Former Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Pledges To Help Tulsi Gabbard Amid Rumors Of Third-Party Run

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is stepping into the Democratic primary, vowing his support for Tulsi Gabbard amid rumors that she could stake a third-party run. Johnson spoke in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary, telling a volunteer for the Hawaii congresswoman’s campaign that he would do whatever he could to help her […]

Ron Paul: ‘We Are On The Verge Of Something Like What Happened In ’89 When The Soviet System Just Collapsed’

The godfather of the Tea Party movement and perhaps the most prominent right-leaning libertarian in America, Ron Paul, believes the economic boom the United States experienced under President Trump could be a “bit of an illusion.” Mr. Paul sees inequality, inflation, and debt as real threats that could potentially cause a turmoil. In a recent […]

Gary Johnson Polls: Marijuana Legalization Efforts Could Give Libertarian Party A Major Boost Not Showing Up In Final Presidential Polls

Gary Johnson has seen his poll numbers fall sharply in the final weeks before Election Day, but as he and the Libertarian Party shoot for the benchmark of 5 percent of the vote nationally, there could be an unseen and still uncounted boost from an unlikely source — marijuana. After consistently polling over 10 percent […]

William Weld, Jake Tapper ‘State Of The Union’ Interview: Hillary Clinton Vs Gary Johnson

Libertarian vice-presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld appeared on CNN’s State of the Union earlier today where he spoke with host Jake Tapper about his split feelings about the 2016 presidential election. The Weld-Tapper interview started with the CNN host asking about the many complimentary things the Libertarian has said about Democratic presidential […]

Election 2016: Has Social Media Caused Millennials To Sit This One Out?

I may as well start this off with a story. Right now, I’m a sophomore majoring in Communications at Florida Atlantic University, meaning I have to take an ‘Intro to Comm and Civic Life’ class. Rather than bore us with lectures about things that we’re not going to ever need to know, our professor has […]

Gary Johnson Heart Attack: Polls Plummet As Video Of Johnson Jokingly Clutching His Chest Surfaces

Did Gary Johnson have a heart attack? Not exactly. A video of the Libertarian candidate for president is making its rounds on the internet this week and people can’t stop talking about it. The video shows Gary Johnson faking a heart attack after a debate with a former lawmaker who is against legalizing marijuana. And […]

Will Poor Americans Still Be Free Under A Corporate Run Government?

To be free in America has always been a major chanting point, especially when election season comes around every four years. It should come as no surprise to anyone that politicians, no matter what party they belong to, are inherently vulnerable to being bought. So the real question about this election season is whether or […]

Gary Johnson Polls Crash But Federal Campaign Funding For 2020 May Still Be In Reach

It only takes one look at Gary Johnson polls to know that the Libertarian candidate doesn’t have a shot at the White House. After Gary peaked at 9.1 percent in mid-September on the Real Clear Politics polls average, Johnson is now sitting at some of his lowest numbers of the election: just 4.6 percent of […]

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Says Hillary Could Be Impeached, Just Days After Freaking Out At A Reporter [Video]

Just days after coming unglued on a reporter for asking about his tax plan, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is jumping on the Hillary Clinton impeachment bandwagon. The move is an apparent attempt to hold onto a semblance of relevance in the 2016 presidential election. In a television interview on Friday and again in a radio […]

Gary Johnson Polls: As Presidential Race Reaches Its Final Stretch, Libertarian Party Aims To Achieve ‘Major Party’ Status

Gary Johnson is looking for a strong finish in the polls, one that will help the Libertarian Party move from the fringes of the electoral landscape into something of a “major party. And despite some dropping numbers, it could be well within reach. The Libertarian Party’s candidate once entertained notions of defeating Donald Trump in […]

Hillary Clinton Is Beating Donald Trump, Winning Millennials By 28 Points

Hillary Clinton is in the lead with the millennials and beating Donald Trump by 28 percentage points among voters aged 18 to 29. It doesn’t look like young adults are falling for any of Trump’s antics. According to a new survey by the Harvard Institute of Politics, there is serious trouble ahead for Republicans. […]

Gary Johnson Polls: National Polling Is Likely Underestimating Johnson’s Support By A Significant Margin

