Aurora, Colorado, Shooting Survivors Ordered To Pay Cinemark $700,000

Four survivors of the Aurora, Colorado, shooting were ordered to pay Cinemark $700,000 in legal fees after their class-action lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge. As reported by NY Daily News, the survivors believe the theater is partially responsible for the massacre. As stated in the lawsuit, Cinemark’s security team failed to prevent James […]

James Holmes Attacked: Meet The 6’4″ Inmate That Beat Up Colorado Shooter

Because James Holmes is guilty of one of the worst mass murders in recent history, it’s not surprising that many Americans wish the worst on him. What we sometimes forget is that not everyone in jail is necessarily on the side of people like Holmes. So, news that he was attacked earlier this month isn’t […]

James Holmes Assault: Colorado Theater Shooter Assaulted In Prison As Social Media Users Rejoice

James Holmes has only been an inmate at the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City for about a month and he’s already bumping heads with fellow inmates. According to the Daily Mail, the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooter — who is responsible for killing 12 movie goers and leaving 170 others injured — was reportedly assaulted […]

James Holmes: Colorado Movie Theater Shooter Beaten Up In Prison By A Fellow Inmate

James Holmes, the Colorado movie shooter who killed 12 people at the Century movie theater in Aurora in 2012, has been beaten up by a fellow inmate at Colorado’s State Penitentiary, the state’s maximum-security prison, according to Reuters. The incident took place on October 8 when Holmes was being moved by a correctional officer through […]

Jessica Ghawi: Colorado Shooting Victim’s Parents Ordered To Pay $203,000 To Ammo Dealer That Sold To Her Killer

Jessica Ghawi was one of the victims gunned down in the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting at the hands of convicted killer James Holmes during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Lonnie and Sandy Phillips, her parents, decided to go after the Lucky Gunner ammo dealer that sold much of Holmes’ arsenal to him with […]

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Hundreds Of Never-Before-Seen Photos Released By Prosecutors

Warning: Some may find the graphic images contained within disturbing. James Holmes was sentenced to life in prison for the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater which left 12 dead and numerous others injured. In the wake of the sentencing, the Aurora Police Department and Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office released some never-before-seen images […]

James Holmes: Colorado Theater Shooter Formally Sentenced To Life In Prison

James Holmes was formally sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday afternoon. The Colorado theater shooter was convicted and sentenced by a jury in July. One month later, Judge Carlos Samour Jr. confirmed the jury’s decision. On July 20, 2012, James Eagan Holmes entered the Aurora Century 16 multiplex during a midnight screening of The […]

James Holmes’ Life Was Saved By One Juror

In a surprising announcement, James Holmes was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Friday because one juror refused to send him to death. Colorado theater shooter James Holmes’ life was spared when the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision. The state of Colorado requires a unanimous decision for a death sentence, so […]

Colorado Shooter James Holmes Gets Life In Prison — Escapes Death Penalty

It has finally been decided. In the case of James Eagan Holmes, the jury reached the decision to charge the 28-year-old Colorado shooter with life in prison without the possibility of parole. Unexpectedly, Holmes has dodged the death penalty, ABC News reports. The decision was reached on Friday following three months of testimony from survivors […]

James Holmes Is Eligible For The Death Penalty — Jury Rules Aurora Shooter Is Sane Enough For Execution

A jury has ruled that the death penalty is definitely an option for James Holmes, the man who opened fire in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes pleaded insanity to the charges of first-degree murder for the death of 12 people, but the jury reached a verdict determining that James Holmes was guilty on […]

‘Newsweek’ Gets Banned From James Holmes Trial: Magazine Gives Away Juror Identity

Newsweek will no longer be covering the James Holmes theater shooting trial in person. The magazine was banned after it either knowingly or unknowingly violated the judge’s orders. According to USA Today, Judge Carlos Samour had laid down guidelines for the James Holmes trial to protect the privacy of the jury. For instance, jurors were […]

James Eagan Holmes Found Guilty Of Murder

Jurors in the Aurora Theater Shooting trial have come back with a verdict for shooter James Holmes. According to NBC News, Holmes has been found guilty of “24 counts of first-degree murder, 140 counts of attempted murder, and an explosives count.” After testimony from over 200 witnesses, the jury rejected Holmes’ plea of insanity, finding […]

