‘Can Trump Still Win Election?’ Google Searches Spike As Inauguration Day Approaches

Democrat Joe Biden is expected to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States in a little more than a month, but President Donald Trump has not yet given up on contesting the results of the race. Data from Google suggests that Americans are wondering if Trump has a chance of overturning […]

Ring Takes Flight, Debuts Autonomous Flying Drone For Homes

Home security and smart home technology pioneer Ring has announced a new security camera that will fly around an indoor space. Called the Always Home Cam, the autonomous drone will take flight around a house, moving room-to-room when the owner is not present. As reported by The Verge, the company wants the Always Home Cam […]

Apple’s App Store Antitrust Questions Could Be Applied To Other Gaming & Tech Companies, Analyst Says

Questions lawmakers made about Apple’s App Store on Wednesday could just as easily have applied to several other gaming and tech companies around the world. One firm, in particular, that should be sweating is Steam, according to Engadget‘s Jessica Conditt. The inquiries about Apple’s practices were posed during a congressional investigation into some of the […]

William Barr Wants To Bring Antitrust Charges Against Social Media Companies ‘Censoring’ Conservatives

William Barr believes certain social media companies are “censoring” conservative voices, and in a recent interview, the attorney general said he’s looking at ways to bring antitrust charges against those firms. Harry Litman of The Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that Barr sat down for an interview on Fox News where he talked about […]

Justice Department Plans To End Free Speech Legal Loophole For Tech Giants

The Department of Justice announced that it was looking into measures to end the legal immunity clauses that have protected tech giants such as Google and Facebook from being targets of lawsuits relating to the content posted onto their websites. According to The Wall Street Journal, the proposed changes will likely be announced on Wednesday […]

‘God Of War’ Director Cory Barlog Gives Blessing To ‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’ Viking Setting

Since Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was officially unveiled earlier this week, there have been critics who have claimed the game was – in some ways – stealing the idea of the much-beloved PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War. After seeing one reports that devs working on Valhalla weren’t worried about any similarities between the two titles, […]

Google, Gmail, Analytics & Sheets Down For Users Across The Globe

Google is down for users across the globe this morning. If you cannot access your Gmail account, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, or any other service provided by Google, this is the reason. According to Down Detector, reports of an outage started pouring just after 11 a.m. Eastern. The site’s Live Outage Map shows the majority […]

Google Cracks Down On Android Apps That Track Your Location In The Background

Google announced this week that it will no longer allow Android apps to indiscriminately track a user’s location in the background. Instead, all location-tracking features will be subject to a review process before launching on the Google Play Store. Developers are required to provide a strong justification for why their app needs to access background […]

Mary J. Blige Slays A Leather Ensemble In Killer Outfit Photo

Mary J. Blige — also referred to as the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul — slayed a killer outfit on Instagram over the weekend, which has fans in awe of her. The “All That I Can Say” hitmaker stunned in a black leather jacket that had gold detailing and a black fur hood. It is unknown whether […]

The Real Story Behind Google’s ‘Loretta’ Commercial That Had You Crying During The Super Bowl

The NFL certainly had it right with the action on the field for Super Bowl 54, but there were millions tuning in for just the commercials. Many hoped to see action-packed, funny, hilarious, and advancing technology spots, but Google decided to go in a different direction. For those of you who happened to catch the […]

Google Stadia Comes Under Fire For Lack Of Updates Since Launch

When the Google Stadia platform was first announced, it was billed as something that was going to change the gaming world forever. Since its launch, the product has fallen well short of expectations, even by those who claimed they were devout fans since it was released. This week, the pressure was dialed up a notch […]

Kelly Clarkson Thanks Fans For 2019 Fashion Trendsetter Status On ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson is thankful for her fans, who helped her score a top spot as one of the top-trending female celebrity looks of 2019 for the fashion she wears on The Voice. The singer and songwriter posted a photo of herself wearing a stunning black sequined dress with a white geometric collar, which was taken […]

More Than 300 Trump Ads Have Been Taken Down By Google & YouTube For Violating Company Policies

More than 300 President Donald Trump ads were pulled from YouTube and Google, which owns YouTube, for unspecified violations of “company policy,” CBS News reports. Most of the ads were pulled over the summer. In an interview with “60 Minutes” host Leslie Stahl, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admitted that the platform had removed several ads, […]