Gary Johnson is down in polls against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the quickly approaching Election Day gives the Libertarian Party candidate little time to put together a historic upset, but there are still some good signs for Johnson — the potential that national polling is significantly underestimating the support he has. The 2016 […]

Jill Stein Boycott: John Oliver, HBO Draw Ire Of Stein Supporters

Another Jill Stein boycott has been sought by the supporters of her presidential campaign. John Oliver made third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson part of a segment during the October 16 episode of his HBO show. The intent of this episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver was to shine some light […]

Latest Gary Johnson Polls: Libertarian Party Candidate Could Top Hillary Clinton In A Large Swath Of The Midwest

Gary Johnson is seeing a huge boost in the polls, with new numbers showing that the Libertarian Party candidate is surging in the Central Plains and could be moving past Democrat Hillary Clinton in these traditionally red states. Normally, October is the drop-off period for third parties in presidential elections. While voters often support the […]

Is 2016 The Year A Third-Party Candidate Wins The White House?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two of the most hated presidential candidates in recent history, and an increasing number of voters are turning to third-party candidates for a choice they can live with. It would be a rare and difficult feat for a third-party candidate to win the White House, but it’s far from […]

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Calls Trump And Hillary A Choice Between A ‘Heart Attack And Cancer’

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson doesn’t seem to think too highly of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s recent behavior, but he holds the same sentiments for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. On Friday, he said that the choices between the leading candidates is like having to choose between a “heart attack and cancer.” In an […]

Gary Johnson Polls: As Donald Trump Stumbles, The Libertarian Candidate Is Now Within Striking Distance In At Least Three States

Gary Johnson has seen his poll number tick up steadily in the wake of Republican Donald Trump’s collapse, and now the Libertarian Party’s candidate is in striking distance of winning in at least three states. October has traditionally been a month of reckoning for third-party candidates, with most voters gravitating toward the major parties as […]

Who Is Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson? What Does He Stand For, And Can He Win?

Who is Gary Johnson? What does he stand for and, equally important, can he win? A third-party presidential candidate in 2016, Gary Johnson represents the Libertarian Party and his name has become more widely known than either Green Party candidate Jill Stein or independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin. Gary Johnson began a lucrative financial career […]

Libertarian Gary Johnson’s Poll Numbers Ahead Of Trump? Virtual Unknown Could Be A Threat To Mainstream Candidates [Opinion]

Gary Johnson is a political anomaly. When it comes to presidential debates, third party candidates rarely have their voice heard by the mainstream media or the public. Johnson, though, has slowly proven that he may be able to break that barrier down and pose a real threat to Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Johnson is […]

Hillary Clinton Will Win The 2016 Election By A Landslide: FiveThirtyEight’s Poll Guru Nate Silver Predicted Obama, Will The Trump Prediction Be True?

Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 election by a “landslide,” according to Nate Silver, the FiveThirtyEight pollster who has correctly predicted the last two elections. Using complex mathematical models, Silver crunched the numbers and examined just about every possible scenario, and the forecasts all point to the same conclusion: Hillary Clinton is going to win. […]

Gary Johnson Views: Libertarian Candidate Platform Is A Progressive’s Nightmare

Even in the puzzling 2016 election, watching libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s platform attract former Bernie Sanders supporters has been befuddling, to say the least. As the phrase “anti-establishment” has become the most coveted way for a candidate to be described, third-party libertarian Gary has managed to carve out the most impressive poll numbers of any […]

Gary Johnson Polls: Libertarian Party Could Make Major Gains In The Wake Of Donald Trump’s Collapse

Gary Johnson has lingered in polls taken in October as Election Day draws ever closer, but the Libertarian Party could have an opportunity to make some major gains in the wake of the scandal that is sinking Donald Trump’s campaign. For third party candidates, the final stretch of the presidential race has always been the […]

Hillary Clinton’s Strategy To Woo Potential Third-Party Voters: Bully Them

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s strategy to woo voters who are most likely to go third-party on Election Day: Bullying. With Clinton suffering from the worst unfavorable ratings in her career, and Trump offering an unprecedented view of the Oval Office as his personal honky-tonk to strike “deals,” it is not really surprising that many American voters […]

Gary Johnson Doesn’t Know The Name Of North Korea’s Leader

It appears Gary Johnson is really good at not knowing things. The Libertarian candidate, poised to etch his name in history books for being the first presidential candidate from his party to poll at 10 percent nationally, has drawn a lot of flak recently for being in the dark about a number of significant international […]