James Holmes Verdict Has Been Reached — Aurora Theater Shooter’s Fate Is Sealed

The fate of James Holmes, the man who massacred 12 people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, has been determined. The jury has officially made a decision as to whether or not James Holmes was legally insane when he opened fire on innocent civilians three years ago. According to NBC News, the official verdict […]

Colorado Judge Dismisses Three Jurors in Holmes’ Trial

In a surprise move, the judge in the Aurora, Colorado, shooting rampage case involving James Holmes dismissed three jurors, citing misconduct in all three situations. “Any decision that the jurors make has to come from evidence that they received in the courtroom,” Denver attorney David Beller. James Holmes is accused of having gunned down 12 […]

James Holmes Pleads Insanity For Killing 12 People In Cold Blood

James Homes killed 12 people three years ago in the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes admits to the shooting rampage on July 23, 2012, but pleads innocent by reason of insanity. Opening statements in the murder trial of gunman James Holmes began in Arapahoe County Justice Center in Centennial, Colo. at noon […]

Alison Ernst, Clinton Shoe-Thrower, In Love With Colorado Mass Shooter James Holmes

Alison Ernst, the 36-year-old Phoenix, Arizona woman who on Thursday threw a shoe at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during Clinton’s speech to a recycling convention in Las Vegas, has been bizarrely obsessed with the Colorado movie theatre massacre gunman James Holmes, according a report in Friday’s New York Daily News. Stripped of the […]

Allison Michelle Ernst, Clinton Shoe Assaulter, Under “Mind Control?”

The media has been abuzz over the recent shoe attack on former first lady Hillary Clinton by an unknown woman named Allison Michelle Ernst. While investigators try to put together why the woman would want to do what she did, a recent find might hold the answer. The woman is freaking nuts. While investigating the […]

James Holmes: iPhone, Emails Of Alleged Aurora Shooter Will Be Evidence At Trial

James Holmes’ iPhone and emails will be used as evidence in his upcoming trial, after the judge overseeing the Aurora movie theater massacre case denied the defense’s attempts to block them. Arapahoe County District Court Judge Carlos Samour rejected eight separate motions that were issued on Monday, which saw the defense try to stop jurors […]

James Holmes’ Trial Evidence Includes Online Dating Profiles

Evidence in the trial against James Holmes will include the accused Aurora Theater shooter’s online dating profiles, which were put up on and before the deadly rampage. In both profiles, Holmes used the phrase, “Will you visit me in prison?” as part of his description. Holmes is accused of wearing body armor and […]

Batman Mask Found In Colorado Movie Theater Shooter’s Apartment

A Batman mask was found, along with other items, at the apartment of James Holmes, who carried out the July 2012 massacre in a Colorado movie theater. When police searched the shooter’s apartment they discovered a “unique symbol” on a calendar marked on the day the attack took place. They also found a Batman mask […]

Aurora Shooting Survivors To Marry One Year After Massacre

Victims of the Aurora shooting are still struggling to put their lives back together one year after James Holmes’ horrific theater massacre. But one couple have decided to put the terrifying night behind them in the most direct way possible: They’re going to get married on the one-year anniversary of the shooting. Eugene Han and […]

Aurora Shooting Anniversary: One Year Later, Victims Still Struggle To Cope

The Aurora shooting anniversary is Saturday, marking one year since gunman James Holmes burst into a packed theater showing a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and opening fire on the crowd. After one year has passed, victims are still coping to recover from the physical wounds and psychological trauma of the mass shooting. […]

James Holmes’ Attorneys Say He’s Aurora Theater Shooter

James Holmes‘ attorneys admitted in a court document that he is responsible for the Aurora theater massacre that happened almost exactly a year ago. While Holmes’ attorneys have never denied he was responsible, it was the first time they outright admitted the 35-year-old killed 12 people and wounded 58 others at a midnight showing of […]

James Holmes: Hidden Harness Will Restrain Him During Trial

During James Holmes’ trial, a hidden harness will restrain him to the courtroom floor. Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. announced that the accused mass murderer will be anchored to the floor using a harness device concealed under his clothing. In past court appearances, Holmes‘ wrists and ankles were restrained with visible shackles. His attorneys argued […]