Versace Sues Fashion Nova For Ripping Off Iconic J. Lo Grammy Dress

Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards is an iconic moment in fashion history. It nearly broke the internet with search queries and led to the birth of Google Images as we know it. Now, the Italian luxury home goods and fashion house is defending their legacy in a lawsuit against Fashion Nova. […]

Google Allegedly Fired Employees For Asking ‘Are You Helping Cage Children At The Border’

Google, once lauded as a workplace that championed a transparent and inclusive office culture, has reportedly terminated staffers who questioned the tech giant’s involvement in sensitive international affairs. The tech company fired several employees on Monday for what the company deemed a violation of its data security policy. According to a report from CNN Business, […]

Google Stadia Nearly Doubles Launch Day Game Library In Advance Of November 19 Debut

Google Stadia, the tech giant’s upcoming high-definition video game streaming service, has almost doubled its lineup of games hitting the platform when it debuts on Tuesday, November 19. There will now be a total of 22 games at the time of the launch, according to TechSpot. The lineup now includes a wide variety of racing, […]

Google, Facebook Considering Banning ‘Micro-Targeted’ Political Ads

Google and Facebook are considering banning so-called “micro-targeted” political ads, for fear that they may “damage democratic norms,” The Guardian reports. “Micro-targeted” political ads refers to ads that are specific to a very small group of users. Using the same methods that target regular ads to users based on their search history — such as […]

Ivanka Trump Wears A Black Low-Cut Tank Top At Roundtable Discussion

Many people could not pull off a low-cut black tank top with a suit, but first daughter Ivanka Trump managed to do just that. Yesterday, she wore the ensemble while visiting El Centro College in Dallas for a roundtable discussion that included Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The discussion centered around Google’s recent announcement that it […]

‘Friends’ Easter Eggs Are Popping Up All Over Google In Honor Of 25th Anniversary: Here’s How To Find Them

Friends is getting Googled for its milestone birthday. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the NBC sitcom, Google has created seven Friends-inspired Easter eggs that will have fans reminiscing about some of the most memorable moments from the classic TV comedy. By searching the full names of the six Friends characters on Google, fans […]

Two Out Of Three Americans Agree That Big Tech Should Be Broken Up

In a recent poll, a massive two-thirds of U.S. citizens who participated agreed that the proposed breakup of America’s so-called “Big Tech” firms — namely Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon — is a good idea. This is especially true if the transition into several smaller, less powerful organizations results in a more competitive marketplace. Vox […]

Google Is Reportedly Cracking Down On Employee Political Speech In The Workplace

Recode reports that Google announced new rules Thursday that govern what employees are allowed to say in the workplace. The new restrictions — which include political expression — come in the wake of accusations against Google that they are biased against conservatives, as well as criticism from politicians, the public and its employees on a […]

Donald Trump Says Google Should Be Sued Over Claims It ‘Manipulated’ Votes In 2016

President Donald Trump took to Twitter late Monday morning to accuse Google of manipulating votes in the 2016 presidential election, which he won, suggesting it was an attempt to elect his rival, 2016 Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. “Wow, Report Just Out,” Trump said on Twitter. “Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes […]

Google Is Reportedly Strengthening Ties To Egypt, Despite Its Government’s Human Rights Abuses

A new report by The Intercept claims that Google is re-staffing its office in Cairo, Egypt, in the wake of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi seizing power in 2014 and a string of abuses by his government aimed at dissidents and activists. The government reportedly fuels these abuses using both mass and targeted internet surveillance, as […]

Vladimir Putin Ignores Massive Pro-Democracy Demonstrations In Moscow To Ride Motorcycles With ‘Night Wolves’

Even as thousands gathered in Moscow to protest the Kremlin’s crackdown on free elections in Russia’s capital city, news programs on Russian state-sponsored television on Saturday chose not to lead broadcasts with the massive pro-Democracy demonstrations. Instead, they led with Russian President Vladimir Putin riding a motorized tricycle with a notorious Crimean biker gang, according […]

Google & Amazon Crack Down On Sales Of Firearm Accessories Following Dayton And El Paso Shootings

Following two mass shootings over this past weekend, Google and Amazon are cracking down on the sales of firearm accessories on their marketplaces, reported The Daily Mail. Despite sales policies that prohibited the sale of firearms and their accessories, both marketplaces continued to sell certain restricted items until taking action earlier this week. Although Google […]

