaging in activity that’s more common around the Christmas holidays: creating strings of popcorn. However, the Counting On star’s 4-year-old son […]

Jessa Duggar Bashes Sister-In-Law’s Wedding Dress On TV: ‘The Neckline Was Definitely Too Low’

In the upcoming season premiere of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta, Jessa Duggar shoots down her sister-in-law, Jessica Seewald’s, wedding dress option because she felt it was too inappropriate. According to Us Weekly, the 27-year-old Counting On star accompanied Seewald to shop for a wedding dress. After trying on one gown, she slipped into […]

Jessa Duggar Wears Pants In DIY Video And Fans Rejoice

Jessa Duggar surprised her fans by rocking pants in a DIY video. On Tuesday, the 27-year-old Counting On star used her YouTube page to show off the results of a painting project. However, some viewers were more impressed with Jessa’s new casual look. According to Jessa, many of her fans had asked her about the […]