James Holmes Defense Team Wants Hospital Exam Video To Bolster Insanity Plea

  James Holmes is attempting an insanity defense in the Aurora shooting trial, and his lawyers are now trying to get a key piece of evidence they say will support his claim. Lawyers for the shooting suspect are demanding that the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office give up a video showing James Holmes under psychiatric care […]

James Holmes Granted Not Guilty Plea By Reason of Insanity

It has been almost a year since the tragic Colorado movie theater shooting, and Judge Carlos Samour Jr. finally accepted James Holmes’ not guilty plea by reason of insanity. “I find Mr. Holmes understands the effects and consequences of the not guilty by reason of insanity plea,” he said. “He was looking at the advisement […]

James Holmes: Online Ammo Purchased Weeks Before Aurora Shooting

James Holmes bought online ammo just weeks before the Aurora shooting. Unsealed documents reveal that FexEx recorded a delivery from,to Holmes’ residence on June 28, 2012. Holmes is accused of a mass shooting on July 20 inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. The 25-year-old man allegedly burst into a crowded theater, wearing “combat gear.” […]

3,500 Potential Witnesses Listed By Prosecutors In Aurora Shooting Case

Approximately 3,500 potential witnesses have been identified by prosecutors in the movie theater shooting case in Aurora, Colorado. James Holmes’ public defenders have reportedly asked for more time to review the 83-page document listing the thousands of potential witnesses. Although they originally had until May 17 to finish up, defensive attorneys are now requesting a […]

James Holmes To Face Possibility Of Death Penalty, Prosecutors Confirm

Arapahoe County’s District Attorney George Brauchler formally rejected a bid to spare James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the death penalty. James Holmes’ defense team put forward a potential plea deal — which would land the suspected shooter in prison for life without parole — which was rejected by prosecutors in […]

James Holmes Plea Deal Rejected, Accused Aurora Shooter Likely To Face Death Penalty

James Holmes had his plea deal rejected by Colorado prosecutors, increasing the likelihood that the accused Aurora movie theater gunman will face the death penalty. In a document filed with the court, lawyers for the accused gunman had written that “Mr. Holmes is currently willing to resolve the case to bring the proceedings to a […]

Aurora Shooter James Holmes May Plead Guilty

James Holmes, the suspect in the killing of 12 persons last July at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, may plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. Lawyers for Holmes have offered in a court filling that they will enter such a plea without the necessity of a a trial […]

Aurora Shooter James Holmes Converts To Islam [Report]

James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people last July at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, has reportedly converted to Islam. Holmes has exhibited extremely erratic behavior since his arrest on July 20, after a shooting that left 12 dead and 58 people wounded. He has since reportedly […]

James Holmes Not Guilty, Plea Entered By Judge

A judge entered a plea of “not guilty” for James Holmes this morning as the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting suspect appeared in court in Arapahoe County. The not guilty plea for James Holmes comes after lawyers for the suspected shooter indicated that their client was not yet ready to enter a plea in the 166 […]

James Holmes: Aurora Shooting Suspect Loses Insanity Plea Challenge

James Holmes may not be able to plead insanity in a case where he is accused of killing 12 people in a shooting this summer at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Lawyers representing Holmes had made an effort to challenge the constitutionality of the state’s laws for insanity pleas, saying that it placed undue […]

James Holmes: Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect May Pursue Insanity Defense

James Holmes may attempt an insanity plea in his trial for a Colorado theater shooting that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded, his defense team hinted. The decision on how to proceed with James Holmes’ defense has not been made yet. His attorneys filed papers in court on Friday that said they can’t make […]

James Holmes Stuck Out Tongue In Disturbing Pre-Shooting Photos

A few disturbing photos of the Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes were shown in court this week. One photo shows Holmes playfully sticking his tongue out while holding bomb-making materials while another shows the alleged shooter whistling while holding a gun. Police Sgt. Matthew Fyles said that the pictures were taken a few hours […]

James Holmes: Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Trial To Begin On January 7

Aurora, CO – James Holmes, the accused theater massacre shooter, appeared in court on Wednesday. The judge set a preliminary hearing for January 7. The initial court proceeding is expected to last at least several days. The list of witnesses, victims, and relatives of those killed during the Aurora movie theater shooting reportedly number into […]