Donald Trump Tweets Attack On Google Right After Watching Lou Dobbs On ‘Fox Business’ Say The Same Things

Donald Trump launched an attack against internet giant Google, the company that dominates the online search market with nearly 90 percent of all searches run through the company’s interface, according to Statista. Trump accused the company of panning to “illegally subvert the 2020 Election.” Trump has been attacking Google at least since last year when […]

Google Wants Donald Trump To Lose In 2020, Claims Former Employee

Former Google engineer and big tech whistleblower, Kevin Cernekee, claims that Google is biased against President Donald Trump and determined to do whatever it takes to make sure he loses in 2020. Cernekee appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to warn about what he claims is a relentless bias among employees of his former […]

Prince Harry Gives Passionate Speech At Secret Google Camp Climate Change Conference In Front Of A-List Celebs

Prince Harry is one of many famous faces who attended a secretive Google Camp climate change conference in Italy, where he allegedly gave a powerful and passionate speech about saving the planet, reported The Daily Mail. In addition to the Duke of Sussex, other A-list celebrities, including Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Bradley Cooper, Naomi Campbell, […]

Tulsi Gabbard Is Suing Google Claiming It Violated Her Freedom Of Speech By Suspending Her Ad Account

Presidential candidate and Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced Thursday that she is suing Google over claims it stifled the candidate’s freedom of speech when it blocked her from using its ad platform following the first presidential debate last month. According to a report from The New York Times, Gabbard’s account was allegedly suspended for six […]

Google ‘Systematically’ Listens To Google Assistant — And Its Worse Than First Feared

Many have worried about the recording capabilities of voice command programs. Now, a recent investigation by Belgian news organization VRT NWS has revealed that Google employees “systematically” listen to thousands of recordings made by Google Assistant and Google Home. Though most of the recordings were made consciously, others were not — meaning that Google employees […]

Undercover Video Reveals Google Executive Saying Only Big Tech Can Beat ‘Next Trump Situation’

The Washington Times reports that a new video reveals Google executive, Jen Gennai, head of Google’s Responsible Innovation team, suggesting that big tech companies should not be broken up because it would be difficult to combat “the next Trump situation.” “Elizabeth Warren is saying we should break up Google. And like, I love her but […]

Google Maps Has ‘Millions’ Of Fake Business Listings — So Don’t Get Scammed

Most people would assume that hiring a plumber from a Google Maps result would mean getting a plumber. However, The Wall Street Journal reports that it is becoming more and more common that this is not always the case. Con-men have started hijacking businesses and creating fake listings to run new scams. For example, Nancy […]

Google’s Leaked Pixel 4 Might Have New Features Never-Before-Seen On A Smartphone

Earlier this week, Google shocked everyone by sharing photos of its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone several months ahead of the device’s expected October release. After images of the smartphone were posted by Google, countless rumors began circulating, including the possibility that the Pixel 4 will come equipped with a new chip that has never been […]

Donald Trump Says ‘Real Collusion’ Is Between Big Tech Companies And Democrats

President Donald Trump’s battle with big technology companies doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. The Hill reports that on Monday, Trump used a call on CNBC’s Squawk Box to accuse big tech companies like Facebook and Google of discriminating against him, of colluding with Democrats, and of being a part of a monopoly. […]

YouTube Banning Nazis, Holocaust Deniers, And Sandy Hook Truthers

Following years of controversy over whether YouTube was making extremist content too available, the Google-owned streaming video giant announced new steps to “tackle hate” on Wednesday. In a post on its official blog, YouTube announced several updates. The service will remove more hateful and supremacist content, it will reduce “borderline content” — such as videos […]

Donny Osmond Just Googled Himself And The Results Are Hilarious

Donny Osmond regularly updates his social media accounts with hilarious throwback photos and precious memories of an iconic 50-year career in the entertainment industry. But when he decided to Google himself, the results were indeed hilarious and so were his explanations. Osmond posted the typed message “is Donny Osmond” just to see what would come […]

Google Allegedly Gives Thousands Of Dollars In Free Advertising To Deceptive Anti-Abortion Agency

According to The Guardian, Google has reportedly given over $150,000 worth of free advertising to an anti-abortion group that masquerades as pro-choice, suggesting they provide abortion services in their clinics when in reality, their goal is to convince women not to terminate their pregnancies. The group in question, the Obria Group, runs several clinics that […]

Google’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Easter Egg Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