Jill Stein Polls: National Polling Is Likely Significantly Underestimating Support For The Green Party Candidate

Jill Stein could soon be making a big jump in the polls, with the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton starting to turn into a blowout and polls likely underestimating the growing support for the Green Party. Stein, running to the left of Hillary Clinton, has been lingering around the 2 percent mark in […]

Jill Stein: The Only Candidate Who Doesn’t Hate Progressives

It’s getting hard to find decent articles about Jill Stein these days. If the media isn’t ignoring her, it’s printing vapid attack editorials about how she’s completely unqualified to make the big, important decisions a U.S. president needs to make every day, like which country to carpet bomb over crude oil. The only non-hostile stories […]

Clinton, Johnson, Stein, And Trump: 2016 Presidential Candidates On Security And Economy

As the world awaits the next WikiLeaks whistleblower dump of much-coveted truth before voters must decide among the crop of 2016 presidential candidates who may succeed Barack Obama, it seems appropriate to focus on their publicly stated positions regarding two major issues: security and economy. On Security What do the 2016 presidential candidates, Clinton, Johnson, […]

Gary Johnson Polls: With Donald Trump Imploding, Johnson May Be Close To Doing What No Third-Party Candidate Has Done In 50 Years

Gary Johnson has scored some major endorsements with more room to grow as his main opponent implodes, and the polls show that the the Libertarian Party candidate could do what no other third-party has in the last 50 years — actually win a state. With unpopular major party candidates in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, […]

‘The Detroit News’ Has Never Endorsed A Non-Republican Presidential Candidate Until Now

The Detroit News has endorsed a non-Republican candidate for president for the first time in its 143-year history. The conservative newspaper, generally representing Republican perspectives, also did not endorse the Democratic Party’s nominee Hillary Clinton either. The Detroit News, owned by Digital First Media Newspaper, the second-largest newspaper company in the United States by circulation, […]

Gary Johnson: Melissa Joan Hart Explains Why She’s Voting For Him

Melissa Joan Hart is not looking to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton this upcoming election. The former child star revealed that she’s going to vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. In fact, Melissa has just been announced as the official chairwoman of his 2016 presidential campaign, as reported by the Daily Beast. Gary […]

Gary Johnson Wants To Be Taken Seriously As A Presidential Candidate, But He Keeps Sticking His Foot In His Mouth

I freely admit that I am a Gary Johnson supporter. I still hold out hope, however faint, that the Commission on Presidential Debates will bend the rules and let him (and Green Party candidate Jill Stein) debate. I cling to my belief that a debate appearance will expose him to all of the undecided voters, […]

The Bump On Hillary Clinton’s Back During The Debate Raises Health Questions: Some Say Lester Holt Helped Her ‘Cheat’

The first presidential debate of 2016 took place on Monday night, and the world is up in arms over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While many try to determine who actually won the debate and what was fact or fiction, others are looking at something else. Well, there are a lot of other people who […]

2016 Presidential Debate: Polls Manipulated After Debate To Favor Donald Trump Over Hillary Clinton

Last night’s first presidential debate of 2016 was one that gave the world their first looks at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump opposing one another directly. A lot of people think that the debates are going to play a huge part in the election, and they may be right. As soon as the debate was […]

2016 Presidential Debate: Things We Learned About Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump After First Debate – Fact Or Fiction?

The very first presidential debate of 2016 took place tonight and the Internet collectively lost its mind while listening to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. A number of different issues were brought to the table including Trump’s tax returns, Clinton’s emails, the race issue in America, and how to deal with ISIS. A lot was […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Heading Into The First Debate Tonight, Who Is Winning — Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton?