America Goes Crazy: NRA Threatened With Violence – Conservatives Call Obama A Murderer

Commentary (Warning: Contains Images With Strong Language) | America is going crazy. There is no other way to say it. Our nation experienced a terrible, heartbreaking tragedy when 20 young children and six wonderful teachers were gunned down by Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Instead of bringing the country together and grieving […]

Lawyers To Subpoena Fox Reporter In Colorado Massacre Case

A subpoena will soon be issued for a Fox reporter in the trial against the Colorado movie theater shooting suspect, James Holmes. Holmes’ lawyers intend to subpoena the reporter, Jana Winter, because she was the first one to report that the suspect sent his psychiatrist a notebook of violent descriptions, reports The Boston Globe. The […]

James Holmes Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

James Holmes has been hospitalized after the accused Colorado theater gunman allegedly tried to harm himself by running into a jail cell wall. On Tuesday, a then-unspecified medical condition brought James Holmes to a hospital, leaving him unable to attend a court hearing set for two days, NBC News reported. In an emergency meeting on […]

Aurora Massacre Victims To Split $5 Million In Public Donations

About $5 million in public donations will be handed over to victims of the Aurora shooting massacre. The money will be split among the families of the 12 men and women who were killed during the shooting and several people who will suffer for the rest of their lives because of permanent injuries sustained during […]

Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes Faces New Charges

Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes may face new charges after prosecutors requested to add 14 counts of attempted murder to the mass of charges against Holmes on Thursday. Prosecutors have also amended five other counts that have already been brought on Holmes, 24, though details about the new charges have not been made public, reports […]

James Holmes Halloween Mask Removed From eBay

Topical costumes are always a big hit on October 31, but these James Holmes Halloween masks might cross the line. ABC reports that an eBay seller recently put up a custom rubber Halloween masks of James Holmes, the man who was arrested earlier this year for shooting several people at a movie theater in Aurora, […]

Three ‘Dark Knight’ Massacre Victims Decide To Sue Cinemark

Three injured victims of July’s Aurora, Colorado “Dark Knight” massacre have decided to sue Cinemark, the company that owns the theater, for not taking enough safety measures. According to NBC News, two lawsuits have been filed in federal court. These lawsuits allege that Cinemark USA, the owner of the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, could […]

James Holmes Prosecution Stops Fighting For Notebook: ‘We’ll Get It Eventually Anyway’

Prosecutors in the Aurora theater shooting case have given up the fight for a notebook sent by the accused, James Holmes, to his psychiatrist before the July 20 massacre. They say that they don’t want to delay the case any further, and reason that they’re likely to get their hands on it as the case […]

James Holmes Prosecution Wants 10 More Charges

Colorado prosecutors in the Aurora theater shooting case are asking a judge to charge accused shooter James Holmes with 10 more counts, bringing the total number against him to 152. According to the Denver Post, prosecutors also asked Judge William Sylvester of the 18th Judicial District to amend 17 charges, including 16 attempted murder charges […]

Man In Joker Makeup Arrested At Florida Theater

Police arrested a man wearing Joker makeup at a Florida movie theater Wednesday after calls that the man was behaving in a suspicious manner. Christopher Sides, 21, was arrested as he exited the Premiere Theatre in Melbourne, Florida. CNN reports that Sides had his face painted like the Joker from the Batman movies and that […]

James Holmes Called Colorado School Nine Minutes Before Shooting

James Holmes contacted a University of Colorado switchboard just nine minutes before he allegedly opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, according to public defender Tamara Brady on Thursday. Brady added that the number that Holmes called can be used to get in contact with faculty members during off hours, […]

Why James Holmes Can Probably Get Off On Insanity Plea

In movies and TV, declaring a defendant “insane” usually gets them off with short time and a comfy stay at a psychiatric hospital. In real life? Not so easy. Except in Colorado, where the burden of sanity lies with prosecutors. So, instead of the James Holmes defense team needing to prove insanity, all they have […]

James Holmes Warning Signs: ‘I Want To Kill People When My Life Is Over’

Following yesterday’s report that accused Aurora shooter James Holmes failed a key exam and was advised by professors to pursue a different career path, newly unsealed court documents show that the prosecution allege that Holmes confided in a fellow student, explaining his desire to kill people, months before the actual shooting at the midnight premiere […]