Spoiler warning: this article contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Cinematic Universe fans who watched Avengers: Infinity War will, of course, remember the haunting moment when supervillain Thanos snapped his fingers and used the six Infinity Stones to rid the universe of half of its living beings. Those who haven’t seen the movie might […]

Apple And Google Under Fire For Allowing ‘Women-Monitoring’ App In Saudi Arabia

Big Brother has seemed to have found root in Saudi Arabia in the form of a government-approved app that tracks the activities of women. The app, called Absher, roughly translates to “yes, sir” and reportedly allows men to have invasive control on the whereabouts of their female relatives. After two more women have spoken about […]

Google Wing: World’s First Drone Delivery Service Takes Flight

After a year and a half of trial runs in both the U.S. and Australia, the world’s first commercial drone delivery service will be soaring over the homes of Australian shoppers to deliver goods, Sky News can confirm. The report says this service — named Google Wing — will be operated by Alphabet, the parent […]

Apple Snags Google AI Expert Ian Goodfellow

Apple has recently snagged one of Google’s top artificial intelligence researchers, Ian Goodfellow, according to a report from iDownloadBlog. The news, which was first reported by CNBC, stated that Goodfellow “updated his LinkedIn profile on Thursday to acknowledge that he moved from Google to Apple in March.” The update also indicated he will be stepping […]

EU Fines Google $1.7 Billion For Freezing Out Competitors

Silicon Valley kingpin Google has been fined 1.49 billion euros ($1.7 billion) by the European Union for its “abusive” online advertising practices, per the Associated Press and NPR. The European Commission alleged that Google broke EU antitrust regulations by preventing its competitors from working with companies partnered with Google. The fine centered around Google’s manipulation […]

Gaming Consoles Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past As Google, Microsoft Compete To Revolutionize Gaming

Gamers, tighten your seat belts because the world of gaming is about to change! With an estimated 2 billion gamers around the world today, the gaming industry has come a long way since consoles were first introduced in the last century. Over the last three decades, companies and game developers have treaded new horizons — […]

Trump Claims Bias After Social Media Director’s Facebook Page Was Blocked

Facebook, Google, and Twitter found themselves in President Donald Trump’s crosshairs again today, as he claimed on Twitter, then at a news conference, that the three big tech companies are biased towards Democrats. “I will be looking into this! #stopthebias,” the president tweeted. The comment came in reaction to White House social media director Dan […]

Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan To ‘Break Up Big Tech,’ Including Amazon, Facebook, And Google

As Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren continues her campaign for the 2020 U.S. presidential election, she has recently announced a new proposal to split tech giants, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, all in an effort to regulate each platform. Per a report from Variety, Warren aims to introduce legislation that would designate certain tech companies […]

Google Celebrates International Women’s Day With Its Latest Doodle

Google is celebrating International Women’s Day with an interactive doodle that was made for and by women who have made historical moves in their lives. According to the International Women’s Day website, the March 8 celebration is to commemorate the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women to “accelerate gender parity.” The website said […]

Google’s Parent Company Wants A Share of Toronto’s Taxes

Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, is demanding a share of Toronto’s property taxes and development fees through their subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, as Reuters reported. The demand is part of a deal to build a “smart city” by developing a neighborhood with Sidewalk Labs providing the technological infrastructure. Quayside, as the development project is called, has […]

Google Pays More Money In European Privacy Fines Than They Do In Taxes

Alphabet, the company that owns Google, spent more money paying European Union fines last year than it paid in taxes, according to Computing. Revenue reports show that they were forced to pay out $5.1 billion in a line-item labeled “European Commission fines,” while their total tax bill for the same year was $4.2 billion. “In […]

YouTube Will No Longer Allow Videos Of Dangerous Pranks And Challenges

Popular video streaming platform YouTube will no longer tolerate the publishing of videos that include individuals engaging in highly dangerous pranks or challenges, the company said on Tuesday. In a statement on the issue of users publishing such videos, YouTube attempted to explain that it was doing so in order to prevent individuals from trying […]

Apple Blames ‘Trade Wars’ For Slowing iPhone Sales

After it temporarily paused trading on Wall Street earlier in the day, Apple warned investors on Wednesday that its performance in the months ahead would not be as high as initially predicted. Fewer iPhone upgrades and other shortfalls were expected in the next quarter, the result of “weakness in some emerging markets,” Apple CEO Tim […]