One of the most anticipated nights of the year has arrived, and the first presidential debate of 2016 is just mere hours away. Everyone had an idea that it would end up coming down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it also seems as if many are dead set against having anything to do […]

Gary Johnson Left Out Of The Presidential Debate, Wants To Colonize Other Planets Instead

Gary Johnson won’t be taking part in tonight’s presidential debate (live stream video below) owing to his scant numbers in the polls. But it turns out the highest polling third-party presidential hopeful in this year’s election has bigger plans, as he recently revealed to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on This Week his vision of colonizing […]

Jill Stein And Gary Johnson: Better Candidates For Marijuana Legalization Than Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump

In a presidential election featuring two candidates that have more haters than supporters, third-party candidates like Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party have a unique opportunity to have their voices heard. More and more voters are having trouble supporting Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate […]

Gary Johnson Speaks With His Tongue Hanging Out During TV Interview [Video]

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson met with MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt for an interview this week. During the interview they discussed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the Syrian conflict, and the upcoming presidential debates, according to a tweet on Hunt’s official Twitter account that included a clip from the interview. The […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Leading In Battleground States, Hillary Clinton Leads Overall Ahead Of Monday’s Debate

The very first presidential debate of 2016 is right around the corner (Monday night) and many are not entirely sure what to think about it. Hillary Clinton will face off with Donald Trump and how they perform and present their agendas could cause some huge swings in the polls. Speaking of the polls, though, it’s […]

President Gary Johnson? It’s More Possible Than Anyone Is Telling Us, Thanks To The Electoral College

If Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson could earn the electoral votes from just one, single liberty-loving state, the governor of New Mexico could be the next person to sit in the Oval Office. Here’s how it would work. “A successful candidate must earn more than 50 percent of the electoral votes awarded by individual states on […]

An Inside Look At A Shill Playbook

When the Clinton campaign announces that millions of dollars are going to go towards an internet campaign to stop people voting for third parties, we all know what that means. The shills will be out in force, trying to wrest control of the narrative, disrupt meaningful exchanges of information, and eventually trying to take over […]

Dear Trump Supporter: A Love Letter From A Berner

Hey, Trump Voter, I wanted to reach out. I am an ardent Bernie Sanders fan, and though we may disagree greatly about what the solutions to the problems are, it seems like we are coming to an agreement about what the problem is. We are different creatures, but we have much in common, and I […]

Bernie, We Love You, But We Will Never Vote For Hillary

Dear Bernie Sanders, Oh Bernie. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Okay. Can I just start off by saying how much I still love you? Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. You took us so far, you dear, sweet man. Your dauntless will toward the greater good has brought me to tears more times […]

Jill Stein And Gary Johnson Fail To Qualify For First Presidential Debate, Do The Debate Rules Need To Be Changed?

The first presidential debate will take place on September 26, and will feature the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Normally, the Democrat and the Republican parties are the only ones that people hear about during an election cycle. This year is different, though. Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian Party, and […]

Floundering Clinton Campaign Set To Attack Third Parties

Strategists from Hillary Clinton’s primary super PAC have announced their intention to begin targeting voters who support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Apparently having abandoned any attempt to get their candidate to stop lying, obfuscating and alienating voters, her increasingly-nervous campaign promoters are now opting to blame third parties for […]

Bernie Sanders Supports Jay Z, As Jill Stein, Gary Johnson Bumped From Presidential Debates

Bernie Sanders has been declaring two wars in mid-September, and Jay Z started one of them. The other war that Bernie Sanders is still waging involves begging his fans to not help Donald Trump get elected, but he might have gotten a victory in this department because Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are not going […]

Mitt Romney Believes Gary Johnson Belongs On Presidential Debate Stage

The fact that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney believes Gary Johnson belongs on the presidential debate stage with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton speaks volumes about the Libertarian candidate’s platform and his broad-based appeal across party lines. This type of establishment support could sway the debates commission to consider bending its strict rules of […]

‘What Is Aleppo?’ Asks Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson On MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ [Video]

Libertarian presidential nominee and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, where he was asked about the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. “What would you do, if you were elected, about Aleppo?” the former governor was asked by Mike Barnicle “About?” a puzzled Gary Johnson responded. “Aleppo,” the name […]

Gary Johnson May Not Make The Debates, But The American People Want Him (And Jill Stein) On The Stage

Gary Johnson does not appear to be doing well enough in the national polls to secure himself a spot in the presidential debates, even though by most accounts the American voters want him — and possibly even Green Party candidate Jill Stein — on the debate stage. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) requires that […]

Gary Johnson Could Actually Win The 2016 Presidential Election In One Not-So-Crazy Scenario

Gary Johnson is continuing to take a strong place in the polls and the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate now appears to have one viable path to the presidency. Though the Libertarian Party has generally pulled under one percent in recent presidential elections, that could very well change this year with former New Mexico Governor Gary […]